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Henrici P. Ч Applied and Computational Complex Analysis. I: Power Series, Integration, Conformal Mapping, Location of Zeros.342
Press W.H., Teukolsky S.A., Vetterling W.T. Ч Numerical recipes in FORTRAN77852
Chung T.J. Ч Computational fluid dynamics523, 798
Bulirsch R., Stoer J. Ч Introduction to numerical analysis622
Hayek S.I. Ч Advanced mathematical methods in science and engineering307, 336
Ammari H., Hyeonbae Kang Ч Reconstruction of Small Inhomogeneities from Boundary Measurements177, 188, 197
Olver P.J. Ч Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry193
Neta B. Ч Numerical solution of partial differential equations58, 60, 67
Zienkiewicz O.C., Taylor L.R. Ч The finite element method (vol. 1, The basis)470, 482, 546
Zienkiewicz O.C., Taylor L.R. Ч The finite element method (vol. 3, Fluid dynamics)223, 242, 243, 244, 248, 255
Henrici P. Ч Applied and Computational Complex Analysis (Vol. 2)344
Henrici P. Ч Applied and Computational Complex Analysis (Vol. 3)321
Babich V.M., Buldyrev V.S. Ч Short-wavelength diffraction theory1, 11, 43
Nayfeh A.H. Ч Perturbation Methods234
Debnath L. Ч Nonlinear water waves295
Debnath L., Mikusinski P. Ч Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications299, 300, 306, 308
Guenther R.D. Ч Modern optics9Ч10, 50, 131, 336
Debnath L. Ч Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers8, 63, 71, 73
Bitsadze A.V. Ч Equations of mathematical physics94, 252
Mason W.P., Thurston R.N. Ч Physical acoustics: principles and methods (volume XVII)236, 244, 267, 281
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. Ч Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists1289
Maurel A., Petitjeans P. Ч Vortex Structure and Dynamics206, 209
Debnath L. Ч Linear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers64, 75, 85, 330, 372, 494
Palmer J. Ч Planar Ising Correlations227
Holmes M.H. Ч Introduction to Perturbation Methods198
Ablowitz M.J., Fokas A.S. Ч Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications570
Ott E. Ч Chaos in dynamical systems335, 342
Greiner W. Ч Quantum mechanics. An introduction14
Brekhovskikh L.M., Lysanov Y.P. Ч Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics37, 47, 80, 101, 128, 150, 185, 234
Eringen A.C. Ч Mechanics of continua274
Kline M. Ч Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, Vol. 1See Partial differential equation
Agoshkov V.I., Dubovsky P.B. Ч Methods for Solving Mathematical Physics Problems26
Wyld H.W. Ч Mathematical Methods for Physics29, 30, 32, 34, 154, 156Ч158, 163, 169, 171, 177
Atkinson K.E., Han W. Ч Theoretical Numerical Analysis: A Functional Analysis Framework334
Bamberg P.G. Ч A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics, Vol. 2702
Delves L.M. (ed.), Walsh J. (ed.) Ч Numerical Solution of Integral Equations275, 277Ч280, 301, 305, 306
Borovikov V.A., Kinber B.Ye. Ч Geometrical theory of diffraction30
Lifanov I.K., Poltavskii L.N., Vainikko G.M. Ч Hypersingular integral equations and their applications208, 283, 376
Griffits D.J. Ч Introduction to quantum mechanics363, 366
Volakis J.L., Chatterjee A., Kempel L.C. Ч Finite element method for elecromagnetics6, 25, 98
Borovikov V.A. Ч Uniform stationary phase method118
Kline M. Ч Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, Vol. 3see Partial differential equation
Lin C.C., Segel L.A. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences578Ч581
Konopinski E.J. Ч Electromagnetic fields and relativistic particles177, 181, 237
Zajac A. Ч Optics510
Farrelle P.M. Ч Recursive Block Coding for Image Data Compression252
Kuznetsov N., Mazya V., Vainberq B. Ч Linear Water Waves: A Mathematical Approach117, 255, 491, 503
Greenberg M.D. Ч Advanced engineering mathematics1040
Kline M. Ч Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, Vol. 2see Partial differential equation
Meschede D. Ч Optics, Light and Lasers: The Practical Approach to Modern Aspects of Photonics and Laser Physics33
Nikiforov A.F., Uvarov V. Ч Special Functions of Mathematical Physics: A Unified Introduction with Applications1, 201, 220, 297
Banerjee P.P., Poon T.-C. Ч Principles of applied optics81
Bao G., Cowsar L., Masters W. Ч Mathematical Modeling in Optical Science44, 75, 80
Shapira Y. Ч Solving PDEs in C++: numerical methods in a unified object-oriented approach364, 426, 436
Fulling S. Ч Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime12, 202
Billingham J., King A.C. Ч Wave Motion379, 391, 396, 400
Nayfeh M.H., Brussel M.K. Ч Electricity and Magnetism481
Verdeyen J.T. Ч Laser electronics10, 92, 543 (see also Уwave equationФ)
Dutra S.M. Ч Cavity quantum electrodynamics269, 274Ч275
Kalinins E.G. Ч Separation of Variables for Riemannian Spaces of Constant Curvature3, 28, 127
Pope S.B. Ч Turbulent Flows445
Goodman J.W. Ч Introduction to Fourier Optics38Ч39, 41, 57
Miller W. Ч Symmetry Groups and Their Applications64
Bitsadze A.V. Ч Equations of Mathematical Physics94, 252
Asmar N.H. Ч Partial Differential Equations with fourier series and boundary value problems173, 178, 231
Pomraning G.C. Ч The equations of radiation hydrodynamics63, 99
Orlando T.P., Delin K.F. Ч Foundations of Applied Superconductivity79, 131p, 268, 330
Evans G.A., Blackledge J.M., Yardley P. Ч Analytic Methods for Partial Differential Equations164
Ike E.R., Sabatier P.C. (Ed) Ч Scattering: Scattering and Inverse Scattering in Pure and Applied Science5, 38
Economou E.N. Ч Green's Functions in Quantum Physics345, 397
Kreyszig E. Ч Advanced engineering mathematics572
Ding H., Chen W., Zhang L. Ч Elasticity of Transversely Isotropic Materials387, 388
Mattheij R.M.M. Ч Partial differential equations: modeling, analysis, computation8, 159
West B.J., Bologna M., Grigolini P. Ч Physics of Fractal Operators130
Goodman J.W. Ч Statistical Optics200, 201, 234
Bird R.B., Armstrong R.C., Hassager O. Ч Dynamics of polymeric liquids (Vol. 1. Fluid mechanics)(2)230, 234
Grosche C., Steiner F. Ч Handbook of Feynman path integrals90
Kitahara M. Ч Boundary Integral Equation Methods in Eigenvalue Problems of Elastodynamics and Thin Plates13Ч14, 52, 56, 113
Welford W. Ч Useful Optics69
Bayin S.S. Ч Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering9
Tannehill J.C., Pletcher R.H., Anderson D.A. Ч Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer41
Adomian G. Ч Stochastic Systems323
Press W.H., Teukolsky S.A., Vetterling W.T. Ч Numerical recipes in Fortran 90852
Goertzel G. Ч Some Mathematical Methods of Physics183
Cordes H. Ч Elliptic Pseudo-Differential Operators - An Abstract Theory125
Kreyszig E. Ч Introductory functional analysis with applications584
Riley, Hobson Ч Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering671Ч676
Budinger Th. Ч Mathematics and Physics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging224
Coulson C.A. Ч Waves: a mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion142, 147
Duistermaat J.J, Kolk J.A.C. Ч Distributions: theory and applications120
Mandel L., Wolf E. Ч Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics109, 181
Eringen A.C., Suhubi E.S. Ч Elastodynamics (vol. 2) Linear theory386
Weaver H.J. Ч Applications of discrete and continous Fourier analysis183, 185
Vladimirov V. S. Ч Equations of mathematical physics33, 362
Belotserkovsky S.M., Lifanov I.K. Ч Method of Discrete Vortices388,390,416
Brebbia C.A., Domingues J. Ч Boundary elements. An introductory course133
Achmanov S.A., Nikitin S.Yu. Ч Physical Optics253
Varga R.S. Ч Matrix iterative analysis205
Mathews J., Walker R.L. Ч Mathematical methods of physics227, 232
Zhang S., Jin J. Ч Computation of Special Functions697
Milonni P.W. Ч The quantum vacuum: introduction to quantum electrodynamics39, 44, 56
Kanwal R.P. Ч Linear Integral Equations: Theory and Techniques94, 96, 116, 118, 121
Hildebrand F.B. Ч Advanced Calculus for Applications394, 420 (31Ч34), 496 (57)
Guyon E., Hulin J., Petit L. Ч Physical Hydrodynamics289Ч291
Miller W. Ч Symmetry and Separation of Variables1, 22, 151, 160, 165, 171, 191, 222, 234
Zeidler E. Ч Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics1128
Sakurai J.J. Ч Modern quantum mechanics390
Natterer F., Wubbeling F. Ч Mathematical methods in image reconstruction180
Breuer H.-P., Petruccione F. Ч The Theory of Open Quantum Systems391
Akhmanov S.A., Nikitin S.Yu. Ч Physical Optics253
Mattheij R.M. Ч Partial differential equations8, 159
Greiner W., Maruhn J. Ч Nuclear models78Ч84, 205
Bangerth W., Rannacher R. Ч Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Differential Equations125
Cheney W. Ч Analysis for Applied Mathematics320
Tannehill J.C., Anderson D.A., Pletcher R.H. Ч Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer41
Bird R.B., Curtiss C.F., Armstrong R.C. Ч Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids. Vol. 2. Kinetic Theory(2)230, 234
Mathews J., Walker R.L. Ч Mathematical Methods of Physics227, 232
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences578Ч581
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences578Ч581
Logan J. Ч Applied Mathematics: A Contemporary Approach304
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics applied to deterministic problems in the natural sciences578Ч581
Kline M. Ч Mathematical thought from ancient to modern timessee "Partial differential equation"
Alt F.L., Rubinoff M. Ч Advances in computers.Volume 3200Ч202, 206, 222Ч223, 225Ч227, 243
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