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Ike E.R., Sabatier P.C. (Ed) — Scattering: Scattering and Inverse Scattering in Pure and Applied Science
Ike E.R., Sabatier P.C. (Ed) — Scattering: Scattering and Inverse Scattering in Pure and Applied Science

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Название: Scattering: Scattering and Inverse Scattering in Pure and Applied Science

Авторы: Ike E.R., Sabatier P.C. (Ed)


This comprehensive work of the various features of scattering is a handsome, two-volume boxed set of 100 articles covering wave scattering by macroscopic targets, scattering in microscopic physics and chemical physics, scattering in nuclear physics, particle scattering, scattering at extreme physical scales, and scattering in mathematics and non-physical sciences. Whatever the phenomena, the aim in explaining all the diverse scattering phenomena is to tease out—from the underlying particle or wave theory expressed in the form of differential equations—those features that describe scattering. Such features fall into two overarching problems: the "direct scattering problem" whereby the researcher must imagine waves coming from a given direction with a certain wavelength or energy, impinging upon an obstacle, traversing a locally nonuniform medium or interacting with a center of force, and detecting them at large distances in other directions and possibly, at other energies or wavelengths. Or, the "inverse problem" whereby the aim is to obtain, at large distances, information about the local nature of the unknown medium or force that caused the scattering. Addressing the specifics of these overarching problems is an international array of contributors identified by their institution and full contact information.

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Год издания: 2001

Количество страниц: 1831

Добавлена в каталог: 04.07.2008

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Предметный указатель
$ ^{6}Li$ and $ ^{7}Li$ scattering near the Coulomb barrier      142
$C$-scan (compound scan image)      164
$ep > e’X$ polarised case      1568-1569
$ep > e’X$ unpolarised case      1565-1567
$e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into Lepton pairs      1463-1466
$e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into Muon pairs      1463-1465 1475
$e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into tau pairs      1465 1475
$e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into two photons      1466-1468 1472-1474
$k$-space approach      21
$R$-matrix solutions      1369
$S$ operator      11
$S$-matrix      4 370-371
$S$-matrix spectrum, three-dimensional direct scattering theory      694-695
$S$-matrix theory, analyticity in field theory      1489-1490
$S$-matrix theory, asymptotic $S$-matrix theory      1495-1497
$S$-matrix theory, axiomatic $S$-matrix theory      1490-1495
$S$-matrix theory, Coulomb potential      683
$S$-matrix theory, Dirichlet-to - Neumann operators      1678-1688
$S$-matrix theory, history      1487-1490
$S$-matrix theory, introduction      1483-1487
$S$-matrix theory, living without field theory      1487
$S$-matrix theory, multi - Regge theory      1497-1499
$S$-matrix theory, postulate, final      1488-1489
$S$-matrix theory, postulates, further      1487-1488
$S$-matrix theory, postulates, initial      1487
$S$-matrix theory, quantum chromodynamics      1488-1489
$S$-matrix theory, quantum chromodynamics and the critical pomeron      1500-1502
$S$-matrix theory, Reggeon field theory      1499-1500
$S$-matrix theory, state of the art of pertubative methods      1483-1504
$S$-matrix theory, uniqueness of the S-matrix      1501-1502
$S$-matrix, Dirichlet-to Neumann map and Krein formula      1682-1686
$S$-matrix, Dirichlet-to Neumann map and Weyl function      1686-1687
$S$-matrix, Dirichlet-to Neumann map definition      1678-1679
$S$-matrix, Dirichlet-to Neumann map features      1679-1681
$S$-matrix, Dirichlet-to Neumann map in scattering problems      1681-1682
$S$-matrix, elements in field theory      1449-1450
$S$-matrix, LSZ reduction      1450-1451
$S$-matrix, method      366
$S$-matrix, three-dimensional direct scattering the-ory      692-693
$S$-matrix, wave diffraction methods      372-376
$T$-matrix method      56 196 361
$\delta$ system, two-dimensional scattering      1721-1723
A-scan (amplitude scan)      163
ABC (absorbing boundary conditions)      363
Ablowitz, M.J. and J. Villarroel, On the Scattering of Multiple Lumps for the Kadomtsev - Petviashvili Equation      1792-1806
Absorbing boundary conditions (ABC)      363
Absorption cross section      233-234 237
Acoustic approximation      96
Acoustic double-layer potentials      45
Acoustic emission      115
Acoustic holography      116
Acoustic microscopy      115
Acoustic multipoles      44
Acoustic scattering, acoustic waves      37-39
Acoustic scattering, double-layer potentials      45-48
Acoustic scattering, far field pattern      41-43
Acoustic scattering, Green’s formula      39-41
Acoustic scattering, Green’s theorem      39-41
Acoustic scattering, Herglotz wave functions      49
Acoustic scattering, rough surfaces      17-23
Acoustic scattering, scattering amplitude      41-43
Acoustic scattering, single-layer potentials      45-48
Acoustic scattering, spherical wave functions      43-45
Acoustic scattering, theoretical tools      37-51
Acoustic scattering, two-dimensional case      49-51
Acoustic scattering, volume potentials      48-49
Acoustic single-layer potentials      45
Acoustic singularity identification (ASI)      432
Acoustic speckle      170
Acoustic spectroscopy      116
Acoustic waves, imaging and inversion      578-593
Acoustic waves, linear scalar inverse scattering      122-128
Acoustic waves, linear, boundary conditions      122-123
Acoustic waves, linear, canonical scatterers      125-126
Acoustic waves, linear, constitutive equations      123
Acoustic waves, linear, governing equations      122-123
Acoustic waves, linear, Green’s function for homogeneous waves      123
Acoustic waves, linear, homogeneous plane waves in homogeneous media      123
Acoustic waves, linear, perfectly rigid scatterers      126-127 128 133 136
Acoustic waves, linear, perfectly soft scatterers      126 127-128 131-132 136
Acoustic waves, linear, wave equation for pressure in inhomoge- neous media      123
Acoustic waves, theoretical tools      37-39
Acoustical imaging, application methods      95-120
Acoustical imaging, applied surface sources      99
Acoustical imaging, applied volumic sources      98
Acoustical imaging, Born approximation      105
Acoustical imaging, conclusions      118
Acoustical imaging, definition      95
Acoustical imaging, echography      116-118
Acoustical imaging, forward problems      99-100
Acoustical imaging, forward radiation problem      101
Acoustical imaging, image      104
Acoustical imaging, induced volumic sources      98
Acoustical imaging, insonified object      98
Acoustical imaging, intersecting canonical body approximations      105-109
Acoustical imaging, introduction      95-97
Acoustical imaging, inverse boundary problems      96 97
Acoustical imaging, inverse medium problem      96
Acoustical imaging, inverse medium problem as inverse source problem      103-105
Acoustical imaging, inverse medium problem schematisation      101-103
Acoustical imaging, inverse problem      99-100
Acoustical imaging, inverse problem and action of a lens      112 113
Acoustical imaging, inverse source problem schematisation      101-103
Acoustical imaging, inverse sources problem      96
Acoustical imaging, irradiated object      98
Acoustical imaging, media and sources (terms)      97-99
Acoustical imaging, perturbation analysis      105-108
Acoustical imaging, pseudo-image      97 104
Acoustical imaging, quasi-image      104
Acoustical imaging, retrieval-type inverse problems      96
Acoustical imaging, sound, use to identify active sources      115-116
Acoustical imaging, sources and media (terms)      97-99
Acoustical imaging, synthesis-type inverse problems      96
Acoustical imaging, time-reversal mirror      113-115
Acoustical imaging, vibroacoustics      99
Actinide magnetism      1147-1148
ADC (analogue-to-digital converters)      460
Adiabatic approximation      1377-1380
Adiabatic coupled equations solution      1378-1379
Adjoint-field method, diffusion tomography in dense media      931-932
Advanced propagator      9
Aerosol scattering, aerosol backscatter calculations      945
Aerosol scattering, atmospheric backscatter measurements      941-945
Aerosol scattering, backscatter scaling laws      945-948
Aerosol scattering, introduction      940-941
AI (associative ionisation)      1035
Aircraft scale models      442
Aktosun, Tuncay and Martin Klaus, Inverse Theory: Problem on the Line      770-785
Al - Khalili, J.S. and J.A. Tostevin, Few - Body Models of Nuclear Reactors      1373-1392
Amplitude scan (A-scan)      163
Analogue-to-digital converters (ADC)      460
Analytic time signals, pulsed beam solutions      312-313
Analyticity and unitarity, rigorous consequences, scattering through strong interactions (Hadronic or QCD scale)      1534-1548
Analyticity domains      1495-1496
Analyticity in field theory, S-matrix theory      1489-1490
Analyticity properties, crossing      1536-1537
Analyticity properties, fixed $t$ dispersion relations      1535-1536
Analyticity properties, fixed $t$ dispersion relations in complex domain      1536
Analyticity properties, rigorous consequences of analyticity and unitarity      1535-1537
Andersson, Nils and Bruce Jensen, Scattering by Black Holes      1607-1626
Anechoic chambers      517
Angular diversity      134-136
Angular intensity correlations      889-892
Animal experiments      510
Anisotropic depolariser, surface backscatter      417-418
Anisotropic media, elastic wave scattering      537-541
Anisotropic media, electromagnetic waves scattering      188
Anisotropic media, scattering polarimetry      408
Anisotropic scattering, diffusion approximation      923-924
Anisotropy      169 241
Anomalous layer      117
Antennas, arrays      398-399
Antennas, basic types      388-393
Antennas, broadband      393-395
Antennas, conformal      395-398
Antennas, electromagnetic wave scattering      384-399
Antennas, fundamental properties      384-388
Antennas, ground probing radar      461-462
Antennas, impulse ground probing radar      461
Antennas, radar      401-402
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, $e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into Lepton pairs      1463 1466
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, $e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into Muon pairs      1463-1465 1475
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, $e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into tau pairs      1465 1475
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, $e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation into two photons      1466-1468 1472-1474
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, Bhabha scattering      1465-1466 1474-1475
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, electron anomaly      1478-1479
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, high energy tests of quantum electrodynamics      1472-1475
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, introduction      1462
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, light-by-light scattering      1468
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, magnetic moment of charged Leptons, anomalous      1475-1481
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, Muon anomaly      1479-1481
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, radiative corrections      1468-1472
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, state of the art of pertubative methods      1462-1482
Application to scattering of photons and electrons, tau anomaly      1481
Applications of solitons, inverse scattering transform and nonlinear partial differential equations      1741-1753
Applications of solitons, solitons and water waves      618-637
Applied surface sources      99
ARL (Army Research Laboratory)      444
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)      444
Arridge, S.R., Diffusion Tomography in Dense Media      920-936
ASI (acoustic singularity identification)      432
Associative ionisation (AI)      1035
Asymptotic $S$-matrix theory, $S$-matrix theory      1495-1497
Asymptotic $S$-matrix theory, analyticity domains      1495-1496
Asymptotic $S$-matrix theory, elastic scattering asymptotic dispersion relation      1495
Asymptotic $S$-matrix theory, multiparticie kinematics      1495-1496
Asymptotic $S$-matrix theory, multiparticle asymptotic dispersion rela-tions      1496-1497
Asymptotic $S$-matrix theory, multiple discontinuities classification      1497
Asymptotic completeness      679 704-705
Atmospheric backscatter measurements      941-945
Atmospheric scattering, aerosol scattering      940-948
Atmospheric scattering, clouds      948-949
Atmospheric scattering, introduction      937-939
Atmospheric scattering, lidar measurements      949-953
Atmospheric scattering, lidar sensing      949-953
Atmospheric scattering, molecular backscatter spectrum      939
Atmospheric scattering, molecular scattering      939
Atmospheric scattering, scattering from clouds      948-949
Atmospheric scattering, space-borne Doppler wind lidar      953-955
Atmospheric scattering, surface water waves      618-636
Atmospheric scattering, visible and near-visible light scattering      937-957
Atom-molecule collisions, cold molecules      1062
Atomic and molecular scattering, atomic scattering at surfaces      1081-1098
Atomic and molecular scattering, chemical reactions      1068-1080
Atomic and molecular scattering, collisions of atoms and molecules, ultracold      1043-1067
Atomic and molecular scattering, collisions of ions, atoms and molecules, fast      1025-1042
Atomic and molecular scattering, collisions of ions, atoms and molecules, slow      1025-1042
Atomic and molecular scattering, electron scattering by atoms, ions and molecules      1002-1024
Atomic and molecular scattering, fast collisions of ions, atoms and molecules      1025-1042
Atomic and molecular scattering, positron scattering by atoms, ions and molecules      1002-1024
Atomic and molecular scattering, slow collisions of ions, atoms and molecules      1025-1042
Atomic and molecular scattering, ultra-cold collisions of atoms and molecules      1043-1067
Atomic collisions with multielectron targets collisions of ions, atoms and molecules, fast and slow      1035
Atomic collisions, cold, collisions in traps      1052
Atomic collisions, cold, identical particle effects      1046-1047
Atomic collisions, cold, interaction potentials      1047-1048
Atomic collisions, cold, scattering basic concepts      1045-1046
Atomic collisions, cold, scattering channels      1044-1045
Atomic collisions, cold, scattering resonances      1051-1052
Atomic collisions, cold, theory      1044-1052
Atomic collisions, cold, threshold onset      1049-1050
Atomic collisions, cold, threshold properties      1048-1049
Atomic collisions, cold, wave functions      1049-1050
Atomic nucleus scattering      1155-1157
Atomic scattering at surfaces, atomic potentials      1088
Atomic scattering at surfaces, conclusions      1097
Atomic scattering at surfaces, dielectric response theory      1083-1084
Atomic scattering at surfaces, electron correlations      1095-1096
Atomic scattering at surfaces, energy loss      1090-1091
Atomic scattering at surfaces, grazing incidence scattering      1090-1091
Atomic scattering at surfaces, interaction potentials      1082-1088
Atomic scattering at surfaces, introduction      1081-1082
Atomic scattering at surfaces, Jellium model      1082-1083
Atomic scattering at surfaces, quantum mean-field methods      1096-1097
Atomic scattering at surfaces, reactive ion-surface scattering      1091-1097
Atomic scattering at surfaces, reflection      1088-1090
Atomic scattering at surfaces, resonant charge transfer      1091-1094
Atomic scattering at surfaces, resonant coherent excitation      1094-1095
Atomic scattering at surfaces, surface channelling      1088-1090
Atomic scattering at surfaces, surface response function      1085-1088
Atomic scattering at surfaces, trajectories      1088-1091
Atomic scattering at surfaces, two-electron processes      1095-1096
Atomic scattering cross sections      1110
Atomic scattering factor      1100-1101
Auberson, G., Introduction to General Concepts and Main Tools      3-14
Autoionising states      1397-1399
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, $+\mathbf{a}$ condition      1491-1492
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, $S$-matrix theory      1490-1495
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, bad functions      1493-1494
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, bubble diagrams      1490-1491
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, CPT theorem      1494-1495
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, essential support      1492
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, global discontinuity formulae      1494
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, good functions      1493-1494
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, Hermitian analyticality      1494-1495
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, Landau diagrams      1490-1491
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, Landau equations      1491-1492
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, local discontinuity formulae      1493
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, macrocausality      1492
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, Steinmann relations      1493-1494
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, structure theorem      1492-1493
Axiomatic $S$-matrix theory, unitarity      1490-1491 1491-1492
Azimuthal symmetry      422-423
B$\ddot{o}$ni, P.      see B. Roessli
B-scan (brightness scan technique)      162
Back-propagation method      151
Backscatter enhancement effect      29-30
Backscatter matrices, scattering polarime- try      420-422
Backscatter scaling laws, aerosol scattering      945-948
Backscattering alignment system (BSA)      411
Backscattering coefficient      478
Backscattering enhancement      379
Backscattering spectrometers (BS)      1209
Bad functions      1493-1494
Banach spaces      48
Band-limited fractional Brownian motion model      471
Banded matrix iterative approach (BMIA)      26
Barill$\acute{e}$, R. and G. Rivoire, Stimulated Rayleigh-wing Scattering (SRWS)      969-986
Baum, Carl E. and Lawrence Carin, Singularity Expansion Method, Symme-try and Target Identification      431-447
BBS (box and ball systems)      1762
Beam-amplitude matrix      301
BEM (boundary-element methods)      488
Berg, P M van den, Nonlinear Scalar Inverse Scattering: Algorithms and Applications      142-161
Bessel beam excitation      976-978
Bessel functions      50
Bessel functions, spherical      43
Bethe - Salpeter equation      16
Bethe ridge      1307
Bhabha scattering      1465-1466 1474-1475
BiCGSTAB (stabilised biconjugate gradient algorithm)      361
BIE (boundary integral equation method)      101
Binary Darboux transformation      1804-1 806
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, absorption mechanisms      508-510
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, animal experiments      510
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, biological membranes      511
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, body temperature      511
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, cancer      514-516
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, central nervous system      513-514
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, conclusion      516 523
Biological effects of radio-frequency fields, electromagnetic wave scattering      508-527
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