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ѕоиск книг, содержащих: Quantum electrodynamics

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Anderson P.W. Ч Basic notions of condensed matter physics
Cardy J. Ч Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2132.C
Zinn-Justin J. Ч Quantum field theory and critical phenomenasee УQEDФ
Olver P.J. Ч Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry83
Ward R.S., Wells R.O. Ч Twistor geometry and field theory263, 285
Goldstein H., Poole C., Safko J. Ч Classical mechanics54
Atkins P.W., Friedman R.S. Ч Molecular Quantum Mechanics213
Hess B.A. Ч Relativistic Effects in Heavy-Element Chemistry and Physics1, 65, 68, 124
Levine I.N. Ч Molecular Spectroscopy116
Ryder L.H. Ч Quantum Field Theorysee QED
Gracia-Bondia J.M., Varilly J.C., Figueroa H. Ч Elements of Noncommutative Geometry573
Devlin K.J. Ч Language of Mathematics: Making the Invisible Visible333
McMano D., Topa D.M. Ч A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica235
Thouless D.J. Ч Topological quantum numbers in nonrelativistic physics54, 223
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. Ч The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.1)2Ч7, 28Ч3
Dreizler R.M., Gross E.K.U. Ч Density Functional Theory: An Approach to the Quantum Many-Body Problem139, 245, 257
Gitman D.M., Tyutin I.V. Ч Quantization of Fields with Constraints113, 127
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics132.C
Georgi H. Ч Lie algebras in particle physics146
DeWitt B.S. Ч The global approach to quantum field theory (Vol. 1)73Iff
Frampton P. Ч Dual Resonance Models and Superstrings142Ч147
Fishbane P.M. Ч Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics1248
Meschede D. Ч Optics, Light and Lasers: The Practical Approach to Modern Aspects of Photonics and Laser Physics166
Greiner W., Muller B. Ч Gauge theory of weak interactions102, 130, 188, 241, 360
Young M. Ч Optics and Lasers: Including Fibers and Optical Waveguides1
Adair R.K. Ч The Great Design: Particles, Fields, and Creation211, 341
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. Ч The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.2)I-2-7, I-28-3
Lopuzanski J. Ч An introduction to symmetry and supersymmetry in quantum field theory166, 167
Mercier A. Ч Analytical and canonical formalism in physics126, 143
Gardiner C.W., Zoller P. Ч Quantum Noise: A Handbook of Markovian and Non-Markovian Quantum Stochastic Methods with Applications to Quantum Optics43
Schiff L.I. Ч Quantum mechanics361Ч396
Stone M. Ч The physics of quantum fields83
Lee T.D. Ч Practicle physics and introduction to field theory103ff
Englert B.G. (Ed) Ч Quantum Mechanics23
Rivers R.J. Ч Path Integral Methods in Quantum Field Theory180, 199, 202, 203
Collins P.D., Squires E.J., Martin A.D. Ч Particle Physics and Cosmology6, 46; see QED
Birrell N.D., Davies P.C.W. Ч Quantum Fields in Curved Space1, 2, 9, 47, 153, 161, 292, 307
Weinberg S. Ч The Quantum Theory of Fields. Vol. 1 Foundations29, 31Ч8, 339Ч62, 413Ч18, 472Ч97, 503, 507Ч15, 529Ч31, 564Ч94 (also see УQuantum fieldsФ, УElectronФ, УPhotonФ, УGauge invarianceФ, УUltraviolet divergencesФ, УInfrared divergencesФ)
Bethe H.A., Salpeter E.E. Ч Quantum Mechanics of One-and-Two-Electron Atoms89
Bogolubov N.N., Logunov A.A., Todorov I.T. Ч Introduction to Axiomatic Quantum Field Theory109, 112, 150, 352, 382, 413, 496, 562
Martin B.R., Shaw G. Ч Particle Physics12Ч14
Avery J. Ч Creation and Annihilation Operators97Ч121, 136
Stahl A. Ч Physics with tau leptons97Ч121, 136
Peierls R. Ч Bird of passage: recollections of a physicist51, 80, 226, 262, 267
Collins P.D.B., Martin A.D., Squires E.J. Ч Particle Physics and Cosmologysee УQEDФ, 6, 46
Schulman L.S. Ч Techniques and applications of path integration320, 324
Hoddeson L., Daitch V. Ч True Genius: The Life and Science of John Bardeen5, 51, 53, 55, 69, 156
Slater J.C. Ч Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure vol1131Ч164, 418Ч419, 443Ч454
Greiner W. Ч Quantum mechanics: special chapters1
Collins J.C. Ч Renormalizationsee УqedФ
Halzen F., Martin A.D. Ч Quarks and Leptons: An Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics3
Goodman J.W. Ч Statistical Optics465
Scully M.O., Zubairy M.S. Ч Quantum optics16
Gardiner C.W. Ч Quantum Noise43
Cheng T.-P., Li L.-F. Ч Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physicssee QED
Huggins E.R. Ч Physics 2000int-14
Pedrotti L.M. Ч Introduction to Optics1, 6
Goldenfeld N. Ч Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group198, 313, 325
Weinberg S. Ч The Quantum Theory of Fields. Vol. 2 Modern Applicationssee "Electrodynamics"
Shu F.H. Ч The Physical Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy108, 140Ч141, 405, 527
Povh B., Rith K., Scholz C., Zetsche F. Ч Particles and nuclei. An introduction to the Physical Concepts50
Marathe K.B., Martucci G. Ч The mathematical foundations of gauge theories141
Papadopoulos G.J. (ed.), Devreese J.T. (ed.) Ч Path integrals and their applications in quantum, statistical, and solid state physics87
Konopleva N.P., Popov V.N. Ч Gauge Fields194Ч201
Carroll R.W. Ч Mathematical physics296
Greiner W., Reinhardt J. Ч Field quantization150, 320
Atkins P.W., Friedman R.S. Ч Molecular Quantum Mechanics207
Matt Young Ч Optics and Lasers: Including Fibers and Optical Waveguides1
Leighton R.B. Ч Principles of Modern Physics669
HarrisR. Ч Nonclassical physics: beyond Newton's view269
Deligne P., Etingof P., Freed D. Ч Quantum fields and strings: A course for mathematicians, Vol. 2 (pages 727-1501)574
Deligne P., Kazhdan D., Etingof P. Ч Quantum fields and strings: A course for mathematicians574
Blum E.K., Lototsky S.V. Ч Mathematics of Physics and Engineering178, 379
Greiner W. Ч Relativistic quantum mechanics. Wave equations294
Barut A.O. Ч Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles191
Haag R. Ч Local quantum physics: fields, particles, algebras48, 66ff
Zeidler E. Ч Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics427, 511, 1197
Fritjof Capra Ч The Tao of physics210
Edward M. Purcell Ч Electricity and magnetism2
Kardar M. Ч Statistical physics of fields132
Thorne K.S., Hawking S. Ч Black holes and time warps: Einstein's outrageous legacy433
Close F. Ч The New Cosmic Onion: Quarks and the Nature of the Universe49, 98, 101, 118, 174
Feynman R., Leighton R., Sands M. Ч Lectures on Physics 2I-2-7, I-28-3
Collins P.D.B., Martin A.D., Squires E.J. Ч Particle Physics and Cosmology6, 46, see also "QED"
Blin-Stoyle R.J. Ч Eureka! Physics of particles, matter and the universe131
Stamatescu I., Seiler E. Ч Approaches to Fundamental Physics24, 25, 32, 49
Kalckar J. Ч Foundations of Quantum Physics I (1926 - 1932), Volume 64, 95, 146, 155, 156, 359, 402, 439, 446
Aharonov Y., Rohrlich D. Ч Quantum Paradoxes: Quantum Theory for the Perplexedsee also "measurements of the electric field", 1, 258
Robert E Marshak Ч Meson physics274Ч275
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