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Huggins E.R. Ч Physics 2000
Huggins E.R. Ч Physics 2000

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Ќазвание: Physics 2000

јвтор: Huggins E.R.


Physics2000 is a calculus based, college level introductory physics course that is designed to include twentieth century physics throughout. This is made possible by introducing Einstein's special theory of relativity in the first chapter. This way, students start off with a modem picture of how space and lime behave, and are prepared to approach topics such as mass and energy from a modern point of view.

язык: en

–убрика: ‘изика/

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√од издани€: 2000

 оличество страниц: 1123

ƒобавлена в каталог: 23.10.2012

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ѕредметный указатель
$E = Mc^2$      10Ч3
$\Delta E\Delta t = h$, Uncertainty principle      40-19
$\Delta x \Delta p = h$, Uncertainty principle      40-15
$\mu$ zero, definition of      31-19
$\pi$ meson      40-23
10 dimensions, String theory      int-16
100 billion to one, Matter over anti matter      int-30
13.6 eV, hydrogen spectrum      35-4
1836 times, proton/electron mass ratio      int-17
1987 supernova      6-14 20-14
2.74 degrees, cosmic background radiation      int-29
2D or 3D? equipotential plotting experiment      25-8
4 dimensions      int-16
Absolute zero      17Ч9 17Ч21
Abundance of the elements      34Ч24
AC voltage generator      30Ч21
AC voltage generator, Gaussmeter      30Ч23
Accelerating field in electron gun      26Ч10
Acceleration versus time graphs      4Ч7
Acceleration, angular      12Ч3
Acceleration, Angular analogy      12Ч3
Acceleration, Calculus definition of      4Ч5 Cal-1Ч7
Acceleration, Calculus definition of Component equations      Cal-1Ч8
Acceleration, Calculus definition of Vector equation      Cal-1Ч7
Acceleration, Constant acceleration formulas in three dimensions      4Ч11 Cal-1Ч22
Acceleration, Constant acceleration formulas, Calculus derivation      4Ч9 Cal-1Ч20
Acceleration, Definition of      3Ч13
Acceleration, due to gravity      3Ч21
Acceleration, From a strobe photograph      3Ч15
Acceleration, Intuitive discussion      3Ч20
Acceleration, On inclined plane      9Ч11
Acceleration, radial      12Ч5
Acceleration, tangential      12Ч4
Acceleration, Uniform circular motion, Direction of      3Ч18
Acceleration, Uniform circular motion, Magnitude of      3Ч18
Acceleration, Vector, definition of      3Ч15
Accelerators, particle      int-1 28Ч22
Accurate values of Fourier coefficients      16Ч32
Adding sines and cosines in Fourier analysis      16Ч28
Addition      2Ч3
Addition of charge      19Ч10
Addition of forces      9Ч2
Adiabatic expansion in Carnot cycle      18Ч11
Adiabatic expansion, Calculation of work      18Ч26
Adiabatic expansion, Introduction to      18Ч9
Air cart in impulse experiments      11Ч9
Air cart in recoil experiments      6Ч2
Air cart, Analysis of coupled carts      16Ч12
Air cart, Construction of      6Ч2
Air cart, Oscillating cart      14Ч5
Air cart, Speed detector      30Ч5 (see also Experiments II: Faraday's law air cart speed detector)
Air Resistance, Calculus analysis for projectile motion      4Ч12
Air Resistance, Computer analysis for projectile motion      5Ч24 8Ч3
Air Resistance, Strobe analysis for projectile motion      3Ч22
Airplane wing      23Ч13
Airplane wing, Bernoulli's equation      23Ч13
Allowed orbits, Bohr theory      int8 35Ч1
Allowed projections, spin      39Ч3
Allowed standing wave patterns      37Ч1
Alpha particles      20Ч8
Amount of sin(3t) present in a wave      16Ч28
Ampere's law, Applied to a solenoid      29Ч15
Ampere's law, Chapter on      29Ч1
Ampere's law, Derivation of line integral      29Ч7
Ampere's law, Field of straight wire      29Ч11
Ampere's law, Final result      29Ч11
Ampere's law, Maxwell's correction to      32Ч4
Ampere, Definition of      27Ч2
Ampere, MKS units      24Ч2
Amplitude and intensity, Fourier analysis lecture      16Ч33
Amplitude and phase, Fourier analysis lecture      16Ч31
Amplitude and phase, Wave motion      15Ч17
Amplitude of a sine wave Cal      1Ч37
Amplitude, Diffraction pattern by Fourier analysis      16Ч33
Amplitude, Fourier coefficients      16Ч32
Analysis, Fourier      16Ч6
Analysis, Of coupled air carts      16Ч12
Analysis, Of path 1 for electromagnetic pulse      32Ч14
Analysis, Of path 2 for electromagnetic pulse      32Ч16
Analytic solution, Of the RC circuit      27Ч22
Analytic solution, Oscillation of mass on spring      14Ч7
Analytic solution, Projectile motion with air resistance      4Ч12
Anderson, C., positrons      int13
Andromeda galaxy      int2 int-3 1Ч22
Angle of reflection (scattering of light)      36Ч3 Optics 1
Angles of incidence and reflection      Optics3
Angular acceleration      12Ч3
Angular analogy      12Ч3
Angular analogy for Newton's second law      12Ч14
Angular analogy, Torque (angular force)      12Ч15
Angular frequency, Definition of      14Ч4
Angular frequency, Wave motion      15Ч14
Angular magnification of magnifier      Optics39
Angular mass, Moment of inertia      12Ч7
Angular mass, Rotational kinetic energy      12Ч22
Angular momentum as a Vector      7Ч14 12Ч7
Angular momentum as a Vector, Movie      7Ч15
Angular momentum, Bohr model      35Ч1 35Ч8
Angular momentum, conservation of      7Ч9 12Ч16
Angular momentum, Conservation of, angular momentum, Definition of      7Ч10
Angular momentum, Definition of, cross product      12Ч11
Angular momentum, Definition of, more general      7Ч12
Angular momentum, Definition of, still more general      12Ч6
Angular momentum, Derivation from F = ma      12Ч16 (see also Experiments)
Angular momentum, Formation of planets      7Ч17
Angular momentum, Gyroscopes      12Ч18
Angular momentum, Kepler's second law      8Ч32
Angular momentum, Magnetic moment      31Ч24
Angular momentum, Movie on vector nature      7Ч15 12Ч6 12Ч17
Angular momentum, Of bicycle wheel      12Ч6
Angular momentum, Planck's constant      35Ч8
Angular momentum, Projections of classical      7Ч14
Angular momentum, Projections of electron spin      39Ч3
Angular momentum, Quantized      int9
Angular momentum, Quantized projections      38Ч5
Angular momentum, Quantum number      38Ч7
Angular velocity as a vector      12Ч7
Angular velocity, Definition of      12Ч2
Angular velocity, Mass on spring      14Ч9
Angular velocity, Oscillating cart      14Ч5
Annihilation of      34Ч17
Annihilation of antimatter      34Ч17
Annihilation of Excess of matter over in early universe      34Ч17 34Ч29
Annihilation of Introduction to      int12 34Ч16
Annihilation of Neutrino      int22
Annihilation of Neutron      int13
Annihilation of Positron      int13
Annihilation of Positron electron pair      34Ч17
Annihilation of Proton      int13
Annihilation of Wave equation for      15Ч2
Antielectron      int13
Antielectron type neutrino      int22
Antimatter      34Ч16
Antiparticle      int-13
Antiparticle, Created by photon      34Ч17
Applications of BernoulliТs equation      23Ч12
Applications of FaradayТs law      30Ч21
Applications of NewtonТs Second Law      9Ч1
Applications of the second law of thermodynamics      18Ч17
Arbitrary wave, Fourier analysis      16Ч28
Area as a vector      24Ч22
Area, Negative or positive      16Ч29
Area, Related to integration Cal      1Ч11
Area, Under the curve Cal      1Ч12
Arecibo radio telescope      int15
Arecibo radio telescope, Optics      48
Arithmetic of vectors      (see also Vector)
Aspirator      23Ч16
Aspirator, Bernoulli's equation      23Ч16
Aspirator, Hydrostatics      23Ч12
Aspirator, Leaky tank      23Ч12
Aspirator, Sailboat      23Ч14
Aspirator, Venturi meter      23Ч15
Associative law      2Ч4
Associative law, Commutative law      2Ч4
Associative law, Exercise      2Ч7
Associative law, Multiplication by number      2Ч5
Associative law, Negative of      2Ч5
Associative law, Scalar or dot product      2Ч12 10Ч13
Associative law, Subtraction of      2Ч5
Associative law, Vector cross product      2Ч15 12Ч9
Astigmatism      Optics21
Astronomy, 1987 supernova      int-19 6Ч14 20Ч14
Astronomy, Abundance of the elements      34Ч24
Astronomy, Big bang model of universe      33Ч25 34Ч26
Astronomy, Binary stars      int-2
Astronomy, Black dwarf star      int-19
Astronomy, Black holes      10Ч29
Astronomy, Black holes, Introduction to      int-19
Astronomy, Blackbody radiation, color of stars      34Ч2
Astronomy, Copernicus      8Ч25
Astronomy, Crab nebula      20Ч16
Astronomy, Decoupling of light and matter      34Ч31
Astronomy, Doppler effect      33Ч23
Astronomy, Eagle nebula      7Ч18 Optics 44
Astronomy, Early universe      int27 34Ч29
Astronomy, Escape velocity      10Ч28
Astronomy, Evolution of the universe      34Ч21
Astronomy, Excess of matter over antimatter      34Ч29
Astronomy, Expanding universe, Hubble      int-3
Astronomy, Formation of planets      7Ч17
Astronomy, Galaxy, Andromeda      int-2
Astronomy, Galaxy, Introduction to      int-2
Astronomy, Galaxy, Most distant      int-3
Astronomy, Galaxy, Sombrero      int-2
Astronomy, General relativity      8Ч29
Astronomy, Globular cluster      11Ч2
Astronomy, Gravitational tensing      34Ч20
Astronomy, Helium abundance in universe      34Ч26
Astronomy, Helium core of massive star      20Ч15
Astronomy, Hubble rule for expanding universe      int-3
Astronomy, Iron core of massive star      20Ч15
Astronomy, Kepler's laws      8Ч24
Astronomy, Light years      int-2
Astronomy, Magnetic field of the earth      28Ч11
Astronomy, Models of the universe      34Ч23
Astronomy, Neutrino      6Ч14 11Ч21
Astronomy, Neutron star and black holes      20Ч18
Astronomy, Neutron star in Crab nebula      20Ч17
Astronomy, Neutron star, Introduction to      int-19
Astronomy, Nuclear fusion and stellar evolution      20Ч12
Astronomy, Orion nebula      7Ч17
Astronomy, Penzias and Wilson, cosmic radiation      34Ч27
Astronomy, Powering the sun      34Ч23
Astronomy, Ptolemy, epicycle in Greek astronomy      8Ч25
Astronomy, Quantum fluctuations in space      40Ч25
Astronomy, Quasar, gravitational lens      34Ч20
Astronomy, Radio galaxy      Optics 48
Astronomy, Radio images of variable star      Optics 49
Astronomy, Radio telescope      (see Radio telescope)
Astronomy, Radio telescope, three degree radiation      int30 34Ч27
Astronomy, Radio telescopes      Optics 48
Astronomy, Red shift and expanding universe      int-3 33Ч24 34Ч21
Astronomy, Red supergiant star      20Ч15
Astronomy, Retrograde motion of Mars      8Ч24
Astronomy, Space travel and time dilation      1Ч22
Astronomy, Star, blackbody spectrum      34Ч3
Astronomy, Steady state model of the universe      34Ч25
Astronomy, Stellar evolution      int19
Astronomy, Telescopes      Optics 40
Astronomy, Telescopes, Arecibo radio telescope      Optics 48
Astronomy, Telescopes, Galileo's      Optics 41
Astronomy, Telescopes, Hubbel Space Telescope      Optics 44
Astronomy, Telescopes, Issac Newton's      Optics 42
Astronomy, Telescopes, Mt. Hopkins      Optics 43
Astronomy, Telescopes, Mt. Palomar      Optics 43
Astronomy, Telescopes, Very Large Array, radio telescopes      Optics 48
Astronomy, Telescopes, Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)      Optics 49
Astronomy, Telescopes, William Hershel's      Optics 43
Astronomy, Telescopes, WorldТs Largest Optical, Keck      Optics 45
Astronomy, Telescopes, Yerkes      Optics 41
Astronomy, Thermal equilibrium of the universe      34Ч28
Astronomy, Three degree cosmic radiation      int-29 34Ч27
Astronomy, Tycho Brahe      8Ч25
Astronomy, Van Allen radiation belts      28Ч32
Astronomy, Visible universe      int3
Astronomy, White dwarf star      20Ч15
Atmospheric pressure      17Ч23
Atomic and molecular forces, electric interaction      19Ч1
Atomic, Clocks      1Ч21
Atomic, Microscopes      17Ч1
Atomic, Processes      17Ч4
Atomic, Scanning Tunneling Microscope      Optics 51
Atomic, Spectra      33Ч16
Atomic, Structure      19Ч3
Atomic, Units      19Ч22
Atoms, Angular momentum quantum number      38Ч7
Atoms, Atomic nucleus, chapter on      20Ч1
Atoms, Atomic processes      17Ч4
Atoms, Avogadro's law      17Ч24
Atoms, BASIC program, hydrogen molecule ion      19Ч24
Atoms, Beryllium in periodic table      38Ч13
Atoms, Bohr model      int-8
Atoms, Boron in periodic table      38Ч13
Atoms, Brownian motion      17Ч7
Atoms, Chapter on      17Ч1 38Ч1
Atoms, Classical hydrogen atom      35Ч2
Atoms, Discovery of      11Ч19
Atoms, Effective nuclear charge      38Ч12
Atoms, Electron binding energy      19Ч20 38Ч11
Atoms, Electron energy in hydrogen molecule ion      19Ч21
Atoms, Electron spin      38Ч9
Atoms, Equipartition of energy      17Ч28
Atoms, Expanded energy level diagram      38Ч8
Atoms, Failure of classical physics      17Ч31
Atoms, Freezing out of degrees of freedom      17Ч32
Atoms, Heat capacity      17Ч26
Atoms, Hydrogen molecule      19Ч16
Atoms, Introductory view of      int16
Atoms, Ionic bonding      38Ч15
Atoms, L=0 Patterns in hydrogen      38Ч4
Atoms, Lithium      38Ч12
Atoms, Model atom      37Ч4
Atoms, Molecular and atomic processes      17Ч1
Atoms, Molecular forces      19Ч15
Atoms, Multi electron      38Ч9
Atoms, Nuclear matter, chapter on      20Ч1
Atoms, nucleus      (see also Nuclear)
Atoms, Particle-wave nature of matter      int-10
Atoms, Pauli exclusion principle      38Ч9
Atoms, Periodic table      38Ч10
Atoms, Potassium to krypton      38Ч14
Atoms, Precession of in magnetic field      39Ч15
Atoms, Quantized projections of angular momentum      38Ч5
Atoms, Schroedinger's equation for hydrogen      38Ч2
Atoms, Silicon, surface (111 plane) of      Optics 51
Atoms, Sodium to argon      38Ч13
Atoms, Standing wave patterns in hydrogen      38Ч3
Atoms, Table of      19Ч5
Atoms, Thermal motion of      17Ч6
Atoms, Up to neon      38Ч13
Atoms, Xenon, photograph of      17Ч1
AtwoodТs machine      9Ч16
Avogadro's number, the mole      17Ч24
AvogadroТs law      17Ч24
Balancing weights, equilibrium      13Ч2
Ball Spring Pendulum      (see Pendulum: Spring)
Balmer series, Energy level diagram for      35Ч6
Balmer series, Formula from Bohr theory      35Ч5
Balmer series, hydrogen spectrum      35Ч4
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