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Edward M. Purcell Ч Electricity and magnetism
Edward M. Purcell Ч Electricity and magnetism

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Ќазвание: Electricity and magnetism

јвтор: Edward M. Purcell


The subject of this volume of the Berkeley Physics Course is electricity and magnetism. The sequence of topics, in rough outline, is not unusual: electrostatics; steady currents; magnetic field; electromagnetic induction; electric and magnetic polarization in matter. However, our approach is different from the traditional one. The difference is most conspicuous in Chaps. 5 and 6 where, building on the work of Vol. I, we treat the electric and magnetic fields of moving charges as manifestations of relativity and the invariance of electric charge. This approach focuses attention on some fundamental questions, such as: charge conservation, charge invariance, the meaning of field. The only formal apparatus of special relativity that is really necessary is the Lorentz transformation of coordinates and the velocity-addition formula. It is essential, though, that the student bring to this part of the course some of the ideas and attitudes Vol. I sought to developЧ among them a readiness to look at things from different frames of reference, an appreciation of invariance, and a respect for symmetry arguments. We make much use also, in Vol. II, of arguments based on superposition.

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»здание: 2 edition

√од издани€: 1984

 оличество страниц: 484

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.10.2010

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ѕредметный указатель
"Del" notation      63 74 78
$CH_{3}OH$ (methanol) molecule, dipole moment of      365
$H_{2}O$ molecule, dipole moment of      364 365
$NH_{3}$ (ammonia) molecule, dipole moment of      365
Addition of velocities, relativistic      455
Additivity of interactions      9 12
Admittance      313Ч315 317
Alnico V, B-H curve for      442
Alternating Current      303Ч318
Alternating current, representation of, by complex number      311Ч312
Alternating electromotive force      304
Alternating-current circuit      310Ч315
Alternating-current circuit, power and energy in      315Ч317
Aluminum, doping of silicon with      147Ч148
Ammonia molecule, dipole moment of      365
Ampere (SI unit of current)      2 124 212 474
Ampere, Andre-Marie      2 170 172 193 405
Angular momentum, conservation of, in changing magnetic field      450
Angular momentum, of electron spin      418Ч419
Angular momentum, orbital, relation to magnetic moment      414
Angular momentum, precession of      470
Anode of vacuum diode      127
Antimatter      4
Antineutron      3
Antiparticle      3
Antiproton      3
Atlantic telegraph cable      Prob.4.4
Atom, electric current in      413
Atomic polarizability      362Ч363
B, and M, and H inside magnetized cylinder      438
B, magnetic field      173 208
B-H curves, for iron and Alnico V      442
Battery, storage, lead-sulfuric acid      155Ч157
Biot Ч Savart formula      226 328
Blakemore, R.P.      445
Bohr radius $a_{0}$      362 418 Prob.1.21
Boltzmann factor      145
BoltzmannТs constant k      146 385
Bound and free charge      380
Bound and free charge, arbitrariness of the distinction      389
Bound currents      431Ч432
Bound-charge current      387Ч389
Bound-charge density      380
Boundary of dielectric, change in E at      377
Boundary-value problem      95 111Ч113
Bridge network      152 Prob.4.27
Capacitance      103Ч107
Capacitance of cell membrane      Prob.10.7
Capacitance of prolate spheroid      Prob.3.20
Capacitance, coefficients of      109
Capacitance, units of      103
Capacitance, units of, illustrated      104
Capacitor      103
Capacitor plate, force on      111 Prob.3.16
Capacitor, dielectric-filled      371Ч373
Capacitor, energy stored in      110Ч111
Capacitor, parallel-plate      105 348
Capacitor, vacuum      348
Carbon monoxide molecule, dipole moment of      365
Cathode of vacuum diode      127
Cavendish, Henry      10
Centimeter (unit of capacitance)      103
Centimeter, illustrated      104
Charge density, linear      26
Charge distribution, cylindrical, field of      62
Charge distribution, electric      20Ч21
Charge distribution, moments of      352Ч355
Charge distribution, on a surface      28
Charge distribution, spherical, field of      25Ч26
Charge, in motion      see "Moving charge"
Charge, magnetic, absence of      404
Charged balloon      31
Charged disk      51Ч53
Charged disk, field lines and equipotentials of      55
Charged disk, potential of      51
Charged wire, potential of      50
Circuit element      149
Circuits, alternating-current      310Ч317
Circuits, direct-current      148 151 152
Circuits, equivalent      151
Circuits, LR      282Ч284
Circuits, RC      159Ч160
Circuits, resonant      298Ч303
Circuits, RLC      298 309 315
Circulation      68
Clausius Ч Mossotti relation      384n
CO (carbon monoxide) molecule, dipole moment of      365
Coefficients, of capacitance      109
Coefficients, of potential      109
Coil, cylindrical (solenoid), magnetic field of      227Ч231 Prob.6.17
Coil, toroidal, energy stored in      286
Coil, toroidal, inductance of      281Ч282
Compass needle      173
Complex-number representation of alternating current      311Ч312
Conduction band      145Ч146
Conduction, electrical      130Ч148
Conduction, in metals      142Ч144
Conduction, in semiconductors      144Ч148
Conduction, ionic      134Ч135
Conductivity, anisotropic      128
Conductivity, electrical      128Ч133
Conductivity, of metals      142Ч144
Conductivity, of various materials      133
Conductivity, units for      132
Conductors, charged, system of      91
Conductors, electrical      88Ч103
Conductors, field at surface of      92
Conductors, spherical, field around      94
Conformal mapping      111
Conservation of electric charge      4Ч5 126Ч127
Conservation of electric charge, distinguished from charge invariance      178
Conservative forces      11
Copper chloride, paramagnetism of      400 402
Copper, resistivity of      133 139 141
Coulomb (SI unit of charge)      8 45 474
CoulombТs law      7Ч11 193
CoulombТs law, tests of      10Ч11
Critical damping      302Ч303
Cross product (vector product) of two vectors      173n
Curie point      439
Curie, Pierre      439
Curl      68Ч76
Curl in Cartesian coordinates      71Ч74 78
Curl, physical meaning of      74Ч76
Curlmeter      75
Current density, J      124 128
Current loop, magnetic dipole moment of      407Ч408
Current loop, magnetic field of      405
Current loop, Torque on      419
Current ring, magnetic field of      227
Current sheet      231Ч235
Current sheet, magnetic field of      221Ч223
Currents, alternating      303Ч318
Currents, bound and free      431Ч432
Currents, bound-charge      387Ч389
Currents, displacement      328Ч330
Currents, fluctuations of, random      139
Cylinder, magnetized, compared with cylinder polarized      429
Damped harmonic oscillator      298
Damped sinusoidal oscillation      301
Damping of resonant circuit      300 302
Damping of resonant circuit, critical      302Ч303
Davis, L., Jr.      11n
de Coulomb, Charles      10
Decay of proton      6
Decay time for EarthТs magnetic field      Prob.7.28
Deuterium molecule      176
Diamagnetic substances      400
Diamagnetism      413 418
Diamagnetism of electron orbits      417
Diamond, crystal structure of      144
Diamond, wide band gap of      147
Dielectric constant $\epsilon$      350
Dielectric constant $\epsilon$ of various substances      350
Dielectric sphere in uniform field      378
Dielectrics      348Ч352
Diode, silicon junction      Prob.4.13
Diode, vacuum      127
Dipole moment, electric      355
Dipole moment, electric, induced      361
Dipole moment, electric, permanent      63
Dipole moment, magnetic, associated with electron spin      419
Dipole moment, magnetic, of current loop      407Ч408
Dipole moment, magnetic, of electron orbit      413Ч414
Dipole, comparison of electric and magnetic      410
Dipole, electric, potential and field of      356Ч358
Dipole, electric, torque and force on, in external field      358Ч360
Disk, charged      51Ч53 55
Disk, conducting, field of      102
Displacement current      328Ч330
Displacement, electric, D      381 432Ч433
Distribution of electric charge      20Ч21
Divergence      57
Divergence in cartesian coordinates      59Ч62 78
Domains, magnetic      440
doping of silicon      147Ч148
Dot product of two vectors      12
Dynamo      Probs.7.31 7.32
Dyne (CGS unit of force)      8
EarthТs magnetic field      210 Prob.11.4
EarthТs magnetic field, decay time of      Prob.7.28
EarthТs magnetic field, possible source of      296
Einstein, Albert      2 170 241
Electret      429
Electric charge      2Ч29
Electric charge, additivity of      9 12
Electric charge, conservation of      4Ч5 126 178
Electric charge, distribution of      20Ч21
Electric charge, free and bound      380 389
Electric charge, fundamental quantum of      8
Electric charge, invariance of      176Ч178
Electric charge, quantization of      5Ч6 177
Electric charge, sign of      4
Electric currents      124Ч132
Electric currents and charge conservation      126Ч127
Electric currents, energy dissipation in flow of      153
Electric currents, parallel, force between      211Ч212
Electric currents, variable, in capacitors and resistors      159Ч160
Electric currents, variable, in inductors and resistors      282Ч284
electric dipole moment      355
Electric dipole moment, induced      361
Electric dipole moment, permanent      63
Electric dipole, potential and field of      356Ч358
Electric dipole, torque and force on, in external field      358Ч360
Electric displacement D      381 432Ч433
Electric field lines      19
Electric field, definition of      16
Electric field, energy stored in      32
Electric field, flux of      21Ч25
Electric field, flux of, GaussТs law      22Ч25
Electric field, in different reference frames      178Ч181
Electric field, in matter, spatial average of      369
Electric field, inside hollow conductor      96Ч97
Electric field, Line integral of      42Ч44
Electric field, macroscopic      370 371
Electric field, microscopic      370
Electric field, of a flat sheet of charge      28
Electric field, of dipole      357
Electric field, of line charge      26
Electric field, of point charge with constant velocity      182Ч185
Electric field, of stationary charges      180
Electric field, SI unit for      16
Electric field, transformation of      239
Electric field, visualization of      17Ч20
Electric quadrupole moment      355
Electric susceptibility $\chi_{e}$      372 383 422
Electrical insulators      88Ч89
Electrical potential energy      13Ч15
Electrical potential energy of a system of charges      32 46
Electrical shielding      96
Electromagnet, design of      Prob.11.25
Electromagnetic field components, transformation of      238Ч240
Electromagnetic force, range of      10
Electromagnetic induction      256Ч273
Electromagnetic wave      190 331Ч343
Electromagnetic wave in dielectric      389 391
Electromagnetic wave in different inertial reference frames      342
Electromagnetic wave, energy transport by      338
Electromagnetic wave, general properties of      334
Electromagnetic wave, reflection of      339 341 Prob.10.24
Electromagnetic wave, standing      336Ч337
Electromagnetic wave, traveling pulse      335
Electromotive force      155Ч157 274
Electromotive force, alternating      304
Electron motion, wave aspect of      143
Electron orbit      413Ч417
Electron orbit, diamagnetism of      417
Electron orbit, magnetic moment of      413Ч414
Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)      470
Electron radius, classical      417 Prob.1.10
Electron spin      418Ч421
Electron spin, angular momentum of      418Ч419
Electrons      3 5 6 143Ч147 413Ч421
Electrons, charge of      8
Electrons, magnetic moment of      419
Electrons, valence      144
Electrostatic field      44 see
Electrostatic field, equilibrium in      65
Electrostatic field, transformation law for      181
Electrostatic unit (esu) of charge      8
Energy      see also "Potential energy electrical"
Energy gap      145
Energy, dissipation of, in resistor      153
Energy, electrical, of ionic crystal      14
Energy, in alternating-current circuit      315Ч317
Energy, of electric field      31Ч33
Energy, of system of charges      10
Energy, stored, in capacitor      110Ч111
Energy, stored, in electric field      32
Energy, stored, in magnetic field      285Ч286
Equilibrium of charged particle      65
Equipotential surfaces      54Ч55 92
Equipotential surfaces in field of conducting disk      102
Equipotential surfaces in field of uniformly charged disk      55
Equivalence of inertial frames      171 452
Equivalent circuit      151
Equivalent circuit for voltaic cell      157
Faller, J.G.      10n
Farad (unit of capacitance)      105Ч106 160
Faraday, discovery of induction by      256Ч258
Faraday, Michael      2 240
Faraday, reconstruction of experiment by      Prob.7.10
Faraday, Waterloo Bridge experiment by      Prob.7.27
FaradayТs law of induction      272Ч273
Ferromagnetic substances      400
ferromagnetism      437
Field, meaning of      180
Fluctuations of current, random      139
Flux of electric field, definition of      21Ч25
Flux tube      265
Flux, magnetic      263Ч265
Force components, application of      191Ч192
Force components, Lorentz transformation of      457
Force(s), between parallel currents      211Ч212
Force(s), conservative      11
Force(s), electromotive      155Ч157 274 304
Force(s), magnetic      171Ч173
Force(s), on capacitor plate      111 Prob.3.16
Force(s), on dipole in external field      369
Force(s), on layer of charge      29
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