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McMano D., Topa D.M. Ч A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica
McMano D., Topa D.M. Ч A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica

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Ќазвание: A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica

јвторы: McMano D., Topa D.M.


Because of its large command structure and intricate syntax, Mathematica can be difficult to learn. Wolfram's Mathematica manual, while certainly comprehensive, is so large and complex that when trying to learn the software from scratch Ч or find answers to specific questions Ч one can be quickly overwhelmed. A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica offers a simple, step-by-step approach to help math-savvy newcomers build the skills needed to use the software in practice. Concise and easy to use, this book teaches by example and points out potential pitfalls along the way. The presentation starts with simple problems and discusses multiple solution paths, ranging from basic to elegant, to gradually introduce the Mathematica toolkit. More challenging and eventually cutting-edge problems follow. The authors place high value on notebook and file system organization, cross-platform capabilities, and data reading and writing. The text features an array of error messages you will likely encounter and clearly describes how to deal with those situations. While it is by no means exhaustive, this book offers a non-threatening introduction to Mathematica that will teach you the aspects needed for many practical applications, get you started on performing specific, relatively simple tasks, and enable you to build on this experience and move on to more real-world problems.

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–убрика: –уководства по программному обеспечению/

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√од издани€: 2005

 оличество страниц: 725

ƒобавлена в каталог: 04.06.2008

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ѕредметный указатель
$DisplayFunction command      212
$Packages      86Ч87
$TextStyle command      9
% operator      246Ч247
-Graphics- objects, disks      246Ч247
-Graphics- objects, Miscellaneous'WorldPlot'      590
-Graphics- objects, Plot command      265
-WorldGraphics- object      589Ч590
2001: A Space Odyssey      516
3D Graphics      281
Abbot, Paul      92
AccelerationDueToGravity      77
Accum Module      142
Accumulation errors      29 60
Add-on packages      see also specific package
Add-on packages, DiscreteMath'      576Ч586
Add-on packages, Graphics'      503 503Ч509 531Ч576 634Ч42
Add-on packages, Graphics'ContourPlot3D'      634Ч642
Add-on packages, Graphics'Graphics3D'      643Ч662
Add-on packages, Graphics'Legend'      524
Add-on packages, Graphics'ParametricPlot3D'      662Ч691
Add-on packages, Graphics'PlotField3D'      668Ч675
Add-on packages, Graphics'Polyhedra'      675Ч685
Add-on packages, Graphics'Shapes'      685Ч690
Add-on packages, Graphics'SurfaceOfRevolution'      690Ч691
Add-on packages, LinearAlgebra'MatrixManipulation'      586Ч587
Add-on packages, Miscellaneous'Audio'      68Ч69
Add-on packages, Miscellaneous'BlackBodyRadiation'      75Ч8 587
Add-on packages, Miscellaneous'Calendar'      69Ч72
Add-on packages, Miscellaneous'ChemicalElements'      72Ч74
Add-on packages, Miscellaneous'ResonanceAbsorptionLines'      588
Add-on packages, Miscellaneous'StandardAtmosphere'      588Ч589
Add-on packages, Miscellaneous'WorldPlot'      589Ч591
Add-on packages, NumericalMath'      591Ч594
Add-on packages, parallel processing      12
Add-on packages, standard      65Ч67
Add-on packages, Statistics'StatisticsPlot'      595Ч597
Addcolor Module      260Ч262
AddEdge command      577
Adjacency list      585
Affine Shape      611
Affine transformation      690
Affine transformations      34Ч36
AffineShape command      688Ч690
AgeOfUniverse      77
Air resistance      331Ч336
Algebra bypass      159Ч170
Algebra package      66
Algebra Relm package      66
Algebra, linear      see LinearAlgebra'MatrixManipulation' add-on package
AlgebraicManipulation palette      20 80
Altitude, shading by      603 617Ч618
Altitude, viscosity      588Ч589
AmbientLight option      633 643
Ampersand sign (&)      48
Amplitude spectrum      406 411
Analyze Module      143
and operator      254Ч255 554
Apart command      377Ч378
AppendTo command, Bessel functions      472
AppendTo command, bypassing algebra      165Ч166
AppendTo command, color wheels      254
AppendTo command, cross-check      146
AppendTo command, curvature measurements      195 198
AppendTo command, Dirac delta function      223 234
AppendTo command, gray scales      238
AppendTo command, higher dimensions      172Ч173
AppendTo command, imaginary roots      271Ч273
AppendTo command, lists      46
AppendTo command, Monte Carlo Integration      445
AppendTo command, random walk      266
Apply operator, coupled circuits      389
Apply operator, cross-check      149Ч151
Apply operator, Graphics'Spline'      565
Apply operator, Monte Carlo Integration      448
Arbitrary orders      117Ч118
Arithmetic Series (formula 3)      58
Armstrong, Neil      69
Array function      36 43
Articles, resources      91Ч92
Aspect ratio, color wheels      252Ч253
Aspect ratio, gray scales      241Ч242
AspectRatio option, basics      264
AspectRatio option, color wheels      250
AspectRatio option, contour plots      278
AspectRatio option, disks      247Ч249
AspectRatio option, graphics primitives      516
AspectRatio option, gray scales      242
AspectRatio option, imaginary roots      275Ч276
AspectRatio option, kernel commands      528 530Ч531
AspectRatio option, Lattice field theory      236
AspectRatio option, ListContourPlot      280
AspectRatio option, Lotka Ч Volterra equations      358
AspectRatio option, Monte Carlo Integration      443
AspectRatio option, random walk      268
AspectRatio option, tick marks      243 245
Assemble, higher dimensions      173Ч174
Assumptions option      479 525Ч526
Asymmetric function      520
Atmosphere      588Ч589
AtmosphericPlot command      589
AtomicWeight command      72
audio      68
Average Module      148
AvogardroConstant      77
Axes option, basics      264
Axes option, Bessel functions      468
Axes option, color wheels      256
Axes option, Dirac delta function      231Ч232 340
Axes option, extraneous characters      15
Axes option, Fourier Transform      404
Axes option, Graphics'ContourPlot3D'      635 641
Axes option, Graphics'FilledPlot'      533 535
Axes option, Graphics'Graphics'      548 550
Axes option, Graphics'Graphics3D'      644 646 649Ч51 653Ч654
Axes option, Graphics'PlotField'      571Ч572
Axes option, Graphics'Polyhedra'      676Ч677 681
Axes option, Graphics'SurfaceOfRevolution'      691
Axes option, kernel commands      612 614 617
Axes option, pictionary      601
Axes option, radio frequency pulse      409
Axes option, sampling function      282Ч283 286
Axes option, spherical harmonics      296Ч297
Axes suppression      612
AxesLabel option      310
AxesOrigin option      518
AxesStyle option, Dirac delta function      340
AxesStyle option, imaginary roots      275Ч276
AxesStyle option, random walk      268
Background option      518
Backward referencing      677
BarChart command      544
BarChart3D command      660Ч661
BarChart3D, pictionary      607
BasicCalculation palette      19 79
BasicInput palette, basics      20 80
BasicInput palette, definite integration      435 438
BasicInput palette, Dirac delta function      338
BasicInput palette, multivariate expressions      432
BasicInput palette, polynomials and rational functions      424Ч25
BasicTypesetting palette      19 79
Bessel differential equation      465
Bessel function of the first kind      465
Bessel function of the second kind      465
Bessel functions      465Ч478 467
beta function      456
Bezier Spline      563 565Ч566
bitmap (BMP) files      8 210Ч211
Blackbody radiation      69 see
BlackBodyProfile command      75 587
BlackBodyRadiation'BlackBodyProfile      511
Blackman, Nancy      92
Blinding the kernel      15Ч16
Block command, differential equations      311Ч312
Block command, Dirac delta function      216
Block command, large numbers      30
Block function, enormous equations      207
BMP      see Bitmap (BMP) files
BohrRadius      77
BoilingPoint command, Miscellaneous'BlackBodyRadiation'      75
BoilingPoint command, Miscellaneous'ChemicalElements'      72
BoilingPoint command, periodic table of the elements      84
Boltzmann constant      481
BoltzmannConstant command      77
Boneyard, resources      92Ч96
Born and Wolf studies      33
Boundary values, Dirac delta function      341
Bounded diagram      583Ч585
BoundedDiagram command      585
Box-and-Whisker plot      595
Boxed option, Graphics'Graphics3D'      644
Boxed option, Graphics'Polyhedra'      682Ч685
Boxed option, Graphics'Shapes'      686
Boxed option, Graphics'SurfaceOfRevolution'      691
Boxed option, helicoids      689Ч690
Boxed option, helix      687Ч688
Boxed option, kernel commands      612Ч613 617
Boxed option, Moebius Strip      687
Boxed option, pictionary      601
Boxed option, PointParametricPlot3D      665
Boxed option, sampling function      282Ч283 286
Boxed option, spherical harmonics      296
BoxRatios option, Graphics'SurfaceOfRevolution'      691
BoxRatios option, kernel commands      614 617 629Ч630
BoxRatios option, pictionary      601
BoxRatios option, sampling function      282Ч283 286
BoxWhiskerPlot command      595
Braking trajectory      654 663Ч665
Buckling constant      469
Buffon Needle Problem      442
Buffon Ч Laplace Needle Problem      442
Bugs      12Ч15 see
Butcher'ButcherPlot, pictionary      512
ButcherPlot command      592
ButcherTrees command      592
C code, representations      23
Calculus package      66
Calendar, Help Browser resource      72
Cartesian coordinates, basics      33
Cartesian coordinates, Graphics'Graphics3D'      652
Cartesian coordinates, sampling function      286Ч287
Cartesian coordinates, spherical harmonics      495
Cartesian space, kernel commands      625Ч628
CartesianMap command      573 575Ч576
Cautions, accumulation, loops      60
Cautions, characters, extraneous      15
Cautions, characters, number of      196
Cautions, Clear["Global'*]      7
Cautions, code problems      15Ч16 146
Cautions, ColorFunction Hue      277
Cautions, comments      15Ч16 146
Cautions, common typos      26
Cautions, comparison functions      63
Cautions, constant vectors      53
Cautions, ContourPlots      277
Cautions, Contours option      635
Cautions, covectors      44
Cautions, cursor, graphic coordinates      69
Cautions, elements      635
Cautions, embedded comments      15Ч16 146
Cautions, error in equation      659
Cautions, figure orientation      281
Cautions, graphic coordinates, measuring      69
Cautions, graphics, size      242 246
Cautions, high aspect ratio graphics      242
Cautions, Hue      277
Cautions, icon      3
Cautions, infinities      63
Cautions, integers      635
Cautions, kernel blinding      16
Cautions, leading spaces      13
Cautions, lists      635
Cautions, loops, accumulation      60
Cautions, Metropolis      442
Cautions, Monte Carlo integration      442
Cautions, Nulls, extraneous      15
Cautions, orientation of figures      281
Cautions, output precision      196
Cautions, precision erosion      60
Cautions, punctuation      240
Cautions, screen display default      196
Cautions, shading schemes      643
Cautions, Shadow routine      643
Cautions, Simulated Annealing      442
Cautions, singular elements      635
Cautions, SingularValues      126
Cautions, small dimensions      44
Cautions, SphericalRegion      281
Cautions, stellated objects      680
Cautions, text      246
Cautions, typos, common      26
Cautions, unreferenced data      3
Cautions, vector arithmetic      53
Cautions, vectors      44
Cautions, Which function      65
CCD      see Charge-coupled devices (CCD)
CEILING      584
CForm command      23
CharacterRange command, generating lists      31
CharacterRange command, Graphics'MultipleListPlot      563
CharacterRange command, linear regression      139
CharacterRange command, lists      45
Characters      15 196
Charge-coupled devices (CCD)      33 524
Chebysheff representation      34
Chemical elements      85
Chop command      124Ч126
Circle command, graphics primitives      498 515Ч516
Circle command, Graphics'InequalityGraphics'      552Ч554
Circle command, random walk      267
Circle polynomials      33
Circuits, higher order differential equations      325Ч27
Circuits, Laplace transforms      379Ч398
ClassicalElectronRadius      77
Clear command, bypassing algebra      166
Clear command, cross-check      149
Clear command, kernel commands      615
Clear command, large numbers      30
Clear command, Legendre polynomials      493
Clear command, manipulating lists      41
Clear command, Riemann zeta function      483
Clear command, seed notebooks      6Ч7
Clear command, While loop      63
Clear["Global'*"] command      7 11
CMYK color, basics      209Ч210
CMYK color, color wheels      257Ч259
CMYK color, Help Browser resource      86 210
CMYK color, kernel commands      614Ч615
CMYK color, pictionary      602
CMYK color, sum      263
CMYKColor command      261 614Ч615
Code problems      15Ч16 146
Coefficients      318Ч324
Color options, graphics primitives      209Ч210
Color palette      85 99 210
Color scales      523Ч524
Color scheme variations      618
Color wheels      249Ч263
ColorFunction option, cautions      277
ColorFunction option, Graphics'Graphics3D'      646 648Ч650
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