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Martin B.R., Shaw G. Ч Particle Physics
Martin B.R., Shaw G. Ч Particle Physics

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Ќазвание: Particle Physics

јвторы: Martin B.R., Shaw G.


Particle Physics, Second Edition is a concise and lucid account of the fundamental constituents of matter. The standard model of particle physics is developed carefully and systematically, without heavy mathematical formalism, to make this stimulating subject accessible to undergraduate students. Throughout, the emphasis is on the interpretation of experimental data in terms of the basic properties of quarks and leptons, and extensive use is made of symmetry principles and Feynman diagrams, which are introduced early in the book. The Second Edition brings the book fully up to date, including the discovery of the top quark and the search for the Higgs boson. A final short chapter is devoted to the continuing search for new physics beyond the standard model.

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»здание: second

√од издани€: 1997

 оличество страниц: 367

ƒобавлена в каталог: 09.06.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
$J/\Psi$ meson      40Ч41 127Ч130
$J/\psi$ meson, discovery      70Ч72
$q$-value      34
$\Delta$S = $\Delta$ Q rule      203 261
Absorption length      52
Accelerators      46Ч50
Accelerators, current machines      47 50
Angular momentum classification of particles      85
Angular momentum classification of particles, commutation relations      323
Angular momentum classification of particles, conservation of      82Ч85
Angular momentum classification of particles, in the quark model      86Ч88
Anomaly condition      221Ч222
Antiparticles      2Ч8
Antiparticles, discovery of positron      6Ч8
Antiparticles, relation to hole theory      5Ч6
Antiparticles, relative parity of      90Ч91
Associated production charmed particles      42
Associated production charmed particles, strange particles      40
asymptotic freedom      151 154Ч157
B-mesons      42 130
Baryon number      33
Baryon number, conservation      34
Baryon number, violation in grand unified theories      270Ч273
Baryon-antibaryon asymmetry in universe      273Ч274
Baryons, colour wavefunction of      14 145Ч148
Baryons, magnetic moments      140Ч141
Baryons, mass splittings within multiplets      114Ч115 138Ч140
Baryons, quark model      32 136 138
Baryons, table of properties      138 139 334 335
Beauty particles      42
Beauty particles, $\beta$ decay processes      see УNeutron decayФ
Beauty particles, quantum number      22
Bethe Ч Bloch formula      53
Big Bang Model      276Ч277
Bjorken scaling      170Ч172
Bjorken scaling, deviation, from      172Ч177
Bjorken scaling, in parton model      172Ч174
Born approximation      17 167 295
Bottomium      42 127
Bottomium, potential      130Ч133
Bottomium, spectrum      131
Bottomium, table of states      127
Branching ratio      27
Branching ratio, isospin predictions of      329 330
Branching ratio, tables of values      332 335
Breit Winner formula      117 227 291 303
Breit Winner formula, decay distributions      298Ч300
Breit Winner formula, resonant cross-sections      300Ч303
Bremsstrahlung      55 56
Bubble chamber      42 59
C-parity      96 98
C-parity, ferrmon-antifermion pairs      96 127
C-parity, positronium      98 102
C-parity, violation in weak interaction      240Ч244
Cabibbo allowed/suppressed decays      201 216
Cabibbo angle      199
Cabibbo hypothesis      199
Callan Gross relation      173
Calorimeters      67
Calorimeters, electromagnetic showers      68
Calorimeters, hadronic showers      69
Cascade baryon      136 141 204
Centre-of-mass energy      49 78 284
Centre-of-mass energy, $\hat{C}$crenkov counters      64 67
Charge conjugation      95 98
Charge conjugation, $\pi^{0}$and $\eta$ mesons      96
Charge conjugation, positronium      101
Charge conjugation, violation in weak interactions      240Ч244
Charged weak currents      183Ч184
Charged weak currents,      190Ч191 316Ч317
Charm quantum number      32
Charmed particles      41Ч42 201
Charmonium      41 127Ч130
Charmonium, experimental discovery      40 70
Charmonium, potential      130Ч133
Charmonium, table of states      127
Cloud chamber      6 59
Colliding beam accelerators      48Ч50
Collision length      52
Colour      141Ч148
Colour, charges      142Ч147 151 310Ч311
Colour, evidence for in $e^{-}e^{-}$ annihilation      162Ч163
Colour, hypercharge and isospin      142 143
Colour, role in QCD      149Ч151
Colour, wavefunction      145Ч147
Commutation relations lor angular momentum      323
Compton scattering      19
confinement      141Ч142 146Ч147 151
Confinement condition      146 151
Conservation laws, angular momentum      82Ч85
Conservation laws, B Ч L      271
Conservation laws, baryon number      34
Conservation laws, charge conjugation      95 241 243
Conservation laws, colour      142
Cosmic baryon asymmetry      273Ч 274
Cosmic rays      26 45
cp      241Ч244 252 255 260Ч261
CP conservation      241 244 252Ч255
CP conservation,      260 261
CP conservation, violation in K decays      252 255 260Ч261
CP, isospin      109Ч113
CP, lepton numbers      22 28
CP, linear momentum      80
CP, parity      88Ч90 240 246
CP, strangeness, charm and beauty      33Ч34
CPT theorem      255 259
Cross-sections, Born approximation      17 295
Cross-sections, definitions      290Ч291
Cross-sections, differential      293 294
Cross-sections, elastic electron-proton      167Ч169
Cross-sections, Rutherford formula      164 167 169
Cross-sections, total      52 291
D-mesons      42
Dark matter      276 281
Dark matter, search for cold dark matter      279Ч281
Deep inelastic scattering Callan Gross relation      173
Deep inelastic scattering Callan Gross relation, charged lepton proton      169Ч176
Deep inelastic scattering Callan Gross relation, neutrino-proton      177Ч180
Deep inelastic scattering Callan Gross relation, total cross-section      180
Detailed balancc      104Ч105
Detectors      see УParticle detectorsФ
Differential cross-seciion      293Ч294
Dipole fit to proton form factors      166Ч167
Dirac equation      4 6 309 310 320
Dirac magnetic moment      5 26 101 140
Drift chambers      59 61
Elastic scattering electron-proton      163Ч 169
Elastic scattering electron-proton, kaon-proton      123Ч124
Elastic scattering electron-proton, neutrino-electron      267 281
Elastic scattering electron-proton, pion-proton      120Ч122
Electric form factor of the proton      165
Electromagnetic interactions basic vertices      8Ч10
Electromagnetic interactions basic vertices, gauge invariance of      304Ч310
Electromagnetic interactions basic vertices, pair production and annihilation      12Ч14
Electromagnetic interactions basic vertices, typical lifetimes      35
Electromagnetic showers      68
Electron neutrinos      23 25
Electron number      22
Electron-electron scattering one-photon exchange      11
Electron-electron scattering one-photon exchange, two-photon exchange      12
Electron-positron annihilation      157Ч163
Electron-positron annihilation, evidence for colour in      162Ч163
Electron-positron annihilation, in hole theorv      9 10
Electron-positron annihilation, three-jet events      159 162
Electron-positron annihilation, to hadrons      72Ч74 127Ч129 157Ч162
Electron-positron annihilation, to muon pairs      127Ч128 159 218 219 224Ч226
Electron-positron annihilation, tophotons      12 14 90Ч91 101Ч102
Electron-positron annihilation, total cross-section      162 163
Electron-positron annihilation, two-jet events      157Ч159
Electron-positron pair production      9 10 14Ч15 56Ч57
Electron-proton scattering clastic      163Ч169
Electron-proton scattering clastic form factors      165 167
Electron-proton scattering clastic, inelastic      169 177
Electroneak interactions      214Ч227
Electroneak interactions, gauge theory of      231Ч234 314Ч322
Electroweak unification      184 218Ч219
Electroweak unification,      221 224 318Ч322
Emulsiuns      35 36 59
Energy losses by particles in matter ionization losses      53Ч55
Energy losses by particles in matter ionization losses, radiation losses      55Ч56
Eta meson      96Ч98 134Ч135
Exotic hadrons      122Ч124
Exotic hadrons of the second kind      342
Fermi coupling constant      18 19 195Ч196
Feynman diagrams      8Ч14
Feynman diagrams, basic clectromagnctic veilices      8Ч10 191
Feynman diagrams, basic QCD vertices      151
Feynman diagrams, basic weak vertices      191Ч193 199Ч200 220Ч221
Feynman diagrams, order of      12
Feynman rules      12
Fixed-target accelerators      47 48
Flux      291
Form factors of the proton      165 167
Fragmentation      169 1 70 177
Gauge bosons      1 2 149
Gauge bosons, table of properties      332
Gauge invananoe      149 221 231Ч232 304Ч322
Gauge theories electromagnctic interaction      149 231Ч232 304Ч305
Gauge theories electromagnctic interaction, electrounk interactions      232 235 314Ч322
Gauge theories electromagnctic interaction, gauge principle      232Ч234 304 309Ч310
Gauge theories electromagnctic interaction, photon mass      306Ч309
Gauge theories electromagnctic interaction, quantum chromodynamics      149 310Ч314
Gauge theories electromagnctic interaction, unification condtion      318Ч 320
Gauge transformation      231
Gauge transformation, electroweak      233 316Ч318 321
Gauge transformation, QCD      311Ч314
Gauge transformation, QED      231 305Ч306
Georgi Ч Glashow model      268Ч273
Glueballs      151
Gluino      275
Gluon-gluon scattering      150Ч152
Gluons      2 150Ч152
Gluons, spin determination in $e^{-}e^{-}$ annihilation      161 162
Grand unified theories      267Ч273
Grand unified theories, proton decay in      270Ч271
Hadronic showers      69
Hadrons allowed quantum number      157
Hadrons allowed quantum number, decays      23 24 34Ч43 198 200Ч205 247 252Ч255
Hadrons allowed quantum number, exotic quantum numbers      122Ч124 342
Hadrons allowed quantum number, general properties      32Ч35
Hadrons allowed quantum number, light barvons      136Ч138
Hadrons allowed quantum number, light mesons      134 135
Hadrons allowed quantum number, tables of properties      32 33 107 135 138 139 334Ч335
Hadrons allowed quantum number, typical nfeiimes      35
Hadrons allowed quantum number, wiight diagiams      134 137
Helicity      244
Helicity, neutrino      244Ч246
Higgs boson      231Ч239
Higgs boson, searches for      235Ч239
Higgs held and particle masses      234Ч235
Higgsino      275
Hole theory      5Ч11
Hubble constant      277
Hypercharge      110
Inelastic electron and muon scattering      169Ч177
Inelastic electron and muon scattering, Bjorken scaling      170Ч172
Inelastic electron and muon scattering, Callan Ч Gross relation      173
Inelastic electron and muon scattering, parton model      172Ч1 4
Inelastic electron and muon scattering, structure functions      171Ч172
Inelastic neutrino scattering      177Ч182
Interaction lengths      53
Interactions of photons in matter      56Ч57
Internal quantum numbers      107
Intrinsic parity      89
Invariant mass      283Ч 287
Inverse      0
Inverse muon decay      27 195Ч196 223Ч224
Inverse, decay      24
Ionization energy losses      53Ч55
Isospin      109Ч114 323Ч331
Isospin formal theory of      323Ч331
Isospin of hadrons      110
Isospin, branching ratio predictions      329 330
Isospin, conservation      109Ч113
Isospin, hadron multiples      326 329
Isospin, in quark model      111
Isospin, operators      109Ч113
Isospin, states      325Ч326
Jet chambers      60Ч61
Jets in $e^{-}e^{-}$ annihilation gluon spin determination      161Ч162
Jets in $e^{-}e^{-}$ annihilation gluon spin determination, strong interaction coupling      159Ч162
Jets in $e^{-}e^{-}$ annihilation gluon spin determination, three-jet events      159 162
Jets in $e^{-}e^{-}$ annihilation gluon spin determination, tw o-jet events      157Ч159
Kaon-proton scattering      123Ч124
Kaons      37Ч40 109 110 134Ч135 200Ч201
Klein Ч Gordon equation      3Ч4
Lattice gauge theory      152
Lepton number conservation      22Ч28
Lepton quark symmetry      196 201 219Ч221
Leptons      22 29
Leptons, parity      90Ч91
Leptons, table of properties      333
Leptons, universality      28Ч29
Lifetimes of hadrons      35
Light baryons quark model predictions      136Ч138
Light baryons quark model predictions, table of states      138Ч139
Light baryons quark model predictions, weight diagrams      137
Light mesons quark model predictions      134Ч135
Light mesons quark model predictions, table of states      135
Light mesons quark model predictions, weight diagrams      134
Linacs      46
Lorentz condition      307
Lorentz gauge      307
Lorentz transformations      282Ч288
Lorentz transformations, energy and momentum      282Ч283
Lorentz transformations, scattering angle      286Ч288
luminosity      291
MACHOS      278
Magnet designs      64
Magnetic form factor of the proton      165
Magnetic moments baryons      5 8 140Ч141
Magnetic moments baryons, Dirac form      5
Magnetic moments baryons, electron and positron      5 99Ч101
Magnetic moments baryons, muon      26
Magnetic moments baryons, quark      140
Mesons, charmomum and bottomum      126Ч133
Mesons, pseudoscalar mesons      134
Mesons, quark model      32 86 87 92 134Ч135
Mesons, table of properties      135 335
Mesons, vector mesons      134Ч135
Mesons, weight diagrams      134
Minimal ionizing particles      54
Multiwire proportional chambers      60
Muon      22 23 26
Muon, decay      27 29 241Ч42 246Ч248
Muon, magnetic moment      26
Muon, number      23
Natural units      18Ч20
Neutral currents      183Ч184 219Ч231 318Ч322
Neutral K mesons      248Ч260
Neutral K mesons, $K^{0}$ and $\bar{K}^{0}$ mixing      248Ч252
Neutral K mesons, $K^{0}$ long and $K^{0}$ short mass difference      259
Neutral K mesons, $K^{0}$ long and $K^{0}$ short state      252
Neutral K mesons, $K^{0}$ short regeneration      255 257
Neutral K mesons, $K_{1}$ and $K_{2}$      249Ч250
Neutral K mesons, CP violation      252Ч255
Neutral K mesons, decayТs      252Ч255 260Ч261
Neutral K mesons, strangeness oscillation      257Ч260
Neutrino-electron scattering      239 267 281
Neutrino-nucleon scattering      177Ч180 183Ч184
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