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Lee T.D. Ч Practicle physics and introduction to field theory
Lee T.D. Ч Practicle physics and introduction to field theory

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Ќазвание: Practicle physics and introduction to field theory

јвтор: Lee T.D.


The intention of the course was to bring both theoretical and experimental students of physics to the forefront of this very exciting and active field. Because of the different backgrounds of those who attended my lectures, this book is self-contained. Whenever possible, I have adopted an approach that is more pragmatic than axiomatic. All derivations are done explicitly, which at times to o more sophisticated reader may appear pedantic.

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√од издани€: 1981

 оличество страниц: 865

ƒобавлена в каталог: 19.06.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
$D_{F}$ function      75Ч76
$d_{\ell mn}$      260
$D_{\pm}$ function      76
$f_{\ell mn}$ and $f^{\ell mn}$      260 407
$J/\psi$      232Ч235 585Ч590
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system      334ff
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, $\eta_{+-}$ and $\eta_{OO}$      360
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, $\theta-\tau$ puzzle      343Ч345
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, $\zeta$ parameter      357Ч358 366
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, CP violation      346 361
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, CPT symmetry      355 362
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, e parameter      355 364Ч365
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, eigenstates      351
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, interference phenomena      359Ч360
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, lifetimes      352
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, mass difference      352
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, mass matrix      348Ч349
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, T symmetry      351 355
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, T violation      361Ч362
$K^{O}\bar{K}^{O}$ system, unitarity limit      358Ч359
$SU_{2}$, gauge field      433ff
$SU_{2}$, group      220 262
$SU_{2}\times SU_{2}$      784
$SU_{2}\times U_{1}$      674
$SU_{3}$      251ff
$SU_{3}$, $f_{lmn}$ and $d_{lmn}$      260
$SU_{3}$, color      271
$SU_{3}$, flavor      252 265
$SU_{3}$, group      253
$SU_{3}$, representations      255Ч257
$SU_{3}$, tensors      253Ч255
$SU_{3}\times SU_{3}$      773
$SU_{6}$      554ff
$SU_{N}$ group      406
$SU_{N}$ group, structure constant      407
$SU_{N}$ group, transformation      406Ч410
$U(t,t_{0})$      66
$U(t,t_{0})$, perturbation series      76
$U(t,t_{0})$, T symmetry      307
$Z^{\circ}$      678ff
$\beta$ decay      591ff 606ff
$\beta$ decay of baryon octet      621Ч625
$\beta$ decay, coupling constant      594 616Ч618 797
$\beta$ decay, e-helicity      650
$\beta$ decay, form factors      612
$\beta$ decay, ft      651Ч652
$\beta$ decay, radiative correction      618
$\beta$ decay, selection rules      652
$\beta$ decay, T invariance      313Ч314
$\beta$ matrix      30
$\Delta I=0,1$ rule      241
$\Delta I=1/2$ rule      243Ч247
$\Delta I\leqslant1$ rule      243
$\Delta S=0$ rule      634
$\Delta S=\Delta Q$ rule      367 370
$\Delta S\neq2$ rule      352
$\delta$-function      19
$\delta$-function, finite volume      23
$\delta$-function, Grassmann algebra      508
$\Delta(1232)$      247
$\delta_{ij}$      4
$\epsilon_{ijk}$ and $\epsilon^{ijk}$      29 254
$\epsilon_{\mu\nu\lambda\delta}$      100
$\eta-\eta'$ anomaly      584
$\gamma$ matrices      30 49
$\gamma_{5}$ transformation      51 171
$\nu_{s}e^{-}$      684
$\nu_{\mu}e$, $\bar{\nu}_{\mu}e$      599 686
$\Omega$ (volume)      17 21
$\Omega$ (volume), $\infty$ limit      23
$\omega$ meson, mass formula      580
$\omega$ meson, quantum number      232Ч236
$\Omega^{-}$      269ff
$\phi$ meson, mass formula      560
$\phi$ meson, quantum number      232Ч236
$\pi N$, coupling constant      796
$\pi N$, scattering length      613
$\pi\pi$ scattering length      623
$\rho$ meson, mass formula      577 580
$\rho$ meson, quantum number      232Ч236
$\tau$ (lepton)      600
$\tau$-matrices      29
$\theta-\tau$ puzzle      343Ч345
$\Upsilon$      232Ч236 585Ч590
$\vec{\alpha}$ matrices      30
$\vec{\rho}$ matrices      30
$\vec{\sigma}$ matrices      30
Action principle      3
Algebra, current      770ff
Algebra, Grassmann      505ff
Angular momentum under time reversal      298
Angular momentum, operator      41Ч42 215
Annihilation, operator      9 40Ч41
Anticommutation, relation of spin-1/2 field      33 52
Anticommutator      29
Arrow convention      90 100 500
asymptotic freedom      457
Axial charge      782Ч783
Axial current      611Ч612 770
Axial gauge      410
b (bottom) quark      391 585Ч590
b (bottom) quark, mass      587
Bag, MIT      553 567Ч569
Bag, SLAC      553 569
Barn      164
Baryon      210
Baryon, decuplet      269Ч272 558Ч559 581
Baryon, number      210
Baryon, octet      239 268 559
Bethe Ч Heitler formula      175
Bohr radius      163
Bose statistics      26
Boson, Goldstone      665 788
Boson, Higgs      667
Boson, intermediate      641Ч642 679ff
Bra      2
c (charm) quark      391 585Ч590
c (charm) quark, mass      587
C violation      184Ч187
c. number      6
Cabibbo, angle      606 618 624
Cabibbo, theory      619ff
Cac      783
Charge symmetry      606
Chiral group, $SU_{2}\times SU_{2}$      784
Chiral group, $SU_{3}\times SU_{3}$      773
Chiral symmetry      769ff
Chiral symmetry, breaking      616
Classical radius of e      163
COLOR      270 391Ч393
Color, confinement      405
Color, dielectric constant      394 546
Commutation relation      4
Commutation relation of spin-0 fields      19 28
Commutation relation of spin-1 fields      57 61
Commutator (naive)      33 771
Completeness theorem      12
Complex field      27
Compton, scattering      168
Compton, wavelength      163
Conjugation, C (charge or particle-antiparticle)      190
Conjugation, complex      2
Conjugation, Hermitian      2
Contraction, Dyaon Ч Wick      73
Contraction, path integration      491
Coulomb, gauge      104Ч107 410 435ff 532Ч535
Coulomb, interaction      106 447
CP violation      187 346Ч347 361
CP violation in Kobayashi Ч Maekawa model      648
CP violation, milliweak      374
CP violation, neutron dipole moment      376
CP violation, spontaneous symmetry breaking      383Ч385
CP violation, superweak      375
CPT      188 320ff
CPT, applications      329Ч333
CPT, operator      321Ч322
CPT, squared operator      328
CPT, theorem      322
Creation operator      9 40Ч41
Cross section, $e^{+}+e^{-}\rightarrow\mu^{+}+\mu^{-}$      115
Cross section, $\gamma+Z\rightarrow pair$      173Ч175
Cross section, $\pi N$      247Ч248 813
Cross section, $\pi p$, Kp, pp      164Ч165
Cross section, 2-jet      749 751Ч752
Cross section, 3-jet      758Ч760
Cross section, c.m. and lab. frames      89 93
Cross section, e(polarized)+d      637Ч639 698 701
Cross section, e+N      654Ч655 712
Cross section, e+quark      711Ч712
Cross section, v+e      599 684Ч686
Cross section, v+N      167Ч168 625Ч633 637 652Ч654 706
Cross section, v+quark      714Ч717
Current algebra      770ff
Current operator      100
Current operator of hadrons      697Ч698
Current operator of leptons      101 682Ч683
Current operator, squared matrix element      100 631
Current, first and second class      607Ч609
Current, isotriplet      609Ч610 614Ч615
Current, matrix elements between baryons      624
Current, matrix elements between nucleons      611Ч612 616
CVC      609Ч610 617 780
d (down) quark      391
d (down) quark, mass      584
D function      28
D mesons      625
Dalitz Plot      335Ч339
Deep inelastic      711
Derrick theorem      138
Dimensional analysis      166Ч167
Dirac equation      31
Dirac equation, c. number solution      34
Dirac equation, phase convention      45Ч48
Dirac matrices      30
Direct product      29
Direct product of Pauli matrices      39
Eigenvalue of a Hamiltonian, completeness      12
Eigenvalue of a Hamiltonian, maximum-minimum principle      15
Eigenvalue of a Hamiltonian, minimum principle      10
Eightfold way      252
Electromagnetic, 4-potential      103
Electromagnetic, field tensor      103
Electromagnetic, interaction      103 161 240Ч243
eN, ep cross sections      116 654Ч655 712
Energy-momentum tensor      412
Estimation      162ff
Euler angles      432
F and D values      624
Fermi      164
Fermi theory      641
Fermi theory, limitation      642
Fermi Ч Pasta Ч Ulam phenomenon      121
Fermi, constant G      161 594 616Ч618
Fermi, selection rule      652
Fermi, statistics      41
Feynman diagrams      62ff
Feynman diagrams, connected and disconnected      496Ч505
Feynman diagrams, one-loop      539Ч543
Feynman rules      87 90Ч92 112 500Ч502 530Ч532
Field, spin-0      17ff
Field, spin-1 ($m=0$)      103ff
Field, spin-1 ($m\neq0$)      55ff
Field, spin-1/2      29ff
Fierz identity      685
Final states and incoming waves      115
Fine structure constant      1 161
Flavor      252 265 391
Form factor, $g_{A}$      612 798
Form factor, $g_{M}$      612 614
Form factor, $g_{V}$      612 616
Form factor, charge      611Ч612
Form factor, induced pseudo-scalar $g_{p}$      612 793Ч797
Form factor, magnetic moment      612
Fourier expansion of electromagnetic field      107
Fourier expansion of massive spin-1 field      57Ч58
Fourier expansion of spin-0 field      22
Fourier expansion of spin-1/2 field      35
Fourier series      14
Furry theorem      199
G parity      225ff
G parity of pions      231
G parity of vector mesons      235
G parity, operator      227
G parity, squared      230
Gamow Ч Tellar selection rule      652
Gauge boson, magnetic moment      670
Gauge boson, quadrupole moment      670Ч671
Gauge field theory      406ff
Gauge field theory, Abelian      103ff
Gauge field theory, non-Abelian      406 521ff
Gauge field theory, quantization      107 419
Gauge field theory, weak and electromagnetic      65bff
Gauge invariance      408Ч409 413
Gauge, Coulomb (QCD)      410 435 532Ч535
Gauge, Coulomb (QED)      104Ч106
Gauge, covariant      522ff
Gauge, Feynman      113
Gauge, Landau      113
Gauge, space-axial      410
Gauge, time-axial      410 419ff 435
Gauge, transformation      104 408 410
Gauge, unitary      668
Gell-Mann matrices      259
Gell-Mann Ч Okubo mass formula      277Ч279
Georgi Ч Glashow model      659
Ghost      530
Gluon      161 462 531Ч532 575 585 707 724
Goldberger Ч Treiman relation      798
Goldberger Ч Treiman relation, generalization      801
Goldstone boson      665 788
Goldstone theorem      784
Goto Ч Imamura Ч Schwinger modification      774
Grassmann algebra      505ff
Gravitational constant      161
Gravitational interaction      161
GreenТs function, free particle      466
GreenТs function, harmonic oscillator      472
GreenТs function, particle in a magnetic field      536Ч537
GreenТs function, Schroedinger equation      66
Group, $SO_{3}$      264Ч265
Group, $SU_{2}$      220 262
Group, $SU_{3}$      253
Group, $SU_{N}$      406
Group, chiral $SU_{2}\times SU_{2}$      784
Group, chiral $SU_{3}\times SU_{3}$      773
Hadron      162
Hadron, quark model      544ff
Hadrons as solitons, (baga)      550ff
Hadrons as solitons, basic equation      563
Hadrons as solitons, mass formulas      577
Hadrons as solitons, radiative corrections      575ff
Hadrons as solitons, solutions      565Ч570
Hamiltonian      3
HamiltonТs equations of motion      4
harmonic oscillator      5ff
Heisenberg, equation      5
Heisenberg, representation      62
Helicity      34 44Ч45
Hermitian operator      4
1 2 3
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