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Adair R.K. Ч The Great Design: Particles, Fields, and Creation
Adair R.K. Ч The Great Design: Particles, Fields, and Creation

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Ќазвание: The Great Design: Particles, Fields, and Creation

јвтор: Adair R.K.


Although modern physics surrounds us, and newspapers constantly refer to its concepts, most nonscientists find the subject extremely intimidating. Complicated mathematics or gross oversimplifications written by laypersons obscure most attempts to explain physics to general readers.
Now, at long last, we have a comprehensive Ч and comprehensible Ч account of particles, fields, and cosmology, written by a working physicist who does not burden the reader with the weight of ponderous scientific notation. Exploring how physicists think about problems, Robert K. Adair considers the assumptions they make in order to simplify impossibly complex relationships between objects, how they determine on what scale to treat the problem, how they make measurements, and the interplay between theory and experiment.
Adair gently guides the reader through the ideas of particles, fields, relativity, and quantum mechanics. He explains the great discoveries of this century Ч which have caused a revolution in how we view the universe Ч in simple, logical terms, comprehensible with a knowledge of high school algebra. Performing the difficult task of predigesting complex concepts, Adair gives nonscientists access to what often appears to be an arcane discipline, and captures the joy of discovery which lies at the heart of research.

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—ери€: —делано в холле

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√од издани€: 1987

 оличество страниц: 376

ƒобавлена в каталог: 09.12.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
$E=mc^{2}$      94Ч98
Abbot, Edwin, A.      127n
Abelian      220
Abelian, non-Abelian fields      339Ч342
Aberration      79
Absolute zero (of temperature)      44
Acceleration, absolute character of      103Ч104
action      29n 164
Addition of velocities, Galilean Relativity      73
Addition of velocities, Galilean Relativity, Special Relativity      93Ч94
Alpha particle      195
Ambler, Eric      232 282
Ampere, Andre      128
AmpereТs Law      129Ч131 133
Angular momentum in quantum mechanics      176Ч180
Anthropic principle      365Ч369
Antimatter      236Ч238
Aristotle      141
Arnold, Mathew      366
Aston, F.W.      249
Asymptotic freedom of quarks      276Ч278
Atoms as standing waves      198Ч200
Atoms as standing waves, chemical bases      39 41
Atoms as standing waves, described by quantum mechanics, Bohr Model      194Ч207
Atoms as standing waves, electromagnetic radiation from      200Ч202
Avogadro, Amedeo      40
AvogadroТs number      45
Barrier penetration      171Ч173
BaryonТs      214 228 248
Becquerel, Henri      280
Bell, J.S.      183
Bernoulli, Daniel      42
big bang      311
Binding energy      197
Black holes      108Ч109 318
Blake, William      366
Bohm Ч Aharanov effect      64 329Ч331
Bohm, David      183
Bohr Model of atom      see УAtomsФ
Bohr, Neils      6 149 150 196
Boltzmann statistics      181
Boltzmann, Ludwig      140
Born, Max      149
Bose Ч Einstein statistics      180Ч182
Bosons      181Ч182 347 351
Bottom quark      see УFlavorФ
boundary conditions      14
Boyle, Robert      41
BoyleТs law      41Ч43
Bradley, James      79
Brahe, Tycho      353
Brown, Robert      46
Brownian movement      45Ч47
Butler, C.C.      256
Cabibbo angle      293Ч296
Cabibbo angle, model      290Ч294
Cabibbo, Nicolo      291
Carroll, Lewis      230
Causality in Special Relativity      93
Celsius (temperature scale)      44
Chadwick, James      249
Charge      211Ч213
Charm quark      see УFlavorФ
Charmonium      271Ч274
Chirality      282 344
Clausius, Rudolf      44 146
Collisions      19
COLOR      264Ч266
Color, magnetism      272 274Ч275
Commutation      339
Complementary quantities      161Ч162 163
Compton scattering      174Ч175
Compton, Arthur      174Ч176
Conduction (of heat in gases)      44
Conjugation      236Ч238
Conservation      211 245Ч247
Conservation of angular momentum      16Ч22 26Ч28 140
Conservation of baryons      259
Conservation of charge      211 245Ч247
Conservation of energy      17Ч18 26Ч28 95Ч97 140 310
Conservation of momentum      16Ч17 27Ч28 94Ч97
Conservation of parity      234Ч236
Conservation of quarks      259
conservation of the quark      269Ч271
conservation, independence      249 250 255Ч256 254Ч255 306n
conservation, quantization      243Ч245
conservation, strong interaction      213
Containment of gluons      275
Containment of gluons, of quarks      274Ч276
Copenhagen, interpretation of quantum mechanics      189
Copernicus      366
Correspondence in Special Relativity      89
Correspondence principle      158 207n
Cosmological principle      309Ч310 314
Cosmology      308Ч324
Coulomb scattering      226
Coulomb, Charles      55
CoulombТs law      55Ч56 62 64
Coupling constant      220
Covariance      32 35Ч37
Cowper, Abraham      344
CP invariance      236Ч240 243 344
CPT invariance      241 243
Creation of the universe      363Ч365
Cronin, James      238
Curie, Marie      280
Curie, Pierre      38
Curl (mathematics)      53 62 328
Curvature of space, cosmological      313Ч318 (see also УGeneral Theory of RelativityФ)
Dalitz, Richard      232
Dalton, John      40 41
Davisson, C.      155
De Broglie waves      64 165Ч168 173 234Ч236 329Ч331
de Broglie, Louis      64
Delbruck scattering      57
Democritus      see УDemokritosФ
Demokritos      38 43 46 141
Density of the Universe      318Ч321
Diderot, Denis      39
Diffraction of particles      149Ч155 (see also УInterferenceФ)
Diffusion (of gases)      44
Dimensions of space, more than three      352
Dimensions, consistency in equations      30
Dirac, Paul A.M.      149 236 245 247n
Divergence (mathematics)      58Ч59 63
Doppler shift      285 311 321Ч322n
Down quark      see УFlavorФ
Eddington, Sir Arthur      141
Einstein      6 8Ч9 30 46 49 66n 82 86 103 121 123 128 136 149 161 165 176 185 189 282 338 344 345 353 365
Electric field as a changing magnetic field      132
electromagnetic field      128Ч139 208 325
Electromagnetic field, forces      128Ч131 133
Electromagnetic field, interaction, under C, P, and T      243
Electromagnetic field, waves      134Ч137
Electromagnetism      50 54 209Ч212 325
Electron      54 150 153 159Ч160 166 194 239 268 358
Electron, helicity      282Ч284 287Ч288
Electrostatics      60
Electroweak force      331Ч340
Energy, kinetic      18
Energy, kinetic, in Special Relativity      96 102
Energy, kinetic, levels of baryons      262Ч264
Energy, kinetic, levels of charmonium      271Ч273
Energy, kinetic, levels of mesons      261Ч262
Energy, kinetic, levels, of atoms      202Ч204
Energy, kinetic, of the universe      364Ч365
Energy, kinetic, potential      19Ч20
Energy, kinetic, quantized      197
Energy, kinetic, stored in electromagnetic field      60Ч61
Energy, kinetic, stored in strong field      273Ч274
entropy      145Ч147
Epistomology in quantum mechanics      150
EPR (Einstein, Podolski, and Rosen) Paradox      183Ч189
Equations of motion      23
Equivalence principle      103Ч126 313
Escape velocity      316Ч317 323n
Ether      74 81
Exclusion principle      180Ч183
Exclusion Principle and color      265
Expanding Universe      310Ч313
Families of quarks      344
Faraday, Michael      49 55 128 209
FaradayТs law      131Ч133
Fermi Ч Dirac statistics      182Ч183
Fermi, Enrico      163 255
fermions      182 215 259 347 351
Feynman diagram      210 211Ч219 219Ч221
Feynman, Richard      208 209 227
Field      49Ч66 208
Field particle      see УForce particlesФ
Field theory      209
Field, conservative      52
Field, electric      60
Field, fundamental      208Ч229
Field, linearity      57
Field, magnetic      62Ч64
Field, potential      59
Field, scalar      50Ч53 359
Field, tensor      50 219
Field, unified      50 (see also УGrand Unified TheoriesФ)
Field, vector      50Ч53 219
Fitch, Val      238
Fitzgerald, George      84
Flatland      127n
Flavor      259 266Ч267
Force, fundamental      13 208Ч209
Force, fundamental, particles      211 227 351
Four-vector, energy-momentum      94Ч99
Franklin, Benjamin      55
Fraunhofer lines      204
Fraunhofer, J.      204
Freud, Sigmund      5
Galaxies      309Ч313 318
Galilean transformation      68Ч72
Galilean transformation, invariance      68Ч72
Galileo, Galilei      6 39
Gauge Fields      331
Gauge Fields for the strong interactions      340Ч342
Gauge Fields for the weak interactions      331Ч332
Gauge Fields, invariance      52 246 325Ч343
Gauge Fields, transformation      342n
Gauss, Christian      112
Gay-Lussac      40
Gell-Mann, Murray      248 258
General theory of relativity      8 10 32 50 55 103Ч127 149 313 345
General Theory of Relativity, bending of light by the sun      123 126n
General Theory of Relativity, curvature of space      111Ч112 119Ч125
General Theory of Relativity, geometry of space      122Ч123
General Theory of Relativity, precession of the orbit of Mercury      123Ч124
Geodesies      111 120
Germer, L.      155
Glashow, Sheldon      209 325
Global symmetries      325Ч327
Global symmetries, transformations      326
Gluons      212 214 341 347
Gluons, carrying momentum in nuclei      268
Gluons, fields around quarks      276
Goldhaber, Maurice      284
Gradient (mathematics)      52 326 328
Grand unified theories      8 50 209 345Ч356
Gravitational constant      218
Gravitational interaction      15 216Ч219
Gravitational interaction, under C, P, and T      243
Graviton      217
Gravity      50 51 56 57 313 325
Gravity as geometry      109Ч113
Greenwich (time)      68
Guth, Alan      359
GUTs      see УGrand Unified TheoriesФ
Hadrons      214 228n
Heat death of the universe      147
Heat, conduction in gases      44
Heat, conduction in gases, in changes of entropy      146Ч147
Heisenberg uncertainty principle      see УUncertainty PrincipleФ
Heisenberg, Werner      149
Helicity of leptons      280
Helicity of leptons, effect on decay rates      287Ч288
Helicity of leptons, of electrons      282Ч287
Helicity of leptons, of neutrinos      284Ч287
Helicity of leptons, of quarks      300Ч304
Higgs fields      335Ч337 347 349
Higgs particles in the Creation      359Ч361
Higgs, Peter      335
Hubble radius      356
Hubble, Edwin      310Ч313
Humanism, relation to physics      5
Huygens, Christian      190n
Hypercharge      256Ч264
Hypercharge changing weak neutral decays      297Ч300
Identical particles      180Ч183
Inertial systems      68 81 85
Inflation of the universe      359Ч363
Initial conditions      14
Interaction of the observer in quantum mechanics      164Ч165
Interference of waves in quantum mechanics      150Ч155
Invariance      13 14Ч29
Invariance, with respect to velocity      68
Isotope      41
Ives, Herbert      116
Joyce, James      248 258 298
K-mesons, CP violation      239
Kaluza Ч Klein theories      352Ч353
Kaluza, Theodor      352
Kant, Immanuel      39
Keats, John      344
Kelvin (temperature scale)      44
Kepler, Johannes      309 353
KeplerТs second law      22
Kinetic theory of gases      41Ч45
Klein, Oscar      352
Knox, Ronald Arbuthnot      185
Lagarrigue, A.      338
Lagrange, Joseph Louis      22
Lagrangian      22Ч24 28Ч29n 209 334 354 364
Lamarck, Jean      39
Language, limitations      9
Least action, principle of      22
Lee, T.D.      232
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm      6 39
Lepton      215 228n 248 347 358
Lepton, helicities      280Ч288 306n
Lepton, masses      300
Lepton, under C and P transformations      237
Leukippos      38
Light, absolute character of velocity      136
Light, absolute character of velocity, bending in gravitational field      106Ч109
Light, absolute character of velocity, projectile theory      80
Lineland      127n
Lines of force      56
Lipkin diagrams      283
Lipkin, Harry      282
Local Symmetries      325Ч327
Local Symmetries, transformation      326
Lorentz four-vectors      98
Lorentz Ч Fitzgerald relations      82Ч85
Lorentz, Hendrick      85 133
Lucretius      38 39
Mach, Ernst      38 45 48n 240
MachТs principle      240Ч241
Magnetic field      130Ч131 133
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