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Thorne K.S., Hawking S. Ч Black holes and time warps: Einstein's outrageous legacy
Thorne K.S., Hawking S. Ч Black holes and time warps: Einstein's outrageous legacy

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Ќазвание: Black holes and time warps: Einstein's outrageous legacy

јвторы: Thorne K.S., Hawking S.


In this masterfully written and brilliantly informed work, Dr. Thorne, the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech, leads readers through an elegant, always human, tapestry of interlocking themes, answering the great question: what principles control our universe and why do physicists think they know what they know? Features an introduction by Stephen Hawking.

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–убрика: ‘изика/

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√од издани€: 1995

 оличество страниц: 606

ƒобавлена в каталог: 05.02.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
"Hair" on black holes, first evidence of hairlessness      273Ч275
"Hair" on black holes, implications of hairlessness: "black-hole uniqueness"      27 286 425
"Hair" on black holes, Israel's theorem (proof of hairlessness for nonspinning holes)      279Ч280
"Hair" on black holes, no-hair conjecture      274f 275 277
"Hair" on black holes, Price's theorem (how the hair gets lost)      280Ч285 282f 283f 350
"Hair" on black holes, proof for spinning, charged holes      285
"Hair" on black holes, quantum hair      284
Abraham, Max      115
Abramovici, Alex      390f 578
Absolute interval in spacetime      90 92 91bЧ92b 414
Absoluteness of space and time      see also "Relativity of space and time"
Absoluteness of space and time, Einstein's rejection of      72
Absoluteness of space and time, experimental evidence against      65Ч66
Absoluteness of space and time, implies speed of light is relative      63 79
Absoluteness of space and time, Newton's concepts of      62Ч63
Absoluteness of space and time, theoretical arguments against      66Ч68
Absoluteness of speed of light, consequences of      73Ч76 77b 82
Absoluteness of speed of light, Einstein's conception of      72Ч73 79
Absoluteness of speed of light, not true in Newtonian physics      63 79 133
Absoluteness of speed of light, tested by Michelson Ч Morley experiment      64 78Ч79
Absoluteness of speed of light, tested in modern particle accelerators      85Ч84
Acceleration radiation and accelerated viewpoint      443Ч446 444b
Accelerators, particle      83Ч84 86 237 339 340
Accretion disk around black hole, anchoring by black hole's spin      346Ч347
Accretion disk around black hole, concept of      46 47f 346
Accretion disk around black hole, possible roles in quasars and jet production      346Ч354
Accretion of gas onto black hole      see also "Accretion disk"
Accretion of gas onto black hole in science fiction scenario      24Ч25 24f
Accretion of gas onto black hole, as source of X-rays and other radiation      307Ч309 307f 308f 318
Accretion of gas onto neutron star      241Ч243 242f
Active galactic nucleus (AGN)      351Ч353
Adams, W.S.      143 143n 568
Adiabatic index      149 200b see
Aether and Michelson Ч Morley experiment      64Ч65 565
Aether, Einstein's rejection of      72 82 85
Aether, Newtonian concept of      65 564
Aleksandrov, Aleksander Danilovich      471 472 582
Alfven, Hans      339 577
Allen, J.F.      187
Ambartsumian, Viktor Amazapovich      153 155
and electron degeneracy      146
Anderson, Carl      173
Anderson, Wilhelm      153 154f 160 201b 569
Anti, parable of the      246Ч249 247f
Anti, T.H. White's Society of      157 285
Antimatter      173 173n 340 369 439n 445
Aron, Walter      228f
Astronomers contrasted with other scientists      319Ч21 328 341Ч342
Astrophysicists contrasted with other scientists      319Ч321 341Ч342
Atom, structure of      170b see atomic"
Atomic bomb      see "Nuclear Weapons research"
Avni, Yoram      317
Baade, Walter      166Ч168 168n 171 173Ч175 174f 187 207Ч208 331Ч334 332f 333f 570 577
Bahcall, John N.      317
Baker, Norma Jean      254
Bardeen, James M.      346Ч347 427 436 577 580
Basov, Nikolai Gennadievich      366
Baym, Gordon      369
Beckedorff, David      246
Begelman, Mitchell C.      577
Bekenstein's conjecture about black-hole entropy      425Ч426 442 445Ч446
Bekenstein, Jacob      284Ч285 422 425Ч427 426n 436 442 446 579 580
Belen'ky, Semyon      229Ч230
Belinsky, Vladimir      36 467f 468 474 580 582
Berger, Beverly      260f
Berger, Jay      228f
Beria, Lavrenty Pavlovich      224Ч225 371
Besso, Michele Angelo      70Ч71 82 566
Bethe, Hans      191 227 235n 372 373
Bets by Thome, no bet about time machines      321
Bets by Thome, with Chandrasekhar, about black-hole stability      296 298 298n
Bets by Thome, with Hawking and Preskill, about cosmic censorship      481Ч482 481f
Bets by Thome, with Hawking, about Cyg X-1      314Ч315 315f
Bets by Thome, with Zel'dovich, about black-hole evaporation      433 435 438Ч439
Big bang, failure of general relativity in      86
Big bang, gravitational waves from      380
Big bang, like time reversed stellar implosion      268Ч269 450
Big bang, nonlinearity in      363b
Big bang, quantum gravity as key to      325
Big bang, singularity at beginning of      466 478 487f 525
Big bang, speculations on what preceded      456 525
Big bang, tiny black holes created in      50Ч51 447Ч448
Big bang, topology as a tool for studying      464fЧ465f 471
Big bang, wormholes created in      497
Big crunch      450 454Ч458 464f 465f 465 468 487f 525 581
Billing, Hans      388
Birkhoff, George      213
Black hole, fall of objects into      35 291Ч292 292f see "Accretion
Black hole, gigantic, as power source for quasars and radio galaxies      346Ч354 see "Radio "Radio "Radio cosmic"
Black hole, gigantic, formation of      354Ч355 396
Black hole, gigantic, in center of oar Milky Way galaxy      334
Black hole, gigantic, number of in Universe      354
Black hole, gigantic, rate of swallowing Universe's matter      355Ч356
Black hole, gigantic, serendipitous discovery of      322 326 355
Black hole, names for, black hole, coined by Wheeler      256Ч257
Black hole, names for, collapsed star      256
Black hole, names for, frozen star      255Ч256 291
Black hole, names for, Schwarzschild singularity      121 136Ч137 244 250 255
Black hole, observational searches for, by blot-out of starlight      303
Black hole, observational searches for, by gravitational focusing of light      305Ч304 303f
Black hole, observational searches for, by X-rays from gas accreting onto hole      307Ч309 307f 308f 309Ч314
Black hole, observational searches for, in binary star systems      304Ч309 305f 308f 315Ч319 315f
Black hole, observational searches for, no definitive signature as yet      317Ч319 360Ч361
Black hole, observational searches for, serendipitous discovery by radio telescopes      322 326
Black hole, observational searches for, signature in gravitational waves      360Ч361
Black hole, observational searches for, using gravitational waves      360Ч361 393Ч396
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, astronomers resistance      196Ч197
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, Chandrasekhar's prediction of      160
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, Eddington's rejection of      134Ч135 161Ч163 523
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, Einstein's refection of      121 134Ч137 523
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, Oppenheimer Ч Snyder prediction of      211Ч219
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, Schwarzschild's prediction of      131Ч134
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, Wheeler's acceptance and advocacy of      239Ч240 244Ч245 253
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, Wheeler's temporary rejection of      209Ч211 211f 238 523
Black hole, predictions of and resistance to predictions, widespread resistance to      138Ч139 196Ч197 219
Black hole, primordial      50Ч51 447Ч448
Black-hole binary and observational search for black holes      304Ч309 305f 308f 315Ч319 316f
Black-hole binary, as source of gravitational waves      48Ч49 357Ч361 379 393Ч396 413
Black-hole binary, embedding diagrams for      358f 359f
Black-hole binary, inspiral and coalescence      48Ч49 358Ч359 359f 394Ч395 413
Black-hole evaporation, details of      446Ч448
Black-hole evaporation, endpoint of      482
Black-hole evaporation, observational search for      447Ч448
Black-hole evaporation, overview of      50Ч51
Black-hole evaporation, predicted by Hawking      435Ч436 see
Black-hole evaporation, presaged by Wheeler's speculations      210Ч211 211f 244Ч245 253Ч254
Black-hole evaporation, presaged by Zel'dovich      429Ч435
Black-hole evolution, Hawking's area-increase theorem      413 413n 416Ч417 422Ч423 427 462
Black-hole evolution, laws of black-hole mechanics and thermodynamics      427 436 442 443Ч446
Black-hole formation by stellar implosion      see "Implosion of star to form black hole"
Black-hole interior      see also "Singularity"
Black-hole interior, aging of tidal gravity in      479Ч480
Black-hole interior, BKL (mixmaster) singularity      468Ч469 474Ч476 475f
Black-hole interior, details of current understanding      475Ч480
Black-hole interior, foam like structure of singularity      476Ч479 478f 525
Black-hole interior, Khalatnikov Ч Lifshitz claim of no singularity, and their retraction      453Ч456 455f 459 466Ч469 473Ч474
Black-hole interior, Oppenheimer Ч Snyder description of      450Ч453 452f 473
Black-hole interior, Penrose's theorem that hole contains singularity      462Ч463
Black-hole interior, singularity at center, overview of      29Ч32
Black-hole interior, speculations on travel to another universe      456Ч458 457f 473Ч474 484
Black-hole interior, summary of current understanding      29Ч32 36 472Ч473
Black-hole properties, atmosphere      443Ч446 444b
Black-hole properties, blots out light from stars behind it      26 41 303
Black-hole properties, circumference      28Ч29 28n
Black-hole properties, electric charge and field      286 288Ч289
Black-hole properties, entropy      423Ч426 442 445Ч446
Black-hole properties, gravitational acceleration      40 43
Black-hole properties, gravitational blueshift of light      44
Black-hole properties, gravitational focusing of light      41Ч44 42f 303Ч304 303f
Black-hole properties, gyroscopic action      346Ч348
Black-hole properties, Hawking's area-increase theorem      413 413n 416Ч417 422Ч423 427 462
Black-hole properties, laws of black-hole mechanics and thermodynamics      427 436 442 445Ч446
Black-hole properties, orbits      38Ч40 52 291Ч292 292f
Black-hole properties, overview of properties      23Ч56 258Ч259
Black-hole properties, pulsations      295Ч299
Black-hole properties, radius      30Ч33
Black-hole properties, rotational energy      53 294
Black-hole properties, shape      28 51Ч52 293 293f
Black-hole properties, spin and swirl of space      27Ч28 50Ч52 289Ч294 291f 292f 346Ч348 408f see
Black-hole properties, stability      296Ч298
Black-hole properties, superradiance      433
Black-hole properties, tidal gravity      54Ч37
Black-hole properties, uniqueness of      see ""Hair" on black holes" see "Embedding ""Hair"" "Hawking "Horizon" "Schwarzschild "Schwarzschild "Singularity"
Black-hole properties, uniqueness of, as described by membrane paradigm      405Ч411 443 445 see
Black-hole properties, warpage of space      43 see
Black-hole, eighteenth-century version of      122Ч124 123f 132 133 138 251Ч253 252f 568
Blair, David      578
Blandford Ч Znajek process      53Ч54 54f 349f 350Ч353 407Ч409 408f 577
Blandford, Roger D.      343 348 350 351 353 407 408f 577 579
Blasko, Bela      254
Bochner, Solomon      228f
Bohr, Neils      161Ч162 180 183Ч186 199 210 220 222Ч223 571 572
Bolton, Charles      316
Bolton, John      327 330 334 577
Bondi, Hermann      460
Borden, William      234
Bowyer, Stuart      315
Boyer, Robert      290 575
Braes, Luc      316
Braginsky, Vladimir Borisovich      370Ч372 371f 374Ч378 375n 376n 381Ч383 386Ч387 389 391n 569 572 578
Brahe, Tycho      563
Brault, James      131 568
Breit, Gregory      220 572
Brill, Dieter      288 298 458 575 581
Brown, Anthony Cave      233bn
Buller, A.B.R.      499
Bunting, Gary      285 575
Burbidge, Geoffrey      317 339 577
Byers, Robert      391n
Byzam, Edward      315
Candelas, Philip      492 583
Cannon, R.C.      571
Carr, Bernard      260f
Carter, Brandon      27 285 289Ч290 290f 319 402 427 436 461 574 575 580
Carter, David      228f
Casey, Roberta      228f
Caves, Carlton M.      376 376n 578
Chadwick, James      171
Chain reactions, nuclear, concept of      220 222 222b
Chain reactions, nuclear, Zel'dovich Ч Khariton theory of      223
Chandrasekhar limit      151Ч152 154f 156bЧ157b 161f 175
Chandrasekhar Ч Eddington confrontation      158Ч163
Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan      140Ч143 145 148Ч163 152n 153n 154f 158f 175Ч178 177f 185 187 191 193bЧ194b 196Ч197 199 201b 203 203n 209Ч210 258Ч259 260f 261 296Ч300 298n 320 323 327 505 525 568 569 574 576 582
Chaos      62b
Chase, Ted      284 575
Chemical reactions      183b 339Ч340
Chester, Tom      260f
Chinnapared, K.      295
Christensen, Steven M.      250f
Christodoulou, Demetrios      422 580
Chronology protection conjecture      521
Chubb, Talbot      315
Churchill, Winston      233b
Clark, J. Paul A.      578
Clark, Ronald W.      563 566
Clendenin, William      228f
Clocks, prefect and rubbery      397Ч403 398b 399f
Cohen, Jeffrey M.      298 406 579
Cold fusion      64
Cold, dead matter      197Ч198 200bЧ202b 203n
Colgate, Stirling      239Ч240 242Ч243 574
Collins, H.M.      378
Conservation laws      284
Cosmic censorship conjecture      36 481 524
Cosmic rays      165 173Ч174 173n 174f 189 192 231 574
Couch, Eugene      295
Cowan, J.J.      344f
Critchfield, Charles      191
Critical circumference and frequencies of gravitational waves      367
Critical circumference and hoop conjecture      266 267f see
Critical circumference for eighteenth-century black hole      122 123f 252f
Critical circumference, predicted by Schwarzschild geometry      132Ч138 132f 214Ч215
Critical circumference, role in accretion onto black hole      139 418b
Critical circumference, role in stellar implosion      214 217Ч219 244 248Ч255 266 274 279Ч281 329 415b
Crowley, Ronald      409
Cygnus A, discovery of      325f
Cygnus A, discovery of double lobes      333 332fЧ333f
Cygnus A, discovery of jets      343Ч345
Cygnus A, identification of galaxy      330Ч333 332fЧ333f
Cygnus A, radio pictures of      332fЧ333f 344f
Cygnus X-1      314Ч321 316f
D'Eath, Peter      260f
Damour, Thibault      379n 402 409 578 579
Dark star (eighteenth-century version of black hole)      122Ч124 123f 132 133 138 251Ч255 252f 568
Das Gupta, M.K.      332f 333 333f 344f 577
Davidson, Keay      516
Davies, Paul C.W.      442 444b 580
de Broglie, Louis      147b 180
de la Cruz, Vincente      284 575
Degeneracy of electrons      see also "Pressure nonthermal degeneracy"
Degeneracy of electrons in an atom      170b
Degeneracy of electrons, concept of      145n 145Ч146 148
Degeneracy of electrons, Eddington's views on      158Ч160
Degeneracy of electrons, prevents small black holes from forming      447
Degeneracy of electrons, relativistic vs. nonrelativistic      150Ч151
Degeneracy of neutrons and protons in a neutron star      170
Degeneracy of neutrons and protons in an atomic nucleus      169
Detweiler, Steven L.      296 298n 574
DeWitt Ч Morette, Cecile      578 580
DeWitt, Bryce      369 435 479 479n 578 579 580 582
Differential equation      153nЧ154n
Differential geometry      113Ч114 471
Doppler shift      32 100 101b 103b 304 305f 506Ч507
Doroshkevich, Andrei      275 277 279 280 479 575 582
Drever, Ronald W.P.      376n 382Ч383 387Ч389 388n 390f 391 578
Dreyer, J.W.      344f
DuBridge, Lee A.      334
Dyson, Freeman      578
Eardley, Douglas M.      486 574 579
Echeverria, Fernando      511 512 516 583
Eckart, Carl      152
Eddingon, Arthur Stanley      134Ч135 138 140 142Ч143 148Ч151 154 154f 155Ч163 158f 161f 166 176 178 182 184 185 191 193b 194b 196 210 244n 259 523 568 569 570
Edelstein, Lester A.      295
Eggen, Olin      569 570
Ehrenfest, Paul      114 117
Einstein field equation, formulation of      see also "General relativity"
Einstein field equation, formulation of, details of      118bЧ119b 567
Einstein field equation, formulation of, Einstein's struggle to discover      113Ч117
Einstein field equation, formulation of, Hilbert's discovery of      117 119
Einstein X-ray telescope      314
Einstein's legacy, overview of      523Ч525
Einstein, Albert      27 30 45 59Ч62 68Ч73 71f 75Ч76 77b 78Ч83 87 92Ч94 94nЧ95n 95Ч98 100 102b 103Ч108 110Ч111 113Ч117 119Ч121 119b 124 131 134Ч138 135f 142 147b 165f 166 187 196 208 212 371 400 403 414 438 523Ч525 561 563Ч568
Einstein, Hans Albert      71f
Einstein, Hermann      60 363
Eisensteedt, Jean      568
Electric field lines, around a charged black hole      284 266 288Ч289 289f 294 405Ч407 406f see
Electromagnetic laws      see "Maxwell's laws of electromagnetism"
Electromagnetic radiation, spectrum of      25f
Ellis, George P.R.      280 461 465 490 574 581 583
Embedding diagrams for a wormhole      484Ч485 483f 501f
Embedding diagrams for binary black hole emitting gravitational waves      337 358f
Embedding diagrams for binary black hole merging      359f
Embedding diagrams for black hole      31f 397 399f
Embedding diagrams for creation of a wormhole      496f
Embedding diagrams for electrically charged black hole      288Ч289 289f
Embedding diagrams for imploding star      213Ч214 214f 246Ч250 247f
Embedding diagrams for quantum foam      487f 495f
Embedding diagrams for spinning black hole      291 291f
Embedding diagrams for star near critical circumference      129f 132f 135
Embedding diagrams for travel to another universe      456 457f
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