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Wolf E.L. Ч Nanophysics and nanotechnology. An introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience
Zeidler E. Ч Nonlinear Functional Analysis and its Applications IV: Applications to Mathematical Physic32
Bazant Z.P., Cedolin L. Ч Stability of structures : elastic, inelastic, fracture, and damage theories46
Tate K. Ч Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective
Hayek S.I. Ч Advanced mathematical methods in science and engineering132
Allen M.P., Tildesley D.J. Ч Computer simulation of liquids85, 329, 333Ч334
Benson D. Ч Mathematics and music112
Goldstein H., Poole C., Safko J. Ч Classical mechanics2
Nayfeh A.H., Mook D.T. Ч Nonlinear Oscillations149, 225, 396
Murnaghan F.D. Ч Finite deformation of an elastic solid133, 136
Williamson R.E., Crowell R.H., Trotter H.F. Ч Calculus of vector functions121
Dyke Ph.P.G. Ч Managing Mathematical Projects - with Success!48
Serre D. Ч Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 1723, 750, 754
Browne M.E. Ч Schaum's outline of theory and problems of physics for engineering and science134
Greiner W. Ч Quantum mechanics. An introduction5
Shankar R. Ч Basic Training In Mathematics154
Greiner W. Ч Classical mechanics. Point particles and relativity33, 34, 149, 153
Getzlaff M. Ч Fundamentals of Magnetism84
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. Ч The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.1)18Ч4, 20Ч1 ff
Planck M. Ч Introduction to Theoretical Physics92Ч93
Lin C.C., Segel L.A. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences465
Elberly D.H., Shoemake K. Ч Game Physics37Ч39, see also Forces
Lerner K.L., Lerner B.W. Ч The gale encyclopedia of science (Vol. 6)3:1899, 6:4050Ч4051
Menzel D.H. Ч Mathematical Physics10, 86
Perry J. Ч The Calculus for Engineers33
Sokolnikoff I.S. Ч Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists405
Konopinski E.J. Ч Electromagnetic fields and relativistic particles45, 139, 141, 390
Lebedev L.P., Cloud M.J. Ч Tensor Analysis19
Ewald P.P. Ч The physics of solids and fluids3
Sokolnikoff I.S. Ч Mathematics of Physics and Modern Engineering303 (see also УMomentФ)
Robinson W.S. Ч Magnetic Phenomena - An Elementary Treatise127
Fishbane P.M. Ч Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics259Ч265
Feodosiev V.I. Ч Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis13, 113, 231, 306
De Felice F., Clarke C.J.S. Ч Relativity on curved manifolds214
Forsythe W.E. Ч Smithsonian Physical Tables7
Libai A., Simmonds J.G. Ч The Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Shells17, 447, (see also УAxial torqueФ)
Kienzler R., Herrmann G. Ч Mechanics of material space: with applications to defect and fracture mechanics197
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. Ч The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.2)I-18-4, I-20-1 ff
Stuwe K. Ч Geodynamics of the Lithosphere: An Introduction25, 253
Mercier A. Ч Analytical and canonical formalism in physics46
Kleppner D., Kolenkow R. Ч An introduction to mechanics238
Walker J. Ч The flying circus of physics: with answers2.23, 2.24, 2.31, 2.35, 2.39Ч2.41, 2.44Ч2.46, 2.49Ч2.51, 2.56,
Wolf E.L. Ч Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience163
Mason G.W., Griffen D.T., Merrill J. Ч Physical Science Concepts56-57, 63-64, 275
Slater J.C. Ч Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure vol1245Ч249
Mazo R.M. Ч Brownian Motion: Flucuations, Dynamics, and Applications93, 171
Neff H.P.Jr. Ч Introductory electromagnetics57
Stewart I.W. Ч The Static and Dynamic Continuum Theory of Liquid Crystals: A Mathematical Introduction208
Murrel J.N., Bosanac S.D. Ч Introduction to the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Collisions79
McQuistan R.B. Ч Scalar and Vector Fields: a Physical Interpretation38, 55
Slater J.C., Frank N.H. Ч Mechanics56, 73, 98
Beutler G. Ч Methods of Celestial Mechanics: Volume I: Physical, Mathematical, and Numerical PrinciplesI 76; II 21
Meriam J. L. Ч Engineering Mechanics: Statics. Volume 1see "Moment of force"
Curle N., Davies H. Ч Modern Fluid Dynamics. Volume 1. Incompressible flow39, 157, 164
Arya A.P. Ч Introduction to Classical Mechanics213, 297
Sahin F., Kachroo P. Ч Practical and Experimental Robotics141, 222, 223, 225
Carmeli M. Ч Classical Fields: General Gravity and Gauge Theory625Ч626
јмензаде ё.ј. Ч “еори€ упругости185
Roth A.C., Baird R.J. Ч Small gas engines150, 167
Fordy A.P., Wood J.C. (eds.) Ч Harmonic maps and integrable systems97
Kimball A.I. Ч A college textbook of physics33
United States NAVY Ч Mathematics, Trigonometry (Navy course)7-19 to 7-21, 7-25
Struik D.J. Ч Lectures on Analytic and Projective Geometry4 (see also Couple)
Berkeley E.C. Ч Giant Brains Or Machines That Think73, 86
Selig J.M. Ч Introductory robotics85Ч86, 91Ч93, 104, 106, 108Ч109, 110, 112, 114
Knight J. Ч Science of everyday things (volume 4). Real-life earth science2:86Ч91, 2:88, 2:160Ч161, see also "Force", "Levers"
Patnaik S., Hopkins D. Ч Strength of Materials: A New Unified Theory for the 21st Century12
Yang W. Ч Fluidization, Solids Handling, and Processing: Industrial Applications370
Atkins P. Ч Molecular Quantum Mechanics323
Davis H. F., Snider A. D. Ч Introduction to Vector Analysis32
Borovik A.V. Ч Mathematics under the microscope222
Soares C. Ч Process Engineering Equipment HandbookC-344
Borodich F. Ч Theory of Elasticity116, 236, 325; see Twisting moment
Astarita G., Marrucci G. Ч Principles of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics173
Lamb H. Ч Statics. Including Hydrostatics and the Elements of the Theory of Elasticity52
Churchill R.V. Ч Operational mathematics111
Richards P.I. Ч Manual of Mathematical Physics6, 89
Acheson D.J. Ч Elementary Fluid Dynamics141, 143, 202, 218, 252
Lane S.M. Ч Mathematics, form and function268
Tenenbaum M., Pollard H. Ч Ordinary differential equations: an elementary textbook for students of mathematics, engineering, and the sciences381
Atkins P.W., Friedman R.S. Ч Molecular Quantum Mechanics323
Hobbie R., Roth B. Ч Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology,4, 516
Kanwal R.P. Ч Linear Integral Equations: Theory and Techniques228, 265, 267, 268, 271, 283
Guyon E., Hulin J., Petit L. Ч Physical Hydrodynamics324Ч333
Blum E.K., Lototsky S.V. Ч Mathematics of Physics and Engineering19, 41
Hademenos G.J. Ч Applied physics45Ч48
Synge J.L., Griffith B.A. Ч Principles of Mechanics196
Greiner W. Ч Classical mechanics. Systems of particles and hamiltonian dynamics165
Zeidler E. Ч Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics369
Hassani S. Ч Mathematical Methods: for Students of Physics and Related Fields28
Lyons L. Ч All You Wanted to Know about Mathematics but Were Afraid to Ask - Mathematics for Science Students. Volume 156Ч57
Silva V.D. Ч Mechanics and Strength of Materials347
Slater J., Frank N. Ч Introduction to Theoretical Physics92Ч93
Suter D. Ч The physics of laser-atom interactions149
Shu-Ang Zhou Ч Electrodynamics of solids and microwave superconductivity15
Feynman R., Leighton R., Sands M. Ч Lectures on Physics 2I-18-4, I-20-1 ff
Blin-Stoyle R.J. Ч Eureka! Physics of particles, matter and the universe18
Conger D. Ч Physics modelling for game programming407, 409
Mac Lane S. Ч Mathematics: Form and Function268
Melissinos A.C. Ч Principles of modern technology282
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences465
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences465
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics applied to deterministic problems in the natural sciences465
Kittel C., Knight W., Ruderman M. Ч Berkeley physics course 1. Mechanics40, 50, 174, 185Ч189, 240Ч266
Liboff R.L. Ч Introductory quantum mechanics9
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