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Soares C. — Process Engineering Equipment Handbook
Soares C. — Process Engineering Equipment Handbook

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Название: Process Engineering Equipment Handbook

Автор: Soares C.


The first practical guide for process engineers, covering nearly every type of process-related equipment, Process Engineering Equipment Handbook is the fastest way to master process environments. This hands-on reference helps you—

*Understand and specify all types of auxiliary process equipment and materials.
*Provide engineering and operating expertise on machinery that is of prime importance in process engineering, including compressors and pumps, gas and steam turbines, fans, blowers and motors—both as individual components and as part of a supplied total package.
*Explore various applications, such as mechanical drive and direct drive (power generation service) for gas turbines, major support systems including instrumentation, and key components such as bearings and seals, all with reference to practical applications.
*Troubleshoot and solve problems in unfamiliar machines and components
*Work effectively with control, environmental, mechanical, civil, and other technical specialists.
*Handle issues with filters, seals, fans, dryers, nozzles, gaskets, elements made of unusual materials, blowers, connectors, gas and steam turbines, conveyors, feeders, joints, mills, controls, and many other categories of process equipment.
*Gain valuable insight into the topics of vibration analysis and life-cycle assessment.
*Perform major and minor audits of existing plants and machinery trains.

The best source of on-the-job guidance for process engineers, Process Engineering Equipment Handbook provides the answers you seek, in quick-access alphabetical order.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 977

Добавлена в каталог: 22.04.2009

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Предметный указатель
"Red tide" algae (Ptychodiscus brevis)      C-78
A.O. Smith Engineered Storage Products Co.      T-1 to T-8
ABB Lummus Crest      C-14
Abrasives      A-1 to A-8
Abrasives, absolute pressure switches      C-383
Abrasives, absolute separators vertical      S-16 to S-19
Abrasives, bond of      A-5 to A-7
Abrasives, characteristics of      A-4 4
Abrasives, computer numerical control (CNC) and      A-1 to A-3
Abrasives, friability of      A-3 to A-4 A-6
Abrasives, grade or hardness of      A-5 to A-7
Abrasives, grain size of      A-6
Abrasives, grinding wheels and      A-3 to A-7
Abrasives, grit size of      A-5 to A-6
Abrasives, material data safety sheet for      A-8
Abrasives, packaging of      A-7 to A-8
Abrasives, peening processes      A-7 to A-9
Abrasives, physical characteristics of      A-2
Abrasives, pumping fluids containing      P-274
Abrasives, selection of      A-5 to A-7
Abrasives, structure or bulk density of      A-5
Abrasives, “stations” of      A-5
Absorbers of sound      A-11
Absorbers, in air pollution control and      A-83 A-96
Absorptive linings in soundproofing panels      A-33 to A-37
Absorptivity      M-10
Abtech Scientific Inc.      P-6
Acceleration, braking properties and      C-347 to C-350
Acceleration, in electric motors and      E-3 to E-5 E-12 E-24 E-29
Acceleration, in fans      F-3
Acceleration, vibrational analysis (VA) and      C-265 C-287 C-305 C-311
accelerometers      C-269 C-324
Accident management      A-9
Accreditation, ASME      Sp-25 to Sp-28 Sp-34
Accuracy in degrees, thermometers      M-2
Acetaldehyde      P-10 to P-32 P-40 V-15
Acetic acid      V-15
Acetic anhydride      V-15
Acetone      C-72 C-418 P-10 P-40 V-15
Acetonitrile      P-10 to P-31 P-40
acetylene      C-415
Acid rain      A-9 to A-13 P-60
Acid treatment      R-5
Acids, in lubricating oil      L-25
Acoustic enclosures, turbine      see "Soundproofing and noise control" A-10
Acoustic performance      A-37
Acoustics, in reciprocating (labyrinthine) compressors      C-116
Acrolein      C-415
Acrylamide      P-32
Acrylic acid      P-10 to P-31 P-40
Acrylic baking enamel tank exterior coating      T-5
Acrylic urethane tank exterior coating      T-5
Acrylonitrile      P-10 to P-32 P-40 V-15
Activated carbon      R-6
Activated diffusion healing (ADH)      M-32
Active vs. reactive sound fields      A-20
Actual deposits      R-6
Actuation values, switches      C-377
actuators      A-37 to A-47
Actuators in fuel system control      F-30 to F-34
Actuators, electrically controllable servo meter for      A-42
Actuators, electrohydraulic      A-37 to A-47 F-31
Actuators, hydraulic amplification in      A-41
Actuators, hysteresis in      A-41
Actuators, magnetic bearings using      B-5 to B-9
Actuators, proportional and dynamic conversion of electrical control signals      A-40
Actuators, Turcon CTo electrohydraulic actuator      A-47
Acylamide      P-10 to P-31 P-40
AD CARB, carbon—graphite mix products      C-8 to C-13
Additives, petroleum processing      R-5 to R-6
Adhesives      A-1
Adiabatic expansion factor in      M-25
Adipate      P-10 to P-31 P-40
Adjustable frequency electric motors      E-10 to E-15
Adsorption      R-6
Advanced Carbon Products      C-8 to C-13
Advanced pattern groove (APG) seals      S-3 to S-4
Aerfoils      see "Metallurgy" "Turbines"
Aerobic bacteria      R-7
Aeroderivative fuel regulator for gas turbine      C-354 to C-358
Aerosols, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in      O-17 to O-18
AGFA      P-3 to P-7
Aggregate      A-1
Agitators      A-38 D-4
Agriculture and agricultural product processing      see also "Food industry" A-48 C-34 Sp-1 Sp-3
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, coolers for dairies/dairy products      C-412 to C-413 C-420
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, crystallizers      see "Crystallizers"
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, ejectors      E-2 to E-3
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, environmental accountability      E-40 to E-49
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, feeding management (livestock)      E-44
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, irradiation in      I-1 to I-5
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, ISO VILJA technology in      E-46 E-48
Agriculture and agricultural product processing, pollutants of      P-12
Air blowing      R-7
Air conditioning      see also "Refrigerants"
Air conditioning R-22 refrigerant in      R-11 to R-13
Air conditioning, development of      R-14 to R-15
Air conditioning, glycol as coolant in      C-413
Air conditioning, heat pump and      H-4
Air conditioning, refrigerants and for      R-11 to R-13
Air conditioning, sizing of      C-422 to C-423
Air density, fans      F-1 F-3
Air entrained cement      C-22 to C-23 C-28
Air filtration      A-49 to A-83
Air filtration, bleed extraction systems for      A-51 to A-52
Air filtration, bypass door for      A-53 A-59 A-76
Air filtration, cartridge type filter in      A-54 A-58
Air filtration, chimneys and, cleaning of      C-78
Air filtration, coalescer panels for      A-52 to A-53
Air filtration, compressor damage in      A-75
Air filtration, corrosion in      A-55 to A-59 A-64 A-71
Air filtration, design suitability of      A-55 to A-61
Air filtration, drains and drain valve in      A-56 A-62
Air filtration, dust vs.      A-51 to A-52 A-56 A-66 A-70 A-74
Air filtration, dynamic water eliminator (Hydra) filters in      A-81
Air filtration, erosion in      A-75 to A-78
Air filtration, filter designs for      A-74
Air filtration, filter elements for      A-53
Air filtration, filter materials in      A-61 A-79
Air filtration, filter specifications for, offshore environment      A-77 to A-79
Air filtration, flare carbon vs.      A-74 to A-75
Air filtration, fouling in      A-55 to A-57 A-76
Air filtration, future developments in      A-81
Air filtration, high efficiency (Hercules) filters in      A-81 to A-82
Air filtration, high volume flow in      A-81
Air filtration, high vs. low velocity systems      A-74
Air filtration, housing for      A-53 to A-54 A-58 A-70
Air filtration, huff and puff design in      A-49 to A-50
Air filtration, humidity vs.      A-51 to A-53 A-57 A-74
Air filtration, icing conditions vs.      A-49 to A-50
Air filtration, insect ingestion in      A-49 A-51 A-66
Air filtration, low pressure loss in      A-81 to A-83
Air filtration, maritime use of      A-61
Air filtration, materials used in      A-58
Air filtration, National Gas Turbine Establishment (NGTE)      A-69
Air filtration, new designs for      A-61 to A-66
Air filtration, offshore or coastal environments vs.      A-57 A-66
Air filtration, oil fame ingestion in      A-49
Air filtration, operational experiences with      A-53 to A-61
Air filtration, particle fusion in      A-78
Air filtration, pollutant ingestion and build up in      A-49
Air filtration, pulse jet-type      A-49
Air filtration, rainfall vs.      A-50 to A-63
Air filtration, salt corrosion in      A-57 A-61 A-69
Air filtration, sand ingestion in      A-49
Air filtration, silencer outlet of      A-64
Air filtration, specifications for      A-83
Air filtration, spin tubes in      A-57
Air filtration, stainless steel housing in      A-58 A-60 A-62 A-71
Air filtration, tropical environments and      A-50 to A-74
Air filtration, turbine damage in      A-58
Air filtration, vane separators for      A-63 A-74
Air filtration, water eliminator for      A-82 to A-83
Air filtration, weather louvers for      A-56 A-61 A-74
Air filtration, weatherhoods for      A-55 to A-56 A-60
Air horsepower (ahp), fans      F-5
Air inlet manifolds, compressors and, paint and corrosion damage in      T-74 to T-75
Air movement studies, in explosion hazard assessment      E-68 E-71
Air plasma coatings      M-35
Air pollution control      A-83 to A-101 E-52 P-57
Air pollution control, absorbers for      A-83 A-96
Air pollution control, accidents/incidents and      E-46
Air pollution control, blocking of catalyst vs.      A-96
Air pollution control, carbon dioxide $(CO_2)$      see also "Carbon dioxide"
Air pollution control, carbon monoxide and      C-62 to C-64
Air pollution control, Catpac TCR system in      A-100 to A-101
Air pollution control, cement kilns and      C-22 C-28
Air pollution control, chemisorption in      A-96 A-98
Air pollution control, chimneys and, cleaning of      C-78
Air pollution control, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in      C-413
Air pollution control, combined unit systems for      A-83 A-99
Air pollution control, condensers and      C-233
Air pollution control, continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) in      C-34
Air pollution control, DeNox systems      A-90 A-93 A-100
Air pollution control, dense phase technology in      A-98
Air pollution control, DEPAC system for      A-98 to A-99
Air pollution control, dioxins and      A-96 to A-97
Air pollution control, electrostatic precipitators and      A-83 to A-85
Air pollution control, end product handling and      A-83 A-97
Air pollution control, environmental accountability      E-40 to E-49
Air pollution control, fabric filters in      A-83 A-85
Air pollution control, Filpac TCR system in      A-100 to A-101
Air pollution control, Filsorption system for      A-96 to A-97 A-100
Air pollution control, filter product ranges in      A-87 to A-88
Air pollution control, filters in      A-96 A-98
Air pollution control, flue gas desulfurization (FGD) in      A-83 A-86 A-89
Air pollution control, fly ash handling and      A-97 to A-98
Air pollution control, heavy metals and      A-96 to A-97
Air pollution control, IEA Greenhouse Gas Implementing Agreement      C-14
Air pollution control, lime/limestone FGD in      A-90
Air pollution control, nitrous oxide (NO)      see "Nitrogen oxides"
Air pollution control, ozone      O-4 to O-26
Air pollution control, poisoning of catalyst vs.      A-96
Air pollution control, power production and      P-72
Air pollution control, seawater FGD in      A-90 A-92
Air pollution control, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in      A-83 A-90 A-93
Air pollution control, sintering of catalyst vs.      A-96
Air pollution control, sulfur dioxide (SOj in      A-83 P-60
Air pollution control, TCR      A-99 to A-100
Air pollution control, wet/dry FGD in      A-89 to A-91 A-100
Air pollution control, Wetpac TCR system in      A-100 to A-101
Air purification, sterilization      A-101 to A-102
Air separation unit (ASU)      C-17
Air vessel control, in hydrodynamic brakes, with capacitative heat storage      B-19
Air washing, air purification using      A-102
Airfoils      see also "Metallurgy"
Airfoils, control of      C-336
AKZO Pharma      D-12
Aldrin      V-15
Alkalis, in lubricating oil      L-25
Alkylation, in petroleum industry      R-4
AlliedSignal      P-4
Alloys      M-39 M-42
Alphatron gauges      M-22
Alstom Corporation      A-95 C-14 C-78 G-5 L-8 P-4 P-73
Altair Filters International Ltd.      A-10 to A-37 A-50 S-29
Altered refinery      R-7
alternative fuels      F-37
Alternators, synchronous clutches and      P-107 P-112
Aluminum and aluminum alloys      P-10 to P-31 P-40 M-40 M-42
Aluminum oxide      A-4 A-6 C-25 P-10 P-40
Ambient air pressure (Po), gas turbines and      T-55 to T-58
Ambient air pressure (Pt), gas turbines and      T-58
Ambient air quality objective, ozone and      O-9 to O-10
American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA)      P-75
American National Standards Institute (ANSI), explosion hazard assessment      E-87
American National Standards Institute (ANSI), generators and turbogenerators design      G-1
American Petroleum Instate (API)      R-8
American Petroleum Instate (API), explosion hazard assessment      E-86
American Petroleum Instate (API), specifications      Sp-3
American Public Health Association (APHA)      R-8
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)      M-12
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), cement      C-22 to C-28
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)      R-11
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)      A-1 M-12
American Standards Association      A-3
Amines      C-43 C-58
Ammonia      C-33 C-418 P-10 P-40 V-15
Ammonia bisulfate formation (ammonia slip)      C-33
Ammonia, as refrigerant      R-13 to R-18
Ammonium nitrate      P-10 to P-31 P-40
Ammonium sulfate      P-10 to P-31 P-40
Ammonium thiosulfate      C-72
Amplitude, in vibrational analysis (VA)      C-263 C-268 C-280 C-302 C-315
Aniline      P-10 to P-31 P-40
Annulus, hydrodynamic power transmission and      P-123 to P-127
Anodes, sacrificial anodes vs.      C-247
anthracene      C-68 P-10 P-40
Anthraquinone      C-68
Anti-icing additives      R-8
Anti-knock compounds      R-8
Anti-nodes, vibrational analysis (VA), in plots of      C-276
Antifreeze      C-408 to C-412
Antifungals, freeze dry production of      D-17
Antimony      P-10 to P-31 P-40
Antinutritive factors      E-43
Antioxidants      R-8
Antistatic coatings      P-3
Antisurge control/valves      C-359 to C-368
Antisurge control/valves in turbocompressors      C-332 to C-335
API 610 CAP 8 type process pumps      P-285 to P-292
API 610 CVA8 overhung vertical pumps      P-292 to P-296
API 610 double suction pumps      P-296 to P-299
API 610 rigid or flexible coupled pumps      P-296
Apparent viscosity      P-272
Aqueous corrosion      M-40
Aquifers suitable for disposal of C02      C-14 C-21
ARCO Chemical      C-42 to C-62 D-7
Argon      C-95
ArLon 6100 interior tank coating      T-4
Armstrong Engineering Association      C-62 to C-77 H-6
Arsenic      P-10 to P-32 P-40
As-low-as-reasonably-practicable (ALARP) risks and      E-80
ASARCO Inc.      P-4
Asbestos      P-10 to P-32 P-40
ASC MC antisurge controller      C-361 to C-368
Asea Brown Boveri      P-73
ASME      see American Society of Mechanical Engineers" A-1
ASME, accreditation packages      Sp-25 to Sp-28
ASME, boiler code on CD-ROM from      Sp-32
ASME, boiler/pressure vessel codes      Sp-24
ASME, certification programs of      Sp-30 to Sp-31
ASME, electronic stress tables from      Sp-33
ASME, elevator and escalator CD-ROM from      Sp-31 to Sp-32
ASME, Information Handling Services (IHS) of      Sp-32
ASME, ISO 9000 registration program      Sp-29
ASME, measurement      M-15
ASME, Power Test Codes      M-12
ASME, Power Test Codes for flow measurement      M-26 to M-29
ASME, pressure vessel codes on CD-ROM from      Sp-32
ASME, RA search online service of      Sp-33
ASME, specifications      Sp-3
ASME, Worldwide Standard Service of      Sp-32
Asphaltum, in lubricating oil      L-25
AssiDomaen forestry management case study in      F-13 to F-21 E-50 P-204
Atmospheric conditions vs. power degradation in      T-65 to T-67
Atmospheric conditions vs. power degradation, in gas turbines      T-65 to T-67
Atmospheric distillation, in petroleum industry      R-2
Attenuation of sound      A-33 to A-37
Attractive electromagnetic suspension, in bearings      B-5
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