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Cardy J. Ч Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics
Rosch W. Ч Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible, Sixth Edition
Wilson A.H. Ч Thermodynam Mechanics319, 329, 335, 343, 344
Huang K. Ч Statistical Mechanics341
Guenther R.D. Ч Modern optics588
Honerkamp J. Ч Statistical Physics284
Kwok K.Ng. Ч Complete guide to semiconductor devices493
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Fishbane P.M. Ч Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics882
Adkins C.J. Ч Equilibrium Thermodynamics136Ч140
Koerber G.G. Ч Properties of Solids127, 255Ч259, 264
Bailin D., Love A. Ч Introduction to Gauge Field Theory172
Dalvit D.A.R., Frastai J., Lawrie I.D. Ч Problems on statistical mechanics13
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Nayfeh M.H., Brussel M.K. Ч Electricity and Magnetism177, 340
Kubo R. Ч Statistical Mechanics: An Advanced Course with Problems and Solutions307, 313, 314
Kittel Charles, Kroemer Herbert Ч Thermal Physics298
Balian R. Ч From Microphysics to Macrophysics: Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics (vol. 1)301Ч303, 425, 428
Stoner E.C. Ч Magnetism and Atomic Structure with 56 diagrams78Ч80, 151, 335
Mason G.W., Griffen D.T., Merrill J. Ч Physical Science Concepts296, 299, 306, 312, 384
Kleinert H., Schulte-Frohlinde Ч Critical Properties of (Phi)P4-Theories2, 15
ter Haar D. Ч Elements of Statistical Mechanics309, 337
Greiner W. Ч Classical electrodynamics226
Pfeiler W. Ч Alloy Physics: A Comprehensive Reference866, 870, 871, 874, 891, 898
Daniel C. Mattis Ч The theory of magnetism made simple: an introduction to physical concepts and to some useful mathematical methods25, 27, 36-38, 186, 290-293, 320, 355, 356, 411, 439, 453
Holmes R.A. Ч Physical Principles of Solid State Devices292, 296
Pathria P.K. Ч Statistical Mechanics324, 329Ч330, 360
Ashcroft N.W., Mermin N.D. Ч Solid State Physicssee "Critical temperature, ferroelectric", "Critical temperature, magnetic"
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Mourachkine A. Ч High-Temperature Superconductivity in Cuprates: The Nonlinear Mechanism and Tunneling Measurements85, 159, 161, 192, 196
Tauxe L. Ч Paleomagnetic principles and practice41, 42, 57, 60
Blitz J. Ч Ultrasonics: Methods and Applications31, 32, 33, 130
Bertotti G. Ч Hysteresis in Magnetism: For Physicists, Materials Scientists, and Engineers6, 135
Watkinson J. Ч An Introduction to Digital Audio153, 330, 331
Azaroff L.V. Ч Introduction to Solids408
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Aitchison I.J.R. Ч An Informal Introduction to Gauge Field Theories76, 85
Mandel L., Wolf E. Ч Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics913
van der Giessen E., Wu Theodore Y.-T., Hassan A. Ч Advances in Applied Mechanics. Volume 3881
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Hobbie R., Roth B. Ч Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology,216
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Kruegel E. Ч The Physics of Interstellar Dust356ff
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Blin-Stoyle R.J. Ч Eureka! Physics of particles, matter and the universe98
Honerkamp J. Ч Statistical physics: an advanced approach with applications284
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