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Adkins C.J. Ч Equilibrium Thermodynamics
Adkins C.J. Ч Equilibrium Thermodynamics

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Ќазвание: Equilibrium Thermodynamics

јвтор: Adkins C.J.


Equilibrium Thermodynamics gives a comprehensive but concise course in the fundamentals of classical thermodynamics. Although the subject is essentially classical in nature, illustrative material is drawn widely from modern physics and free use is made of microscopic ideas to illuminate it. The overriding objective in writing the book was to achieve a clear exposition: to give an account of the subject that it both stimulating and easy to learn from. Classical thermodynamics has such wide application that it can be taught in many ways. The terms of reference for Equilibrium Thermodynamics are primarily those of the undergraduate physicist; but it is also suitable for courses in chemistry, engineering, materials science etc. The subject is usually taught in the first or second year of an undergraduate course, but the book takes the student to degree standard (and beyond). Prerequisites are elementary or school-level thermal physics.

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»здание: Third Edition

√од издани€: 1988

 оличество страниц: 258

ƒобавлена в каталог: 13.12.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
$\beta$-Brass      82Ч83
$\lambda$-points      197
$\lambda$-transition      197
Absolute zero      23
Absolute zero, unattainability of      245Ч247
Absorptivity, spectral      147
Accessibility      88Ч92
Adiabatic changes      4
Adiabatic changes, uniqueness of reversible      60Ч61 72 92
Adiabatic demagnetization      134Ч136
Adiabatic demagnetization, cooling by      136Ч143
Adiabatic demagnetization, microscopic significance of      138
Adiabatic walls      4
Adiathermal changes      4
After-burners      48
Air standard cycles      65
Allotropic transformations      247Ч249
Arrow of time      74
Availability      107
Bernoulli's theorem      490
Binary mixtures      231Ч240
Binary mixtures, phase separation in      231Ч236
Binary mixtures, solid/liquid equilibrium      236Ч240
Black body      149
Black body radiation      148Ч149
Boltzmann relation      79Ч81
Boundaries      4
Boyle temperature      116
Boyle's law      116
Caloric theory      30
Caratheodory's principle      88
Carbon resistance thermometers      26
Carnot cycle      51Ч53
Carnot's theorem      56Ч58
Cells, electric      125Ч129
Cells, fuel      128
Celsius temperature      23
Centigrade temperature      23
Change of phase      180Ч212
Change of phase, Ehrenfest classification      193
Change of phase, first order      183
Change of phase, first order, Gibbs functions in      186Ч187
Change of phase, higher order      193Ч194
Change of phase, higher order, interpretation of      203Ч205
Charle's law      118
Chemical potentials      218Ч221
Chemical potentials in ideal gas mixtures      215 219 221
Chemical reactions      222Ч223
Chemical reactions in ideal gas mixtures      228Ч230
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation      182Ч184
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation, integration of      184Ч185
Clausius' theorem      68Ч71
Compliance coefficients      104
components      3
Components, systems of several      213Ч240
Compressibility, adiabatic      114Ч115
Compressibility, isothermal      37 115
Compression ratio      67
Condensation nuclei      211
Configuration      89
Conservation of energy      30 33
Constant-flow calorimeter      47Ч48
Corresponding states, law of      192 267
Cosmic black-body background      270
Countercurrent heat exchanger      169Ч170
Critical constants      122
Critical constants of Dieterici gas      266
Critical constants of van der Waals gas      267
Critical constants, table of      122
Critical magnetic field      200
Critical points      121 188Ч192
Critical temperature      121
Critical temperature of superconductors      200
Critical temperature table      122
Curie temperature      136Ч140
Curie Ч Weiss law      140
Curie's law      27 140
Curie's law, breakdown of      243
Curve differentials      43
Cyclic processes      50Ч53
Dalton's law      214
Daniel cell      125Ч126
Degradation of energy      76Ч77
Degrees of freedom      10Ч12 103 223Ч224
Demagnetizing factor      135
Diathermal walls      4
Dieterici equation      121
Dieterici equation, critical constants of      266
Dieterici equation, reduced form of      267
Differentials, exact      15
Differentials, inexact      16
Differentials, partial      13
Diffusion of ideal gases      216Ч218
Dilution refrigerator      236
Direct observables      3
Displacement law      156
Efficiency of heat engine      51
Efficiency of heat pump      63
Efficiency of refrigerator      62
Ehrenfest's equations      194
Elastic rod      124Ч125
Electric cells      125Ч129
Emissive power, spectral      147
Emissivity, spectral      149
Empirical entropy      88Ч92
Empirical entropy and heat      93
Empirical temperature      18Ч20
Endothermic reactions      128
Energy density of black body radiation      150Ч152
Energy density of radiation      145
Energy density, spectral      147
Energy density, spectral, of black body radiation      157
Energy of mixing      232
Enthalpy      45Ч46 100
entropy      68Ч81
Entropy and degradation of energy      76Ч77
Entropy and heat capacities      81Ч84
Entropy and order      77Ч81
Entropy in irreversible changes      72Ч74 95Ч97
Entropy of ideal gas      119Ч120
Entropy of ideal gas mixtures      215Ч216
Entropy of mixing      231
Entropy, a function of state      71Ч72 95
Entropy, definition of      71 95
Entropy, empirical      88Ч92
Entropy, empirical, and heat      93
Entropy, form of first law      74Ч76
Entropy, increase in diffusion      216Ч218
Entropy, law of increase of      74
Equal temperature enclosure      147
Equation of reaction equilibrium      223
Equation of state      20
Equation of state of a van der Waals gas      120
Equation of state of an ideal gas      117Ч118
Equation of state of Dieterici gas      121
Equilibrium      7Ч8
Equilibrium in mixtures      231Ч240
Equilibrium, constant      228 251Ч252
Equilibrium, fluctuations      157Ч161
Equilibrium, general conditions for      106Ч111 221Ч222
Equilibrium, heterogeneous      231
Equilibrium, metastable      7 187
Equilibrium, radiation      147Ч148
Equilibrium, types of      7Ч8
Equipartition      120
Equipartition and fluctuations      160
Eutectic composition      240
Eutectic temperature      240
Exact differentials      15
Exchanges, theory of      146
Exothermic reactions      128
Expansion engine      172
Expansion ratio      67
Expansivity, cubic      37 114 131
Expansivity, linear      124
Extensive variables      5
ferromagnetism      83
Figure of merit of heat pumps      63
Figure of merit of refrigerators      62
First law      31
First law, differential form of      33Ч34
First law, entropy form of      74Ч76 96
First order phase change      183 193
First order phase change, Gibbs functions in      186Ч187
Flow processes      46Ч49
Flow work      47
Fluctuations      7 157Ч161
Fluctuations and equipartition      160
Fountain effect      205Ч208
Free energy      100 103
Free expansion      116 162Ч165
Frost      149Ч150
fuel cells      128
Full radiation      148
Functions of state      6
Gas constant      118
Gas thermometry      20Ч23 118
Gibbs function      100
Gibbs function in change of phase      180Ч182
Gibbs function in first order transitions      186Ч187
Gibbs function near critical points      188Ч192
Gibbs paradox      217Ч218
Gibbs Ч Helmholtz equation      101
Glass-houses      150
Glasses      249Ч251
Heat      32Ч33
heat capacity      42Ч45 81 112Ч114
Heat capacity anomalies      81Ч84
Heat capacity, specific      43
Heat content      46 100 127
Heat engines      51 56Ч58 64Ч65 97Ч98
Heat exchangers      169Ч170
Heat of reaction      46 127 229 251Ч252
Heat of solution      227
Heat pumps      62Ч63 98Ч99
Heat, caloric theory of      30
Heat, molecular motion theory of      30
Helium      192 196Ч197 205 244Ч245
Helium as refrigerant      137
Helium, fountain effect with      205Ч208
Helmholtz function      100
Henry's law      224
Heterogeneous equilibrium      231
Hotness      34
Hotness and temperature      20 55 97
Hysteresis      9Ч10
Ideal gas      116Ч120
Ideal gas mixtures      213Ч218
Ideal gas mixtures, entropy of      215Ч218
Ideal gas mixtures, Gibbs functions in      216
Ideal gas mixtures, partial potentials in      218
Ideal gas mixtures, pressure of      213Ч214
Ideal gas mixtures, reactions in      228Ч230
Ideal gas mixtures, reversible mixing of      214Ч215
Ideal gas, adiabatic equation of      118Ч119
Ideal gas, compression of      36Ч37
Ideal gas, definition of      116
Ideal gas, entropy of      119Ч120
Ideal gas, equation of state      117Ч118
Ideal gas, internal energy of      116Ч117
Ideal gas, temperature scale      20Ч21 118
Ideal solutions      224Ч228
Ideal solutions, solubility in      226Ч227
Ideal solutions, vapour pressure of      226
Indicator diagram      9
Inexact differentials      16
Intensive variables      5
Internal combustion engine      64Ч67
Internal energy      32
Internal pressure      121
Internal work      121
International Practical Temperature Scale      28Ч29
Inversion curve      167
Inversion temperature, maximum, table of      168
Iron      195
Irreversible changes      72Ч75 95Ч97 162Ч179
Isolation      4
Isotherms      18284
Jet engines      48
Joule coefficient      164
Joule cycle      263
Joule expansion      162Ч165
Joule Ч Kelvin coefficient      166
Joule Ч Kelvin expansion      165Ч168
Joule Ч Kelvin expansion and gas liquefaction      168Ч172
Joule Ч Thomson expansion      165
Joule's law      116 121
Kelvin      22
Kirchhoff's law      148Ч150
Knocking      67
Latent heat and order      85
Lattice temperature      142
Laws of thermodynamics      2Ч3
Laws of Thermodynamics, First      31
Laws of Thermodynamics, Second      53 88
Laws of Thermodynamics, Third      241 245 252
Laws of thermodynamics, zeroth      17
Legendre differential transformation      103Ч104
Lever rule      235
Liquefaction of gases      168Ч172
Liquid expansion thermometers      24
Liquidus      237
Magnetic energy      253Ч255
Magnetic work      40Ч42 253Ч255
Magnetocaloric effect      134Ч142
Mass action, law of      228Ч230
Maxwell relations      104Ч106
Meissner effect      198
Metastable equilibrium      7Ч8 186Ч187
Mixtures, binary      231Ч240
Mixtures, method of      34
Mixtures, solubility gaps in      231Ч236
Nernst statement of third law      252
Neutral equilibrium      7Ч8
Nozzle, ideal      48
Nuclear demagnetization      142
Nucleation      211Ч212
Order and entropy      77Ч81
Order change by deformation      86
Order, range of      205
Order-disorder transitions      81Ч84
Osmotic equilibrium      227
Osmotic pressure      227Ч228
Otto cycle      65Ч66
p-V-T relations      121Ч124
Paramagnetic salts      83
Paramagnetic salts, adiabatic demagnetization with      134Ч142
Partial differentials      13Ч15
Partial potential      218
Partial potential, molar      221
Partial pressure      214
Peltier effect      174
Perfect differentials      15
Perfect gas      116Ч120
Perfect gas mixtures      213Ч218
Perfect gas mixtures, entropy of      215Ч218
Perfect gas mixtures, Gibbs function in      216
Perfect gas mixtures, partial potentials in      218
Perfect gas mixtures, pressure of      213Ч214
Perfect gas mixtures, reactions in      228Ч230
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