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Kogut J.B., Stephanov M.A. Ч The Phases of Quantum Chromodynamics: From Confinement to Extreme Environments
Taylor M.E. Ч Partial Differential Equations. Basic theory (vol. 1)265
Bartle R.G. Ч The Elements of Real Analysis371
Bell W.W. Ч Special Functions for scientists and engineers23
Koepf W. Ч Hypergeometric Summation. An algorithmic approach to summation and special function identities.6, 199
Abramowitz M., Stegun I. (eds.) Ч Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Table258
Spiegel M.R. Ч Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables103
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Bird R.B., Lightfoot E.N., Stewart W.E. Ч Transport Phenomena399
Di Francesco P., Mathieu P., Senechal D. Ч Conformal field theory83
Apostol T.M. Ч Mathematical Analysis331
Fishman G.S. Ч Monte Carlo: concepts, algorithms, and applications28
Hayek S.I. Ч Advanced mathematical methods in science and engineering603
Ben-Israel A., Greville T. Ч Generalized inverses: Theory and applications286
Dwork B. Ч Lectures on P-Adic Differential Equations250
Olver F.W.J. Ч Asymptotics and Special Functions37, 38
Henrici P. Ч Applied and Computational Complex Analysis (Vol. 2)55, 56, 58, 618
Porter D., Stirling D.S.G. Ч Integral equations: a practical treatment, from spectral theory to applications364
Jones D.S. Ч Introduction to Asymptotics: A Treatment Using Nonstandard Analysis115
Conway J.B. Ч Functions of One Complex Variable186
Webster R. Ч Convexity206, 215
Polya G., Latta G. Ч Complex Variables239
Chaudhry M.A., Zubair S.M. Ч On a Class of Incomplete Gamma Functions with Applications215
Mahmoud H.M. Ч Evolution of random search trees34
Balakrishnan N., Nevzorov V.B. Ч A Primer on Statistical Distributions101, 102, 118, 139
Chipot M., Quittner P. Ч Handbook of Differential Equations: Stationary Partial Differential Equations, Vol. 3600
Sagan H. Ч Advanced Calculus of Real-Valued Functions of a Real Variable and Vector-Valued Functions of a Vector Variable(429)
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. Ч Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists945
Dudley R.M., Fulton W. (Ed) Ч Real Analysis and Probability286Ч287
Sokolnikoff I.S. Ч Advanced Calculus388, 389, 431, 462
Murty M.R. Ч Problems in Analytic Number Theory91
Krantz S.G. Ч Function Theory of Several Complex Variables61
Kilbas A., Srivastava H.M. Ч Theory and Applications of Fractional Differential Equations26
Boros G., Moll V. Ч Irresistible Integrals: Symbolics, Analysis and Experiments in the Evaluation of Integralssee Advanced functions. Beta
Hijab O. Ч Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)193
Kapusta J.I. Ч Finite-temperature field theory56Ч58, 126Ч131
McMano D., Topa D.M. Ч A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica456
Kline M. Ч Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, Vol. 1424
Duistermaat J.J., Kolk J.A.C. Ч Multidimensional Real Analysis II: Integration620
Borwein J., Bailey D., Girgensohn R. Ч Experimentation in Mathematics: Computational Paths to Discovery123
Borwein J., Bailey D. Ч Mathematics by Experiment: Plausible Reasoning in the 21st Century193
Finch S.R. Ч Mathematical constants53, 76, 86, 99, 123, 256, 420, 460
Wyld H.W. Ч Mathematical Methods for Physics509Ч510
Rainville E.D. Ч Special Functions18Ч20, 31
Khuri A.I. Ч Advanced calculus with applications in statistics256
Johnston R. Ч Numerical methods, a software approach199
Stone C.J.D. Ч Course in Probability and Statistics142
Imry Y. Ч Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics27Ч31
Gasper G., Rahman M. Ч Basic hypergeometric series18
Kline M. Ч Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, Vol. 3424
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics174.C, App. A, Table 17.I
Katayama T., Sugimoto S. Ч Statistical Methods in Control and Signal Processing281
Brown L.S. Ч Quantum Field Theory241
Milovanovic G.V., Mitrinovic D.S., Rassias T.M. Ч Topics in Polynomials: Extremal Problems, Inequalities, Zeros451, 672
Mahmoud H.M. Ч Sorting: a distribution theory75, 114
Sokolnikoff I.S. Ч Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists276
Sokolnikoff I.S. Ч Mathematics of Physics and Modern Engineering149, 765
Muta T. Ч Foundations of Quantum Chromodynamics190, 191, 206, 209, 213, 216, 311
Duffie D. Ч Security Markets. Stochastic Models313
Greenberg M.D. Ч Advanced engineering mathematics229
Borwein J.M., Borwein P.B. Ч Pi and the AGM: A Study in Analytic Number Theory and Computational Complexity24, 88
Kline M. Ч Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, Vol. 2424
Erdelyi A. Ч Higher Transcendental Functions, Vol. 19 (see also УIncomplete beta functionФ)
Nikiforov A.F., Uvarov V. Ч Special Functions of Mathematical Physics: A Unified Introduction with Applications258, 369Ч370
Green M.B., Schwarz J.H., Witten E. Ч Superstring Theory (vol. 1)167Ч171
Feller W. Ч Introduction to probability theory and its applications (volume 1)173
Tourlakis G.J. Ч Lectures in Logic and Set Theory: Mathematical Logic159, 235
Pap E. Ч Complex Analysis Through Examples And Exercises258
Knuth D.E. Ч The art of computer programming (Vol. 1. Fundamental algorithms)71
Atkinson D., Johnson P.W. Ч Exercises in Quantum Field Theory: A Self-Contained Book of Questions and Answers173
Wallace C.S. Ч Statistical and Inductive Inference by Minimum Message Length246
Saaty T.L. Ч Elements of Queueing theory with applications267
Deligne P., Kazhdan D., Etingof P. Ч Quantum fields and strings: A course for mathematicians (Vol. 1)see У$\beta$-functionФ
Billingsley P. Ч Probability and Measure20.24
O`Hara J. Ч Energy of knots and conformal geometry79
Asmar N.H. Ч Partial Differential Equations with fourier series and boundary value problems248
Pipes L.A. Ч Applied Mathemattics for Engineers and Physicists302
Spiegel M.R. Ч Schaum's mathematical handbook of formulas and tables103
Jagerman D.L. Ч Difference equations with applications to queues7
Kleinert H., Schulte-Frohlinde Ч Critical Properties of (Phi)P4-Theories102, 108, 121, 3
Faraut J., Korányi A. Ч Analysis on symmetric cones130
Kreyszig E. Ч Advanced engineering mathematicsA64
Hormander L. Ч The analysis of linear partial differential operators I86
Ash R.B., Doléans-Dade C.A. Ч Probability and Measure Theory202
Davies B. Ч Integral Transforms and Their Applications23
Bertlmann R.A. Ч Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory388
Gilmore R. Ч Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and Some of Their Applications400
Emanuel Parzen Ч Stochastic processes (Classics in Applied Mathematics)61
Wimp J. Ч Computation with recurrence relations157
Lemmermeyer F. Ч Reciprocity Laws: From Euler to Eisenstein139
Christensen S.M. Ч Quantum theory of gravity347, 363
Pathria P.K. Ч Statistical Mechanics499
Balakrishnan N. (ed.), Rao C.R. (ed.) Ч Order Statistics - Theory and Methods154, 203
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Marks R.J.II. Ч The Joy of Fourier39, 40, 737
Bird G.A. Ч Molecular gas dynamics and the direct simulation of gas flows112, 422
Stanley R.P. Ч Enumerative Combinatorics: Volume 2(see Function, beta)
Riley, Hobson Ч Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering1203
Courant R., Hilbert D. Ч Methods of Mathematical Physics. Volume 1483
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Duistermaat J.J, Kolk J.A.C. Ч Distributions: theory and applications134
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Tenenbaum M., Pollard H. Ч Ordinary differential equations: an elementary textbook for students of mathematics, engineering, and the sciences306
Iwasaki Katsunon, Kimura H., Shimomura S. Ч From Gauss to Painleve: A Modern Theory of Special Functions53, 108
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Kanwal R.P. Ч Linear Integral Equations: Theory and Techniques169, 170
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Sofo A. Ч Computational Techniques for the Summation of Series24, 54, 126, 158
Deligne P., Etingof P., Freed D. Ч Quantum fields and strings: A course for mathematicians, Vol. 2 (pages 727-1501)see "$\beta$-function"
Deligne P., Kazhdan D., Etingof P. Ч Quantum fields and strings: A course for mathematicianssee "$\beta$-function"
Miller S.S., Mocanu P.T. Ч Differential subordinations: theory and applications78Ч79
Jeffreys H. Ч Methods Of Mathematical Physics463
Henkel M. Ч Conformal Invariance and Critical Phenomena236
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Salmhofer M. Ч Renormalization: an introduction111
Zeidler E. Ч Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics121
Rektorys K. Ч Survey of Applicable Mathematics.Volume 2.I 549
Hassani S. Ч Mathematical Methods: for Students of Physics and Related Fields320
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Zorich V. Ч Mathematical Analysis437Ч439
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Davies B. Ч Integral Transforms and their Applications23
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D'Angelo J.P. Ч Inequalities from Complex Analysis (Carus Mathematical Monographs)63, 73, 75, 171, 173
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