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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Collin R.E. — Foundations for Microwave Engineerings701, 704
Goldstein H., Poole C., Safko J. — Classical mechanics318, 553
Wesson J. — Tokamaks40
Biscamp D. — Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence231
Huang K. — Statistical Mechanics255
Peiponen K.-E., Vartiainen E.M., Asakura T. — Dispersion, complex analysis and optical spectroscopy. Classical theory43
Mihaly L., Martin M.C. — Solid state physics. Problems and solutions63, 201
Rammer J. — Quantum transport theory73, 213
Frank J., King A., Raine D.J. — Accretion Power in Astrophysics41
Galindo A., Pascual P. — Quantum Mechanics TwoII 216
Dittrich T. (ed.), Hanggi P. (ed.), Ingold G.-L. (ed,) — Quantum transport and dissipation80
Konopinski E.J. — Electromagnetic fields and relativistic particles124
Beyer H.F., Shevelko V.P. — Introduction to the Physics of Highly Charged Ions128
Fishbane P.M. — Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics798
Thirring W.E. — Classical Mathematical Physics: Dynamical Systems and Field Theories222
Bube R.H. — Electronic Properties of Crystalline Solids: An Introduction to Fundamentals358
Kunz K.S., Luebbers R.J. — The finite difference time domain method for electromagnetics301
Nayfeh M.H., Brussel M.K. — Electricity and Magnetism247
Lieberman M.A., Lichtenberg A.J. — Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing86—87
Kittel C. — Introduction to solid state physics136
Englert B.G. (Ed) — Quantum Mechanics325
Animalu A.O. — Intermediate Quantum Theory of Crystalline Solids255
Efros A.L. (ed.), Pollak M. (ed.) — Electron-electron interactions in disordered systems11
Nakamura K., Harayama T. — Quantum chaos and quantum dots135
Ziman J.M. — Electrons and Phonons: The Theory of Transport Phenomena in Solids96, 512, 514
Carrol B.W., Ostlie D.A. — An introduction to modern astrophysics686
Shankar R. — Principles of quantum mechanics588
Neff H.P.Jr. — Introductory electromagnetics125
Bogaevski V.T., Povzner A. — Algebraic Methods In Nonlinear Perturbation Theory61
Fernow R.C. — Introduction to experimental particle physics363
Fox M. — Optical properties of solids61, 216
Cramer N.F. — The Physics of Alfvén Waves22, 34
Rossnagel S.M., Cuomo J.J., Westwood W.D. — Handbook of plasma processing technology. Fundamentals, etching, deposition, and surface interaction25, 286
Ashcroft N.W., Mermin N.D. — Solid State Physics14
Ohanian H.C. — Classical Electrodynamics277
Schwartz M. — Principles of electrodynamics168
Büchner J., Dum C., Scholer M. — Space Plasma Simulation38
Ram-Mohan R. — Finite Element and Boundary Element Applications in Quantum Mechanics173
Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman — University physics with modern physics926
Marder M.P. — Condensed matter physics584, 719
Milonni P.W. — The quantum vacuum: introduction to quantum electrodynamics204, 206—208
Davies J.H. — The physics of low-dimensional semiconductors : an introduction219, 220
Biskamp D. — Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence231
Anderson J.L. — Principles of Relativity Physics239
Kruegel E. — The Physics of Interstellar Dust36
Freidberg J.P. — Plasma Physics and Fusion Energysee "Gyro frequency"
Spitzer L.Jr. — Physics of Fully Ionized Gases Interscience Tracts on Physics and Astronomy No. 32
Kravens T.E. — Physic of Solar System Plasmassee "Gyrofrequency"
Ridley B.K. — Quantum Processes in Semiconductors54
Kirk J., Melrose D., Priest E. — Plasma astrophysics119
Sturrock P. — Plasma Physics: An Introduction to the Theory of Astrophysical, Geophysical and Laboratory Plasmas20
Davies P. — The New Physics232
Ichimaru S. — Statistical Plasma Physics, Volume I: Basic Principles (Frontiers in Physics, Vol 87) (v. 1)78
Thirring W., Harrell E.M. — Classical mathematical physics. Dynamical systems and field theory222
Prigogine I. (ed.) — Advances in Chemical Physics. Volume XIX142
Melissinos A.C. — Principles of modern technology136
Lipparini E. — Modern many-particle physics: atomic gases, quantum dots and quantum fluids290, 301, 327, 417
Kittel C. — Introduction to solid state physics164
Lilley J.S. — Nuclear physics: principles and applications176, 306, 310
Kittel C., Knight W., Ruderman M. — Berkeley physics course 1. Mechanics77, 381
Ferziger J.H., Kaper H.G. — Mathematical theory of transport processes in gasessee "Gyrofrequency Cyclotron radius", "Gyromagnetic radius"
Helander P., Sigmar D.J. — Collisional Transport in Magnetized Plasmas2
Liboff R.L. — Introductory quantum mechanics381
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