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Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman Ч University physics with modern physics
Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman Ч University physics with modern physics

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Ќазвание: University physics with modern physics

јвторы: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman


Refining the most widely adopted and enduring physics text available, University Physics with Modern Physics, Twelfth Edition continues an unmatched history of innovation and careful execution that was established by the best selling Eleventh Edition. Assimilating the best ideas from education research, this new edition provides enhanced problem-solving instruction, pioneering visual and conceptual pedagogy, the first systematically enhanced problems, and the most pedagogically proven and widely used homework and tutorial system available. Mechanics, Waves/Acoustics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Modern Physics. For all readers interested in university physics.

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»здание: 12-е издание

√од издани€: 2008

 оличество страниц: 1622

ƒобавлена в каталог: 28.11.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
"Back-of-the-envelope calculations"      11
"Cheater"      319
"Cold weld"      150
"Lyman alpha" line      1325
"Sonic booms"      558Ч559 560
"Ultraviolet catastrophe"      1335Ч1336
"Wobble" of stars      400
$v_{x}-t$ graph      4 45Ч47
a-t (acceleration-time) graphs      47Ч48
Aberrations, lens      1256
Absolute conservation laws      1525
Absolute pressure      460Ч461
Absolute temperature scale, Kelvin scale and      575Ч576
Absolute temperature scale, molecular kinetic energy and      621
Absolute temperature scale, Rankine scale      601
Absolute temperature scale, speed of sound in gases      536
Absolute zero      576 690 1446Ч1447
Absorbed dose of radiation      1489
Absorption edges      1426
Absorption lines      1248Ч1249
Absorption of light      1307Ч1309
Absorption spectrum      1318Ч1319 1426
Absorption, radiation and      597
AC adapter      1081Ч1082
Ac source      1062
Accelerating ring      1516
Accelerating universe      1537Ч1538
Acceleration due to gravity on carnival ride      90
Acceleration due to gravity, center of gravity and      355Ч357
Acceleration due to gravity, falling monkey      87
Acceleration due to gravity, freely falling bodies      54
Acceleration due to gravity, gravitation and      384 388
Acceleration due to gravity, mass and weight      121Ч22 138
Acceleration due to gravity, pressure in a fluid      459
Acceleration due to gravity, throwing a discus      295
Acceleration due to gravity, trajectory of projectiles      79
Acceleration in simple harmonic motion      425Ч428 430Ч431
Acceleration in sinusoidal waves      496Ч497
Acceleration of a rocket      272
Acceleration of rolling sphere      327Ч328
Acceleration of skier      79 82
Acceleration of yo-yo      327
Acceleration on $v_{x}-t$ graph      45Ч47
Acceleration on x-t graph      45Ч47
Acceleration vectors      43 74Ч79
Acceleration, angular velocity and      285Ч290
Acceleration, apparent weight in elevators      145
Acceleration, changing      58Ч59
Acceleration, circular motion and      87Ч88
Acceleration, components of      293Ч294
Acceleration, constant      47Ч53 59
Acceleration, defined      43
Acceleration, down a hill      145Ч147
Acceleration, force and      118Ч120
Acceleration, free-fall motion and      54 56
Acceleration, lateral      161
Acceleration, linear      293Ч296 1515
Acceleration, Newton's first law of motion and      111
Acceleration, Newton's second law of motion and      115Ч123
Acceleration, parallel components of      77Ч78
Acceleration, perpendicular components of      77Ч78
Acceleration, projectile motion and      80
Acceleration, radial      90 158Ч159
Acceleration, riding in vehicle      114
Acceleration, tangential components of      293Ч294
Acceleration, transverse      497 510Ч511
Acceleration, two bodies with same      147Ч148
Acceleration, two bodies with same magnitude of      148Ч149
Acceleration, velocity and      43
Acceleration-time (a-t) graphs      47Ч48
Accommodation process      1186
Accretion disks      408
Accuracy      8 10Ч11
Achilles tendon      222
Acrobat      334
Actinide series      1421
Action-at-a-distance force      721
Action-reaction pairs      123
Activation energy      631
Activity, half-life and      1485Ч1489
Adapter, ac      1081Ч1082
Addition, significant figures in      9
Addition, vector      13Ч15
Additive property of mass      117
Additive property of wave function      506
Adiabat      658
Adiabatic process for ideal gas      662Ч664
Adiabatic process, Carnot cycle and      685
Adiabatic process, defined      656Ч657
Adiabatic process, diesel engine and      664
Adiabatic process, ratio of heat capacities      661
Adiabatic process, reversible      693
Adiabatic process, work done in      664
Aerodynamic forces      376 444
Air conditioners      588 646Ч47 681 682
Air drag (air resistance), backward force and      113
Air drag (air resistance), baseball in flight and      3
Air drag (air resistance), defined      149
Air drag (air resistance), frictional forces and      157 225
Air drag (air resistance), overview      155Ч156
Air drag (air resistance), projectile motion and      79Ч82
Air friction      577
Air in scuba tanks      614
Air, amplitude of sound wave in      530
Air, density of      457Ч458
Air, dielectric strength of      795 833
Air, Doppler effect and      556
Air, force of      459
Air, index of refraction of      1126
Air, intensity of sound wave in      538
Air, speed of sound in      536
Air, thermal conductivity of      592Ч93
Airplanes, banked curves and      162
Airplanes, flying in crosswind      94Ч95
Airplanes, heat engines in      675
Airplanes, lift on wings      472
Airplanes, propellers and      295 552
Airplanes, relative velocity and      91
Airplanes, sonic booms and      558Ч559 560
Airplanes, thrust of      200
Airplanes, weight and      388
Airy disk      1253
Airy, George      1253
Alkali halides      1443
Alkali metals      1326 1419Ч1420
Allowed transitions      1412
Alpha decay      1480Ч1481
Alpha particles, defined      1480
Alpha particles, diffraction of      1354
Alpha particles, potential barriers and      1387
Alpha particles, scattering of      1320 1321
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, capacitors in      1067Ч1069
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, comparing elements      1069Ч1070
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, defined      850 881 1061
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, inductors in      1065Ч1067
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, L-R-C series and      1051 1070Ч1074
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, phasors and      1061Ч1064
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, power in      1074Ч1077
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, resistance and reactance      1064Ч1070
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, resistors in      1065 1069
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, resonance in      1077Ч1080
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, tailoring      1078Ч1079
Alternating-current (ac) circuits, transformers and      1080Ч1083
Alternating-current (AC) generator      1001
Alternators      1000Ч1001 1061
AM radio      1096
Amalthea (moon)      385
Ammeters, defined      860
Ammeters, example      861
Ammeters, overview      892Ч893
Ammeters, rectifying      1064
Ammeters, voltmeters and      893Ч894
Ammonia molecules      745
Amorphous solids      1441
Ampere      966Ч967
Ampere's law for conductors      970Ч971 973Ч974
Ampere's law for solenoids      974Ч976
Ampere's law, applications of      973Ч976
Ampere's law, defined      972
Ampere's law, general statement      971Ч972
Ampere's law, generalizing      1013Ч1014
Ampere's law, Maxwell's equations and      1093 1098
Ampere's law, overview      969Ч970
Ampere's law, wave equation and      1100
Ampfere, Andre Marie      848 918
Amplitude in simple harmonic motion      424
Amplitude in two-source interference      1214Ч1215
Amplitude of damped oscillations      440
Amplitude of forced oscillations      442
Amplitude of pendulums      437
Amplitude of sinusoidal waves      1102
Amplitude, beats and      551
Amplitude, current      1062
Amplitude, defined      420Ч421
Amplitude, displacement      528 537Ч539
Amplitude, magnetic fields and      933
Amplitude, pressure      529Ч531 537Ч539
Amplitude, vibrations of molecules and      435
Amplitude, voltage      1062 1065
Amplitude, wavelength and      490
Analyzer      1137Ч1138 1142
Anderson, Carl D.      1510Ч1511 1514
Angles of vectors      16
Angles, critical      1130
Angles, Greek letters for      73
Angles, phase      426 1066 1071Ч1073
Angles, polarizing      1139
Angles, scalar product and      23Ч24
Angular acceleration for rigid bodies      319Ч322
Angular acceleration, average      289
Angular acceleration, calculating      289Ч290
Angular acceleration, constant      290Ч292
Angular acceleration, defined      289 316
Angular acceleration, instantaneous      289
Angular acceleration, rotation with      290Ч292
Angular collision      336
Angular displacement      286 329
Angular frequency of sinusoidal waves      1102
Angular frequency, defined      420Ч421
Angular frequency, natural      443
Angular frequency, resonance      1078
Angular frequency, simple harmonic motion and      423Ч425
Angular kinematics      293Ч296
Angular magnification      1190
Angular momentum in crime bust      336Ч337
Angular momentum in excited levels of hydrogen      1406
Angular momentum of rigid body      332Ч333
Angular momentum, Bohr magneton      977Ч978
Angular momentum, conservation of      333Ч337
Angular momentum, de Broglie waves and      1351
Angular momentum, defined      331
Angular momentum, electron spin and      1414
Angular momentum, equilibrium and      355
Angular momentum, Kepler's second law and      398
Angular momentum, orbital      1403Ч1404 1417
Angular momentum, overview      331Ч333
Angular momentum, quantization of      1323
Angular momentum, selection rules      1439
Angular momentum, spin      1414Ч1415 1417 1471 1521
Angular momentum, torque and      331 333
Angular simple harmonic motion      433Ч434
Angular size      1189
Angular speed      293 339
Angular velocity as vector      288Ч289
Angular velocity, acceleration and      285Ч290
Angular velocity, average      286
Angular velocity, calculating      287Ч288
Angular velocity, instantaneous      286Ч287
Annulus      748
Anode      808 855 1310
Anomalous Zeeman effect      1413
Antennas      1217Ч1218
Anti-damping force      444
Antimatter      1546
Antineutrinos      281 1481Ч1482
Antineutrons      1521
Antinodal curves      1210
Antinodal planes      1112
Antinodes      508 541Ч542 544
Antinucleons      1542
Antiparallel vectors      12
Antiparticles      1482 1512
Antiprotons      1302 1521 1524
Antiquaries      1400 1526
Ants      522
Aphelion      397
Apparent weight in accelerating elevator      145
Apparent weight on earth      388
Apparent weight, defined      145 403
Apparent weight, Earth's rotation and      403Ч405
Apparent weight, overview      145Ч149
Apparent weightlessness      145Ч149 394 405
Aqueducts      354
Aqueous humor      1186
Archimedes'principle      463
Arctan notation      17
Argon      436 564 592
Argon laser      1122
Aristotle      53
Arrows, shooting      76
Arrows, vector      109
Arsenic      1453Ч1454
Asteroid belt      416
Astigmatism      1187Ч1188
Aston, Francis      930
Astronomical telescope      1192
Astronomy      557
Asymptote      898
At the Earth's Core (Burroughs)      403
atm (atmosphere) unit      336 366 575 612
Atmospheric pressure      458Ч460 587 615 632
Atomic clock      5
Atomic line spectra      1314Ч1319
Atomic mass      619 1471
Atomic number, defined      712 1409 1417 1470
Atomic number, hydrogenlike atoms      1326
Atomic structure, electron spin      1413Ч1417
Atomic structure, exclusion principle      1417Ч1423
Atomic structure, hydrogen atom      1401Ч1409
Atomic structure, many-electron atoms      1417Ч1423
Atomic structure, x-ray spectra      1423Ч1426
Atomic structure, Zeeman effect      1409Ч1413
Atoms in magnetic fields      1411Ч1412
Atoms, age of      1543
Atoms, Discovery of      1509
Atoms, emitting photons      1314
Atoms, energy levels of      1314Ч1319 1424Ч1426
Atoms, Franck Ч Hertz experiment      1317
Atoms, hydrogenlike      1326Ч1327 1408Ч1409
Atoms, interstitial      1445
Atoms, many-electron      1417Ч1423
Atoms, neutral      1470 1471
Atoms, nuclear      1319Ч1322
Atoms, photon absorption      1318
Atoms, population inversion of      1328Ч1330
Atoms, reduced mass of      1325Ч1326
Atoms, Rydberg      1431
Atoms, structure of      711Ч712
Attack of tone      532
Attenuator chain      915
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