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Collin R.E. Ч Foundations for Microwave Engineerings
Collin R.E. Ч Foundations for Microwave Engineerings

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Ќазвание: Foundations for Microwave Engineerings

јвтор: Collin R.E.


"FOUNDATIONS FOR MICROWAVE ENGINEERING, Second Edition, covers the major topics of microwave engineering. Its presentation defines the accepted standard for both advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on microwave engineering. An essential reference book for the practicing microwave engineer, it features:
Planar transmission lines, as well as an appendix that describes in detail conformal mapping methods for their analysis and attenuation characteristics
Small aperture coupling and its application in practical components such as directional couplers and cavity coupling
Printed circuit components with an emphasis on techniques such as even and odd mode analysis and the use of symmetry properties
Microwave linear amplifier and oscillator design using solid-state circuits such as varactor devices and transistors
FOUNDATIONS FOR MICROWAVE ENGINEERING, Second Edition, has extensive coverage of transmission lines, waveguides, microwave circuit theory, impedance matching and cavity resonators. It devotes an entire chapter to fundamental microwave tubes, in addition to chapters on periodic structures, microwave filters, small signal solid-state microwave amplifier and oscillator design, and negative resistance devices and circuits. Completely updated in 1992, it is being reissued by the IEEE Press in response to requests from our many members, who found it an invaluable textbook and an enduring reference for practicing microwave engineers.

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»здание: second edition

√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 924

ƒобавлена в каталог: 20.02.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
$k_0-\beta$ diagram      564Ч566
Admittance characteristic, of transmission line      76
Admittance electronic, in klystron      68S
Admittance inverters, in filters      603Ч614
Afsar, M.N.      130
Alexopolous, N.G.      111
Allison, J.      190
Alseyah, S.A.      647
Altschuler, E.E.      351
Amplification of I rave ling-wave tube      698
Amplification of klystron      685
Amplification of parametric amplifier      813 815Ч820
Amplifier, design of      755Ч759 780Ч795
Amplifier, double stage      788Ч793
Amplifier, gain of      274 728Ч735
Amplifier, low noise      773Ч776 787
Amplifier, single stage      781Ч788
Amplifier, stability of      736Ч744
Anderson, T.N.      421
Anisotropic media      26Ч28
Antenna, probe in waveguide      276Ч281
Aperture in rectangular cavity      517Ч523
Aperture, coupling by.in waveguide      284Ч294
Aperture, polarizability of circular      2B5
Attenuation for circular waveguide      196Ч197
Attenuation for coaxial transmission line      111 117
Attenuation for coplanar line      178Ч180
Attenuation for mikrostrip line      153Ч157 163Ч164
Attenuation for rectangular waveguide      188Ч189
Attenuation for strip line      171Ч173
Attenuation for transmission line      108Ч111
Attenuator electronic      400Ч404
Attenuator rotary      397Ч400
Ayres, W.P.      456
Backward-wave oscillator      709
Baden Fuller, A.J.      21
BadinetТs principle      580
Bahl, J.      166 219 413 432 479 500 875
Bailey.A B.      16
Balanis, C.A.      16
Bandwidth of matching network      325Ч330
Bandwidth of resonant circuit      483
Beam coupling parameter      672
Beam, electron      see УElectron beamФ
Beck, A.H.W.      712
Beleuitch, V.      596
Benedek, P.      491
Benson.F.A.      190
Bessel functions      195 581Ч583 881Ч885
Bessel functions spherical      510Ч511
Bethe directional coupler      416Ч419
Bethe, H.A.      284 416
Bevensee, R.M.      647
Bhartia, P.      166 219 413 432 479 500 875
Bilinear transformation      716 725Ч726
Binomial quarter-wave transformer      350Ч352
Blackwelt, L.A.      830
Blight.R.E.      480
Bloch wave      556
Bloch wave impedance of      556Ч557 (see also УPeriodic structuresФ)
Bobroff, D.      668
Bolinder, F.      374 393
Bosnia.H.      475 480
Bostian.C W.      16
Boundary conditions at conducting edge      43Ч44
Boundary conditions at conducting surface      41Ч43
Boundary conditions at infinity      44
Boundary conditions for electromagnetic field      39Ч44
Bowman, F.      8S5
Branch line directional coupler      432Ч434
Branch, G.M.      660
Brewer, G.R.      712
Brillouin flow for electron beam      653 701
Brillouin, L.      647 653
Brown, J.      346
Burton.M, N.      207 209
Button, K.J.      130 480
Capacitance distributed of coaxial line      115
Capacitance distributed of coplanar line      176
Capacitance distributed of microstrip line      147Ч151
Capacitance distributed of strip line      896Ч898
Capacitance distributed of transmission line      72Ч73
Capacitance of microstrip gap      493
Capacitance of microstrip open end      492
Capacitance of microstrip step      368
Capacitors for microstrip circuits      322
Carcinotrons      709
Carlin, H.J.      471
Carson, R.      798
Caulton.M.      322
Cavity coupling parameter for      496 521Ч523
Cavity cylindrical      504Ч508
Cavity cylindrical mode chart for      507
Cavity cylindrical Q of      507
Cavity cylindrical resonant frequency of      506
Cavity degenerate modes in      536Ч538
Cavity excitation of      538Ч541 683Ч686
Cavity field expansion m      525Ч533
Cavity filter      635Ч641
Cavity loap-coupled      523Ч525
Cavity oscillations in      533Ч536
Cavity perturbation of      541Ч545
Cavity rectangular      500Ч504
Cavity rectangular aperture coupled      517Ч523
Cavity rectangular Q of      503Ч504
Cavity rectangular resonant frequency of      501Ч502
Chang, K      210 219 413Ч414 479 722 724 798 875
Chang, K.K N.      830
Chebyshev filters      593Ч596
Chebyshev polynomials      353 355
Chebyshev quarter-wave transformer      352Ч360
Chebyshev tapered transmission line      380Ч383
Chew, W.C      149
Chodorow.M.      672 712
Choke joint      397
Choke joint in variable short circuits      395Ч397
Chow.K.K.      549
Chu, K.R.      712
Chu, L.J.      668
Circles, constant gain      744Ч755
Circles, constant mismatch      776Ч780
Circles, constant noise figure      772Ч776
Circles, constant stability      736Ч744
Circles, constant stability load      736
Circles, constant stability source      739
Circular polarized field      405Ч407 452
Circulator, four-port      468Ч471
Circulator, four-port characteristic impedance of      115
Circulator, four-port distributed parameters for      115Ч116
Circulator, four-port fields in      106Ч108
Circulator, four-port for parametric amplifier      816Ч817
Circulator, four-port, scattering matrix for      471Ч472
Circulator, four-port, three-port      471Ч476
Clarricoats, P.      480
Coaxial transmission line attenuation in      111 117
Cohn, S.B.      173 393 346 444 590 596 639 647
Coleman, J.T.      703
Collin.R.B.      16 43 165 171 208 241 277 284 286 340 346 380 393 417 418 525 544 888
Collins.G.B      712
Comstock, R.L.      480
Conformal mapping      886Ч889
Conformal mapping and conductor loss      898Ч910
Conformal mapping and conductor loss for coplanar line      905Ч910
Conformal mapping and conductor loss for microstrip line      903Ч905
Conformal mapping coplanar line      892
Conformal mapping for slot line      892
Conformal mapping for stnjj line      896Ч898
Conformal mapping microstrip line      892Ч896
Constitutive relations      23Ч28
Continuity equation for current      20
Coplanar transmission line      126Ч127 175Ч180
Coplanar transmission line attenuation in      178Ч180
Coplanar transmission line impedance of      176Ч176
Copson.E.T.      229
Corrugated plane as periodic structure      571Ч577
Costanzo, A.      850
Coupled microstrip line      126Ч121
Coupled microstrip line for directional coupler      427Ч432
Coupled strip line      173Ч174
Coupling coefficient, for coupled microstrip line      166
Coupling in directional coupler      414
Coupling of modes in lossy cavity      536Ч538
Coupling parameter for cavity      496 521Ч523
Courtoise, L.      549
Cullen, A.L.      830
Current linear, excitation of waveguide by      2B1Ч283
Current loop, in waveguide      283Ч284
Current normalized      223
Current on transmission line      106
Current, equivalent in waveguide      221Ч223
Cutoff frequence      see УWaveguide circularФ; rectangularФ
Cyclotron frequency      701 704
Dalman, G.C      219
Daly, D.A.      322
Damping of cavity      484
Delta function      59Ч60
Diaphragm capacitive, in rectangular guide      341Ч342
Diaphragm inductive, in rectangular guide      340Ч341
Dicke, R.H.      220 245 302 416 479 548
dielectric constant      25
Dielectric resonator      508Ч517
Dielectric resonator cylindrical      515Ч516
Dielectric resonator hemispherical      509Ч515
Dielectric resonator Q of      513
Directional coupler Bethe type      416Ч419
Directional coupler branch line      432Ч434
Directional coupler caupling in      414
Directional coupler Chebyshev      422Ч421
Directional coupler coupled line      427Ч432
Directional coupler directivity of      414
Directional coupler Lange      434Ч435
Directional coupler multielement      422Ч427
Directional coupler scattering matrix for      414Ч416
Directional coupler Schwinger reverse phase      420
Directional coupler two-hole      419Ч420
Directional coupler two-hole Moreno crossed guide      42]
Directional coupler two-hole Riblet T-slot      421
Disk resonator      496Ч500
Dispersion in microstrip line      168Ч163
Dispersion of signal in waveguide      198Ч204
Double-stream amplifier      708
Double-stub tuner      312Ч317
Double-stub tuner for waveguide      1342Ч343
E mode      102Ч104
E mode in circular guide      194Ч196
E mode in rectangular guide      193
E-H tuner      342Ч343
Edwards, T.C      219
Ekholdt, R.      322
Electron beam ac power relations for      667Ч670
Electron beam Brillouin flow for      653 701
Electron beam de conditions for      650
Electron beam ion-neutralized      650Ч651
Electron beam kinetic-power theorem for      670
Electron beam perveance of      650
Electron beam space-charge waves on      654Ч667
Electron beam velocity modulation of      670Ч678 (see also УSpace-charge wavesФ)
Electron beam with axially confinec flow      651
Electron beam, beam coupling parameter for      672
Electron precession in ferrite      451Ч460
Electronic admittance of reflex klystron      688
Elliott, R.S.      16
Elliptic sine function      889Ч891
Emde, F.      895
Energy electric      34Ч36
Energy magnetic      34Ч36
Energy velocity of in free space      48
Energy velocity of in periodic structures      566Ч571
Energy velocity of in waveguides      204Ч205
Excitation of cavity      538Ч541 683Ч686
Excitation of waveguides      281Ч294
Exponential taper for transmission line      372
Faraday rotation in ferrites      460Ч464
FaradayТs law      18
Fay, C.E.      480
Ferguson, P.E.      703
Ferrite electron precession in      451Ч460
Ferrite Faraday rotation in      460Ч464
Ferrite in microwave devices      464Ч476
Ferrite magnetic permeability af      455 457Ч459
Ferrite plane-wave propagation in      459Ч460
Filling factor      155
Filters cavity direct-coupled      639Ч642
Filters cavity quarter-wsve-coupled      635Ч639
Filters frequency transformations in low-pass to bandpass      600Ч602
Filters frequency transformations in low-pass to high-pass      599Ч600
Filters frequency transformations in periodic      602-E03
Filters frequency transformations in, expansion      599
Filters half-wave      360Ч370 617Ч626
Filters image-parameter design of      587Ч590
Filters impedance inverters in      603Ч615
Filters insertion-loss design of      591Ч592
Filters low-pass designs for      595Ч598
Filters parallel coupled      626Ч635
Filters power loss ratio in      592Ч594
Filters power loss ratio in for Chebyshev      593
Filters power loss ratio in for maximally flat      593
Fin line      208Ч210
FloquetТs theorem      569Ч571
FosterТs reactance theorem      230Ч232
Fox, A.G.      409
Frequency bands      2Ч3
Fresnel reflection coefficient      51Ч52
Fresnel transmission coefficient      51Ч52
Fung, A.K.      16
Gain definitions of available      274 728
Gain definitions of maximum      274 728
Gain definitions of power      274 728Ч735
Gain definitions of transducer      273Ч274 728
Gain of klystron      685
Gain of parametric amplifier      813 815Ч820
Gain of travel ing-wave tube      698
Gastine, M.T      549
GaussТ law      19
Gentile, C      798
Ghione, G.      176
Ginzton, E.L.      16
Gonzalez, G.      798
Gopinath, A.      368
Goubau, G.      549
Gradshteyn, T.S.      891
Group velocity in periodic structures      566Ч571
Group velocity in waveguide      204Ч205
GUden, M.      830
Guiliemm, K.A.      229 590
Guillon, P.      549
Gunn oscillator      832Ч837
Gunston, M.A.R.      160
Gupta, C      368
Gyrator      464Ч465
Gyrotron      701Ч708
H modes      98 100Ч102
H modes in circular guide      196Ч198
H modes in rectangular guide      182Ч192
Ha, T.T.      798
Hahn, W.C      663 712
Half-wave filter      360Ч370 617Ч626
Half-wave plate      405
Hamilton, D.R.      712
Hammerstad, E.O.      149 151
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