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Collin R.E. Ч Foundations for Microwave Engineerings
Collin R.E. Ч Foundations for Microwave Engineerings

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Ќазвание: Foundations for Microwave Engineerings

јвтор: Collin R.E.


"FOUNDATIONS FOR MICROWAVE ENGINEERING, Second Edition, covers the major topics of microwave engineering. Its presentation defines the accepted standard for both advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on microwave engineering. An essential reference book for the practicing microwave engineer, it features:
Planar transmission lines, as well as an appendix that describes in detail conformal mapping methods for their analysis and attenuation characteristics
Small aperture coupling and its application in practical components such as directional couplers and cavity coupling
Printed circuit components with an emphasis on techniques such as even and odd mode analysis and the use of symmetry properties
Microwave linear amplifier and oscillator design using solid-state circuits such as varactor devices and transistors
FOUNDATIONS FOR MICROWAVE ENGINEERING, Second Edition, has extensive coverage of transmission lines, waveguides, microwave circuit theory, impedance matching and cavity resonators. It devotes an entire chapter to fundamental microwave tubes, in addition to chapters on periodic structures, microwave filters, small signal solid-state microwave amplifier and oscillator design, and negative resistance devices and circuits. Completely updated in 1992, it is being reissued by the IEEE Press in response to requests from our many members, who found it an invaluable textbook and an enduring reference for practicing microwave engineers.

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»здание: second edition

√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 924

ƒобавлена в каталог: 20.02.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
Rafuse, R.P.      830
Ragan, G.L.      397 479 548 592
Ramo, S.      219 712
Reactive elements in waveguide      339Ч343
Reactive elements in waveguide, shunt capacitive      341Ч342
Reactive elements in waveguide, shunt inductive      340Ч341
Reactive elements in waveguide, stubs as      342Ч343
Read, M.E.      712
Reciprocity theorem      62Ч64
Reflection coefficient for tapered transmission line      371
Reflection coefficient for tapered transmission line and Eiceati equation      383Ч386
Reflection coefficient for terminated transmission line      90
Reflection coefficient voltage      90
Reflection coefficient, current      91
Reflection from conducting plane      53Ч56
Reflection from dielectric surface parallel polarization      49Ч52
Reflection from dielectric surface perpendicular polarization      52Ч53
Reflection small, theory of      348Ч350
Reflex klystron      686Ч689
Reich, H.J.      712
Resistance radiation of probe in waveguide      281
Resistance radiation of transmission line      114
Resistance-wall amplifier      708
Resonant circuits bandwidth of      482Ч483
Resonant circuits damping of      484
Resonant circuits Q of      482Ч484
Resonant circuits transmission line antiresonant      488Ч4911
Resonant circuits transmission line open circuited      487Ч488
Resonant circuits transmission line short-circuited      485Ч187
Return loss      329
Rhode, U.L.      719 798 875
Rhodes, J.D.      647
Riblet, H.J.      393
Riccati equation for tapered transmission line      383Ч386
Ridge waveguide      205Ч207
Rigrod, W.      712
Ring circuit      437Ч442
Rizzi, P.A.      219
Rizzoli, V.      850
Roberts, J.      480
Rodrique, G.P.      476
Rosenbaum, F.J.      475 480
Row, H.E.      804
Ryzhik, T.M.      891
Scalar potential dynamic      56Ч59
Scalar potential static      28
Scattering matrix and transformation of terminal planes      249Ч250
Scattering matrix for lossless junction      251Ч253
Scattering matrix for power waves      268Ч276
Scattering matrix for transistor      843Ч849
Scattering matrix for two-port junction      254Ч257
Scattering matrix of circulator      471Ч476
Scattering matrix of directional coupler      414Ч416
Scattering matrix of hybrid junction      436Ч437 441
Scattering matrix symmetry of      250Ч251
Scattering matrix unitary property of      253
Schelkunoff, S.A.      218
Schloemann, E.      480
Schneider, M.V.      150
Schwarz, S.E.      70
Schwinger directional coupler      420
Senaiper, S.      585
Separation constant      45
Separation of variables method      44 183
Sheath helix      5811Ч583
Sheath helix in traveling-wave tube      693
Shen, L.C      70
Sheng, N.H.      717
Short circuit choke-type      397
Short circuit variable, in waveguide      395Ч397
Siater, J.C      548 647 712
Signal flow graphs      260Ч268
Signal velocity      200Ч204
Silverstein, J.D.      712
Skamik, J.K.      712
Skin depth      54
Skolnik, M.I.      16
Slot line      127
Smith chart      304Ч308
SnellТs law      50
Solymar, L.      393
Soohoo, R.P.      458 480
Space-charge reduction factor      659Ч660
Space-charge waves ac power relations for      667Ч670
Space-charge waves ac power relations for and kinetic voltage      670
Space-charge waves ac power relations for and kinetic-power theorem      670
Space-charge waves dc propagation constant for      656
Space-charge waves effective plasma frequency for      659Ч660
Space-charge waves fast and slow      658
Space-charge waves on axially confined beam      654Ч661
Space-charge waves on unfocused beam      661Ч667
Space-charge waves reduction factor for      659Ч660
Spangenberg, K.R.      650 672 712
Spatial harmonics in periodic structures      569Ч571
Sprangle, P.      712
Stability circles      736Ч744
Stability circles load      736
Stability circles source      739
Stability, of amplifier      735Ч744
Standing wave ratio      92
Standing waves, on transmission line      91Ч92
Static fields      28Ч30
Stratton, J.A.      70
Strip line      170Ч174
Strip line attenuation on      171Ч173
Strip line coupled      173Ч174
Strip line impedance of      171
Stub in waveguide      342Ч343
Stub matching with      309Ч319
Stub matching with double      312Ч317
Stub matching with single      309Ч312
Stub matching with triple      317Ч319
Stulzman, W.L.      16
Substrate, properties of      130
Surface impedance      56
Surface wave      124
Susceptibility electric      25
Susceptibility magnetic      27
Suskind, C      672 712
Symons, R.S.      703
TE waves      98 100Ч102
TEM waves      98Ч100
Termination, waveguide      394Ч397
Thiele, G.A      16
TM waves      98 102Ч104
Transducer gain      273Ч274 728
Transmission coefficient      51
Transmission line capacitively loaded      551Ч557
Transmission line capacitively loaded $k_0-\beta$ diagram for      564Ч566
Transmission line capacitively loaded Bloch waves in      556
Transmission line capacitively loaded characteristic impedance of      556
Transmission line capacitively loaded circuit analysis of      551Ч557
Transmission line capacitively loaded eigenvalue equation iov      554
Transmission line capacitively loaded wave analysis of      557Ч559
Transmission line distributed circuit analysis of      66Ч89
Transmission line field theory of coaxial line      106Ч108 111
Transmission line field theory of lossless line      106Ч108
Transmission line field theory of lossy coaxial line      111
Transmission line field theory of with small loss      111
Transmission line parallel-plate, with dielectric      117Ч1^5
Transmission line parameters of capacilance      112 117
Transmission line parameters of capacilance, characteristic impedance      113 117
Transmission line parameters of capacilance, coaxial line      115 117
Transmission line parameters of capacilance, conductance      115 117
Transmission line parameters of capacilance, inductance      115 117
Transmission line parameters of capacilance, resistance      116 117
Transmission line resonant circuit      485Ч490
Transmission line resonant circuit, antiresonant      488Ч490
Transmission line resonant circuit, open-circuited      487Ч488
Transmission line resonant circuit, short-circuited      485Ч487
Transmission line tapered, Chebyshev      380Ч383
Transmission line tapered, Chebyshev exponential      372
Transmission line tapered, Chebyshev reflection coefficient on, approximate equation      371
Transmission line tapered, Chebyshev reflection coefficient on, Riccati equation for      385
Transmission line tapered, Chebyshev synthesis of      373Ч380
Transmission line tapered, Chebyshev triangular      372Ч373
Transmission line terminated      89Ч96
Transmission matrix, for cascade network voltage-current      257Ч259
Transmission matrix, for cascade network wave-amplitude      259Ч260
Transverse resonance method      206Ч208
Traveling-wave tube M-type      699Ч701
Traveling-wave tube O-type      692Ч699
Traveling-wave tube O-type gain of      698
Traveling-wave tube periodic structures for      571Ч585
Troetschel, W.O.      703
Two-port junctions      238Ч243
Two-port junctions, equivalent circuits for      245Ч248
Uenohara, M.      823
Ulaby, V T.      16
Valter, G.      703
Van Bladel, J.      549
Van der Zeil, A.      799
Van Duzer, T.      219
Van Trier, A.A.Th.M.      465
Vartanian, P.H.      406
Vector formulas      876Ч880
Vector potential dynamic      56Ч59
Vector potential dynamic solution fur      59Ч62
Vector potential static      30
Velocity energy flow for plane waves      48
Velocity energy flow in periodic structures      566Ч571
Velocity energy flow in waveguides      204Ч205
Velocity group in periodic structures      566Ч571
Velocity in waveguides      200Ч204
Velocity modulation beam coupling parameter in      672
Velocity modulation, of electron beam      670Ч678
Velocity phase for plane waves      47Ч48
Velocity phase in waveguides      182
Velocity signal, in waveguides      199Ч204
Velocity wavefront, in waveguides      199
Velocity-jump amplifier      708
Vendelin, G.D.      719 798 875
Villeneuve, A.T.      63
Voltage standing wave ratio      91Ч93
Voltage, equivalent normalized      223
Voltage, equivalent, in waveguide      221Ч224
Wail, J.R      70
Watkins, D.A.      585 647
Watson, G.N.      885
Wave classification of      96Ч99
Wave equation      31
Wave impedance of TE mode      185 190
Wave impedance of TM mode TM mode      189
wave number      32
Wave plane      44Ч48
Wave plane reflection of, from conducting plane      53Ч56
Wave plane reflection of, from dielectric surface      49Ч53
Wave TE      98Ч102
Wave TEM      98Ч100
Wave TM      98 102Ч104
Wave transmission matrix      259Ч260 (see also УPeriodic structuresФ; УSpace-charge waves; Transmission line; WaveguideФ)
Waveguide capacitive circular, attenuation in      196Ч197
Waveguide capacitive circular, solutions for      194Ч197
Waveguide capacitive circular, TE waves in      196Ч197
Waveguide capacitive circular, TM waves in      194Ч196
Waveguide capacitive diaphragm in      341Ч342
Waveguide capacitive post in      342
Waveguide capacitive rod in      342
Waveguide equivalent current and voltage for      221Ч224
Waveguide excitation of by aperture      284Ч294
Waveguide excitation of by current loop      283Ч284
Waveguide excitation of by linear current element      281Ч283
Waveguide inductive diaphragm in      340Ч341
Waveguide inductive post in      341
Waveguide properties of      180Ч182
Waveguide rectangular, attenuation in      188
Waveguide rectangular, cutoff frequency of      184
Waveguide rectangular, dominant TE mode in      190Ч194
Waveguide rectangular, power in      186Ч187
Waveguide rectangular, solutions for      189
Waveguide rectangular, TE waves in      182Ч190
Waveguide rectangular, TM waves in      193
Waveguide rectangular, wave impedance for      185 189 197
Waveguide ridge      205Ч207
Waveguide termination      394Ч397
Waveguide velocity in group      200Ч2(14
Waveguide velocity in phase      182
Waveguide velocity in signal      199Ч204
Waveguide velocity in wavefront      199
Waveguide velocity in, energy      204Ч205
Weale, J.R.      150
Weinberg, L.      596
Wenzel, R.J.      647
Wheeler, H.A.      149
Whinnery, J.R.      219
Wilkinson, E.      443
Williams, A.E.      647
Wolff, E.      219
Wolff, I.      497 4U9
Wu, Y.S.      475 480
Yamashita, S.      647
Young, L.      346 360 364 393 434
Zitelli, I.      712
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