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Collin R.E. Ч Foundations for Microwave Engineerings
Collin R.E. Ч Foundations for Microwave Engineerings

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Ќазвание: Foundations for Microwave Engineerings

јвтор: Collin R.E.


"FOUNDATIONS FOR MICROWAVE ENGINEERING, Second Edition, covers the major topics of microwave engineering. Its presentation defines the accepted standard for both advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on microwave engineering. An essential reference book for the practicing microwave engineer, it features:
Planar transmission lines, as well as an appendix that describes in detail conformal mapping methods for their analysis and attenuation characteristics
Small aperture coupling and its application in practical components such as directional couplers and cavity coupling
Printed circuit components with an emphasis on techniques such as even and odd mode analysis and the use of symmetry properties
Microwave linear amplifier and oscillator design using solid-state circuits such as varactor devices and transistors
FOUNDATIONS FOR MICROWAVE ENGINEERING, Second Edition, has extensive coverage of transmission lines, waveguides, microwave circuit theory, impedance matching and cavity resonators. It devotes an entire chapter to fundamental microwave tubes, in addition to chapters on periodic structures, microwave filters, small signal solid-state microwave amplifier and oscillator design, and negative resistance devices and circuits. Completely updated in 1992, it is being reissued by the IEEE Press in response to requests from our many members, who found it an invaluable textbook and an enduring reference for practicing microwave engineers.

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»здание: second edition

√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 924

ƒобавлена в каталог: 20.02.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
Hankel functions      881Ч885
Hankel functions spherical      510Ч511
Harrington, R.F.      63 144
Hartwig, C.P.      156
Harvey, A.P.      479 577
Haskal, H.      224
Haus, H.A.      668
Hayt, W.H., Jr.      70
Heilmeier.G.H.      830
Held, D.N.      875
Helix general properties of      583Ч585
Helix sheath      580Ч583
Helix sheath dispersion equation for      583
Helix sheath in traveling-wave tube      693
HelmholtzТs equation      32 97
HelmholtzТs theorem      19 525
HEMT transistor      722
Hensperger, E.S.      346
Heuer, H.J.      818
Hirshfield, J.L.      712
Homer, J.B.      712
Homo, M.      430
Honey, R.C.      830
Hopfer, S.      207 209
Howe, H.      130 173
Hutter, R.G.E.      576 712
Hybrid junction as balanced mixer      865Ч866
Hybrid junction branch line coupler as      432Ч434
Hybrid junction magic T as      435Ч437
Hybrid junction ring circuit as      437Ч442
Hybrid junction scattering matrix for      436Ч437 441
Image parameters of filters      587Ч590
IMPATT oscillator      837Ч840
Impedance characteristic of capacitively loaded transmission line      556
Impedance characteristic of coaxial line      115
Impedance characteristic of coplanar line      176Ч178
Impedance characteristic of microstrip line      150Ч153
Impedance characteristic of strip line      171
Impedance characteristic of transmission line      76
Impedance general definition of      38
Impedance input, even and odd properties of      232Ч233
Impedance input, on transmission line      93
Impedance inverters in filters      603Ч615
Impedance matching, with lumped elements      319Ч330
Impedance matching, with lumped elements with stubs      309Ч319 (see also УQuarter-wave transformersФ; УTransmission line taperedФ)
Impedance matrix imaginary property of      236Ч237
Impedance matrix symmetry of      235Ч236
Impedance mismatch factor      334
Impedance mismatch factor, invariance of      334Ч339
Impedance normalized      90 С237Ч238
Impedance of waveguide elements      339Ч342
Impedance surface      56
Impedance termination, design of      330Ч334
Impedance wave for circular guide      196Ч197
Impedance wave for TE waves in rectangular guide      185 190
Impedance wave for TM waves in rectangular guide      189
Inductance.disributed for transmission line      72Ч73
Inductor, for microsirip circuits      320Ч322
Insertion loss in filters      591Ч592
Interdigital line      577Ч579
Ishii, T.K.      219
Isolator      466Ч468
Ivanek, F.      16
Jackson.R.W.      179
Jahnke, E.      395
James.D.S.      500
Johnk, C.T.A.      70
Johnson noise      762
Johnson, R.C      393
Jones, E.M.T.      364 434 830
Kajfez, D.      549
Kales, M.L.      465
Kaul, R.      210
Kerns, D.M.      302
Kerr, A.R.      875
Kinetic power theorem for electron beam      670
Kinetic voltage      670
Kleen, W.J.      712
Klopenstein, R.W.      393
Kluever, J.W.      668
Klystron reflex electronic admittance in      6B6
Klystron reflex oscillation conditions for      688
Klystron reflex tuning curves for      688Ч689
Klystron reflex two-cavity      678Ч686
Klystron reflex two-cavity equivalent circuit for      684Ч685
Klystron reflex two-cavity excitation of fields in      683Ч686
Klystron reflex two-cavity gain of      685
Knight, S.P.      322
Knipp, J.K.      712
Knoppik, N.      497 499
Kobayshi, M.      162
Kollberg, E.L.      875
Komatsu, Y.      515
Kong, J.A.      70 149
Kotzebue, K.L.      830
Kratis, J.D.      16 70
Krauss, H.L.      712
Kuhn, N.      264
Kurokawa, K.      268 549
Lange, J.      434
LaplaceТs equation      29
Larmor frequency      452
Laverghetta, T.      130
Lax, B.      480
Lewin, L.      340 342 902
Lewis, J.      712
Li, Q.F.      712
Liboff.R.L.      219
Liechti, C.H.      717
Lorentz condition      57 133
Lorentz force      17Ч18
Lorentz reciprocity theorem      62Ч64
Loss tangent      26
Magic T      435Ч437 865Ч868
Magnetic permeability      13 27
Magnetic permeability for ferrite      455 457Ч459
magnetic susceptibility      27
Magnetron      690Ч692
Makimoti, M.      647
Malherbe, J.A.G.      647
Manley, J.M.      804
Manley-Rowe relations      804Ч807
Marcuvitz, N.      207 302 339Ч340 479 552
Mason, S.J.      261
Mass, S.A.      875
Masse, D.J.      156
Matching network design of for amplifier      330Ч334 338Ч339
Matching network lumped element      319Ч330
Matching network lumped element Q of      325Ч330
Matching network lumped element with transmission line stubs      309Ч3
Matsumaru, K.      393
Matthaei, G.L.      364 434 630 830
Matthews, H.      647
MaxwellТs equations      21
McDonald, N.A      286
McLachlan, N.W.      885
Meander line      577Ч579
Medina, V.      430
Meixner, J.      43
Melchor, J.L.      456
MESFET      721
MIC circuit      714
Microstrip line      125Ч128 130Ч169
Microstrip line, attenuation of      153Ч157 163Ч164
Microstrip line, coupled      164Ч170
Microstrip line, dispersion in      158Ч11
Microstrip line, effective dielectric constant for      149Ч152
Microstrip line, impedance of      150Ч153
Microstrip line, inverted-suspended      126Ч127
Microstrip resonator      490Ч496
Microstrip resonator, disk      496Ч500
Microstrip resonator, disk Q of      499
Mihran, T.G.      660
Mixer      856Ч868
Mixer, balanced      865Ч868
Mixer, compression in      862Ч863
Mixer, harmonic balance method for      869Ч873
Mixer, image-enhanced      868
Mixer, image-rejection      868
Mixer, intermodulation in      863Ч864
Mixer, noise figure      864Ч865
Mixer, subharmonic      868
MMIC circuits      714
Mobbs.C.I.      647
Mode chart for cylindrical cavity      507
Montgomery, C.G.      16 220 245 302 416 479 548
Moore, R.K.      16
Morich, M.      166
Moynihan, R.L.      449
Mumford, W.W.      636
Murakami, Y.      515
N-port circuits      233Ч235
Nakatani, A.      180
Naldi, C U.      176
Negative-resistance amplifier      814-S21
Nelson, J.      500
Noise, conductance equivalent      767
Noise, conductance equivalent temperature of      762
Noise, conductance figure      768Ч773
Noise, conductance figure circles for      772Ч776
Noise, conductance figure of cascaded stages      770Ч772
Noise, conductance figure of mixer      664Ч865
Noise, conductance figure of parametric amplifier      821Ч829
Noise, conductance figure optimum source impedance for minimum      769Ч770
Noise, conductance in two-parts      766Ч767
Noise, conductance Johnson or Nyquist      762
Noise, conductance resistance, equivalent      767
Noise, conductance temperature of amplifier      771
Noise, conductance temperature of system      771Ч772
Noise, conductance theory of      760Ч765
Normalised load impedance      90
Normalized current      223
Normalized voltage      223
O-type traveling-wave tube      692Ч699
Okress, E.C      16
Ordung, P.F.      712
Oscillators Gunn      832Ч837
Oscillators IMPATT diode      837Ч840
Oscillators three-port scattering matrix for      843Ч849
Oscillators transistor      840Ч856
Oscillators, design of      851Ч856
p-n junction diode      800Ч802
Pannenborg, A.E.      302
Parad, L.L      449
Parallel plate transmission line      117Ч125
Parametric amplifier linearized equations for      807Ч809
Parametric amplifier Manley Ч Rowe relations for      804Ч807
Parametric amplifier negative resistance      814Ч821
Parametric amplifier negative resistance gain of      815Ч820
Parametric amplifier negative resistance gain-bandwidth product far      821
Parametric amplifier negative resistance noise in      823Ч825
Parametric amplifier noise figure of degenerate negative resistance      825Ч829
Parametric amplifier noise figure of negative resistance      823Ч825
Parametric amplifier noise figure of up-converter      821Ч823
Parametric amplifier p-n junction diodes for      800Ч802
Parametric amplifier up-converter      809Ч814
Parametric amplifier up-converter gain of      813
Park, S.Y.      712
Pavio, A.M.      719 798 875
Penfield, P.      830
Pengelley, R.S.      722 798
Periodic structures and filters      587Ч590
Periodic structures for traveling-wave tube helix, general properties of      583Ч585
Periodic structures for traveling-wave tube interdigitai line      577Ч579
Periodic structures for traveling-wave tube meander line      577Ч579
Periodic structures for traveling-wave tube sheath helix      580Ч583
Periodic structures for traveling-wave tube tape ladder line      577Ч578
Periodic structures for traveling-wave tube, corrugated plane      571Ч577
Periodic structures unsymmetrical two-ports in      559Ч560
Periodic structures, $k_0-\beta$ diagram for      564Ч566
Periodic structures, Bloch waves in      556
Periodic structures, Bloch-wave impedance for      555Ч556
Periodic structures, energy flow velocity in      566Ч571
Periodic structures, FloquetТs theorem for      569Ч57]
Periodic structures, group velocity in      566Ч571
Periodic structures, matching of      563Ч564
Periodic structures, spatial harmonics in      569Ч571
Periodic structures, terminated      560Ч563
Permeability      18 27
Permeability for ferrite      455 457Ч459
Perveance of electron heam      650
Phase shifter, electronnic      409Ч413
Phase shifter, rotary      404Ч409
phase velocity      47 198Ч199
Phase velocity in waveguides      182
Physical constants      911Ч912
Pierce, J.R.      650 653 712
Pierpont, J.      229
PIN diode      401Ч403
Plane waves      44Ч48
Plasma frequency      653
Plasma frequency effective      659
Poh, S.Y.      149
PoissonТs equation      29
Polarization circular      405Ч407 452
Polarization in dielectric      23Ч27
Polarization of circular aperture      285
Post capacitive in waveguide      342
Post inductive, in waveguide      341
Potential scalar, dynamic      57
Potential scalar, static      28
Potential vector, dynamic      57
Potential vector, static      30
Power added efficiency      842
Power divider      442Ч450
Power divider Wilkinson      443Ч450
Power for TE waves in rectangular guide      186 187
Power gain      274 728Ч735
Power loss ratio in filter      591Ч594
Power loss ratio in quarter-wave transformer      356Ч357
Power orthogonality in waveguides      185
Power waves, scattering matrix for      268Ч276
Power, in circular guide      197
Poynting vector      38Ч39
Poynting vector complex      37
Pozar, D.M.      219 479
Pratt, T.      16
Presser, A.      434
Probe, radiation resistance of, in waveguide      281
Pucel, R.A.      156
Pulse propagation on transmission line      78Ч85
Purcell, E.M.      220 245 302 416 479 548
Quality factor or Q      325 503Ч504
Quality factor or Q external      483
Quality factor or Q loaded      483
Quality factor or Q of cylindrical cavity      507
Quality factor or Q of dielectric resonator      513
Quality factor or Q of disk resonator      499
Quality factor or Q of matching network      325Ч330
Quality factor or Q of rectangular cavity      503Ч504
Quality factor or Q unloaded      483
Quarter-wave plate      405
Quarter-wave transformers Chebyshev, exact results      356Ч360
Quarter-wave transformers Chebyshev, three-section      359Ч360
Quarter-wave transformers Chebyshev, two-section      356Ч358
Quarter-wave transformers N-section binomial      350Ч352
Quarter-wave transformers N-section Chebyshev      352Ч356
Quarter-wave transformers N-section, approximate theory for      348Ч350
Quarter-wave transformers prototype circuit for filter      360Ч370
Quarter-wave transformers single-section      343Ч346
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