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Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. Ч Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras (vol. 1) Elementary Theory257
Nagel R. Ч One-parameter semigroups of positive operators369, 400
—ергиенко ј.Ѕ. Ч ÷ифрова€ обработка сигналов96
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2126.B
Ogata K. Ч Modern Control Engineering71
Evans L.C. Ч Partial Differential Equations568
Gustafsson F. Ч Adaptive filtering and change detection14
Agrachev A.A., Sachkov Yu.L. Ч Control theory from the geometric viewpoint11
Landsman N.P. Ч Mathematical topics between classical and quantum mechanics2, 49
Engel K.-J., Nagel R. Ч One-Parameter Semigroups for Linear Evolution Equations368, 452, 533
Skorokhod A.V., Prokhorov Y.V. (Ed) Ч Basic Principles and Applications of Probability Theory147
Hagen R., Roch S., Silbermann B. Ч C-Algebras and Numerical Analysis134
Thorisson H. Ч Coupling, Stationarity, and Regeneration33
Gupta M.M., Jin L., Homma N. Ч Static and dynamic neural networks512
Murnaghan F.D. Ч The calculus of variations7, 71
Kohonen T. Ч Self-organizing maps270
Breuer L., Baum D. Ч Introduction to Queueing Theory and Matrix-Analytic Methods9, 37
Cappe O., Ryden T., Moulines E. Ч Inference in Hidden Markov Models38
McConnell J.C., Robson J.C. Ч Noncommutative Noetherian Rings12.8.1
Fleming W.H., Soner H.M. Ч Controlled Markov Processes and Viscosity Solutions120, 130
Haran S.M.J. Ч Arithmetical Investigations: Representation Theory, Orthogonal Polynomials, and Quantum Interpolations35, 42
Smith L.A. Ч Chaos: A Very Short Introduction36, 168
Schenk C.A., Schueller G.I. Ч Uncertainty Assessment of Large Finite Element Systems113, 147
Pliska S.R. Ч Introduction to Mathematical Finance106
Smith P. Ч Explaining chaos3
Forsyth R., Naylor Ch. Ч The Hitch-Hicker's Guide to Artificial Intelligence143
Malliaris A.G., Brock W.A. Ч Stochastic methods in economics and finance33
Gleick J. Ч Chaos. Making a new sciencesee УPhase spaceФ
Marcus M., Rosen J. Ч Markov Processes, Gaussian Processes and Local Times63
Shiryaev A., Peskir G. Ч Optimal Stopping and Free-Boundary Problems76
Alfsen E.M. Ч Compact Convex Sets and Boundary Integrals72
Alberti P.M., Uhlmann A. Ч Stochasticity and Partial Order59
Rammer J. Ч Quantum transport theory15, 33
Dorlas T.C. Ч Statistical mechanics, fundamentals and model solutions1
Li M., Vitanyi P. Ч An introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications559
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics126.B
Shiryaev A.N. Ч Probability112
Kannan D. (ed.), Lakshmikantham V. (ed.) Ч Handbook of stochastic analysis and applications1
Kuhn D. Ч Generalized Bounds For Convex Multistage Stochastic Programs8
Kuo W., Zuo M.J. Ч Optimal Reliability Modeling: Principles and Applications40
Nagel R., Derdinger R., Günther P. Ч Ergodic theory in the perspective of functional analysisI/3, II/5, II/19
Staffans O. Ч Well-Posed Linear Systems1, 38
Featherstone R. Ч Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms42
Duffie D. Ч Security Markets. Stochastic Models173, 184, 266
Denker M., Grillenberger Ch., Sigmund K. Ч Ergodic Theory on Compact Spaces36
Hilborn R.C. Ч Chaos and nonlinear dynamics31, 71
Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. Ч Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras (vol. 2) Advanced Theory257
Sakai S. Ч C*-algebras and W*-algebras41
Peleg Y., Pnini R., Zaarur E. Ч Schaum's outline of theory and problems of quantum mechanics50
Bellman R.E. Ч Introduction to the mathematical theory of control processes (Volume I: Linear Equations and Quadratic Criteria)136
Churchland P.S., Sejnowski T.J. Ч The computational brain64Ч65, 155, 163
Mattheij R.M.M., Molenaar J. Ч Ordinary Differential Equations in Theory and Practice (Classics in Applied Mathematics) (No. 43)4
Wallace C.S. Ч Statistical and Inductive Inference by Minimum Message Length340
Blumenthal R.M. Ч Excursions of markov processes1
Borne T., Lochak G., Stumpf H. Ч Nonperturbative quantum field theory and the structure of matter69, 97ff
Cohen-Tannoudji C., Dupont-Roc J., Grynberg G. Ч Photons and atoms: introduction to quantum electrodynamic175 (see also УSubsidiary condition in the Coulomb gaugeФ)
Billingsley P. Ч Probability and Measure108
¬raker J.G. Ч Algorithms and applications in timed discrete event systems18, 25, 55
Dijkstra H.A. Ч Nonlinear physical oceanography68
Lipschutz S. Ч Schaum's Outline of Probability130
Ardema M.D. Ч Analytical Dynamics: Theory and Applications50
Fuhrmann P.A. Ч A Polynomial Approach to Linear Algebra273
Harmand P., Werner D., Werner W. Ч M-Ideals in Banach Spaces and Banach Algebras218
Bellman R. Ч Algorithms, graphs, and computers, Volume 62 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)113
Ash R.B., Doléans-Dade C.A. Ч Probability and Measure Theory196
Conway J.B. Ч A Course in Functional Analysis258
Peterson J.L. Ч Petri net theory and the modeling of systems23Ч25, 211
Grasman J. Ч Asymptotic methods for relaxation oscillations and applications190
Kao E. Ч Introduction to Stochastic Processes2
Kraetzschmar G.K. Ч Distributed Reason Maintenance for Multiagent Systems247
Staicu V. (ed.) Ч Differential Equations, Chaos and Variational Problems30Ч33, 40Ч41
Rao M.M., Swift R.J. Ч Probability Theory With Applications146
Socha L. Ч Linearization Methods for Stochastic Dynamic Systems2
Adomian G. Ч Stochastic Systems62
Callen H. Ч Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics344
Leuchs G., Beth T. (eds.) Ч Quantum Information Processing135, 136
Antsaklis P.S., Michel A.N. Ч Linear Systems56, 58
Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. Ч Analysis, manifolds and physics. Part I.265
Franklin G.F., Workman M.L., Powell J.D. Ч Digital Control of Dynamic Systems6, 101
Dawson D. Ч Introduction to Markov Chains1
Walters P. Ч An introduction to ergodic theory21, 105
Giarratano J.C., Riley G.D. Ч Expert Systems: Principles and Programming101
Hirsch M.W., Smale S. Ч Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Linear Algebra23, 289
Hobbie R., Roth B. Ч Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology,263
Reithmeier E. Ч Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Numerical Computation, Stability, Bifurcation and Transition to Chaos4, 9
Silhavy M. Ч The Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Continuous Media89
Cvitanovic P., Artuso R., Dahlqvist P. Ч Classical and quantum chaos34, see also "Phase space"
Lasota A., Mackey M.C. Ч Probabilistic Properties of Deterministic Systems1
Blomberg H.( ed.) Ч Algebraic theory for multivariable linear systems, Volume 166159
Rao J.R. Ч Extensions of the UNITY Methodology: Compositionality, Fairness and Probability in Parallelism11
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Gohberg I., Goldberg S., Kaashoek M. Ч Classes of linear operators. (volume 2)704, 776
Peszat S., Zabczyk J. Ч Stochastic partial differential equations with Levy noise: An evolution equation approach3
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Blumenthal R.K., Getoor R.M. Ч Markov processes and potential theory20
Revuz D., Yor M. Ч Continuous martingales and Brownian motion15
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Groesen E., Molenaar J. Ч Continuum Modeling in the Physical Sciences (Monographs on Mathematical Modeling and Computation)71
Flanders H. Ч Differential Forms with Applications to the Physical Sciences165
—ергиенко ј.Ѕ. Ч ÷ифрова€ обработка сигналов. ”чебник дл€ вузов.96
Fuchssteiner B., Lusky W. Ч Convex Cones (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)90
Stamatescu I., Seiler E. Ч Approaches to Fundamental Physics62, 64, 68, 69, 80, 81
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C. Ч Analysis, manifolds and physics265
Bruss D. (ed.), Leuchs G. (ed.) Ч Lectures on Quantum Information40
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