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Ogata K. Ч Modern Control Engineering
Ogata K. Ч Modern Control Engineering

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Ќазвание: Modern Control Engineering

јвтор: Ogata K.


This comprehensive treatment of the analysis and design of continuous-time control systems provides a gradual development of control theoryЧand shows how to solve all computational problems with MATLAB. It avoids highly mathematical arguments, and features an abundance of examples and worked problems throughout the book. Chapter topics include the Laplace transform; mathematical modeling of mechanical systems, electrical systems, fluid systems, and thermal systems; transient and steady-state-response analyses, root-locus analysis and control systems design by the root-locus method; frequency-response analysis and control systems design by the frequency-response; two-degrees-of-freedom control; state space analysis of control systems and design of control systems in state space. For control systems engineers.

язык: en

–убрика: “ехнологи€/

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»здание: third edition

√од издани€: 1997

 оличество страниц: 997

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.03.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
$e^{At}$ computation of      731Ч35
Abscissa of convergence      17Ч18
Absolute stability      135
Ackermann, J.E.      983
AckermannТs formula for observer gain matrix      821Ч22 834
AckermannТs formula for pole placement      793Ч95
Actuator      212
Air heating system      122Ч23
Analytic extension theorem      19
Analytic function      14
Anderson, B.D.O.      983
Angle condition      319
Angle of arrival      334
Angle of departure      327 334
Approximate differentiator      694
Asymptotes Bode diagram      477
Asymptotes root loci      322
Asymptotic stability      898
Asymptotic stability in the large      898Ч99
Athans, M      983
Attenuation      146
Automatic controller      211
Automobile suspension system      113Ч15
Auxiliary polynomial      236
Back emf      143
Back emf constant      143
Bandwidth      555 563
Barnes, J.L.      984
Barnet, S.      983
Basic control actions      212Ч18
Basic control actions integral      215Ч16
Basic control actions on-off      213Ч15
Basic control actions proportional      215
Basic control actions proportional-plus-derivative      216Ч17
Basic control actions proportional-plus-integral      216Ч17
Basic control actions proportional-plus-integral-plus-derivative      217Ч18
Basic control actions two-position      213Ч15
Bayliss, L.E.      983
Bellman, R.      983
Bertram, J.E.      985
Blackwell, W.A.      986
Bleed-type relay      243
Block      63
Block diagram      63Ч64
Block diagram algebra      68
Block diagram reduction      68
Bode diagram      473
Bode diagram error in asymptotic expression of      478
Bode diagram general procedure for plotting      483Ч84
Bode diagram of first-order factors      476Ч79
Bode diagram of quadratic factors      480Ч82
Bode diagram of system defined in state space      502
Bode diagram plotting with MATLAB      492Ч504
Bode, H.W.      983
Boltyanskii, V.G.      986
Branch point      64
Break frequency      477
Break-in point      328
Breakaway point      323
Bridged-T networks      639
Brogan, W.L.      983
Brushless dc motor      141
Business system      6
Butman, S.      983
Campbell, D.P.      983
Cannon, R.      983
Cannon, R.H., Jr.      984
Capacitance of pressure system      239Ч40
Capacitance of thermal system      98
Capacitance of water tank      94
Cauchy-Riemann conditions      15
CauchyТs Theorem      584Ч585
Cayley Ч Hamilton theorem      729Ч30 762
Chang, P.M.      983
Characteristic equation      970
Characteristic polynomial      75
Characteristic roots      714
Cheng, D.K.      983
Churchill, R.V.      984
Circular root locus      329Ч30 385Ч86 390Ч91
Classification of control systems      275
Closed-loop control system      7
Closed-loop frequency response for nonunity-feedback system      563Ч64
Closed-loop transfer function      66
Coddington, E.A.      984
Compensation      405
Compensation feedback      405
Compensation feedforward      5 700Ч3
Compensation parallel      405
Compensation series      405Ч6
Compensator      405
Compensator lag      406
Compensator lag-lead      406
Compensator lead      406 409Ч17
Complementary sensitivity function      688
Complete observability      782Ч83
Complete observability conditions for      745Ч47
Complete observability in the s plane      745
Complete output controllablility      778Ч80
Complete state controllability      737Ч38 775Ч78
Complete state controllability in the s plane      741
Complex function      14
Complex impedence      88
Complex variable      14
Complex-conjugate poles cancellation of undesirable      638Ч39
Complex-differentiation theorem      32
Conditional stability      629
Conditionally stable system      358Ч59 535
Conduction heat transfer      98
Conforma! mapping      543Ч44 584Ч86 597
Conical water tank system      132
Constant phase-angle loci (N circles)      558Ч60
Constant-gain loci      357Ч58
Constant-magnitude loci (M circles)      557Ч58
Contact force      82
Control actions      212Ч18
Control ler-observer transfer function for      826Ч27
Controllability      737Ч43
Controllability matrix      738 790
Controllability output      742
Controllable canonical form      711Ч12 749Ч51
Controlled variable      2
Controller tuning      670
Convection heat transfer      98
Conventional control theory      70
Convolution      33
Convolution integral      33 49 62
Corner frequency      477
Craig, J.J.      984
Critically damped system      147Ч48
Cunningham, W.J.      984
Cutoff frequency      554Ч55
Cutoff rate      555
Damped natural frequency      147
Damper      83 259Ч60
Damping ratio      146
Damping ratio lines of constant      412Ч13
Daniel, J.      985
Dashpot      83 259Ч60
DC servomotor      142
DC servomotor armature control of      142Ч45
DC servomotor field control of      142
Dead space      59
Dead time      360
Dead-zone nonlinearity      59
Decade      475
Decibel      473
Deconvolution      972
Delay time      150 671
Derivative control action      225
Derivative control action basic principle for obtaining      250Ч52 261Ч62
Derivative time      217
Diagonal canonical form      712 753Ч55
Diagonalization of $n\times n$ matrix      714Ч15
Differential amplifier      263
Differential gap      214
Differentiating system      188
Differentiator approximate      693Ч94
Dirac delta function      25
Direct transmission matrix      72
Disturbance      3
Disturbance external      3
Disturbance internal      3
Disturbance rejection      686
Disturbance response to torque      221Ч22 224Ч25
Disturbance-feedforward control      700Ч1
Disturbance-feedforward scheme      702
Disturbance-feedforward transfer function      701
Dither signal      102
Domain of attraction      898
Dominant closed-loop poles      230Ч31
Dorf, R.C.      984
Doyle, J.C.      984
Eigenvalue      714 968
Eigenvalue generalized      969
Eigenvalue invariance of      717
Eigenvector      968Ч69
Eigenvector generalized      969
Electric-pneumatic transducer      314
Electronic PID controller      268
Emami-Naeini, A      984
Engineering organizational system      11
Enns, M      984
Equilibrium state      897Ч98
Equilibrium state asymptotically stable      899
Equilibrium state stable      899
Equilibrium state unstable      899
Equivalent moment of inertia      145Ч46 191Ч93
Equivalent viscous-friction coefficient      145Ч46 191Ч93
Error dynamics      818
Error equation for minimum-order observer      833
Error vector      815
Euclidean norm      898
Euler equation      937
EulerТs theorem      16Ч17
Evans, W.R.      317 984
Exponential order      18
Exponential response curve      136Ч37
Falb, PL.      983
Feedback compensation      405
Feedback control      3
Feedback control system      6Ч7
Feedforward compensation      702Ч3
Feedforward control      5 700Ч3
Feedforward transfer function      65
Field forces      82
Figure of merit of control systems      276
Final value theorem      29Ч30
First method of Liapunov      897
First-order system      136
First-order system unit-impulse response of      138Ч39
First-order system unit-ramp response of      137Ч39
First-order system unit-step response of      136Ч38
Flapper      242
Flapper contact      82
Flapper field      82
Flapper valve      314
Forces      82
Francis, B.A.      984
Franklin, G.F.      984
Frequency response      471
Frequency response correlation between step response and      550Ч54
Friedland, B.      984
Fu, K.S.      984 986
Full-order state observer      813Ч22
Full-order state observer design of      816Ч22
Functional block      63
Gain adjustment      564Ч67
Gain crossover frequency      545
Gain margin      544Ч49
Gamkrelidze, R.V.      986
Gantmacher, F.R.      984
Gardner, M.F.      984
Gas constant      296
Gas flow resistance      239
Gear train      191
Generalized eigenvalues      969
Generalized eigenvectors      969
Gibson, J.E.      984 986
Gilbert, E.G.      984
Gonzalez, R.C.      984
Graham, D.      984
Gravitational acceleration constant      81
Greenwood, J.R., III      984
Gyro single-degree-of freedom      112
Hahn, W.      984
Halmos, P.R.      984
Harbor, R.D.      986
Hazen, H.L.      1
Hermitian form      901
Higdon, D.T.      984
Ho, Y.C.      985
Homogeneous state equation solution of      722Ч27
Hurwitz determinants      292
Hurwitz stability criterion      290Ч91 946
Hurwitz stability criterion equivalence of RouthТs stability criterion and      291Ч94
Hydraulic controller integral      256Ч58
Hydraulic controller jet-pipe      301Ч3
Hydraulic controller proportional      258Ч59
Hydraulic controller proportional-plus-derivative      261Ч62
Hydraulic controller proportional-plus-integral      260Ч61
Hydraulic servo system      127Ч28 305Ч6
Hydraulic servomotor      102Ч5 257Ч58
Hydraulic systems      238 255Ч56
Hydraulic systems advantages and disadvantages of      256
I-PD control      681Ч82
I-PD controlled system      698
Impedance      88
Impedance approach to obtaining transfer function      265Ч66
Impulse function      24
Impulse response      760
Impulse response MATLAB approach to obtain      166Ч70
Impulse response of second-order system      158Ч60
Impulse-response function      63
Indefiniteness of scalar function      900
Industrial control system      212
Industrial controllers      212
Industrial robot      4Ч5
Initial value theorem      30
Input filter      698
Input matrix      72
Instability      899 904
Integral control action      215 219
Integral control action basic principle for obtaining      252Ч54 260Ч61
Integral control with state feedback      682Ч83
Integral time      216
Inverse Laplace transform      35
Inverse Laplace transform partial-fraction expansion method for obtaining      35Ч44
Inverse Laplace transformation      17
Inverse polar plot      537Ч40
Inversion integral      17 34
Inverted-pendulum control system      803Ч10 852Ч61 891Ч93 952Ч57
Inverted-pendulum control system design with MATLAB      808Ч10 852Ч61 891Ч93
Inverted-pendulum system      85Ч87 803Ч10 952Ч57
Inverting amplifier      263Ч64
Irwin, J.D.      984
Jacobian matrix      905
Jayasuriya, S.      983Ч84
Jordan blocks      740
Jordan canonical form      713 715 756Ч57
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