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Sornette D. Ч Critical phenomena in natural sciences
Khosrowpour M. Ч Encyclopedia Of Information Science And Technology910
Doob J.L. Ч Stochastic processessee Chapter XII
Oksendal B. Ч Stochastic differential equations : an introduction with applications103
Good P.I., Hardin J.W. Ч Common Errors in Statistics : (and How to Avoid Them)140, 159Ч161, 173
Lindsey J.K. Ч Applying generalized linear models33, 63, 70, 71, 77Ч80, 89, 91, 96, 100, 118, 119, 169, 174, 186
Miranker W.L. Ч Numerical Methods for Stiff Equations and Singular Perturbation Problems38Ч40
Rawlings J.O., Pantula S.G., Dickey D.A. Ч Applied Regression Analysis: A Research Tool6, 90, 175, 176, 206, 207, 249
Winograd T. Ч Understanding computers and cognition15Ч16, 34, 95
Ehlers J.F. Ч Mesa and Trading Market Cycles: Forecasting and Trading Strategies from the Creator of MESA90, 91, 110, 111, 114, 115, 118, 119, 121, 122, 126
Wilensky R. Ч Planning and Understanding45Ч46
Skorokhod A.V., Prokhorov Y.V. (Ed) Ч Basic Principles and Applications of Probability Theory17, 257ff
Meisel W.S. Ч Computer-oriented approach to pattern recognition5
Bigus J.P. Ч Data mining with neural networks39Ч40
Casella G. Ч Statistical Design101, 140
Kyburg H.E., Teng Ch.M. Ч Uncertain Inference281, 284, 286
Kohonen T. Ч Self-organizing maps194, 208, 368
Cappe O., Ryden T., Moulines E. Ч Inference in Hidden Markov Models54
Graybill F.A., Iyer H.K. Ч Regression Analysis1, 73, 80, 99, 219
Resnick S.I. Ч A probability path164
Nickerson R. Ч Cognition and Chance The Psychology of Probabilistic Reasoning292Ч303
Chatfield C. Ч The Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction6, 90
Ben-Zvi D. Ч The Challenge of Developing Statistical Literacy, Reasoning and Thinking12, 22, 32, 85, 97, 102, 104, 111, 112, 128, 147, 160, 163, 167, 202Ч204, 210, 228, 278, 303, 309, 310Ч314, 330, 349, 398, 400, 403
Gershenfeld N. Ч The Nature of Mathematical Modelling-Neil Gershenfeld186
Oksendal B. Ч Stochastic Differential Equations: An Introduction With Applications104
Lawless J.F. Ч Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data194, 201
Galwey N.V. Ч Introduction to Mixed Modelling: Beyond Regression and Analysis of Variance87, 118, 158, 160Ч162, 164, 173,193, 206Ч209, 276, 291, 292
Stone C.J.D. Ч Course in Probability and Statistics316Ч322
Scott A. Ч Neuroscience: a mathematical primer30, 32
Patterson D.A., Hennessy J.L. Ч Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface382, 421Ч423
Campbell N.R. Ч What is science?59, 69Ч71, 87Ч89, 91
Ablameyko S., Goras L., Gori M. Ч Neural networks for instrumentation, measurement and related industrial applications120, 122, 129, 135, 138, 142
Katayama T., Sugimoto S. Ч Statistical Methods in Control and Signal Processing41, 54, 56Ч57
Tanimoto S.L. Ч The elements of artificial intelligence. An introduction using LISP475
Gerstner W., Kistler W.M. Ч Spiking Neuron Models429
Hilborn R.C. Ч Chaos and nonlinear dynamics37Ч39, 516Ч517
Furui S. Ч Digital Speech Processing, Synthesis, and Recognition145
Bernardo J.M., Smith A.F.M. Ч Bayesian Theory7, 10, 407, 408, 445, 454
Shanbhag D.N. (ed.), Rao C.R. (ed.) Ч Stochastic Processes - Modelling and Simulation874, 883, 885, 888, 890, 894, 919, 924
Hsiao C. Ч Analysis of panel data158
Serra J. Ч Image Analysis and Mathematical Morphology576Ч579
Hannan E. J. Ч Multiple time series127Ч163
Attwood T.K., Parry-Smith D.J. Ч Introduction to bioinformatics7Ч8, 14, 40, 82, 93, 95, 163Ч164
Knuth D.E. Ч The art of computer programming (vol. 3 Sorting and Searching)see УForecastingФ
Arnold B.C., Balakrishnan N., Nagaraja H.N. Ч A First Course in Order statistics180Ч183
Aslrom K.J. Ч Introduction to Stochastic Control Theory210
Bracewell R.N. Ч The Fourier Transform and its applications250
Haykin S. Ч Kalman filtering and neural networks3, 124
Hoffman B. Ч Strange Story of the Quantum15, 151Ч 152, 175Ч177, 181
Kotz S., Johnson N.L. Ч Breakthroughs in Statistics: Volume 1: Foundations and Basic Theory153, 463
Emanuel Parzen Ч Stochastic processes (Classics in Applied Mathematics)3, 43, 113, 114
Auletta G. Ч Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics443Ч445, 453
Efron B. Ч Large-Scale Inference. Empirical Bayes Methods for Estimation, Testing, and Predictionxi, 1, 7Ч10, 28, 211Ч217, 223, 228, 229, 234, 235, 237Ч241
Zhang Y. Ч Visual Information Representation, Communication and Image Processing181
Nelson W.B. Ч Recurrent events data analysis for product repairs, disease recurrences, and other applications31, 54, 125
Efron B. Ч Large-Scale Interference. Empirical Bayes Methods for Estimation, Testing, and Predictionxi, 1, 7Ч10, 28, 211Ч217, 223, 228, 229, 234, 235, 237Ч241
Mullin T. Ч The nature of chaos153Ч154
Rosenblatt M. Ч Random processes97, 160ff., 181
Balakrishnan N., Rao C.R. Ч Handbook of Statistics (Vol. 17): Order Statistics: Applications431Ч435, 448
Sutton O.G. Ч Mathematics in action16, 194
Bracewell R. Ч The Fourier Transform and Its Applications250
Marks R.J.II. Ч The Joy of Fourier471, 472, 505
Kneale W. Ч Probability and Induction234n., 251
Gelman A., Carlin J.B., Stern H.S. Ч Bayesian data analysissee "Posterior predictive distribution"
Ashby W.R. Ч An introduction to cybernetics132
Elden L. Ч Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications in Data Mining77
Hristev R.M. Ч The artificial neural network book191
Mario Bunge Ч Foundations of Physics80Ч83, 142, 276
Bridgman P.W. Ч The Nature of Thermodynamics101, 163
Jeffreys H. Ч Theory of probability1, 4, 13, 14, 40
Bickel P., Doksum K. Ч Mathematical statistics16, 32
Planck M. Ч Scientific Autobiography And Other Papers121, 145
Kotz S., Johnson N.L. Ч Breakthroughs in Statistics: Volume 2: Methodology and Distribution377
Rabin S. Ч AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD))see also "Unpredictability"
Kendall M.G. Ч The advanced theory of statistics (vol. 2)see "Forecasting"
Rice J.A. Ч Mathematical statistics and data analysis140
Vanmarcke Erik Ч Random Fields : Analysis and Synthesis18, 349Ч351, 361, see also "Optimal linear estimation"
Bunge M. Ч Foundations of Physics80Ч83, 142, 276
Kline M. Ч Mathematics for the Nonmathematician548
Berger J.O., Wolpert R.L. Ч The Likelihood Principle36Ч39, 41.1, 180Ч181, 194
Carnap R. Ч Foundations of logic and mathematics1, 15
Blin-Stoyle R.J. Ч Eureka! Physics of particles, matter and the universe3
von der Malsburg C., von Seelen W. Ч Artificial Neural Networks - ICANN 96: 6th International Conference, Bochum, Germany, July 16 - 19, 1996, Proceedings263, 785
Alt F.L., Rubinoff M. Ч Advances in computers.Volume 3see "Court decisions"
Voit E. Ч Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems: A Practical Guide for Biochemists and Molecular Biologists64, 65, 98, 117, 122, 126, 128, 140, 152, 226, 230, 234, 236, 243, 251, 262, 290, 295, 296, 297, 307, 323, 324, 325, 326, 341, 353, 356, 377, 384, 387, 390, 392, 399, 401, 402
Serra J. Ч Image Analysis and Mathematical Morphology576Ч579
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