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Rabin S. Ч AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD))
Rabin S. Ч AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD))

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Ќазвание: AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD))

јвтор: Rabin S.


This book is just a list of tweaks to existing concepts such as FSMs and path finding. The more advanced concepts discussed do not have enough code examples or background info to really educate the reader. A lot of material is by academics that just want to get their names on published articles. For a field that has been hyped for 30 years and can now just barely manage to get a few soccer players to work together in a Wii game I guess we can't expect too much. Unless one is a professional game programmer, which I'm not, and contacts the authors there is almost nothing useful here.

For a basic AI overview, 'hands on ai with java' and 'programming game ai by example' are decent introductions for the programmer to the field depending on whether one prefers java or C++ programming. (most desktop 3d games are written in c++, many internet backend servers run in java).

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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√од издани€: 2008

 оличество страниц: 658

ƒобавлена в каталог: 15.05.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
"Challenges" in open-ended narratives      530Ч531
"Challenges" in open-ended narratives, debugging challenge scripts      538
"Matrix" cameras      476
"Sim" games      see "Simulation ("Sim") games"
"Whiskers" on pathfinding bot      155Ч156
$3\rightarrow 2$ merging algorithm      177Ч180 182
2D and 3D predictors for vectors      303
3D predictors for vectors      303
A* algorithm, avoiding inefficient searches      199Ч200
A* algorithm, avoiding use of      151
A* algorithm, caching failed searches      150
A* algorithm, CAStar (C++ class)      108Ч112
A* algorithm, fitness, goal, and heuristic (f, g, and h) values      106
A* algorithm, flooding and      135Ч136 143
A* algorithm, iterative deepening      146Ч148
A* algorithm, limiting search time      150Ч151
A* algorithm, lists, cheap      139Ч141 144
A* algorithm, lists, open and closed      106Ч107 114 139Ч141 148Ч149
A* algorithm, navigation meshes (NMs) and      171Ч185
A* algorithm, optimizations for      134Ч136 146Ч152
A* algorithm, pseudo-code for      107
A* algorithm, search space      116
A* algorithm, tactical pathfinding and      256Ч257
A* algorithm, terminology defined      105Ч106
A* algorithm, theory and implementation of      105Ч113
A* engines, architecture of      118Ч119
A* engines, code listing for A* engine      116Ч117
A* engines, debugging      143
A* engines, machines, generic      114Ч121
A* engines, methods of      115Ч116
A* engines, modifier goals and      119Ч120 121
A* engines, optimizing for speed      133Ч145
A* engines, templates used in      117Ч118 120
A* Explorer      112
A-life (artificial life)      4
Academic AI vs. game AI      9Ч10 12Ч13
Action Descriptors      60Ч61
Action rules      305
Action Tables      56Ч59
Action Tables, Action Descriptors      60Ч61
Action Tables, dynamic animation lists      61
Action Tables, randomization and      59Ч60
Action-Code behavior methods      368Ч369
Actions, defined and described      377 580
Actions, plans converted to      381
Actions, state machine class      73 75
Adaptation, computational requirements for      565
Adaptation, direct adaptation      559Ч561 565Ч566
Adaptation, exploration-exploitation dilemma      565
Adaptation, indirect adaptation      558Ч559 565
Adaptation, overfitting (restrictive niche adaptation)      564Ч565
Addiction, unpredictability and      616Ч617
Adzima, Joe, bio and contact info      xix
Agents as consumers of resources      402Ч410
Agents, determining position and orientation      189Ч191
Agents, grouping agents      52Ч53
Agents, real-time game agents      401Ч410
Aiming, aim points      413
Aiming, believable errors      81Ч82 624Ч628
AIWisdom.com      xiv
Alexander, Bob, bio and contact info      xix
Alexander, Thor, bio and contact info      xix
Aligned bounding boxes (ABBs)      88
Alignment, flocking and      202
Alt, Greg, bio and contact info      xixЧxx
Ambushes      216Ч218 593
Ambushes, combat tactics      392
Ambushes, emergent squad behavior and      244Ч245
Animals, behavior simulation      479Ч485
Animals, behavior simulation, birds      481Ч482
Animals, behavior simulation, bugs      481
Animals, behavior simulation, fish      481Ч482
Animals, behavior simulation, primary and secondary      480 483
Animals, behavior simulation, rodents      481Ч482
Animals, behavior simulation, roles for animals      480
Animals, behavior simulation, solitary animals      481Ч482
Animation, animation controllers      65Ч68 388Ч389
Animation, baseball behaviors and      492
Animation, bone caching for smooth transitions      68Ч69
Animation, data-driven design for selection      55Ч63
Animation, dynamic animation lists      61
Animation, expression of AI and      62
Animation, first-person shooter game architecture      388
Animation, prioritization and categorization      64Ч70
Animation, view current animation diagnostic tool      43Ч44
annealing      563 645
Arbiters in blackboard architectures      335
Architectures, approaches to      291
Architectures, Belief-Desire-Intention architecture for learning      568Ч571
Architectures, blackboard architecture      333Ч344
Architectures, components      286
Architectures, development phase      287
Architectures, first-person shooter games      387Ч396
Architectures, fuzzy logic decision making      367Ч374
Architectures, general AI architecture development      285Ч289
Architectures, goal-based planning architecture      375Ч383
Architectures, interfaces      286Ч287
Architectures, load balancing and      298Ч304
Architectures, periodic AI      292
Architectures, planning phase      285Ч289
Architectures, prioritized task categories and efficiency      290Ч297
Architectures, real-time strategy games      397Ч401
Architectures, rule-based architectures      305Ч313 358Ч366
Architectures, training method architecture      580
Arrays, accessing      93Ч94
Artificial life (A-life)      4 8 632
Artificial life (A-life), defined and described      6
Artificial Neural Networks      see "Neural networks"
Attack positioning      213Ч215
Audio, view animation and audio commands issued diagnostic tool      43
Auditory subsystem, perceptual modeling      395
Author bios      xixЧxxxii
Automated gameplay      409
Ball games      see "Baseball agent
Balls, catching or intercepting      495Ч502
Balls, rebounding      501Ч502
Balls, throwing      493
Barnes, Jonty, bio and contact info      xx
Base task objects      299
Base value predictors      302Ч303
Baseball, agent cooperation in      486Ч494
Baseball, agent cooperation in, Ball Fielded events      493
Baseball, agent cooperation in, Ball Hit events      487Ч492
Baseball, agent cooperation in, baserunning behavior      487
Baseball, agent cooperation in, fielding behavior      487
Bayes' theorem      346
Bayesian networks vs. Dempster-Shafer theory      356Ч357
Bayesian networks, converting "tech trees" into      354Ч355
Bayesian networks, defined and described      345Ч357
Bayesian networks, intruder detection with      355Ч356
Bayesian networks, propagating possibilities      350Ч352
BBWar game      340Ч343
Behaviors in BBWar game      342Ч343
Behaviors, Action-Code behavior methods      368Ч369
Behaviors, agent cooperation in sports      486Ч494
Behaviors, animal behaviors      479Ч485
Behaviors, behavior controller      393
Behaviors, changes in response to events      32 33
Behaviors, class structure for sports cooperation      489
Behaviors, cloning of      644
Behaviors, control of agents and      492
Behaviors, defined and described      377
Behaviors, emergent behavior      236Ч246
Behaviors, first-person shooter game architecture      388
Behaviors, gestures      22
Behaviors, hierarchical behaviors      372Ч373
Behaviors, innate behavior      622
Behaviors, learning and adaptation      558Ч565
Behaviors, multiple      580
Behaviors, neural nets to imitate variation in      624Ч628
Behaviors, object-avoidance behavior      155Ч160
Behaviors, parallel behavior layers      373
Behaviors, plans converted to      381
Behaviors, prediction of      16Ч17 586Ч595 596Ч601
Behaviors, prioritized, categorized animation      64Ч70
Behaviors, simple model of      74
Behaviors, tuning behavioral values      287
Belief-Desire-Intention architecture for learning      568Ч571
Beliefs      see also "Bayesian networks" "Dempster
Beliefs as data structures      569
Beliefs, belief networks      7 8
Beliefs, Belief-Desire-Intention architecture for learning      568Ч571
Beliefs, defined      359
Believability, AI game opponents      16Ч20
Berger, Lee, bio and contact info      xx
Biasillo, Gari, bio and contact info      xx
Bigrams      597
BindGen, integrating C++ and scripting language      517Ч518
Birds, behavior of      481Ч482
Blackboard architectures, arbiters      335
Blackboard architectures, control signals      336
Blackboard architectures, defined and described      333Ч335
Blackboard architectures, inter-agent coordination      339Ч340
Blackboard architectures, intra-agent coordination      337Ч339
Blackboard architectures, knowledge sources (KSs)      335
Blumberg, Bruce, bio and contact info      xxЧxxi
Board games      3 7
Bones, bone caching for transitions      68Ч69
BOTs      541
Bots, whiskered bot pathfinding system      156Ч158
Bottlenecks, removing from Action Tables      57Ч59
Bounding overwatch pullback maneuver      253Ч259
brainstorming      285Ч286
Braking      443 456Ч458 470Ч471
Brockington, Mark, bio and contact info      xxi
Bugs      see "Debugging" "Insect
Build manager, real-time strategy games      397Ч398
Butterflies, behaviors      481
Bytecode streams, scripting language      509 511
C++, integrating scripting languages and      516Ч519
Cain, Timothy, bio and contact info      xxi
call stacks      514
Cameras for sports game replays      472Ч478
Cameras, camera angles      473Ч474
Cameras, camera control in scripting languages      535Ч536
Cameras, placement of      476
Cameras, switching rules      476Ч477
Cameras, types of cameras      474Ч476
Carlisle, Phil, bio and contact info      xxiЧxxii
Carrot-and-stick learning      see "Reinforcement learning"
Case-based reasoning, defined and described      5Ч6
CAStar (C++ class) for A* algorithm      108Ч112
Categorization of animation      64Ч70
Catmull Ч Rom or cardinal splines      443
CD-ROM contents      653
Champandard, Alex J., bio and contact info      xxii
Charla, Chris, bio and contact info      xxii
Chase-and-follow cameras      475
Cheating      593
Cheating as a realistic solution      23Ч24
Cheating, AI game opponents and      19Ч20
Chess      3 7
Christian, Mike, bio and contact info      xxii
Cinematic sequences, scripting for      520Ч530
Cinematic sequences, scripting for, sample of      536Ч538
Circle cameras      476
Civilization manager, real-time strategy games      397
Classic games      3
Code generators, scripting languages      509
code listings      654
Code, converting models to      75Ч76
Code, copy and paste programming      524
Code, efficiency checks in scripting languages      527
Code, trial and error hacking      524
Cohesion, flocking and      202
Collisions, "whiskers" to detect      156Ч160
Collisions, precomputing      88
Collisions, ranged weapons and notification of      416
Collisions, ray-landscape collision and line-of-sight      86Ч88
Collisions, testing      30Ч31
Collisions, wrecks in racing games      462
Combat manager, real-time strategy games      398Ч399
Combat, anticipation pattern and sequential prediction      592
Combat, combat domains, modeling      408Ч409
Combat, combat manager, real-time strategy games      398Ч399
Combat, first-person shooter game architecture      388 391 392Ч393
Combat, Level-of-Detail and      424Ч425
Combat, ranged weapon AI      411Ч418
Combs method      373
Command hierarchy for team-based AI      260Ч261
Commands, AI commands for troubleshooting      41Ч42
Communication      21Ч22
Communication, non-player characters and information sharing      432
Compilers, scripting language compilers      506Ч509
Composition, fuzzy logic      91
Computer support of play      17
Conditional distribution models      626Ч628
Conditions, state machine class      72
Connectivity information      211Ч212
Constant AI processing      293
Context-dependence      11Ч12
Cooperation      486Ч494
Costs of nodes for A* algorithm      106 146 149Ч150
Costs, resource and opportunity costs      405
Count groups, for scheduling      300
Covering exits maneuver      269Ч271
CPU budgets, load balancing      298Ч304
Creativity, problem solving and      21Ч28
Credibility, belief theory concept      359
Crisp values, fuzzy logic      91
Crossover (genetic exchange)      632 633Ч634 647
Curly brackets      528
Darrah, Mark, bio and contact info      xxiii
Data, accessibility of      34
Data, cluster maps      582
Data, data packets for IEExec objects      312
Data, diagnostics for data structures      44
Data, graphing and Response Curves      79Ч82
Data, optimizing storage      121
Data, reputation system data structures      426Ч428
Data, team-based AI and data sharing      265
Data-driven design      33Ч34 55Ч63
Data-driven design, scripting languages and      541
Dawson, Chad, bio and contact info      xxiii
Dead reckoning, weapons targeting      415
Debugging, A* engines      143
Debugging, diagnostics vs. debuggers      40
Debugging, fuzzy models      95
Debugging, interface for Challenge scripts      538Ч539
Debugging, replays in sports games      477
Debugging, scripting languages      528 538Ч539 543
Debugging, state machine debugging      326
Debugging, team-based AI      266Ч267
Debugging, testing and      288
Decision support routines for team-based AI      261Ч263 267Ч268 269Ч270
Decision trees      7Ч8
Decision trees, defined and described      6
Decision-making processes      see also "Beliefs"
Decision-making processes in goal-based planning architecture      377Ч382
Decision-making processes in racing games      446
Decision-making processes, fuzzy decision making      367Ч374
Decision-making processes, general decision engine architecture      367Ч369
Decision-making processes, opinions influence on      570
Decision-making processes, scripting and virtual machines for      513Ч514
Decision-making processes, UML decision making diagrams      581 583 584
Decision-making processes, utility model economics and      402Ч410
Defuzzification, fuzzy logic      91 94
Degree of Membership (DOM), fuzzy logic      91 93
Demos      653
Dempster Ч Shafer theory      358Ч366
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