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Kedlaya K.S., Poonen B., Vakil R. Ч The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition 1985Ц2000: Problems, Solutions, and Commentary158
Ray J., Ray W. Ч Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed
Langer M. Ч Visual QuickStart Guide: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger2nd
Pogue D. Ч Mac OS X: The Missing Manual2nd 3rd
Burke E.K., Kendall G. Ч Search Methodologies: Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques247, 343
Allouche J.-P., Shallit J. Ч Automatic Sequences: Theory, Applications, Generalizations26
Smith L.A. Ч Chaos: A Very Short Introduction22Ч23
Pickover C.A. Ч Mobius Strip: Dr. August Mobius's Marvelous Band in Mathematics, Games, Literature, Art, Technology, and Cosmology150Ч153
Forsyth R., Naylor Ch. Ч The Hitch-Hicker's Guide to Artificial Intelligence178, 180, 181, 183, 186, 194
Siegfried T. Ч A Beautiful Math John Nash, Game Theory, and the Modern Quest for a Code of Nature32Ч33, 68
Berlekamp E.R., Conway J.H., Guy R.K. Ч Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays, Vol. 114, 18, 224, 226
Finch S.R. Ч Mathematical constants334, 342, 407
Packel E. Ч The Mathematics of Games and Gambling3, 30, 51, 109, 111
Sleeman D., Brown J.S. Ч Intelligent tutoring systems82, 92, 289
von Neumann John, Morgenstern Oscar Ч Theory of games and economic behavior49, 52, 58, 59, 113, 124, 125, 164
Feller W. Ч Introduction to probability theory and its applications (volume 1)111
Luger G.F., Stubblefield W.A. Ч Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving18, 42Ч44, 164Ч170
Kasner E., Newman J. Ч Mathematics and the Imagination32Ч33, 68, 115, 173, 222
Strang G. Ч Linear Algebra and Its Applications438, 441
Bellman R.E. Ч Introduction to the mathematical theory of control processes (Volume I: Linear Equations and Quadratic Criteria)136
Krantz S.G. Ч Techniques of Problem Solving260
Bellman R. Ч Introduction to the mathematical theory of control processes (Volume II: Nonlinear Processes)243
Beckenbach E.F. (editor), Polya G., Lehmer D.H. and others Ч Applied combinatorial mathematics233
Schank R.C. Ч Computer models of thought and language3
Callaghan P. Ч Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microscopy141, 283, 287
Thomas L.C. Ч Games, Theory and Applications45
Grimmett G., Stirzaker D. Ч Probability and Random Processes242
Bertsekas D.P. Ч Dynamic programming and optimal control (Vol. 1)9, 13, 27, 272
Hoffman B. Ч Strange Story of the Quantum130Ч132
Bellman R. Ч Algorithms, graphs, and computers, Volume 62 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)232, 233, 234
Binmore K. Ч Fun and Games: A Text on Game Theory41
Knuth D.E. Ч The art of computer programming (vol. 1 Fundаmental algorithms)6, 194, 272
Ore O., Wilson R.J. Ч Graphs and Their Uses35
Zhang Y. Ч Visual Information Representation, Communication and Image Processing431
Sutton R.S., Barto A.G. Ч Reinforcement Learning6Ч7, 21, 56, 80, 84, 156, 226
Bentley J. Ч Programming pearls102
Bertsekas D.P. Ч Dynamic programming and optimal control (Vol. 2)102, 117
N. Vilenkin, George Yankovsky (translator) Ч Combinatorial mathematics for recreation70ff
Stibitz G.R., Larrivee J.A. Ч Mathematics and Computers43, 206
Ashby W.R. Ч An introduction to cybernetics12, 241
Kasner E., Newman J. Ч Mathematics and the imagination32Ч33, 68, 115, 173, 222
Averbach B., Chein O. Ч Problem solving through recreational mathematics213, 217, 221, 251, 252
Rosenhouse J. Ч The Monty Hall Problem: The Remarkable Story of Math's Most Contentious Brain Teaser128
Beckenbach E.F. (ed.) Ч Applied Combinatorial Mathematics233
Tutte W.T. Ч Graph Theory as I Have Known It12
Rabin S. Ч AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD))3, 7
Grimaldi R.P., Rothman D.J. Ч Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction404
Rapoport A. Ч N-person game theory: Concepts and Applications47, 61, 64Ч65
Ifrah G., Bellos D. Ч The Universal History of Numbers: From Prehistory to the Invention of the Computer323Ч324
Kraitchik M. Ч Mathematical Recreations280
Berlekamp E., Wolfe D. Ч Mathematical Go: Chilling Gets the Last Point2, 122
Eves H.W. Ч Mathematical circles revisited26
Deitel H., Deitel P.J. Ч C. How to Program252
Bell E.T. Ч Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science23
Berlekamp E., Conway J., Guy R. Ч Winning Ways for your mathematical plays.Volume 2.14, 18, 224, 226
Berlekamp E.R., Conway J.H., Guy R.K. Ч Winning Ways for your mathematical plays14, 18, 224, 226
Bentley J. Ч Programming Pearls102
Jacky J. Ч The Way of Z: Practical Programming with Formal Methods174Ч179, 323Ч324
BertsekasD., Tsitsiklis J. Ч Neuro-Dynamic Programming (Optimization and Neural Computation Series, 3)4
Grimaldi R.P. Ч Student Solutions Manual for Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics404
Odifreddi P., Sangalli A., Dyson F. Ч The Mathematical Century: The 30 Greatest Problems of the Last 100 Years149Ч151
Nievergelt J., Farrar J.C., Reingold E.M. Ч Computer approaches to mathematical problems98, 117Ч118, 132, 136
Eves H. Ч Mathematical Circles Revisited: A Second Collection of Mathematical Stories and Anecdotes26
Eves H. Ч Mathematical Circles Adieu159
Wells D. G. Ч You are a mathematician: a wise and witty introduction to the joy of numbers82, 230Ч231, 237, 247
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