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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Кормен Т., Лейзерсон Ч., Ривест Р. — Алгоритмы: построение и анализ88
Гудрич М.Т., Тамассия Р. — Структуры данных и алгоритмы в Java576, 606
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 1)15
Grimaldi R.P. — Discrete and combinatorial mathematics. An introduction363, 530 (see also “Directed graph”)
Stanley R.P. — Enumerative Combinatorics: Volume 1241, 293
Diestel R. — Graph Theorysee “Directed graph”
Cvetkovic D., Doob M., Sachs H. — Spectra of graphs. Theory and application11*
Cameron P.J. — Combinatorics : Topics, Techniques, Algorithms160, 172—173
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 2)15
Palade V., Jain L.C., Bocaniala C.D. — Computational Intelligence in Fault Diagnosis336—338, 341—343, 345, 349—352
Mahmoud H.M. — Evolution of random search trees2
Diestel R. — Graph theorysee directed graph
Grotschel M., Lovasz L., Schrijver A. — Geometric Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization18, 18—20
Lawler E.L. — Combinatorial Optimization: Networks and Matroids20
Engel K. — Sperner theory5
Akmajian A., Demers R.A., Farmer A.K. — Linguistics. An Introduction to Language and Communications78
Brouwer A.E., Cohen A.M., Neumaier A. — Distance-Regular Graphs232
Bondy J.A., Murty U.S.R. — Graph theory with applications171
Higgins P. — Techniques of Semigroup Theory69
Koblitz N. — A course in number theory and cryptography54, 59
Anderson I. — A first course in discrete mathematics81
Golumbic M.C., Trenk A. — Tolerance Graphs219 (see also “Directed graph”)
Humphreys J.F., Prest M.Y. — Numbers, Groups and Codes107, see directed graph directed graph (of a relation)
Finch S.R. — Mathematical constants309
Hein J.L. — Discrete Mathematics44
Goutsias J., Vincent L., Bloomberg D.S. — Mathematical morphology and its applications to image signal processing342
Ross Sh.M. — Topics in Finite and Discrete Mathematicssee “Directed graph”
Marchette D.J. — Random Graphs for Statistical Pattern Recognition6, 132
Irvine K.R. — Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers211
Kolman B., Busby R.C., Cutler S.C. — Discrete Mathematical Structures112
Watt D.A. — Java collections: an introduction to abstract data types, data structures, and algorithms400—403 (see also “AMDigraph”, “ASDigraph”, “ESDigraph”)
Knuth D.E. — The art of computer programming (Vol. 1. Fundamental algorithms)371, see “Directed graph”
Hein J.L. — Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability43
Beckenbach E.F. (editor), Polya G., Lehmer D.H. and others — Applied combinatorial mathematics186
Papadimitriou C.H., Steiglitz K. — Combinatorial Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity20
Nishizeki T., Chiba N. — Planar Graphs: Theory and Algorithms (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)3
Ebbinghaus H.-D., Flum J. — Finite Model Theory1
Vanderbei R.J. — Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions213
Olver P.J., Shakiban C. — Applied linear. algebra123, 301
Hein J.L. — Theory of Computation: An Introduction19
Kreyszig E. — Advanced engineering mathematics955
Steeb W.- H. — Problems and Solutions in Introductory and Advanced Matrix Calculus228
Marques de Sa J.P. — Pattern recognition: concepts, methods, and applications248
Knuth D.E. — The art of computer programming (vol. 1 Fundаmental algorithms)372; see Directed graph
Ore O., Wilson R.J. — Graphs and Their Uses63, 149
Ding-Zhu D., Ker-I K. — Problem solving in automata, languages, and complexitysee "Directed graph"
Harary F. — Graph Theory198
Liu B., Lai H.-J. — Matrices in Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Network Theory and Applications Volume 3)280
van Lint J.H., Wilson R.M. — Course in Combinatorics2
Diestel R. — Graph Theory(see Directed graph)
Roberts F. S. — Graph theory and its applications to problems of society3
Gibbons A. — Algorithmic graph theory5
Gibbons A. — Algorithmic graph theory5
Yap H.P. — Total Colourings of Graphs3
Hopcroft J.E., Ullman J.D. — Introduction to automata theory, languages, and computationsee Directed graph
Averbach B., Chein O. — Problem solving through recreational mathematicssee Graph, directed
Beckenbach E.F. (ed.) — Applied Combinatorial Mathematics186
Giarratano J.C., Riley G.D. — Expert Systems: Principles and Programming98
Gries D. — A Logical Approach to Discrete Math423
Aldous J.M., Wilson R. — Graphs and Applications: An Introductory Approach16, 85
Du D.-Z., Ko K.-I. — Theory of computational complexity149
Grimaldi R.P., Rothman D.J. — Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction349, 352, 514, see also "Directed graph"
Lemm J.M., Meurant G. — Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems35, 168, 469, 470
Di Battista G. — Graph Drawing: Algorithms for the Visualization of Graphs4, 33
Gossett E. — Discrete Math with Proof641, see "Directed graph"
Jablan S., Sazdanovic R. — LinKnot: knot theory by computer1
Sachkov V.N. — Combinatorial methods in discrete mathematics4, 11, 166
Berman A., Shaked-Monderer N. — Completely Positive Matrices38
Lins S. — Gems, computers, and attractors for 3-manifolds106
Kolman B., Busby R.C., Ross S. — Discrete Mathematical Structures111
Joyner D. — Adventures in group theory: Rubik's cube, Merlin's machine, and other mathematical toys144
Grimaldi R.P. — Student Solutions Manual for Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics349, 352, 514, see also "Directed graph"
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