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Irvine K.R. Ч Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers
Irvine K.R. Ч Assembly Language for  Intel-Based Computers

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Ќазвание: Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers

јвтор: Irvine K.R.


his text is designed for students and professionals interested in learning the basics of operating systems, architecture, and programming in the context of a microprocessor. In his eagerly anticipated fourth edition, Kip Irvine concentrates on the combined Windows/MS-DOS operating system and thoroughly covers 32-bit assembly language applications for Intel-based computers.
Focusing on how to approach programming problems with a machine-level mindset, Assembly Language for Intel(r)-Based Computers includes the following features:

* Detailed tutorials on numbering systems and data storage fundamentals.
* All programs tested with the Microsoft(r) MASM 6.15(tm) assembler.
* Inline assembly code, as well as linking assembly language to C/C++ in both Real and Protected modes.
* Extensive instruction set reference that includes instruction formats and CPU flag usage.
* Interrupt vectoring and device I/O.
* CD-ROM that includes the full professional version of the Microsoft(r) MASM 6.15(tm) Assembly Language Development System, a programmer's editor, a macro library, and the book's source code.
* New to the fourth edition: Win32 programming, including the console API and a graphical application.
* Expanded coverage of procedures, recursion, stack parameters, structures, and unions.
* Boolean expressions, truth tables, and flowcharts.
* Basic string handling, sorting and searching algorithms.
* Bit-mapped graphics in both Real and Protected modes.
* IEEE floating-point binary representation.
* Virtual machine architecture; IA-32 Protected mode segmentation and paging.
* Introductory explanations of the instruction execution cycle,memory I/O, multitasking, pipelining, and superscalar architecture.
* Disk fundamentals, including disk geometry, FAT32 and NTFS file structures.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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»здание: 4th edition

√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 708

ƒобавлена в каталог: 15.11.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
.ELSE directive      217Ч218
.ELSEIF directive      217
.ENDIF directive      217
.IF directive      217Ч223
.WHILE directive      222Ч223
16-bit MS-DOS programming      457Ч493
16-bit Parity, XOR instruction      185
16-bit programs, assembling and linking      78
16-bit real-address mode      3 614Ч615
16-bit registers      124
16-bit starting cluster number field      506
16550 UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)      57
20-bit linear address calculation      49Ч50
32-bit programs, assembling and linking      78
32-bit protected mode      3
32-bit protected mode, assembling and linking programs      612Ч614
32-bit Windows programming      379Ч430
AAA (ASCII adjust after addition)      252 619
AAD (ASCII adjust before division)      253Ч254 619
AAM (ASCII adjust after multiplication)      253 619
AAS (ASCII adjust after subtraction)      253 619
Absolute address      49Ч50
Access Levels      382
Access three levels      537
Activation record      275
ADC (add with carry)      620
ADC instruction      248
ADD (add)      70 620
ADD example      73
Addition and subtraction      107Ч114
Addition and subtraction example program      113Ч114
Addition and subtraction flags      110Ч113
Addition and subtraction implementing arithmetic expressions      109Ч110
Addition and subtraction INC and DEC instructions      107Ч108
Addition and subtraction instructions      108Ч109
Addition and subtraction NEG instruction      109
Addition and subtraction, binary      15
Additive inverse      19
ADDR operator      265Ч266
Address      48Ч50
Address bus      33
address space      41
AddSub program      74
AddSub program, adding variables to      87
AddSub program, alternative version      74Ч75
AddThree procedure      285
AddTwo procedure      278Ч280
Advanced procedures      259Ч299
ALIGN directive      116
Align, align type      587
Align, segment syntax      586
Allocate adequate stack space      262Ч263
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)      21
AND (logical AND) instruction      181Ч183 620
Application Programming Interface (API)      380
archive bit      507
Arguments      155 164
Arguments initializers, default      360
Arguments types, INVOKE      264Ч265
Arguments, C++programs      439
Arguments, checking for missing      359Ч360
Arithmetic expression implement      245Ч247
Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)      32
arithmetic operators      65
Arithmetic shifts vs. logical shifts      229
Arithmetic status flags DIV and IDIV      243Ч244
Array multiplication example      308Ч309
Array of doubleword values      84Ч85
Array of word values      84
Array size, maximum number of comparisons      322
ArrayFill Example      281Ч282
Arrays of structures      336
Arrays, calculating the sizes      90Ч91
Arrays, indirect addressing      120Ч121
Arrays, time      319Ч320
Arrays, two-dimensional      315Ч318
ArraySum procedure      172 268 432
ArraySum procedure, flowchart      166Ч167
ArraySum program      291Ч296
ASCII and packed decimal arithmetic      251Ч254
ASCII control characters      464Ч465
ASCII digit string      22
ASCII strings      22
ASCII table      23
ASCII, decimal      251Ч252
ASM code generation, Visual C++ command-line options      448
Assemble-link-execute cycle      77Ч78
Assembler      2 3Ч4
Assembler, installing and using      611Ч615
Assembling and linking batch file      295Ч296
Assembly language      11 63Ч96
Assembly language Optimize C++ code      448Ч455
Assembly Language Sources      380
Assembly language vs. C++      5
Assembly language vs. Java      5
Assembly language vs. machine language      5
Assembly language, access levels      59
Assembly language, applications      7Ч8
Assembly language, assembling. linking, and running programs      77Ч80
Assembly language, basic elements      64Ч72
Assembly language, defining data      80Ч88
Assembly language, example      72Ч77
Assembly language, high-level languages comparison      7Ч8
Assembly language, real-address mode programming      93Ч95
Assembly language, rules      7
Assembly language, symbolic constants      89Ч93
ASSUME directive      588
Attribute byte      540
Attribute byte constructing      541
Automatic code generation      261Ч262
Auxiliary carry flag      44
Average seek time      497
Background color (attribute)      538Ч539
Base address field      51 425
Base-index displacement      317Ч318
Base-index operands      315Ч317
Batch files, assembling and linking      295Ч296
Batch files, commands      613 614Ч615
Big endian order      86
Binary addition      15
Binary bit position values      14
Binary equivalents      17
Binary file creating      487Ч491
Binary multiplication      237
Binary numbers      13Ч15 22
Binary search      321Ч328
Binary search, test program      324Ч328
BIOS (Basic Input-Output System)      54 58 59Ч60 458 649Ч659
BIOS DATA AREA      528Ч529
BIOS data area, segment 0040h      528Ч529
BIOS level access      537Ч538
BIOS level programming      527Ч582
Bit extraction      182
Bit string isolating      238Ч239
Bit testing instructions      198Ч199
bits      13Ч14
Blinking attribute      539 540Ч541
Block-structured IF statements      202Ч204
Boolean algebra      25Ч26
Boolean and comparison instructions, conditional processing      180Ч189
Boolean expressions      26Ч27
Boolean expressions, relational operators      360
Boolean function      27Ч29
Boolean operations, AND operation      26Ч27
Boolean operations, NOT operation      26
Boolean operations, OR operation      27
Borland C++ data types in 16-bit applications      441
Borland C++ linking      440Ч441
BOUND (check array bounds) instruction      621
Break_handler procedure      603
BSF (bit scan forward)      621
BSR (bit scan reverse)      621
BSWAP (byte swap)      621
BT (bit test) instruction      198Ч199 622
BTC (bit test and complement) instruction      199 622
BTR (bit test and reset) instruction      199 622
BTS (bit test and set) instruction      199 622
Bubble sort      319Ч321
Bubble sort, test program      324Ч328
Bus      33
Bus Interface Unit (BIU)      35
BYTE align type      587
Byte, defining byte data      81Ч83
Byte, storage sizes      16
C Specifier      278
C++ vs. assembly language      5
C++, linking to      439Ч455
Cache memory      37
CalcSum program      286Ч288
CalcSum program, stack frame      287
Calculating 16-bit sum      317
Calculating a factorial      288Ч290
CALL (call procedure) instruction      74 161Ч164 622
Calling ArraySum      165
Calling convention      432
Capitalization, approaches to      74
Carry flag (CF)      44 110Ч111
Carry flag (CF), boolean and comparison instructions      180Ч189
Carry flag (CF), recovering a bit from the Carry flag      233
Cartesian Coordinates, converting to screen coordinates      562Ч563
Cartesian Coordinates, demonstration program      559Ч562
CBW (convert byte to word) instruction      243 622
CDQ (convert doubleword to quadword (IA-32))      623
CDQ instruction      243
Central processor unit (CPU)      32Ч35
Central processor unit (CPU) flags      181
Central processor unit (CPU) flags, Carry flag      110Ч111
Central processor unit (CPU) flags, Overflow flag      111Ч112
Central processor unit (CPU) flags, setting and clearing      188
Characters, character constants      67
Characters, character storage      21Ч23
Characters, converting characters to upper case      182Ч183
Characters, converting to pixel coordinates      571
Characters, scan for matching characters      307
Characters, string example      212Ч213
Check keyboard buffer (11h)      533
Checksum      597
Chipset      54Ч55
Cipher text      195
class type      588
CLC (clear carry flag) instruction      232Ч233 623
CLD (clear direction flag) instruction      623
ClearKeyboard procedure      535Ч536
CLI (clear interrupt flag) instruction      601 623
clock      33
Clock cycle      33Ч37
Clock Generator      54
Close file handle (3Eh)      479Ч480
CloseHandle function      395
Clrscr procedure      141 554Ч555
Clusters      500Ч501
CMC (complement carry flag) instruction      624
CMOS RAM      56
CMP (compare) instruction      186Ч187 624
CMPS (compare strings) instruction      305 329 624
CMPSB (compare bytes) instruction      304Ч307 624
CMPSD (compare doublewords) instruction      304Ч305 624
CMPSW (compare words) instruction      304Ч305 624
CMPXCHG (compare and exchange) instruction      625
Code directive example      73Ч74
Code labels      69Ч70
Code optimization      452
Code Prefetch Unit      35
Code segment      74 584Ч586
CodeView command-line options      668Ч669
CodeView debugger      668Ч669
Color controlling      539Ч541
Color displaying a color string      552Ч554
Color indexes (Mode 13h)      563Ч565
COM programs      593Ч595
Combine type      587Ч588
Combining segments      590Ч591
Command processor      458
Command tail, MS-DOS      485Ч487
Comments      71 76
Comparing two strings      306Ч307
Complex Instruction Set (CISC)      46Ч47
Compound expressions      204Ч205 220Ч221
conditional processing      179Ч226
Conditional processing, .IF directive      217Ч223
Conditional processing, application      211Ч217
Conditional processing, Boolean and comparison instructions      180Ч189
Conditional processing, finite-state machines      211Ч217
Conditional processing, jumps      189Ч200 629Ч630
Conditional processing, loop instructions      200Ч202
Conditional processing, structures      202Ч211
Conditional transfer      127
Conditional-assembly directives      358Ч370
Console definition      140
Console functions      384Ч386
Console handles      383Ч384
Console input      386Ч389
Console output      389Ч392
Console window manipulation      398Ч402
Control bus      33
Control flags      44
Control unit (CU)      32
Conventional machine language      10
COORD structure      334
Copying a doubleword array      304
Copying a string      130Ч131
Create or open file (716Ch)      478Ч479
Create subdirectory (39h)      521
CreateFile function      392Ч395
Creating local variables      282Ч283
Creating multimodule programs      290Ч296
Crlf procedure      141
Ctrl-Break Handler example      602Ч604
Current location counter      60Ч91
Cursor controlling      402Ч403
Cursor showing and hiding      545Ч546
Custom interrupt handler      601Ч604
CWD (convert word to doubleword) instruction      243 625
Cylinders (disk)      496Ч497
DAA (decimal adjust after addition) instruction      254 625
DAS (decimal adjust after subtraction) instruction      254 625
Data area (BIOS)      458
Data bus      33
Data definition statement      81
data labels      70
Data representation      12Ч25
Data segment      74
Data transfer      98Ч107
Data transfer, direct memory operands      99Ч100
Data transfer, direct-offset operands      104Ч105
Data transfer, example program      105Ч106
Data transfer, LAHF and SAHF instructions      103
Data transfer, MOV instruction      100Ч101
Data transfer, operand types      98Ч99
Data transfer, XCHG instruction      104
Data transfer, zero/sign extension of integers      101Ч103
Data-related operators and directives      115Ч120
Date stamp field      507
Date/time function      472Ч476
DB directive      82
Debugging protected mode programs      612
Debugging tip      168
Debugging, Borland C++      441
DEC (decrement) instruction      107Ч108 626
Decimal arithmetic      251Ч254
1 2 3 4 5
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