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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kogut J.B., Stephanov M.A. — The Phases of Quantum Chromodynamics: From Confinement to Extreme Environments
Sornette D. — Critical phenomena in natural sciences
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2402.D
Di Francesco P., Mathieu P., Senechal D. — Conformal field theory61
Goldstein H., Poole C., Safko J. — Classical mechanics421
Dill K.A., Bromberg S. — Molecular Driving Forces: Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry and Biology188
Raabe D. — Computational materials science56 ff, 71
Friedlander S.J. (Ed), Serre D. (Ed) — Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 39
Balescu R. — Equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics111
Simon B. — The Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Gases (vol 1)279
Chaikin P.M., Lubensky T.C. — Principles of condensed matter physics119
Isihara A. — Statistical physics22, 27
Kadanoff L.P. — Statistical physics180, 182
Toda M., Kubo R., Saito N. — Statistical Physics I: Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Vol. 129
Planck M. — Introduction to Theoretical Physics367—368
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics402.D
Dalvit D.A.R., Frastai J., Lawrie I.D. — Problems on statistical mechanics5, 3.1—3.8
Tabor M. — Chaos and Integrability in Nonlinear Dynamics: An Introduction73
Heer C.V. — Statistical Mechanics: Kinetic, Theory and Stochastic Process220
HyperChem Computational Chemistry72
Kubo R. — Statistical Mechanics: An Advanced Course with Problems and Solutionssee “Distribution”
Aldrovandi R. — Special matrices of mathematical physics (stochastic, circulant and bell matrices)228
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. — Quantum theory of many-particle systems486n, 500p
Gray C.G., Gubbins K.E. — Theory of molecular fluids3, 607
ter Haar D. — Elements of Statistical Mechanics156, 5, 7, 231, 262
Pfeiler W. — Alloy Physics: A Comprehensive Reference659, 668, 669
Mackey M.C. — Time's arrow: the origins of thermodynamic behavior9
Houston W.V. — Principles of Mathematical Physics174
Bernard P.S., Wallace J.M. — Turbulent Flow: Analysis, Measurement and Prediction478, 480
Prigogine I. — From being to becoming: time and complexity in the physical sciences.29, 168, 173, 190
Prigogine I. — Proceedings of the International Symposium on Transport. Processes in Statistical Mechanics, held in Brussels,. August 27-31, 1956301
Adler S.L. — Quantum theory as emergent phenomenon16, 19, 76, 88—93
Pathria P.K. — Statistical Mechanics34—36, 55, 60—61, 63, 107—109, 127—131
Margenau H., Murphy G.M. — The mathematics of physics and chemistry446
Vincenti W.G., Kruger C.H. — Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics120
Flogge S. (ed.) — Encyclopedia of Physics. Thermodynamics of Gases76, 79
Gallavotti G. — Statistical Mechanics15, 21, 22, 25, 26, 61, 62, 65, 69, 71, 121, 149
Ilachinski A. — Cellular automata. A discrete universe35, 359
Gallavotti G. — Foundations of fluid mechanics474
Reif F. — Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics202
McQuarrie D.A. — Statistical Mechanics37, 56
Chaikin P., Lubensky T. — Principles of condensed matter physics119
Greiner W., Neise L., Stöcker H. — Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics142, 143, 146
Richards P.I. — Manual of Mathematical Physics195
Gould H., Tobochnik J., Christian W. — An introduction to computer simulation methods274, 590—591, 597, 603
Grosso G. (Ed), Parravicini G.P. (Ed) — Solid State Physics89
Thirring W., Harrell E.M. — Quantum Mathematical Physics. Atoms, Molecules and Large many-body Systems352
Cvitanovic P., Artuso R., Dahlqvist P. — Classical and quantum chaos131
Greiner W., Neise L., Stocker H. — Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics142, 143, 146
Hartmann A.K., Rieger H. — Optimization Algorithms in Physics74
Haile J.M. — Molecular Dyanmics Simualtion: Elementary Methodssee "Ensemble, NVE"
Haile J.M. — Molecular Dyanmics Simualtion: Elementary Methodssee "Ensemble, NVE"
Minlos R.A. — Introduction to Mathematical Statistical Physics10, 18, 21
ter Haar D. — Elements of Statistical Mechanics156, §5.7, 231, 262
Slater J., Frank N. — Introduction to Theoretical Physics367—368
Reichl L.E. — Modern Course in Statistical Physics301, 342—354
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. — Quantum theory of many-particle systems486n, 500p
Plischke M., Bergersen B. — Equilibrium statistical physics29—35, 38, 49, 51, 52
Rosser W.G.V. — An introduction to statistical physics95, 207
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