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Gould H., Tobochnik J., Christian W. Ч An introduction to computer simulation methods
Gould H., Tobochnik J., Christian W. Ч An introduction to computer simulation methods

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Ќазвание: An introduction to computer simulation methods

јвторы: Gould H., Tobochnik J., Christian W.


Now in†its third edition, this book teaches physical concepts using computer simulations. The text incorporates object-oriented programming techniques and encourages†readers†to develop good programming habits in the context of doing physics. Designed for†readers at all levels. An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods uses Java, currently the most popular programming language. Introduction, Tools for Doing Simulations, Simulating Particle Motion, Oscillatory Systems, Few-Body Problems: The Motion of the Planets, The Chaotic Motion of Dynamical Systems, Random Processes, The Dynamics of Many Particle Systems, Normal Modes and Waves, Electrodynamics, Numerical and Monte Carlo Methods, Percolation, Fractals and Kinetic Growth Models, Complex Systems, Monte Carlo Simulations of Thermal Systems, Quantum Systems, Visualization and Rigid Body Dynamics, Seeing in Special and General Relativity, Epilogue: The Unity of Physics For all readers interested in developing programming habits in the context of doing physics.

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»здание: 3-d edition

√од издани€: 2006

 оличество страниц: 813

ƒобавлена в каталог: 17.11.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
Acceptance probability      607 630
Accuracy      28 29 46 75 102Ч103
action      see "Principle of least action"
Air resistance      60
Algorithm      3 see
Alloy      625
Anderson localization      see "Localization"
Animation      35Ч41
annealing      644
Ant in the labyrinth      509Ч511
Antiferromagnetism      623Ч626
Area-preserving map      176
Argon      8 256Ч257
Array      17
Aspect ratio      115
Attractor      see "Chaos"
Autocorrelation function      239 see
Ballistic deposition      519
BASIC      4
Beats      89 343
Bifurcation, Hopf      248
Binary alloys      662
bit manipulation      237 569 650
Black holes      770Ч772
Black holes, Kerr metric      776Ч778
Boltzmann distribution      see "Probability distribution"
Burger's equation      582
C/C++      4
canonical ensemble      276 597 609
Canonical ensemble, fluctuations      666
Cellular automata      530Ч543 568
Central limit theorem      213Ч215
Chaos      Chapter 6
Chaos, attractor      144
Chaos, attractor, stable attractor      144
Chaos, basin of attraction      144 173
Chaos, bifurcation      144
Chaos, bifurcation diagram      145
Chaos, bifurcation, Hopf bifurcation      248
Chaos, bifurcation, period doubling      160
Chaos, bifurcation, pitchfork      146 154
Chaos, bifurcation, tangent      152
Chaos, billiard models      184Ч186
Chaos, butterfly effect      168
Chaos, chaotic scattering      186Ч188
Chaos, circle map      186
Chaos, controlling chaos      162Ч166
Chaos, double pendulum      178Ч180
Chaos, Feigenbaum constant      153
Chaos, Feigenbaum constant, estimating      153Ч154 181Ч182
Chaos, fixed point, qualitative properties      151Ч152
Chaos, fixed point, root finding algorithms      163
Chaos, fixed point, stability      189
Chaos, fixed point, stable fixed point      143 144
Chaos, fixed point, unstable fixed point      144
Chaos, forced damped pendulum      169Ч173
Chaos, fractals      520Ч522
Chaos, Hamiltonian chaos      173Ч181
Chaos, Henon map      166Ч167
Chaos, intermittency      152
Chaos, KAM tori      175
Chaos, logistic map      142Ч166
Chaos, Lorenz's atmospheric model      167Ч169 521
Chaos, Lorenz's atmospheric model, linearized equations      183
Chaos, Lyapunov exponent      157Ч161 167
Chaos, Lyapunov exponent, definition      157
Chaos, Lyapunov exponent, logistic map      159
Chaos, Lyapunov exponent, Lyapunov spectrum      182Ч184
Chaos, period doubling      157
Chaos, period doubling, bifurcation      160
Chaos, period doubling, chemical reactions      188Ч189
Chaos, period doubling, route to chaos      188
Chaos, pitchfork bifurcation      146 154
Chaos, Poincare map      169
Chaos, Poincare map, double pendulum      179
Chaos, scale invariance      492
Chaos, self-similarity      153Ч157 492 499
Chaos, sensitivity to initial conditions      157 271
Chaos, stadium billiard model      184Ч186
Chaos, standard map      175Ч177
Chaos, strange attractors      520
Chaos, superstable trajectory      154 181Ч182
Chaos, tangent bifurcation      152
Chaos, universality      156
Chaos, weak chaos      160Ч161
Chemical reactions, diffusion controlled      233Ч236
Chemical reactions, oscillations      104Ч105
Chemical reactions, pattern formation      247Ч249
Chi-square test      238
Cluster      see "Percolation Ising
Cluster, definition      452
Cluster, rare gas      660Ч661
Combinatorial optimization      643
complex numbers      41Ч44
Complex systems      Chapter 14
Conservative system      97 174
Constrained dynamics      784Ч788
Control      41
Control, CalculationControl      see "Open Source Physics"
Control, SimulationControl      see "Open Source Physics"
Core repulsion      256
correlation length      619 621 646
Correlation time      231Ч232 617
Coupled oscillators      313Ч319
Critical exponents      471Ч475 see
Critical slowing down      247 623 646
Curl      386 398Ч402
Damping      93Ч94
Damping, critical      94
Debye potential      133
Demon algorithm      592Ч598 663Ч665
Detailed balance condition      436 605
Differential cross section      see "Scattering"
Differential equations, adaptive step size algorithm      81 138
Differential equations, Beeman algorithm      78
Differential equations, Euler algorithm      13 14
Differential equations, Euler algorithm, stability      103
Differential equations, Euler Ч Cromer algorithm      29 45Ч46 75 88
Differential equations, Euler Ч Richardson algorithm      46Ч47 76 79
Differential equations, half-step algorithm      76 690 698 716
Differential equations, leapfrog algorithm      see "Verlet algorithm"
Differential equations, midpoint algorithm      75
Differential equations, Modified Euler algorithm      45Ч47
Differential equations, predictor-corrector algorithm      82
Differential equations, Runge Ч Kutta algorithm      55 78Ч80
Differential equations, symplectic algorithms      82Ч84
Differential equations, Verlet algorithm      77Ч78 83 84 258 264 272
Diffraction      345
Diffraction grating      351
Diffraction, Fraunhofer      352Ч354
Diffraction, Fresnel      355Ч358
Diffraction, single slit      351
Diffusion limited aggregation (DLA)      see "Fractals"
Diffusion, equation      216Ч217 249Ч251 664 673 701
Diffusion, equation, relation to fragmentation      245
Diffusion, equation, relation to random walks      249Ч251
Diffusion, equation, relation to Schroedinger's equation      707
Diffusion, mean square displacement      293
Diffusion, quantum Monte Carlo      707Ч711
Diffusion, relation to Laplace's equation      383
Diffusion, relation to Schroedinger's equation      673 701
Diffusion, self-diffusion coefficient      209 216
dispersion relation      315
Dissipative system      174
Divergence      398 400
Divergence, coordinate free definition      400
Drag force      60 61 63 65Ч66 70
Dynamical system      see "Chaos"
electric field      366Ч370
Electric field lines      370Ч376
Electric potential      376Ч378
Electrical circuits, analogy to mechanical systems      99
Electrical circuits, filter      100 101
Electrical circuits, Kirchhoff's loop rule      98
Electrical circuits, Kirchhoff's loop rule, voltage drops      98
Electrical circuits, oscillations      98Ч102
Electrical circuits, RC      98Ч101
Electrical circuits, resonance curve      101
Electrical circuits, resonant frequency      101
Electrical circuits, RLC      102
Electrostatic shielding      378
Encapsulation      5 26 43 47
Energy conservation      78 87Ч88 98
entropy      161 299 see
Entropy, generalized      162
Entropy, logistic map      161Ч162
Entropy, strong and weak chaotic systems      162
Equilibrium, approach      199 201Ч202 270 578Ч579 590
Equilibrium, fluctuations      200Ч201 272
Equilibrium, nature      272
Equipartition theorem      597
Equipotential lines      377
Ergodicity      301
Error analysis, Monte Carlo      426Ч429
Euler angles      739 760Ч762
Euler's equation      736
Exact enumeration      202 510
Fermat's principle      240Ч243
Fermi, Pasta, Ulam (FPU) problem      339Ч340
Field-driven transition      636
Filter      100
Finite difference      13
Finite size scaling      471Ч475
First-order phase transition      624 636 638
Fitting      222 449 see
Fitting, exponential      112
Fitting, power law      112
Floating point      102
Fluid flow, lattice gas model      568Ч579
FORTRAN      4
Fourier synthesis      324Ч325
Fourier transform      313 322Ч340 695Ч698
Fourier transform, fast Fourier transform      359Ч362 689 696Ч698
Fourier transform, Fourier analysis      328Ч331
Fourier transform, Fourier coefficients      322
Fourier transform, Fourier integrals      335
Fourier transform, Fourier series      322Ч325
Fourier transform, Gibbs phenomenon      325
Fourier transform, Nyquist frequency      325
Fourier transform, Parseval's theorem      336
Fourier transform, power spectrum      336Ч340
Fourier transform, sampling theorem      325
Fourier transform, spatial      333
Fourier transform, two-dimensional      333
Fractal dimension      491Ч499
Fractal dimension, box dimension      501 520
Fractal dimension, correlation dimension      520 521
Fractal dimension, correlation function      520
Fractal dimension, generalized dimension      522
Fractal dimension, information dimension      523
Fractal dimension, mass dimension      491 522 523
Fractal dimension, percolation clusters      493
Fractals      Chapter 13
Fractals, cluster-cluster aggregation (CCA)      525Ч526
Fractals, diffusion limited aggregation (DLA)      511Ч515
Fractals, Eden model      503Ч504 518Ч519
Fractals, epidemic model      502Ч503
Fractals, invasion percolation      504Ч509
Fractals, Koch curve      499Ч502
Fractals, Laplacian growth model      515Ч517
Fractals, monofractals      523
Fractals, multifractals      523
Fractals, self-affine      518
Fractals, Sierpinski carpet      502
Fractals, Sierpinski gasket      502
Fractals, strange attractors      see "Chaos"
Free fall      14Ч19
frequency      87
Frustration      627
Galaxy model      781Ч783
Game of life      540Ч543
General relativity      118 767Ч778
Genetic algorithm      561Ч568
Genotype      562Ч563
Geometrical growth      142
Geometrical optics      240
Gram Ч Schmidt orthogonalization      183
Granular matter      305Ч307
Green's function      389 707 709
Hamiltonian      82 83 173Ч181 637 654 656
Hard disks, molecular dynamics      282Ч297
Hard disks, Monte Carlo      628Ч631 661Ч662
Hard rods      628Ч630
Hard spheres      628
heat capacity      608 609 666
Heat flow      663Ч665
Heisenberg model      300Ч301 656Ч657
Helmholtz free energy      597 624 633 636 651
Histogram method      633Ч635
Hodgkin Ч Huxley equations      105Ч107
Holonomic constraints      784
Hopfield model      551Ч555
Hysteresis      624
Impedance      102
Importance sampling      see "Monte Carlo"
inheritance      5 26Ч30
Inheritance, extends      27
Inheritance, subclass      27
Inheritance, superclass      27
inner class      124
Instance variable      23
Integer variable      16
Integrable      174
Integration      see "Numerical integration"
Interference      345Ч352
Interpolation      444Ч450
Ising model      554 598 609Ч627
Ising model, cluster algorithms (Swendsen Ч Wang, Wolff)      647 649 650
Ising model, demon algorithm      see "Demon algorithm"
Ising model, Glauber dynamics      659
Ising model, single spin flip dynamics (Metropolis algorithm)      605Ч606 609Ч618
Java language      4
Java language for loop      17
Java language, abstract      26
Java language, arrays      17 37 39 52
Java language, assignment operator      17
Java language, byte code      14
Java language, case-sensitivity      15 16 21
Java language, cast      17
Java language, classpath      15
Java language, clone interface      756
Java language, constructor      21 23
Java language, dot operator      22
Java language, event listeners      119
Java language, if      37
Java language, import      30
Java language, inheritance      26Ч29
Java language, instance variable      23
Java language, instantiation      22
Java language, interface      47Ч48
Java language, keywords      21
Java language, local variable      23
Java language, main method      14
Java language, Math class      25
Java language, methods      14
Java language, mouse actions      119
Java language, new operator      22
Java language, objects      19Ч25
Java language, operators      20
Java language, package      15
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