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Weintraub S. Ч Differential Forms. A complement to vector calculus
Guillemin V., Pollack A. Ч Differential topology169, 172
Nevanlinna R., Paatero V. Ч Introduction to Complex Analysis108Ч113
Rudin W. Ч Principles of Mathematical Analysis255
Keisler H.J. Ч Elementary calculus795
Morse P., Feshbach H. Ч Methods of Theoretical Physics (part 1)17 (see also УIntegration in complex planeФ)
Morse P., Feshbach H. Ч Methods of Theoretical Physics (part 2)17 (see also УIntegration in complex planeФ)
Borisenko A.I., Tarapov I.E. Ч Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications136
Mauch S. Ч Introduction to Methods of Applied Mathematics or Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers280
Silverman J.H. Ч The arithmetic of elliptic curves146, 147; see also Elliptic integral
Conway J.B. Ч Functions of One Complex Variable63
Lee J.M. Ч Introduction to Smooth Manifolds78, 79
Millman R.S., Parker G.D. Ч Elements of Differential Geometry50
Widder D.V. Ч Advanced calculussee Integral
Weinstock R. Ч Calculus of variations with applications to physics & engineering6, 7
Smirnov V.I. Ч Higher mathematics. Vol.2205Ч210
Ahlfors L.V. Ч Complex analysis101Ч109
Williamson R.E., Crowell R.H., Trotter H.F. Ч Calculus of vector functions130
Polya G., Latta G. Ч Complex Variables147
Sagan H. Ч Advanced Calculus of Real-Valued Functions of a Real Variable and Vector-Valued Functions of a Vector Variable526
Coffin D. Ч Calculus on the HP-48G/GX271Ч274, 276Ч277
Ablowitz M.J., Fokas A.S. Ч Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications72, 74
Weatherburn C. Ч Advanced Vector Analysis13, 86
Boothby W.M. Ч An introduction to differentiable manifolds and riemannian geometry264
Shankar R. Ч Basic Training In Mathematics159
Greiner W. Ч Classical mechanics. Point particles and relativity109
Schey H.M. Ч DIV, Grad, Curl, and All That: An Informal Text on Vector Calculus63Ч72
Ayres F.J., Mendelson E. Ч Schaum's Outline of Calculus427
Menzel D.H. Ч Mathematical Physics35
Perry J. Ч The Calculus for Engineers69, 134
Schercliff J.A. Ч Vector Fields33, 62, 88, 95, 130, 272
Greenberg M.D. Ч Advanced engineering mathematics718
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. Ч The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.2)II-3-1
Dubrovin B.A., Fomenko A.T., Novikov S.P. Ч Modern Geometry - Methods and Applications. Part 1. The Geometry of Surfaces, Transformation Groups and Fields251, 256
Spivak M. Ч A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry (Vol.1)239, 243
Munkres J.R. Ч Analysis on manifolds278
Nayfeh M.H., Brussel M.K. Ч Electricity and Magnetism19
Kleppner D., Kolenkow R. Ч An introduction to mechanics159, 166
Sattinger D.H., Weaver O.L. Ч Lie groups and algebras with applications to physics, geometry, and mechanics62
Bak J., Newman D.J. Ч Complex Analysis44
Kenzel W., Reents G., Clajus M. Ч Physics by Computer36
Fine B., Rosenberger G. Ч Fundamental Theorem of Algebra52-61
Asmar N.H. Ч Partial Differential Equations with fourier series and boundary value problems643
Pipes L.A. Ч Applied Mathemattics for Engineers and Physicists347
Kuttler K. Ч Calculus, Applications and Theory373
Olver P.J., Shakiban C. Ч Applied linear. algebra125
Clemens C.H. Ч Scrapbook of Complex Curve Theory56
Kreyszig E. Ч Advanced engineering mathematics421, 633
Neff H.P.Jr. Ч Introductory electromagnetics9
Houston W.V. Ч Principles of Mathematical Physics88
Boothby W.M. Ч An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry264
Arya A.P. Ч Introduction to Classical Mechanics161
Kaplan W. Ч Introduction to analytic functions29
Huggins E.R. Ч Physics 2000(see Integral, line)
Harman T.L., Dabney J.B., Richert N.J. Ч Advanced Engineering Mathematicas with MATLAB670
Nehari Z. Ч Conformal mapping6
Papoulis A. Ч The Fourier Integral and Its Applications290
Shorter L.R. Ч Problems And Worked Solutions In Vector Analysis296
Morse P.M. Ч Methods of theoretical physics17 (see also Integration in complex plane)
Richards P.I. Ч Manual of Mathematical Physics296
Lane S.M. Ч Mathematics, form and function173
Hobbie R., Roth B. Ч Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology,142
Hildebrand F.B. Ч Advanced Calculus for Applications281, 523
Griffits D.J. Ч Introductions to electrodynamics24
Strang G. Ч Introduction to Applied Mathematics199, 364
Blum E.K., Lototsky S.V. Ч Mathematics of Physics and Engineering131
Anderson J.L. Ч Principles of Relativity Physics29
Hassani S. Ч Mathematical Methods: for Students of Physics and Related Fields387Ч391
Vaisala J. Ч Lectures On N-Dimensional Quasiconformal Mappings8
Spivak M. Ч Calculus on Manifolds: A Modern Approach to Classical Theorems of Advanced Calculus101
Murty R., Murty K. Ч Non-vanishing of L-Functions and Applications (Progress in Mathematics)6
Greub W., Halperin S., Vanstone R. Ч Connections, curvature, and cohomology. Volume 1234
Heinonen J. Ч Lectures on Analysis on Metric Spaces50
Owen D. Ч A First Course in the Mathematical Foundations of Thermodynamics (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)4, 34, 35, 46, 63
Feynman R., Leighton R., Sands M. Ч Lectures on Physics 2II-3-1
Keith Devlin Ч Mathematics: The New Golden Age204
Kittel C., Knight W., Ruderman M. Ч Berkeley physics course 1. Mechanics145
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