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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Nagel R. — One-parameter semigroups of positive operators213
Taylor M.E. — Partial Differential Equations. Qualitative studies of linear equations (vol. 2)375
Doob J.L. — Stochastic processes88, 235, 255
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2260.A
Dorfman J.R. — Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics220
Liboff R. — Kinetic Theory41, 317
Athreya K.B., Ney P.E. — Branching Processes2, 107, 257
Skorokhod A.V., Prokhorov Y.V. (Ed) — Basic Principles and Applications of Probability Theory99, 149ff
Honerkamp J. — Statistical Physics157
Wise G.L., Hall E.B. — Counterexamples in Probability and Real Analysis22, 147, 148
Winkler G. — Choquet Order and Simplices108
Chueshov I. — Monotone Random Systems: Theory and Applications53
Gershenfeld N. — The Nature of Mathematical Modelling-Neil Gershenfeld52
Malliaris A.G., Brock W.A. — Stochastic methods in economics and finance40—41
Karlin S., Taylor H.E. — A Second Course in Stochastic Processes286
Marcus M., Rosen J. — Markov Processes, Gaussian Processes and Local Times12, 13, 77
Balescu R. — Equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics380
Isihara A. — Statistical physics206
Najim K., Ikonen E., Daoud A.-K. — Stochastic processes. Estimation, optimization and analysis60
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics260.A
Kannan D. (ed.), Lakshmikantham V. (ed.) — Handbook of stochastic analysis and applications8, 22
Kuo W., Zuo M.J. — Optimal Reliability Modeling: Principles and Applications48
Duffie D. — Security Markets. Stochastic Models176
Wolf-Gladrow D.A. — Lattice-gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann models64
Haake F. — Quantum signatures of chaos200
Kubo R., Toda M., Hashitsume N. — Statistical physics II. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics57
Kannan D. — An introduction to stochastic processes48, 106, 259
Gardiner C.W., Zoller P. — Quantum Noise: A Handbook of Markovian and Non-Markovian Quantum Stochastic Methods with Applications to Quantum Optics146
Balakrishnan N. (ed.), Rao C.R. (ed.) — Advances in Reliability3
Saaty T.L. — Elements of Queueing theory with applications74, 76, 185
Pope S.B. — Turbulent Flows714
Huang K. — Introduction to Statistical Physics260
Gardiner C.W.W., Haken H. — Handbook of Stochastic Methods: For Physics, Chemistry and the Natural Sciences5, 43—44
Aldrovandi R. — Special matrices of mathematical physics (stochastic, circulant and bell matrices)28
Lebowitz J.L., Montroll E.W. — Nonequilibrium phenomena II. From stochastics to hydrodynamics41
Schulman L.S. — Techniques and applications of path integration42, 47
Nicolis G., Prigogine I. — Self-organization in nonequilibrium systems230
Mazo R.M. — Brownian Motion: Flucuations, Dynamics, and Applications6, 32, 33, 35, 55, 56
Emanuel Parzen — Stochastic processes (Classics in Applied Mathematics)194, 195, 203—205, 208, 222, 250, 276, 278, 290, 292
Grasman J. — Asymptotic methods for relaxation oscillations and applications196
Gardiner C.W. — Quantum Noise156
Drmota M., Tichy R.F. — Sequences, Discrepancies and Applications310
Durrett R. — Probability: Theory and Examples287
Hughes B.D. — Random walks and random enviroments (Vol. 1. Random walks)207, 209
Rao M.M., Swift R.J. — Probability Theory With Applications146
Bertotti G. — Hysteresis in Magnetism: For Physicists, Materials Scientists, and Engineers521
Rosenblatt M. — Random processes38, 60, 121, 130ff., 133
Reeves C.R., Rowe J.E. — Genetic Algorithms: Principles and Perspectives. A Guide to GA Theory112
Klauder J.R., Sudarshan E.C.G. — Fundamentals of Quantum Optics58
Haken H. — Synergetics: an introduction79, 81
John Strikwerda — Finite difference schemes and partial differential equations141
Takacs L. — Stochastic processes: problems and solutions29, 31, 35
Puri P.R. — Mathematical methods of quantum optics103
Roepstorf G. — Path integral approach to quantum physics5
McQuarrie D.A. — Statistical Mechanics457
Misra J.C. — Biomathematics: Modelling and Simulation7
Coffey W.T., Kalmykov Yu.P., Waldron J.T. — The Langevin equation69, 605
Liu P.D., Qian M., Dold A. — Smooth Ergodic Theory of Random Dynamical Systems110
Takacz L. — Stochastic processes: problems and solutions29, 31, 35
Kolosov G.E. — Optimal design of control systems: Stochastic and deterministic problems23
Fox R.O. — Computational Models for Turbulent Reacting Flows298
Peszat S., Zabczyk J. — Stochastic partial differential equations with Levy noise: An evolution equation approach7
Revuz D., Yor M. — Continuous martingales and Brownian motion80
Breuer H.-P., Petruccione F. — The Theory of Open Quantum Systems16, 117
Reichl L.E. — Modern Course in Statistical Physics233, 234
Badii R., Politi A. — Complexity: Hierarchical structures and scaling in physics91
Plischke M., Bergersen B. — Equilibrium statistical physics311
Honerkamp J. — Statistical physics: an advanced approach with applications157
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