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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. — Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras (vol. 1) Elementary Theory62
Taylor M.E. — Partial Differential Equations. Basic theory (vol. 1)490
Rudin W. — Fourier Analysis on Groups258
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 1) Functional analysis83
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 237.I 25.I
Evans L.C. — Partial Differential Equations417, 638
Streater R.S., Wightman A.S. — PCT, Spin and Statistics, and All That90
Rudin W. — Real and Complex Analysis116
Folland J.B. — Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications163
Douglas R.G. — Banach algebra techniques in operator theory29
Pugovecki E. — Quantum mechanics in hilbert space210
Debnath L., Mikusinski P. — Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications208
Carr J. — Applications of Centre Manifold Theory106
Dudley R.M., Fulton W. (Ed) — Real Analysis and Probability213
Prugovecki E. — Quantum Mechanics in Hilbert Space210
Young R.M. — An Introduction to Non-Harmonic Fourier Series, Revised Edition35, 169
Gohberg I., Goldberg S. — Basic Operator Theory221, 278
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 3) Scattering theory83
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Functional Analysis (in 4 volumes). Volume 1: Functional Analysis83
Royden H.L. — Real Analysis196
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 4) Analysis of operators$83^1$
Arcangeli R. — Multidimensional Minimizing Splines10
Rudin W. — Functional analysis50
Royden H.L. — Real Analysis196
Lang S. — Real Analysis215
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics37.I, 251.D, 424.X
Kannan D. (ed.), Lakshmikantham V. (ed.) — Handbook of stochastic analysis and applications23
Rudin W. — Real and complex analysis114
Dieudonne J.A. — Treatise on Analysis, Vol. 212.16
Helemskii A.Ya. — Lectures and Exercises on Functional Analysis, Vol. 233151
Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. — Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras (vol. 2) Advanced Theory62
Kolmogorov A.N., Fomin S.V. — Introductory real analysis238
Schechter M. — Spectra of partial differential operators6
Köthe G. — Topological vector spaces I167
Balachandran V.K. — Topological Algebras. Volume 1853.1.16, 105
Husain T., Khaleelulla S.M. — Barrelledness in Topological and Ordered Vector Spaces15
Morimoto M. — Introduction to Sato's hyperfunctions244
Hu S.-T. — Elements of real analysis257
Munkres J. — Topology171
Young R.M. — An Introduction to Nonharmonic Fourier Series35, 169
Bogolubov N.N., Logunov A.A., Todorov I.T. — Introduction to Axiomatic Quantum Field Theory35
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 2) Fourier analysis, self-adjointness83
Simmons G.F. — Introduction to topology and modern analysis238
Ash R.B., Doléans-Dade C.A. — Probability and Measure Theory163
Doran R.S., Wichmann J. — Approximate Identities and Factorization in Banach Modules100
Conway J.B. — A Course in Functional Analysis94
Lang S. — Real and Functional Analysis (Graduate Texts in Mathematics Series #142)395
Ya Helemskii A., West A. — Banach and locally convex algebras13
Bridges D.S. — Foundations Of Real And Abstract Analysis285
Streater R.F., Wightman A.S. — PCT, spin and statistics and all that90
Goffman C., Pedrick G. — First course in functional analysis98
Kreyszig E. — Introductory functional analysis with applications292
Schechter M. — Operator methods in quantum mechanics36
Aliprantis C. — Principles of real analysis234
Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. — Analysis, manifolds and physics. Part I.63
Abramovich Y.A., Aliprantis C.D. — An Invitation to Operator Theory5
Hille E. — Methods in classical and functional analysis312
Kwong M.K. — Norm Inequalities For Derivatives And Differences22
Douglas R.G. — Banach algebra techniques in operator theory29
Loomis L.H. — An introduction to abstract harmonic analysis17, 18
Carroll R.W. — Mathematical physics325
Kuttler K.L. — Modern Analysis39
Shick P.L. — Topology: Point-set and geometric147
Hewitt E., Stromberg K. — Real and abstract analysis: a modern treatment of the theory of functions of a real variable217
Hinrichsen D., Pritchard A. — Mathematical Systems Theory I: Modelling, State Space Analysis, Stability and Robustness757
Aubin J., Frankowska H. — Set-Valued Analysis60
Dunford N., Schwartz J., Bade W.G. — Linear operators. Part 2II.2.4 (57)
Howes N.R — Modern Analysis and Topology347
Treves F. — Topological Vector Spaces, Distributions And Kernels168
Kauffman R.M., Read Th.T., Zettl A. — The Deficiency Index Problem for Powers of Ordinary Differential Expressions3
Dunford N., Schwartz J.T., Bade W.G. — Linear Operators, Part II: Spectral Theory. Self Adjoint Operators in Hilbert Space (Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Series of Texts and Monographs)II.2.4 57
Lions J-L., Dautray R. — Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Methods for Science and Technology: Volume 2: Functional and Variational Methods280
Cheney W. — Analysis for Applied Mathematics49
Morrison T.M. — Functional Analysis: An Introduction to Banach Space Theory63, 81—82, 103, 105, 106, 161, 165, 305
Abramovich Y., Aliprantis C. — An Invitation to Operator Theory (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, V. 50)5
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C. — Analysis, manifolds and physics63
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