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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Vilenkin A., Shellard E.P.S. — Cosmic strings and other topological defects193, 222—223
Dittrich W., Reuter M. — Classical and quantum dynamics334
Landsman N.P. — Mathematical topics between classical and quantum mechanics36, 430
Fradkin E. — Field theories of condensed matter systems210, 257, 311
Thaller B. — Visual quantum mechanics202
Aitchison I.J.R., Hey A.J.G. — Gauge theories in particle physics. Volume 1: from relativistic quantum mechanics to QED71—72
Thouless D.J. — Topological quantum numbers in nonrelativistic physics5, 18—20, 51, 71, 153, 223
Zagoskin A.M. — Quantum theory of many-body systems20
Arnold V.I., Khesin B.A. — Topological methods in hydrodynamics199
Rammer J. — Quantum transport theory462
Griffits D.J. — Introduction to quantum mechanics343—349
Galindo A., Pascual P. — Quantum Mechanics TwoII 209
Dittrich T. (ed.), Hanggi P. (ed.), Ingold G.-L. (ed,) — Quantum transport and dissipation34, 37
Thaller B. — The Dirac equation312, 315
Grabert H., Devoret M.H. — Single charge tunneling: coulomb blockade phenomena in nanostructures192, 200
Greiner W., Schramm S., Stein E. — Quantum chromodynamics154
Nagaosa N. — Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics155
Fulling S. — Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime159
Peleg Y., Pnini R., Zaarur E. — Schaum's outline of theory and problems of quantum mechanics172
Collins P.D., Squires E.J., Martin A.D. — Particle Physics and Cosmology49
Dresselhaus M.S., Dresselhaus G., Avouris Ph. — Carbon nanotubes334, 342, 351, 369
Haug H., Jauho A.-P. — Quantum kinetics in transport and optics of semiconductors158
Efros A.L. (ed.), Pollak M. (ed.) — Electron-electron interactions in disordered systemssee “Bohm — Aharonov effect”
Collins P.D.B., Martin A.D., Squires E.J. — Particle Physics and Cosmology49
Schulman L.S. — Techniques and applications of path integration195, 196, 210
Zee A. — Quantum field theory in a nutshell223—224, 235, 295, 299
Economou E.N. — Green's Functions in Quantum Physics207, 208, 241
Greiner W. — Quantum mechanics: special chapters21
Tsvelik A.M. — Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics129
Shankar R. — Principles of quantum mechanics497
Bertlmann R.A. — Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory306—311
Auletta G. — Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics153, 382, 558, 693, 694, 696, 698
Woodhouse N.M.J. — Geometric quantization188
Staicu V. (ed.) — Differential Equations, Chaos and Variational Problems11—12
Amoroso R.L. (ed.), Hunter G. (ed.), Vigier J.-P. (ed.) — Gravitation and Cosmology: From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale3, 242, 257
Tsvelik A.M. — Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics129
Michael Baer, Gert D.Billing — Advances in Chemical Physics, The Role of Degenerate States in Chemistry, Vol. 124see "Geometric phase effect"
Szabo R.J. — An Introduction to String Theory and D-Brane Dynamics81
Thaller B. — The Dirac equation312, 315
Marder M.P. — Condensed matter physics722—724
Frankel T. — The geometry of physics: an introduction447—448, 554
Davies J.H. — The physics of low-dimensional semiconductors : an introduction232—233
Datta S. — Electronic transport in mesoscopic systems165—168, 214, 218—220, 243
Moriyasu K. — An Elementary Primer for Gauge Theory18, 55
Brown L., Dresden M., Hoddeson L. — Pions to quarks: Particle physics in the 1950s46
Sakurai J.J. — Modern quantum mechanics136—139, 472—473
Kashiwa T., Ohnuki Y., Suzuki M. — Path Integral Methods110
Frankel T. — The geometry of physics: An introduction447—448, 554
Davies P. — The New Physics283, 469
Ehrenreich H., Spaepen F. — Solid State Physics. Volume 49295—296
Collins P.D.B., Martin A.D., Squires E.J. — Particle Physics and Cosmology49
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