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Vilenkin A., Shellard E.P.S. Ч Cosmic strings and other topological defects
Vilenkin A., Shellard E.P.S. Ч Cosmic strings and other topological defects

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Ќазвание: Cosmic strings and other topological defects

јвторы: Vilenkin A., Shellard E.P.S.


This book is a comprehensive and coherent introduction to the role of cosmic strings and other topological defects in the universe. After an introduction to standard cosmological theory and the theory of phase transitions in the early universe, the book then describes, in turn, the properties, formation, and cosmological implications of cosmic strings, monopoles, domain walls and textures. It concludes with a chapter considering the role of topological defects in inflationary universe models. Ample introductory material is included to make the book readily accessible. It will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology.

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√од издани€: 1994

 оличество страниц: 517

ƒобавлена в каталог: 20.07.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
$Z_2$-strings      63 79 96Ч7.
$Z_2$-strings, formation      262
$Z_2$-strings, magnetic fields      97
$Z_2$-strings, physical properties      97
$Z_2$-strings, SO(10)-strings      98
$Z_2$-symmetry breaking      See discrete symmetry breaking
$Z_2$-walls      50 60 369.
$Z_2$-walls, evolution      385Ч388
$Z_2$-walls, formation      384
$Z_N$-strings      64 96Ч7
$Z_N$-strings, non-commuting strings      288
$Z_N$-strings, string-monopole networks      289Ч291
$Z_N$-walls      370 388Ч390
$\gamma$-ray bursts      358
$\gamma$-rays      See cosmic rays
$\mathcal N$ spin degrees of freedom      11 364
$\phi^4$-kink      54Ч6 60Ч1 369.
't Hooft Ч Polyakov monopole      3 64 397Ч402
Abelian-Higgs model      25 61 86Ч93 103Ч119 123
Abelian-Higgs model, field equations      87 91.
Abelian-Higgs model, Nambu action derivation      117Ч119
Abelian-Higgs model, string gravity      188
Abrikosov ansatz      103
Absorbing boundary conditions      237
Ac currents      244 345
Adhesion approximation      322 338
Adjoint representation      26
Age of the universe      10
Aharonov Ч Bohm effect      193 222Ч223
Alice strings      79 99Ч101
Alice strings and monopoles      82Ч83
Annihilation, domain walls      377 387 395
Annihilation, monopoles      407Ч410 417
Annihilation, vortices      106Ч108
anomalies      142Ч144 443
Antisymmetric tensors      119Ч121 230Ч231 235 364
Artificial compression methods      276
Artificial viscosity      275
asymptotic freedom      13
Axion models      98Ч99 365Ч367
Axion models, astrophysical constraints      367
Axion models, axion mass      365
Axion models, cold dark matter      17 367
Axion models, cosmological axion background      366Ч367
Axion models, cosmological constraints      367
Axion models, Peccei Ч Quinn symmetry breaking      365 367
Axion strings      98Ч99 365Ч367. domain Goldstone
Axion strings, axion emission      365Ч367
Axion strings, domain wall formation      366
Axion strings, energy density constraints      367
Back-reaction      see radiation back-reaction
Baryogenesis      22
Baryogenesis and inflation      49
Baryogenesis, baryonic matter      319 328 333 336
Baryogenesis, domain walls      395
Baryogenesis, monopoles      418
Baryogenesis, prerequisites      315
Baryogenesis, strings      223 264 315Ч316
Baryogenesis, textures      443
Baryon-number-violating scattering      223 315 405Ч406 411 418
Biased galaxy formation      20
Biasing factor      20 427 441
Black holes and string motion      169Ч170
Black holes, domain wall collapse      380 392
Black holes, loop collapse      313Ч315
Black holes, loop radiation back-reaction      314
Black holes, nucleated loops      456Ч457
Black holes, observational constraints      313
Black holes, primordial power spectrum      20
Black holes, with strings      190
Blast waves      355
Bogomol'nyi limit      90Ч93 401
Bogomol'nyi limit, 't Hooft Ч Polyakov monopole      401
Bogomol'nyi limit, Einstein gravity      188Ч189
Bogomol'nyi limit, Nielsen Ч Olesen vortex      90Ч93
Bogomol'nyi limit, two-vortex moduli space      109Ч113
Bosonic string superconductivity      122Ч139
Bosonic string superconductivity, ansatz      126
Bosonic string superconductivity, current quenching      128Ч132
Bosonic string superconductivity, effective action      134Ч136
Bosonic string superconductivity, pararneter values      122Ч125
Bosonic string superconductivity, persistent currents      126Ч128
Bosonic string superconductivity, reconnection      133Ч134
Bosonic string superconductivity, worldsheet charge      132Ч133
Bosonization      147Ч149
Brans Ч Dicke gravity      53 445
Brownian random walks      261 266 416
Bubble nucleation      2 46Ч47 452
Callan Ч Rubakov effect      405Ч406 411
Causal horizon      See horizons
Causality and defect annihilation      419Ч420
centralizer      95
Charge conjugation      34 37 100
Charge quantization condition      399
Cheshire charge      100
Classification of defects      71Ч85
Classification of defects, domain walls      60 368
Classification of defects, energetic considerations      84Ч85
Classification of defects, monopoles      64 80Ч83 397 421
Classification of defects, non-abelian generators      84Ч85
Classification of defects, strings      61 72Ч80 84Ч85 94 102
Classification of defects, summary      71Ч72
Classification of defects, textures      65 429
Closed timelike curves      192
Coarsening network evolution      2 265Ч274
Cold dark matter      17 319 320Ч326 329Ч331 334Ч336 338Ч339 362 367
Coleman Ч Weinberg potentials      37Ч38 45
Comoving displacement      320Ч321
Compensated perturbations      See isocurvature fluctuations
Compton drag      355 358
Compton wavelength      71 87 401
Condensates      69 94Ч96 122Ч125 137Ч139
Condensed matter analogues      1 25 257Ч258
Condensed matter analogues, fermionic zero modes      139
Condensed matter analogues, ferromagnetic domains      1
Condensed matter analogues, global strings      232Ч234
Condensed matter analogues, liquid crystals      2 257
Condensed matter analogues, magnetic flux-lines      1 25 62 86 122
Condensed matter analogues, superconductors      1 25 62 86 122 127
Condensed matter analogues, superfluid vortices      1 63 93 232Ч234
Conformal gauge      156 240 374
Conformal time      7 165 268 375
Conical spacetime      See string gravity
Correlation functions      285 331 333
Correlation length, domain wall evolution      386
Correlation length, domain wall formation      384
Correlation length, during inflation      446
Correlation length, during phase transition      44 60
Correlation length, monopole formation      406
Correlation length, monopoles connected by strings      417
Correlation length, string formation      257Ч258
Correlation length, string networks      264 266 273 278 338
Correlation length, string-monopole networks      290
Correlation length, textures      436
Cosmic background radiation      See microwave background radiation
Cosmic rays, string cusps      229
Cosmic rays, string-monopole networks      291
Cosmic rays, superconducting strings      350 352 358 362
Cosmic strings      see strings
Cosmic time      12
Coulomb gauge      127 231
Critical coupling      90Ч93 109Ч113 188Ч189 401
Critical current      129 145 250 344 349
Critical temperature      39 42 43 59 258 445
Currents      see superconducting strings
Cusps      159Ч160
Cusps, baryogenesis      316
Cusps, electromagnetic radiation      247 345 349
Cusps, Goldstone boson radiation      235Ч236
Cusps, gravitational fields      200Ч202
Cusps, gravitational radiation      206Ч207
Cusps, microwave background anisotropies      299
Cusps, particle production      228Ч229
Cusps, Taylor expansion      160
Damped epoch, domain walls      385Ч386
Damped epoch, monopoles      408
Damped epoch, monopoles connected by strings      417
Damped epoch, strings      224Ч226 263Ч264 294
Damped epoch, superconducting strings      350Ч353 360Ч361
Damped epoch, vorton formation      360Ч361
Damping forces      See frictional forces radiative
Dark matter      See hot dark matter cold neutrinos axion monopoles vortons
De Sitter space      47 379 446 451
Debye screening length      254
Decay probability      377 415
Decoupling from thermal equilibrium      11Ч12
Defect formation      See also Kibble mechanism phase
Defect formation, after inflation      444Ч445
Defect formation, domain walls      59 384Ч385 449 452
Defect formation, domain walls bounded by strings      393
Defect formation, during inflation      445Ч447
Defect formation, monopoles      406Ч407
Defect formation, monopoles connected by strings      415Ч417
Defect formation, quantum fluctuations      447Ч451
Defect formation, strings      257Ч263 360 455
Defect formation, textures      436
Defects and inflation      see inflation and defects
Deficit angle      210 218 292 337
Deficit solid angle      424
Density fluctuations      16Ч21 52 317Ч342 353Ч359 390Ч391 426Ч427 438Ч442 456.
Density fluctuations, domain walls      319 390Ч391
Density fluctuations, explosive galaxy formation      17 353Ч359
Density fluctuations, global monopoles      319 426Ч427
Density fluctuations, inflationary fluctuations      49 52 318
Density fluctuations, isocurvature fluctuations      18 323 440
Density fluctuations, old string scenario      320Ч334
Density fluctuations, origin      317
Density fluctuations, phase transitions      317
Density fluctuations, power spectrum      19
Density fluctuations, scale-invariant power spectrum      19 52 318 426 441
Density fluctuations, string loops      320Ч334
Density fluctuations, string wakes      334Ч342
Density fluctuations, strings      3 318Ч342
Density fluctuations, textures      319 438 440Ч442
Density fluctuations, topological defects      317Ч318
Density parameter $\Omega$      9Ч10
Density parameter $\Omega$, definition      9
Density parameter $\Omega$, estimates      10 340
Density parameter $\Omega$, monopole problem      287
Density parameter $\Omega$, string-dominated universe      287
Derrick's theorem      56 65 432
Dirac equation      139 147 195 406
Discrete symmetry breaking      54 60 368 391
Distributional defect sources      217Ч219
Domain wall evolution      383Ч391
Domain wall evolution, $Z_2$-walls      384Ч388
Domain wall evolution, $Z_N$-walls      388Ч390
Domain wall evolution, annihilation      377 387
Domain wall evolution, avoiding wall domination      391Ч392
Domain wall evolution, biased vacuum states      392
Domain wall evolution, correlation length      384 386
Domain wall evolution, damped epoch      385Ч386
Domain wall evolution, domain walls bounded by strings      See domain walls bounded by strings
Domain wall evolution, domain-wall-dominated universe      380Ч381 390
Domain wall evolution, energy density      387
Domain wall evolution, equilibrium structures      390
Domain wall evolution, false vacuum domination      392
Domain wall evolution, formation      59 257 384Ч385
Domain wall evolution, Kibble mechanism      384
Domain wall evolution, Monte Carlo simulation      384
Domain wall evolution, network topology      385
Domain wall evolution, non-abelian walls      388Ч390
Domain wall evolution, numerical simulations      384
Domain wall evolution, percolation theory      384
Domain wall evolution, scale-invariant evolution      385Ч392
Domain wall evolution, size distribution      385
Domain wall evolution, velocities      386
Domain wall gravity      378Ч384
Domain wall gravity, black holes      380 392 457
Domain wall gravity, de Sitter space      379
Domain wall gravity, equation of state      381
Domain wall gravity, inflationary universe creation      392
Domain wall gravity, Israel matching conditions      380
Domain wall gravity, microwave background anisotropies      390
Domain wall gravity, Newtonian potential      378
Domain wall gravity, observational bounds      390Ч391
Domain wall gravity, planar wall metric      378
Domain wall gravity, repulsive gravitational effects      379
Domain wall gravity, Rindler metric      379
Domain wall gravity, scale-factor      381
Domain wall gravity, Schwarzschild exterior      380
Domain wall gravity, spherical domain wall      379
Domain wall gravity, structure formation      319 390Ч391
Domain wall gravity, wall-dominated universe      3 380Ч381 390Ч391
Domain wall problem      3 380 390Ч391
domain walls      3 54Ч56 60Ч61 368Ч396
Domain walls bounded by strings      67 369Ч372 394Ч396
Domain walls bounded by strings, annihilation      395
Domain walls bounded by strings, axion models      365Ч366 369
Domain walls bounded by strings, baryon-number-violating decay      395
Domain walls bounded by strings, cosmological evolution      394Ч396
Domain walls bounded by strings, domain wall friction      395
Domain walls bounded by strings, formation      392Ч393
Domain walls bounded by strings, global strings and domain walls      369 372 393
Domain walls bounded by strings, inflation      396
Domain walls bounded by strings, loop nucleation      371 377
Domain walls bounded by strings, metastability      377
Domain walls bounded by strings, models      369Ч372
Domain walls bounded by strings, Monte Carlo methods      393
Domain walls bounded by strings, numerical simulations      393
Domain walls bounded by strings, quantum nucleation      396
Domain walls bounded by strings, radiative decay      395
Domain walls bounded by strings, reconnection      393Ч394
Domain walls bounded by strings, strings attached to N walls      370
Domain walls, $Z_2$-walls      369 384Ч388
Domain walls, $\phi^4$-kink      369
Domain walls, action      372Ч373
Domain walls, annihilation      377 387
Domain walls, basic properties      60Ч61 368Ч370
Domain walls, black holes      380 392 457
Domain walls, bounded by strings      See domain walls bounded by strings
Domain walls, classification      60 72 368
Domain walls, conformal gauge      374
Domain walls, cosmological evolution      See domain wall evolution
Domain walls, decay probability      377
Domain walls, density fluctuations      390Ч391
Domain walls, discrete symmetry breaking      54 65 368 391
Domain walls, domain-wall-dominated universe      380Ч381 390
Domain walls, dynamics      372Ч378
Domain walls, energy-momentum tensor      61 368 373 378
Domain walls, equations of motion      373Ч374
Domain walls, evolution      See domain wall evolution
Domain walls, expanding universe      375Ч376
Domain walls, formation      59 257 384Ч385.
Domain walls, frictional forces      383Ч386
Domain walls, gauge conditions      374
Domain walls, gravitational effects      See domain wall gravity
Domain walls, inflation      392 446 449Ч451
Domain walls, junctions      370
Domain walls, knots      370
Domain walls, linearized perturbations      374
Domain walls, mass-scale constraints      390Ч391
Domain walls, microwave background anisotropics      390
Domain walls, models      368Ч372
Domain walls, Nambu action      372Ч373
Domain walls, non-abelian domain walls      370
Domain walls, observational bounds      390Ч391
Domain walls, particle scattering      381Ч384
Domain walls, phenomenology      371Ч372
Domain walls, quantum nucleation      377 449Ч451
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