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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Greiner W., Muller B., Rafelski J. — Quantum electrodynamics of strong fields95
Jensen F. — Introduction to Computational Chemistry209, 211
Hess B.A. — Relativistic Effects in Heavy-Element Chemistry and Physics100
Levine I.N. — Molecular Spectroscopy50, 59
Chaikin P.M., Lubensky T.C. — Principles of condensed matter physics177
Guimaraes A.P. — Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance in Solids55, 57, 60, 160
Beyer H.F., Shevelko V.P. — Introduction to the Physics of Highly Charged Ions180, 208
Bube R.H. — Electronic Properties of Crystalline Solids: An Introduction to Fundamentals187
Jackson J.D. — Classical electrodynamics368
Cohen-Tannoudji C., Dupont-Roc J., Grynberg G. — Photons and atoms: introduction to quantum electrodynamic440
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. — Quantum theory of many-particle systems511—512, 513
Ziman J.M. — Electrons and Phonons: The Theory of Transport Phenomena in Solids118, 489
Greiner W. — Quantum mechanics: special chapters312
Zory P.S. — Quantum well lasers47
Shankar R. — Principles of quantum mechanics468
Weissbluth M. — Atoms and Molecules337—341, 465—476
Martin R.M. — Electronic Structure: Basic Theory and Practical Methods195
Basdevant J.-L., Dalibard J. — Quantum Mechanics259
Fox M. — Optical properties of solids57, 169, 179, 193-5, 200, 277-8
Pavičić M. — Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication: Theory and Experiments91, 102, 147
Nouredine Z. — Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications480
Povh B., Rith K., Scholz C., Zetsche F. — Particles and nuclei. An introduction to the Physical Concepts170, 232, 259
Amrein W.O., Sinha K.B., Jauch J.M. — Scattering Theory in Quantum Mechanics: Physical Principles and Mathematical Methods469—475
Bethe H., de Hoffmann F. — Mesons and fields. Volume 2. Mesons37, 42, 65, 298
McQuarrie D.A. — Statistical Mechanics87
Chaikin P., Lubensky T. — Principles of condensed matter physics177
Goldsmid H.J. (ed.) — Problems in solid state physics11.19
Podgorsak E. — Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists66
HarrisR. — Nonclassical physics: beyond Newton's view315—318, 319—322
Ehrenreich H., Seitz F., Turnbull D. — Solid State Physics.Volume 26.13, 15, 87
Schiff L.I. — Quantum Mechanics433, 482
Abrikosov A.A., Gorkov L.P., Dzyalosliinski I.E. — Methods of quantum fields theory in statistical physics20
Hartree D.R. — The calculation of atomic structures13, 42, 102, 146
Abrikosov A.A., Gоr'kov L.P., Dzyalosiiinskh I.Yk. — Quantum field theoretical methods in statistical physics20
Suter D. — The physics of laser-atom interactions135—136, 144, 154—158
Landau L.D., Lifshitz E.M. — Course of Theoretical Physics (vol.3). Quantum Mechanics. Non-relativistic Theory267—270, 321, 484, 583—587
Benoit H. (ed.), Cantow H.-J. (ed.), Dall'Asta G. (ed.) — Polymer Physics145
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. — Quantum theory of many-particle systems511—512, 513
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