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Поиск книг, содержащих: Baire category theorem

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. — Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras (vol. 1) Elementary Theory60, 223
Taylor M.E. — Partial Differential Equations. Basic theory (vol. 1)297, 489
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 1) Functional analysis80
Seebach J.A., Steen L.A. — Counterexamples in Topology25, 37, 197
Goffman C., Nishiura T., Waterman D. — Homeomorphisms in Analysis187
Hewitt E., Ross K.A. — Abstract Harmonic Analysis (Vol. 1)42, 456
Hewitt E., Ross K.A. — Abstract Harmonic Analysis (Vol. 2)42 I, 456 I
Lee J.M. — Introduction to Topological Manifolds85
Folland J.B. — Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications161
Zimand M. — Computational Complexity: A Quantitative Perspective12, 13
Gierz G., Hofmann K.H., Keimel K. — Continuous Lattices and Domains112 I—3.40
Mill J.V. — The Infinite-Dimensional Topology of Function Spaces482
Dudley R.M., Fulton W. (Ed) — Real Analysis and Probability79, 277
Dacorogna B. — Direct Methods in the Calculus of Variations440, 443, 450
Gohberg I., Goldberg S. — Basic Operator Theory277
Krantz S.G. — Function Theory of Several Complex Variables108
Berberian S.K. — Fundamentals of Real Analysis304
Morris S.A. — Topology without tears123
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Functional Analysis (in 4 volumes). Volume 1: Functional Analysis80
Royden H.L. — Real Analysis139
Royden H.L. — Real Analysis139
Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. — Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras (vol. 2) Advanced Theory60, 323
Bogachev V.I. — Measure Theory Vol.2I: 89
Bayoumi A. — Foundations of Complex Analysis in Non Locally Convex Spaces: Function Theory without Convexity Condition20
Graham C.C., McGehee O.C. — Essays in Commutative Harmonic Analysis66, 85, 107
Hu S.-T. — Elements of real analysis188
Munkres J. — Topology296
Reed M., Simon B. — Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 2) Fourier analysis, self-adjointness80
Monk J.D., Bonnet R. — Handbook Of Boolean Algebras Vol.31237
Krantz S.G. — Handbook of Real Variables149
Phillips N.Ch. — Equivariant K-Theory and Freeness of Group Actions on C*-Algebras8
Ash R.B., Doléans-Dade C.A. — Probability and Measure Theory158
Doran R.S., Wichmann J. — Approximate Identities and Factorization in Banach Modules56
Faith C. — Rings and Things and a Fine Array of Twentieth Century Associative Algebra16.6
Saxe K. — Beginning functional analysis148
Ralph P. Boas Jr, Alexanderson G.L., Mugler D.H. — Lion Hunting and Other Mathematical Pursuits97, 165—166
de Souza P.N., Silva J.-N. — Berkeley Problems in Mathematics291
Rota G.-C. — Studies in combinatorics (MAA Studies in Mathematics, volume 17)82
Grosche C. — Path integrals, hyperbolic spaces, and Selberg trace formulae151
Kreyszig E. — Introductory functional analysis with applications247
Hu S.T. — Introduction to general topology151
Bourgin R.D. — Geometric Aspects of Convex Sets with the Radon-Nikodym Property45, 60
Gleason A. — Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis263
Munkres J.R. — Topology: A First Course294
Rogers C.A. — Hausdorff Measures75—77
Krantz S.G. — Function theory of several complex variables108
Hewitt E., Stromberg K. — Real and abstract analysis: a modern treatment of the theory of functions of a real variable68, 79
Silverman J. — The arithmetic of dynamical systems268
Dunford N., Schwartz J., Bade W.G. — Linear operators. Part 2I.6.8 (20)
Bichteler K. — Integration Theory11.5
Williams D. — Probability with Martingales(A1.12)
Dineen S. — Complex Analysis of Infinite Dimensional Spaces153, 374, 449
Morris S. — Pontryagin Duality and the Structure of Locally Compact Abelian Groups22
Dunford N., Schwartz J.T., Bade W.G. — Linear Operators, Part II: Spectral Theory. Self Adjoint Operators in Hilbert Space (Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Series of Texts and Monographs)I.6.9 20
Morrison T.M. — Functional Analysis: An Introduction to Banach Space Theory76, 78, 124, 221
Truss J.K. — Foundations of Mathematical Analysis258, 332
Truss J. — Foundations of mathematical analysis258, 332
J. M. Borwein, Qi.Zhu — Techniques of Variational Analysis (CMS Books in Mathematics)33, 203
J. K. Truss — Foundations of mathematical analysis MCet258, 332
Souza P., Silva J., Souza P. — Berkeley Problems in Mathematics238
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