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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kogut J.B., Stephanov M.A. — The Phases of Quantum Chromodynamics: From Confinement to Extreme Environments
Cardy J. — Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics
Sornette D. — Critical phenomena in natural sciences
Finlayson B.A. — Numerical Methods for Problems With Moving Fronts447
Vilenkin A., Shellard E.P.S. — Cosmic strings and other topological defects103—109
Benson D. — Mathematics and music100
Frisch U. — Turbulence. The legacy of A.N. Kolmogorovsee punctuated conservative dynamics, two-dimensional turbulence
Marmo G., Skagerstam B.S., Stern A. — Classical topology and quantum states111
Elliott R.J., Gibson A.F. — An Introduction to Solid State Physics and Its Applications363
Kappraff J. — Beyond Measure: A Guided Tour through Nature, Myth, and Number15—20, 49, 265—268
Fradkin E. — Field theories of condensed matter systems248
Lamb H. — Hydrodynamics219, 236
Naber G.L. — Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields132
Imry Y. — Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics165—167
Chaikin P.M., Lubensky T.C. — Principles of condensed matter physics495—499, 504—506
Hofstadter D.R. — Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid713—719
Truesdell C. — Essays in the History of Mechanics71—75, 77—78, 145
Rickayzen G. — Green's functions and condensed matter261
Walker J. — The flying circus of physics: with answers1.47.1.57,—, 4.92,, 4.100, 4.102—4.104
Martin P.A. — Many-body problems and quantum field theory: an introduction242
L. Pitaevskii, Stringari S. — Bose-Einstein Condensation44-7, 83-6, 118-22, 256-73, 366
Holmes P., Lumley J.L., Berkooz G. — Turbulence, Coherent Structures, Dynamical Systems and Symmetry353
Daniel C. Mattis — The theory of magnetism made simple: an introduction to physical concepts and to some useful mathematical methods9, 46, 228, 427-430
Amit D.J. — Field theory, the renormalization group, and critical phenomena377
Phillips P. — Advanced Solid State Physics308
Mourachkine A. — High-Temperature Superconductivity in Cuprates: The Nonlinear Mechanism and Tunneling Measurements4, 21-22, 87, 94, 103, 121, 237, 289, 291
Domb C., Lebowitz J.L. — Phase transitions and critical phenomena (Vol. 11)22, 29
Huggins E.R. — Physics 200023—20
Goldenfeld N. — Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group348
Wheeler J.A. — Topics of modern physics. Vol. I. Geometrodynamics69, see also "Hydrodynamics"
Itzykson C., Drouffe J-M. — Statistical field theory. Vol. 1107, 201, 553
Konopleva N.P., Popov V.N. — Gauge Fields130—131
Chaikin P., Lubensky T. — Principles of condensed matter physics495—9, 504—6
Marder M.P. — Condensed matter physics406
Hooft G.T. — Under the spell of the gauge principle261
Naber G.L. — Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields132
Guyon E., Hulin J., Petit L. — Physical Hydrodynamics229—230, 253—254, see also "Vorticity"
Davies P. — The New Physics209, 223—227
Badii R., Politi A. — Complexity: Hierarchical structures and scaling in physics21
Lipparini E. — Modern many-particle physics: atomic gases, quantum dots and quantum fluids388, 390
Cushman-Roisin B. — Introduction to geophysical fluid dynamicssee also "Anticyclones", "Cyclones"
Popper K.R. — Quantum theory and the schism in physics166
De Witt L. Sumners — New Scientific Applications of Geometry and Topology (Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics, V. 45)131
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