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Поиск книг, содержащих: Maclaurin series

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Abell M., Braselton J. — Differential Equations with Mathematica217, 219
Spiegel M.R. — Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables110
Soong T.T. — Fundamentals of probability and statistics for engineers99
Keisler H.J. — Elementary calculus555
Grimaldi R.P. — Discrete and combinatorial mathematics. An introduction310, 418
Devroye L. — Generation of non-uniform random variates460
Kisacanin B. — Mathematical problems and proofs. Combinatorics, Number theory, and Geometry45, 47, 158, 180, 194
Hoffman J.D. — Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists8
Mathews J.H., Fink K.D. — Numerical Methods Using MATLAB243
Mangano S. — XSLT Cookbook
Shampine L.F., Allen R.C., Pruess Jr.S. — Fundamentals of numerical computing253—254
Jones D.S. — Introduction to Asymptotics: A Treatment Using Nonstandard Analysis6, 70, 100
Widder D.V. — Advanced calculus240, 355, 359, 360, 418
Smirnov V.I. — Higher mathematics. Vol.1337
Sadd M.H. — Elasticity: theory, applications, and numerics249
Leach A.R. — Molecular Modelling Principles and Applications11
Mahmoud H.M. — Evolution of random search trees28—29
Kythe P.K., Schaferkotter M.R. — Partial Differential Equations and Mathematica254
Merris R. — Combinatorics260
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. — Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists353
Coffin D. — Calculus on the HP-48G/GX42
Holmes M.H. — Introduction to Perturbation Methods3
Wise G.L., Hall E.B. — Counterexamples in Probability and Real Analysis194
Andreescu T., Feng Z. — Path to Combinatorics for Undergraduates: Counting Strategies169, 172, 213
Hijab O. — Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)85
Polya G. — Problems and Theorems in Analysis: Theory of Functions. Zeros. Polynomials. Determinants. Number Theory. GeometryV 163 63
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics — Historical Topics for the Mathematics Classroom Thirty-First Yearbook[114], 443—446
Konopinski E.J. — Electromagnetic fields and relativistic particles519
Kammler D.W. — First Course in Fourier Analysis1, 522, 738
Kincaid D., Cheney W. — Numerical analysis: mathematics of scientific computing354, 406
Spiegel M.R. — Schaum's mathematical handbook of formulas and tables110
Chan Man Fong C.F., De Kee D., Kaloni P.N. — Advanced Mathematics for Engineering and Sciences6, 244
Bracewell R.N. — The Fourier Transform and its applications78, 134, 234, 528
Antia H.M. — Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers17, 42, 57, 432, 435, 440, 708, 863
Kreyszig E. — Advanced engineering mathematics683
Steeb W.- H. — Problems and Solutions in Introductory and Advanced Matrix Calculus127
Bluman G.W. — Problem Book for First Year Calculus198, (VI.19; VIII.10.16), [VI.37; VIII.10.18-10.20,11.29] (see also Taylor series)
Gordon H. — Discrete Probability166
McQuistan R.B. — Scalar and Vector Fields: a Physical Interpretation192
Andrews G.E. — Number Theory43
Thompson W.J. — Computing for Scientists and Engineers: A Workbook of Analysis, Numerics, and Applicationssee Taylor series
Bayin S.S. — Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering446
Ralph P. Boas Jr, Alexanderson G.L., Mugler D.H. — Lion Hunting and Other Mathematical Pursuits86—88, 98
Socha L. — Linearization Methods for Stochastic Dynamic Systems8
Adomian G. — Stochastic Systems287
Bracewell R. — The Fourier Transform and Its Applications78, 134, 234, 528
Fike C.T. — Computer Evaluation of Mathematical Functionssee Power series
Jordan C. — Calculus of Finite Differences201, 216, 246
Riley, Hobson — Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering141
Bellman L., Cooke K. L. — Modern elementary differential equations96
Kythe P.K., Puri P. — Partial differential equations and Mathematica254
Knopp K., Bagemihl F. — Infinite Sequences and Series108
Lane S.M. — Mathematics, form and function339
Tenenbaum M., Pollard H. — Ordinary differential equations: an elementary textbook for students of mathematics, engineering, and the sciences535
Barry Steven, Davis Stephen — Essential Mathematical Skills: For Students of Engineering, Science and Applied Mathematics88
Devroye L. — Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation460
Sofo A. — Computational Techniques for the Summation of Series75, 76, 82
Blum E.K., Lototsky S.V. — Mathematics of Physics and Engineering212
Wrede R.C., Spiegel M. — Theory and problems of advanced calculus274
Grimaldi R.P., Rothman D.J. — Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction304, 402, 422, 436, 437, 496
Hassani S. — Mathematical Methods: for Students of Physics and Related Fields287
Lyons L. — All You Wanted to Know about Mathematics but Were Afraid to Ask - Mathematics for Science Students. Volume 1236—240, 242—243, 273, 309
Burden R.L., Faires J.D. — Numerical analysis8
Akenine-Möller T. — Real-Time Renderingsee "Trigonometry"
Marotto F. — Introduction to Mathematical Modeling Using Discrete Dynamical Systems244
Mac Lane S. — Mathematics: Form and Function339
Grimaldi R.P. — Student Solutions Manual for Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics304, 402, 422, 436, 437, 496
Daniels R.W. — Introduction to numerical methods and optimization techniques257
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