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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Уэйкерли Дж.Ф. — Проектирование цифровых устройств (том 1)623
Kohonen T. — Self-organizing maps145, 356
Chaikin P.M., Lubensky T.C. — Principles of condensed matter physics480, 677 (see “Limit of metastability”)
Haken H. — Laser light dynamics (volume 2)29
Dorlas T.C. — Statistical mechanics, fundamentals and model solutions21
Griffits D.J. — Introduction to quantum mechanics318
Dittrich T. (ed.), Hanggi P. (ed.), Ingold G.-L. (ed,) — Quantum transport and dissipation213, 240, 241
Banerjee P.P., Poon T.-C. — Principles of applied optics250
Dally W.J., Poulton J.W. — Digital Systems Engineering (part 2)469, 577
Streetman B.G. — Solid State Electronic Devices383, 385
Ward S.A. — Computation Structuressee state, metastable
Prigogine I. — From being to becoming: time and complexity in the physical sciences.147
Murrel J.N., Bosanac S.D. — Introduction to the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Collisions37
Likharev K.K. — Dynamics of Josephson junctions and circuits74
Amit D.J. — Field theory, the renormalization group, and critical phenomena93—94
Rossnagel S.M., Cuomo J.J., Westwood W.D. — Handbook of plasma processing technology. Fundamentals, etching, deposition, and surface interaction33
Bertotti G. — Hysteresis in Magnetism: For Physicists, Materials Scientists, and Engineers42—43
Reeves C.R., Rowe J.E. — Genetic Algorithms: Principles and Perspectives. A Guide to GA Theory154, 159, 172
Seitz F. — The Physics of Metals45
Domb C.M., Green M. — Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena: Series Expansion for Lattice Models, Vol. 3471
White H.E. — Introduction To Atomic Spectra96
Chaikin P., Lubensky T. — Principles of condensed matter physics480, 677; see limit of metastability
Bransden B., Joachain C. — Physics of Atoms and Molecules484
Podgorsak E. — Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists328, 336
Gould H., Tobochnik J., Christian W. — An introduction to computer simulation methods278
Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman — University physics with modern physics1329
Hobbie R., Roth B. — Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology,484
David A. Mooney — Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer280
HarrisR. — Nonclassical physics: beyond Newton's view278, 331, 386—388
Berman G.P., Doolen G.D., Mainieri R. — Intnoduction to Quantum Computers102
Krane K.S. — Introductory nuclear physics175
Reichl L.E. — Modern Course in Statistical Physics61, 111, 157
Lilley J.S. — Nuclear physics: principles and applications18, 20, 71, 238
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