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Dally W.J., Poulton J.W. Ч Digital Systems Engineering (part 2)
Dally W.J., Poulton J.W. Ч Digital Systems Engineering (part 2)

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Ќазвание: Digital Systems Engineering (part 2)

јвторы: Dally W.J., Poulton J.W.


What makes some computers slow? What makes some digital systems operate reliably for years while others fail mysteriously every few hours? Why do some systems dissipate kilowatts while others operate off batteries? These questions of speed, reliability, and power are all determined by the system-level electrical design of a digital system. Digital Systems Engineering presents a comprehensive treatment of these topics. It combines a rigorous development of the fundamental principles in each area with down-to-earth examples of circuits and methods that work in practice. The book not only can serve as an undergraduate textbook, filling the gap between circuit design and logic design, but also can help practicing digital designers keep up with the speed and power of modern integrated circuits. The techniques described in this book, which were once used only in supercomputers, are now essential to the correct and efficient operation of any type of digital system.

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√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 238

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.03.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
1/f noise      292
AC coupling      112Ч113
Align block      503Ч508
Align block, implementation      505 506
Align block, quick return      506Ч508
Alpha panicles      286Ч288
Alpha panicles, critical charge      287
American Wire Gauge (AWG)      49Ч51
Amplifier, cascode      194Ч195
Amplifier, Chappell      543Ч544
Amplifier, differential      204Ч206 210Ч211 543
Amplifier, differential complementary      544
Amplifier, four-input differential summing      369
Amplifier, integrating      545
Amplifier, self biased      543Ч544
Amplifier, static      542Ч544 see
Amplitude modulation      74
Antenna gain      73
Aperture offset time      407
Aperture time      184 407
Arbiter      487 499
Arbiter, four phase      494Ч495
Arbitration      466 487 494Ч495 498Ч199
Area bonding      31Ч32 242Ч243
Array oscillator      609Ч610
Asynchronous design      486Ч510
Asynchronous design, align block      503Ч507
Asynchronous design, bundler      506
Asynchronous design, composition      502Ч510
Asynchronous design, cyclic circuit      508Ч510
Asynchronous design, delay insensitive      500Ч501
Asynchronous design, matched delay      500Ч501
Asynchronous design, pipelines      503Ч508
Asynchronous design, stable state      492
Asynchronous design, state diagrams      492Ч493
Asynchronous design, trajectory map      495Ч497
Asynchronous design, transient state      492
Avalanche breakdown      551
backplane      48Ч49
Balanced termination      111
Ball-grid array      34
Bang-bang control      633
Bazes amplifier      544
Bi-phase modulation      62
Bias generator      561Ч562
Binary signalling      345
Bipolar signalling      318Ч319
Bit stuffing      373 414
Bit-error rate (BER)      297Ч298
Body effect      155Ч156
Bond-wire inductor      614Ч615
Bootstrap Clock-AND      190Ч191
Break-be fore-make action      524
Bundled signalling      412Ч413
Bundler      506
Burst errors      349Ч350 377
Burst-error length      377
Bus      106Ч108
Bus, matched stubs      144Ч145
Busbars      53Ч54
Bypass capacitor      223 247Ч249
Bypass capacitor, equivalent circuit      247Ч248
Bypass capacitor, hierarchy      248Ч249
Bypass capacitor, on chip      243Ч245
Bypass capacitor, sizing      226Ч228
Bypass capacitor, sizing, for intra-cycle ripple      226Ч227
Bypass capacitor, sizing, for step response      227Ч228
Bypass capacitor, symbiotic      237 244Ч245 see
C-element      501
cabinets      47
Cable      49Ч54
Cable, signalling      51Ч53
Capacitance      82Ч84
Capacitance, coaxial cable      82Ч83
Capacitance, microstripline      83
Capacitance, Miller effect      89 179Ч180
Capacitance, parallel-plate      82Ч83
Capacitance, wire pair      82Ч83
Capacitor, bypass      247Ч249 see
Capacitor, effective series resistance (ESR)      247Ч248
Capacitor, equivalent circuit      247Ч248
Capacitor, frequency response      248
Cascode      194Ч195
Cascode current mirror      197Ч199
Channel-length modulation      154Ч155
Chappell amplifier      543Ч544
Charge pump      624Ч627
Charge pump, charge injection      626Ч627
Charge pump, differential      627Ч840
Charge pump, voltage ripple      626Ч627
Charge sharing      185Ч186 588Ч589
Charge sharing, in precharged gates      186
Chassis      47
Choice      494Ч495 498Ч580
Circuit analysis, qualitative      210Ч212
Circuits, transmission      522Ч540
Clamps      228Ч230
Clock aligner      635Ч640
Clock aligner, delay-locked loop      636Ч640
Clock aligner, dual loop      636Ч637
Clock aligner, hybrid      639Ч640
Clock aligner, phase interpolating      638Ч639
Clock aligner, phase-locked loop      635Ч636
Clock buffer      603Ч604
Clock buffer, zero delay      428Ч430
Clock distribution      9 449Ч457
Clock distribution, mesh      456Ч457
Clock distribution, off chip      449Ч454
Clock distribution, on chip      454Ч457
Clock distribution, phase locked      451Ч452
Clock distribution, round trip      453Ч454
Clock distribution, salphasic      452Ч453
Clock distribution, trees      450Ч451 454Ч456
Clock domain      400 467Ч468 472Ч473
Clock enable      580Ч581
Clock predictor      484
Clock recovery, oversampling      447ЧM 9
Clock stopper      492Ч493
Clock stopper, trajectory map      497
Clock, adjustment      569Ч57!
Clock, input conditioning      607Ч608
Clock, multiphase      559Ч560 568Ч569
Clock, qualified      580Ч581
Clock, rise-time constraint      586Ч587
Clock, stoppable      487Ч488 492Ч493
Clocked amplifier, transient response      209Ч210
Clocked amplifiers      207Ч209 544
Clocked amplifiers, transient response      209
Clocked signalling      412Ч413
Clocked-storage elements      406Ч409
Closed-loop timing      9 397 428Ч449
Closed-loop timing, bundled      436Ч439
Closed-loop timing, per-line      439Ч441
CMOS Inverter      170Ч183
CMOS Inverter, as an amplifier      542Ч543
CMOS Inverter, asymmetrical sizing      178Ч179
CMOS Inverter, current profile      237Ч238
CMOS Inverter, DC transfer characteristics      170Ч173
CMOS Inverter, delay line      589Ч590
CMOS Inverter, energy-delay product      213Ч214
CMOS Inverter, gain      172Ч173
CMOS Inverter, gain-bandwidth product      180Ч181
CMOS Inverter, input offset voltage      288Ч289
CMOS Inverter, input offset voltage, compensation      289Ч290 542
CMOS Inverter, Miller-effect capacitance      180
CMOS Inverter, noise margin      171
CMOS Inverter, power dissipation      212Ч214
CMOS Inverter, simulated transfer characteristics      182
CMOS Inverter, threshold voltage      171
CMOS Inverter, transient response      171Ч179
CMOS Inverter, tri-state      186
CMOS Inverter, with feedback      284
CMOS, static gate      170Ч183
Coaxial cable      51Ч52 83
Code-division multiple access (CDMA)      75 76
Codes, DC-balance      374Ч379
Codes, DC-balance, 8b/10b      378Ч379
Codes, DC-balance, non-overlapping      374Ч375
Codes, DC-balance, running-disparity      375Ч376
Codes, error correcting      349Ч350
Codes, framing      377
Codes, thermometer      519 521
Combinational logic      465Ч466
Common-mode      200
Common-mode impedance      110 111 201
Complementary MOS (CMOS)      154 see
Completion detection      470Ч471
Completion signal      491
Concurrency      494Ч495
Connectors      54Ч62
Connectors, attachment      61Ч62
Connectors, coaxial      60
Connectors, elasiomeric      57Ч58
Connectors, fiber-optic      67
Connectors, inter-chassis      58Ч60
Connectors, interposers      56Ч57
Connectors, power      58
Connectors, printed-circuit board      55Ч56
Connectors, printed-circuit board, edge connector      55Ч56
Connectors, printed-circuit board, flex circuit      56
Connectors, printed-circuit board, pin-in-socket      56
Connectors, ribbon cable      60Ч61
Connectors, wire harness      58Ч60
Contamination delay      405
Critical charge      287
Crosstalk      11 262 267Ч280
Crosstalk, capacitive      268Ч272 382Ч383
Crosstalk, capacitive, countermeasures      271Ч272
Crosstalk, capacitive, domino logic with keeper      269
Crosstalk, capacitive, driven line      269Ч270
Crosstalk, capacitive, floating line      268
Crosstalk, capacitive, typical values      270Ч271
Crosstalk, measurement      121Ч122 131Ч134
Crosstalk, on-chip      89
Crosstalk, power supply      280
Crosstalk, reverse-channel      371Ч372
Crosstalk, signal return      278Ч280
Crosstalk, signal return, receiver      321Ч322
Crosstalk, signal return, transmitter      317Ч318
Crosstalk, transmission line      272Ч278
Crosstalk, transmission line, countermeasures      277Ч278
Crosstalk, transmission line, far-end      274Ч276
Crosstalk, transmission line, near-end      274Ч276
Crosstalk, transmission line, typical coupling coefficients      276Ч277
Crystal oscillator      610Ч613
Current mirror      195Ч199
Current mirror, cascode      197Ч199
Current mirror, output impedance      196
Current-mode transmission      315
Current-mode transmitter      529Ч533
Daughter card      48
DC offset      372Ч373
DC restoration      379
DC transfer characteristics, CMOS inverter      170Ч173
DC transfer characteristics, differential amplifier      204Ч205
DC-balance, codes      374Ч379
DC-balance, codes, 8b/10b      378Ч379
DC-balance, codes, non-overlapping      374Ч375
DC-balance, codes, running-disparity      376Ч377
DC-balance, digital-sum variation (DSV)      374
DC-balance, disparity      374
DC-balanced signalling      372Ч379
Decoder      238
Delay      401Ч402
Delay elements      404Ч405
Delay tine      404Ч405 589Ч603
Delay tine, adjustment, current bias      590
Delay tine, adjustment, multiplexer      589Ч590
Delay tine, adjustment, range      591
Delay tine, adjustment, variable capacitance      590Ч591
Delay tine, CMOS inverter      589Ч590
Delay tine, current-starved inverter      590
Delay tine, device matching      602
Delay tine, differential      593Ч602
Delay tine, differential, adjustable resistor      594Ч595
Delay tine, differential, adjustment range      596Ч597
Delay tine, differential, replica bias      595Ч599
Delay tine, differential, supply rejection      596Ч598
Delay tine, inverter, power-supply rejection      592Ч593
Delay tine, inverter, regulated supply      593Ч601
Delay tine, power supply considerations      600
Delay tine, substrate noise      602Ч603
Delay tine, variable      436
Delay, contamination      405
Delay, propagation      405
Delay-insensitive circuits      500Ч502
Delay-locked loop      429Ч430 559
Delay-locked loop, clock aligner      636Ч640
Delay-locked loop, digital control      633Ч635
Delay-locked loop, dual loop      636Ч637
Delay-locked loop, false lock      639
Delay-locked loop, hybrid      639Ч640
Delay-locked loop, initialization      631Ч632
Delay-locked loop, loop filter      629Ч635
Delay-locked loop, phase interpolating      638Ч639
Delay-locked loop, turbo mode      632Ч633
Demodulation, optical      67Ч68
Demultiplexing receiver      547Ч548
Dielectric absorption      105Ч106
Differential amplifier      204Ч206 211
Differential amplifier, DC transfer characteristics      204Ч206
Differential amplifier, transient response      206
Differential Cascode Voltage Switch (DCVS), Logic      190
Differential circuits, amplifier      204Ч2O6 210Ч212
Differential circuits, analysis      200
Differential circuits, delay line      593Ч603
Differential circuits, impedance      201
Differential circuits, infinite impedance load      202
Differential circuits, loads      201Ч203
Differential circuits, mode coupling      202Ч203
Differential circuits, negative impedance load      202
Differential circuits, offset voltage      290Ч291
Differential circuits, replica bias      595Ч599
Differential circuits, source-coupled pair      199Ч200
Differential loads      201Ч203
Differential signalling      328Ч331 389Ч391
Differential signalling, pulsed      383Ч385
Differential signalling, simultaneous bidirectional      368Ч370
Differential-mode      200
Differential-mode impedance      108Ч109 110Ч111
Diffusion equation      91
Digitally trimmed resistors      204 518Ч521 528Ч529
Diodes, avalanche photodiodes      67Ч68
Diodes, PIN      67
Directional coupler      122Ч123
Disparity      374
Domino logic      187Ч190
Domino logic, dual rail      189Ч190
Domino logic, dual-rail XOR      189Ч190
Domino logic, latch      188Ч189
Dover      see УTransmitter circuitsФ
Dual-inline package      32
Dual-rail signalling      411Ч412
Duty factor      402
Duty-cycle corrector      606Ч607
Dynamic charge sharing      185Ч186
Dynamic charge sharing, in precharged gates      186Ч187
Dynamic Circuits      184Ч191
Dynamic Circuits, bootstrap      190Ч191
Dynamic Circuits, domino logic      187Ч191
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