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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Wolf E.L. — Nanophysics and nanotechnology. An introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience
Demtroeder W. — Laser spectroscopy614
Kwok K.Ng. — Complete guide to semiconductor devices540
Harrison W.A. — Elementary electronic structure465
Cohen E.R. — Fundamental Constants of Physics119, 120
Altmann S.L. — Band Theory of Solids: An Introduction from the Point of View of Symmetry132
Beyer H.F., Shevelko V.P. — Introduction to the Physics of Highly Charged Ions39
Debye P. — The Interference Of Electrons16, 26, 28, 29, 34, 35
De Gennes P.G., Prost J. — The Physics of Liquid Crystals264—268, 321
Koerber G.G. — Properties of Solids208
Stanley H.E. — Introduction to phase transitions, and critical phenomena13, 241
Bube R.H. — Electronic Properties of Crystalline Solids: An Introduction to Fundamentals121, 148, 263
Young M. — Optics and Lasers: Including Fibers and Optical Waveguides7.1.4, 12.1, 12.1.5, 12.2.4
Pollock D.H. (ed.) — The infrared & electro-optical systems handbook. Countermeasure systems346
Kittel C. — Introduction to solid state physics70
Wolf E.L. — Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience95, 96, 162
Basdevant J.-L., Dalibard J. — The Quantum Mechanics Solver235
Leonid V.Azaroff, Buerger M.L. — Powder Method in X-Ray Crystallography248, 251
Hume-Rothery W., Raynor G.V. — The Structure of Metals and Alloys28, 31
Demtröder W. — Laser spectroscopy: basic concepts and instrumentation614
Lim Y. (ed.) — Problems and solutions on solid state physics, relativity and miscellaneous topics1001
Koechner W. — Solid-State Laser Engineering516—519
Ashcroft N.W., Mermin N.D. — Solid State Physics100
Huggins E.R. — Physics 200036—4
Lena P., Lebrun F. — Observational Astrophysics (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library Series)247
Goldsmid H.J. (ed.) — Problems in solid state physics1.17, 9.21, 12.4
Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman — University physics with modern physics1252
Matt Young — Optics and Lasers: Including Fibers and Optical Waveguides7.1.4, 12.1, 12.1.5, 12.2.4
Leighton R.B. — Principles of Modern Physics402, 437
Davies J.H. — The physics of low-dimensional semiconductors : an introduction47
Corciovei A., Costache G., Dederichs P.H. — Solid State Physics156
Liboff R.L. — Introductory quantum mechanics277ff
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