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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Кормен Т., Лейзерсон Ч., Ривест Р. — Алгоритмы: построение и анализ59
Gray R.M. — Probability, Random Processes and Ergodic Properties138
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 1)1130, 2169
Meyn S.P., Tweedie R.L. — Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability17
Fishman G.S. — Monte Carlo: concepts, algorithms, and applications589
Latrve D.R., Kreider D.L., Proctor T.G. — Hp-48G/Gx Investigations in Mathematics321, 322, 324, 326
Korsch H.J., Jodl H.-J. — Chaos: A Program Collection for the PC55
Gagnt M. — Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 2)1130, 2169
Maeder R.E. — Computer science with mathematica149
Merris R. — Combinatorics254
Hall G.R., Lee — Continuous dynamical systems104
Niedermeier R. — Invitation to Fixed Parameter Algorithms91
Loeve M. — Probability Theory (part 1)380
Karlin S., Taylor H.E. — A Second Course in Stochastic Processes72—76, 83, 153, 155
Finch S.R. — Mathematical constants1, 17, 47, 55, 130, 218, 270, 317, 420, 429, 435
Kahane J.P., Bollobas B. (Ed) — Some Random Series of Functions165, 173, 287
Walters P. — Ergodic Theory: Introductory Lectures20
Kannan D. (ed.), Lakshmikantham V. (ed.) — Handbook of stochastic analysis and applications29
Kuo W., Zuo M.J. — Optimal Reliability Modeling: Principles and Applications76
Ablowitz M.J., Segur H. — Solitons and the Inverse Scattering Transform4, 150, 316, 355, 356
Kumar P.R., Varaiya P. — Stochastic Systems: Estimation, Identification, and Adaptive Control166
Haake F. — Quantum signatures of chaos1, 2, 12, 242, 245, 331
von zur Gathen J., Gerhard J. — Modern computer algebra1
Watt D.A. — Java collections: an introduction to abstract data types, data structures, and algorithms488—490
Meeker W.Q., Escobar L. — Statistical Methods for Reliability Datasee “MCF”
Coxeter H.S.M. — Regular Polytopes23, 126, 134, 160
Kannan D. — An introduction to stochastic processes29, 131
Bhatia N.P., Szego G.P. — Dynamical Systems: Stability Theory and Applications1.10.3, 2.9.7—2.9.12, 2.10.10, 2.10.11
Kozen D.C. — The Design And Analysis Of Algorithms3, 7, 8, 27, 38, 68, 70, 228, 265, 268, 282, 294, 295
Steele M.J. — Stochastic Calculus and Financial Applications10
Mackey M.C. — Time's arrow: the origins of thermodynamic behavior45
Poincare H. — Mathematics and Science: Last Essays55
Petersen K.E. — Ergodic theory4, 33, 41
Thompson W.J. — Computing for Scientists and Engineers: A Workbook of Analysis, Numerics, and Applications84
Ryser H.J. — Combinatorial Mathematics29
Gallavotti G. — Statistical Mechanics16
Hefferon J. — Linear algebra327, 408
Gumowski I., Mira Ch. — Recurrences and Discrete Dynamic Systems2, 15
Coxeter H. — Regular polytopes23, 126, 134, 160
Mukherjea A., Tserpes N.A. — Measures on Topological Semigroups: Convolution Products and Random Walks145
Grimmett G., Welsh D. — Probability: An Introduction156, 166
Stinson D.R. — Cryptography: Theory and practice23
Dawson D. — Introduction to Markov Chains5, 10
Wilf H.S., Zeilbercer D., Petkovšek M. — A=B19
Schreiber E. — Femtosecond real-time spectroscopy of small molecules and clusters2, 78
Hinrichsen D., Pritchard A. — Mathematical Systems Theory I: Modelling, State Space Analysis, Stability and Robustness206
Cvitanovic P., Artuso R., Dahlqvist P. — Classical and quantum chaos36, 198
Strang G. — Introduction to Applied Mathematics415, 427, 601
Ifrah G., Bellos D. — The Universal History of Numbers: From Prehistory to the Invention of the Computer20
Blumenthal R.K., Getoor R.M. — Markov processes and potential theory88, 89
Walters P. — Ergodic Theory — Introduction Lectures20
Ruelle D. — Elements of Differentiable Dynamics and Bifurcation Theory42
Kalton N., Saab E. — Interaction Between Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, and Probability (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics)365
Davis P.J. — Mathematics of Matrices283
Tipler F.J. — The Physics of Immortalitysee "Markov Recurrence Theorem", "Poincare Recurrence Theorem", "Quantum Recurrence Theorem"
Badii R., Politi A. — Complexity: Hierarchical structures and scaling in physics78, 101
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