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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Nagel R. — One-parameter semigroups of positive operators146
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 1)784, 938, 1447, 2054
Kitchens B.P. — Symbolic dynamics: one-sided, two-sided and countable state markov shifts.64
Dummit D.S., Foote R.M. — Abstract algebra41, 133ff
Bechtell H. — The theory of groups4
Harris J. — Algebraic Geometry: a first course116
Cvetkovic D., Doob M., Sachs H. — Spectra of graphs. Theory and application119, 121, 134—155, 161, 194, 231, 269, 270
Hertling C. — Frobenius manifolds and moduli spaces for singularities52
Cameron P.J. — Combinatorics : Topics, Techniques, Algorithms226, 234, 239—240, 242, 288, 323
Hewitt E., Ross K.A. — Abstract Harmonic Analysis (Vol. 1)426—429
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 2)784, 938, 1447, 2054
Hewitt E., Ross K.A. — Abstract Harmonic Analysis (Vol. 2)426—429 I
Dummit D.S., Foote R.M. — Abstract Algebra39, 134ff
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. — Fundamentals of Mathematics, Volume III: Analysis510, 511
Lawvere F.W., Rosebrugh R. — Sets for Mathematics170
Gracia-Bondia J.M., Varilly J.C., Figueroa H. — Elements of Noncommutative Geometry11
Hazewinkel M. (ed.) — Handbook of Algebra, Volume 4429
Hedayat A.S., Sloane N.J.A., Stufken J. — Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and Applications165
Lorenz M. — Multiplicative Invariant Theory25
Holt D.F., Bettina E., Eamonn O. — Handbook of Computational Group Theory15
Brown K.S. — Cohomology of Groups102
Borel A., Mostow G.D. — Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups: Proceedings38
Bondy J.A., Murty U.S.R. — Graph theory with applications7
Shoup V.A. — Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra197
Bollobas B. — Modern Graph Theory270
Besse A.L. — Einstein Manifolds86, 320, 322, 329, 331, 368
Morita S. — Geometry of differential forms50
Ionin Y.J., Shrikhande M.S. — Combinatorics of Symmetric Designs39
Morita Sh. — Geometry of Differential Forms50
Chung F.R.K. — Spectral Graph Theory110
Alperin J.L., Bell R.B. — Groups and Representations, Vol. 014
Chevalley C. — Theory of Lie Group, Vol. 1135
Miller W. — Symmetry Groups and Their Applications8
Fine B., Rosenberger G. — Fundamental Theorem of Algebra107
Hazewinkel M. — Handbook of Algebra (part 2)686, 689
Nagata M. — Field Theory12
Faraut J., Korányi A. — Analysis on symmetric cones4
Collingwood D.H., McGovern W.M. — Nilpotent Orbits in Semisimple Lie Algebras7
Kreher D.L., Stinson D.R. — Combinatorial Algorithms: Generation, Enumeration and Search196, 198, 214, 237
Prestel A., Delzell C.N. — Positive Polynomials: From Hilbert's 17th Problem to Real Algebra (Springer Monographs in Mathematics)22
Faith C. — Rings and Things and a Fine Array of Twentieth Century Associative Algebra2.7s, see "Galois"
Liu Y. — Introduction to combinatorial maps47
Beth T., Jungnickel D., Lenz H. — Design Theory (vol. 2)21, 166
Naimark M.A., Stern A.I. — Theory of Group Representations15
Morita S. — Geometry of Differential Forms50
Hu S.-T. — Introduction to contemporary mathematics104
IItaka S. — Algebraic Geometry: An Introduction to Birational Geometry of Algebraic Varieties65
Bruck R.H. — A survey of binary systems88
Bechtell H. — Theory of groups4
Silverman J. — The arithmetic of dynamical systems340, 341
Dicks W., Dunwoody M.J. — Groups acting on graphs21-8
Lander E.S. — Symmetric design: an algebraic approach8
Soardi P.M — Potential Theory On Infinite Networks5, 88, 169
Thirring W., Harrell E.M. — Quantum Mathematical Physics. Atoms, Molecules and Large many-body Systems304
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. — Fundamentals of mathematics. Volume III. Analysis510, 511
Zeidler E. — Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics726
Seress Á. — Permutation Group Algorithms7, 129, 131, 144
Spencer J. — The Strange Logic of Random Graphs100
Brown K. — Cohomology of Groups (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)102
Beth T., Jungnickel D., Lenz H. — Design Theory (Vol. 1)21, 166
Morita S. — Geometry of Differential Forms (Translations of Mathematical Monographs, Vol. 201)50
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