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Поиск книг, содержащих: Bernoulli's equation

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Abell M., Braselton J. — Differential Equations with Mathematica35
Zienkiewicz O.C., Taylor L.R. — The finite element method (vol. 3, Fluid dynamics)94, 147, 265, 266
Nayfeh A.H. — Perturbation Methods83
Clift R., Grace J.R., Weber M.E. — Bubbles, drops, and particles7, 338
Anderson J.D. — Modern Compressible Flow: With Historical Perspective4
Debnath L. — Nonlinear water waves6, 278
Polya G., Latta G. — Complex Variables266
Polya G., Szego G. — Problems and Theorems in Analysis: Integral Calculus. Theory of FunctionsIII 90, 121
Huang K. — Statistical Mechanics104
Bergman S., Schiffer M. — Kernel Functions and Elliptic Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics29, 30, 72, 128
Devlin K.J. — Language of Mathematics: Making the Invisible Visible11, 282
Browne M.E. — Schaum's outline of theory and problems of physics for engineering and science185
Rutherford D.E. — Vector Methods106
Toda M., Kubo R., Saito N. — Statistical Physics I: Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Vol. 190
Planck M. — Introduction to Theoretical Physics191—192
Sokolnikoff I.S. — Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists286
Schercliff J.A. — Vector Fields186, 199, 215, 283
Fishbane P.M. — Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics476—477
Davies B. — Integral Transforms and Their Applications133
Arya A.P. — Introduction to Classical Mechanics659, 660
Curle N., Davies H. — Modern Fluid Dynamics. Compressible flow99
Coulson C.A. — Waves: a mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion80, 90, 99, 110
Abell M.L., Braselton J.P. — Differential equations with Mathematica35
Gurevich M.I. — The theory of jets in an ideal fluid9
Steen W.M. — Laser material Processing75
Demidovich B. (ed.) — Problems in mathematical analysis333
Davis H.T. — Introduction to nonlinear differential and integral equations49
McLachlan N.W. — Ordinary Non-Lineal Differential Equations in Engineering and Physical Sciences11
Driver R.D. — Ordinary and delay differential equations38
Kravens T.E. — Physic of Solar System Plasmas32, 123, 194—195
Courant R. — Differential and Integral Calculus, Vol. 1521
Lyons L. — All You Wanted to Know about Mathematics but Were Afraid to Ask - Mathematics for Science Students. Volume 1156—157, 191, 193
Slater J., Frank N. — Introduction to Theoretical Physics191—192
Woods F.S. — Advanced Calculus221
Bourg D. — Physics for Game Developers107, 125
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. — Quantum theory of many-particle systems496
Melissinos A.C. — Principles of modern technology242
Davies B. — Integral Transforms and their Applications133
Goursat E. — A course in mathematical analysis. Volume 2, part 2: Differential equations11, 6
Georgescu A. — Asymptotic Treatment of Differential Equations (Applied Mathematics)210
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