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Bourg D. Ч Physics for Game Developers
Bourg D. Ч Physics for Game Developers

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Ќазвание: Physics for Game Developers

јвтор: Bourg D.


It seems to me that when you're confronted with a book title like Physics for Game Developers, you see an undercurrent of "rocks for jocks" in that. It implies that this is physics for folks who never glommed onto physics. As someone who never got above a C in any science class after Biology I in tenth grade, then, it would seem to be right up my alley. Not so. The first five chapters of the book will kill you if you're not familiar with various forms of scientific notation. (Know your Greek letters!) It doesn't help that Bourg has overloaded a few common operators for his own means (for example, he uses * for dot product and ^ for conjunction, when coders will be used to seeing those to symbols used for multiplication and exponentiation respectively). That said, however, once you get past the first five "refresher" chapters, the book picks up a good deal. There's code! And once Bourg is describing what code does, rather than attempting to impart more abstract (well, okay, "abstract" is not the right word, but hopefully you know what I'm getting at), his language becomes a great deal clearer, at least to those of us who think in code rather than physics. Worth picking up if you're in the market for this sort of book, but you might want to pick up a copy of Physics for Dummies to help you through the first part. ***

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 350

ƒобавлена в каталог: 20.02.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
* operator in matrix operations, matrix multiplication      301
* operator in matrix operations, scalar multiplication      301
* operator in matrix operations, vector multiplication      302
* operator in quaternion operations, quaternion multiplicadon      307
* operator in quaternion operations, scalar multiplication      307Ч308
* operator in quaternion operations, vector multiplication      308
* operator in vector operations, scalar multiplication      293
* operator in vector operations, vector dot product      292Ч293
*= operator in matrix operations      299
*= operator in quaternion operations      305
*= operator in vector operations      290
+ operator in matrix operations      300
+ operator in quaternion operations      306
+ operator in vector operations      291
+= operator in matrix operations      298
+= operator in quaternion operations      304Ч305
+= operator in vector operations      289
- operator in matrix operations      300
- operator in quaternion operations      307
- operator in vector operations, conjugate      290Ч291
- operator in vector operations, vector substraction      291
-= operator in matrix operations      299
-= operator in quaternion operations      305
-= operator in vector operations      289Ч290
/= operator in matrix operations      299
/= operator in quaternion operations      306
/= operator in vector operations      290
/operator in matrix operations      300
/operator in quaternion operations      308
/operator in vector operations      294
2D particle kinematics      31Ч33
2D particle kinetics      70Ч75
2D rigid body simulator      184Ч204
2D rigid body simulator, flight controls      194Ч198
2D rigid body simulator, flight controls, bow thrusters      195Ч196
2D rigid body simulator, flight controls, propeller      195
2D rigid body simulator, integration      191Ч194
2D rigid body simulator, main elements of      184
2D rigid body simulator, model      185Ч191
2D rigid body simulator, model, calculation of forces on vehicle      188Ч191
2D rigid body simulator, model, define vehicle structure      185Ч186
2D rigid body simulator, model, initialization      186Ч188
2D rigid body simulator, rendering      198Ч204
3D particle kinematics      33Ч43
3D particle kinematics, vectors      37
3D particle kinematics, x-components      34Ч36
3D particle kinematics, y-components      36
3D particle kinematics, z-components      37
3D particle kinetics      75Ч82
3D particle kinetics, x-components      77Ч78
3D particle kinetics, y-compotients      78
3D particle kinetics, z-components      78Ч79
3D rigid body simulator      230Ч248
3D rigid body simulator, flight controls      238Ч242
3D rigid body simulator, integration      235Ч238
3D rigid body simulator, model      231Ч235
3D rigid body simulator, rendering      242Ч248
3D, multiple bodies in      249Ч270
Acceleration vector, in law of motion      16
Acceleration, angular      4 50Ч56
Acceleration, centripetal      52Ч53
Acceleration, concepts      27Ч28
Acceleration, constant      28Ч30
Acceleration, equations for      72Ч73
Acceleration, linear, units and symbol for      4
Acceleration, nonconstant      30Ч31
Acceleration, relative      55Ч56
Acceleration, tangential      52Ч53
Acceleration, velocity and      25Ч28
Aerodynamic drag      165Ч167
Aerodynamic drag in cars      168
Aerodynamic drag, components of      165
Aerodynamic drag, induced      165Ч166
Aerodynamic drag, momentum      166
Aerodynamic drag, viscous      165
Aerodynamic drag, wetted      166Ч167
Aerostatic lift      163
Ailerons, in aircraft      131
Aircraft      121Ч145
Aircraft, airfoil      123
Aircraft, angle of attack      123
Aircraft, chord line      123
Aircraft, control      130Ч131
Aircraft, control, ailerons      131
Aircraft, control, elevators      131
Aircraft, control, flaps      130Ч131
Aircraft, control, rudders      131
Aircraft, fluid dynamic drag      125 128
Aircraft, forces on      121Ч122
Aircraft, geometry of      122Ч124
Aircraft, lift      124Ч125
Aircraft, mean camber line      123
Aircraft, modeling      132Ч145 231Ч235
Aircraft, modeling, fluid dynamic drag      133Ч134
Aircraft, modeling, lift      133Ч134
Aircraft, modeling, sample code      135Ч143
Aircraft, modeling, sample program      134
Aircraft, modeling, steps in      132
Aircraft, parts of      122 123
Aircraft, pitch axis      124
Aircraft, roll axis      124
Aircraft, thrust      129 143
Aircraft, yaw axis      124
Airfoil      123
Airfoil, moving through air      124Ч125
Airfoil, stalled      128 129
Angle of attack      123
Angle of attack in lift and drag      126Ч127
Angle of attack, critical      128
Angle of attack, stalls and      128 129
Angular acceleration      50Ч56 83
Angular impulse      88
Angular impulse in collisions      96Ч98
Angular momentum in law of motion      17
Angular momentum, equation      19Ч20
Angular motion in rigid body kinetics      82Ч85
Angular motion, defined      5
Angular velocity      50Ч56 86
Aspect ratio      123
Banking, in cars      171
Baseball as collision example      93Ч95
Baseball as Magnus effect example      116
Bernoulli's equation      107 125
Billiard ball game, as collision example      91Ч93
Boat      see "Ships"
Boundary layer, in fluid dynamic drag      108
Buoyancy force      62Ч64 71
Buoyancy force in ship flotation      147Ч148
Cannon ball game, fluid dynamic drag example      111Ч112
CARS      168Ч171
Cars, power      169Ч170
Cars, resistance      168Ч169
Cars, roadway banking      171
Cars, stopping distance      170
Cartesian coordinate system      4 49Ч50
Center of gravity in ship flotation      147Ч148 see
centripetal acceleration      52Ч53
Centripetal acceleration, equation for      54
Centripetal force, in car banking      171
Cloth simularion      271Ч284
Coefficient of restitution      90
Collision detection      87 205Ч206
Collision response      87
Collision response in particle systems      282Ч283
Collision response, angular effects      211Ч222
Collision response, angular effects, check for collision      211Ч221
Collision response, angular effects, collision impulse      221Ч222
Collision response, angular effects, penetration      215 221
Collision response, angular effects, vertex lists      216
Collision response, angular effects, vertex-edge      214Ч215 218Ч221
Collision response, angular effects, vertex-vertex      213Ч214 216Ч218
Collision response, defined      205
Collision response, implementing      205Ч222
Collision response, in 3D multiple body simulation      266Ч269
Collision response, linear      206Ч211
Collision response, linear, check for collision      207
Collision response, linear, collision impulse      209Ч210
Collision response, linear, determination of collision      206Ч208
Collisions      87Ч100
Collisions of particles      95Ч96
Collisions of rigid bodies      96Ч98
Collisions, angular impulse in      96Ч98
Collisions, ball and bat example      93Ч95
Collisions, billiard ball example      91Ч93
Collisions, friction and      98Ч100
Collisions, golf example      98Ч100
Collisions, impact      89Ч95
Collisions, impulse-momentum principle      88Ч89
Collisions, line of action of      90
Collisions, linear impulse in      95Ч96 209Ч210
Collisions, types of, inelastic      90
Collisions, types of, penetration      206Ч207 212
Collisions, types of, plastic      90
Collisions, types of, vertex-edge      211Ч212
Collisions, types of, vertex-vertex      211Ч212
Conjugate in quaternion operations      306
Conjugate in vector operations      290Ч291
Conjugate in vector operations class      290Ч291
Constant acceleration      28Ч30
Conversion functions, in quaternion operations      312
Coordinate system      4Ч5
Coordinate system, right-handed Cartesian      4 49Ч50
Dampers, defined      64
Dampers, equation for      64Ч65
Dampers, uses for      64
Density, units and symbol for      4
Determinant, in matrix operations      296Ч297
Dihedral angle      138
Displacement in angular velocity and acceleration      50
Displacement vs. distance traveled      27
Displacement, concepts      27
Displacement, ships and      146
Distance traveled vs. displacement      27
Distance traveled, equations for      72Ч73
Distance, skidding      170
Distance, stopping      170
Drag      see "Aerodynamic drag" "Fluid
Drag coefficient      61 111 130
Elevators, in aircraft      131
Equations of motion      69
Equations of motion for two-dimensional kinetics      83
Equations of motion in real-time simulations      173Ч174
Error of order      175
Error, Euler      176 177
Error, truncation      175
Euler's angles, in banking of cars      171
Euler's method in 3D rigid body simulation      235Ч236
Euler's method in real-time simulations      174Ч180
Euler's method in real-time simulations, Euler error      176 177
Euler's method in real-time simulations, integration comparison      176
Euler's method in real-time simulations, integration step      175
Euler's method in real-time simulations, sample code      178Ч180
Euler's method with multiple bodies in 3D      264Ч265
Euler's method, explosion      43Ч48
Euler's method, explosion, sample code      45Ч48
Euler's method, explosion, sample program      44Ч45
Euler's method, improved, for real-time simulations      180Ч183
Euler's method, improved, Hovercraft example      191Ч192
Flight controls, 2D rigid body simulator      194Ч198
Flight controls, 3D rigid body simulator      238Ч242
Flotation, in ships      147Ч149
Fluid dynamic drag      60Ч61
Fluid dynamic drag around a sphere      107Ч109
Fluid dynamic drag in aircraft      125 128
Fluid dynamic drag in projectiles      106Ч114
Fluid dynamic drag of spinning sphere      114Ч118
Fluid dynamic drag, boundary layer      108
Fluid dynamic drag, cannon ball example      111Ч112
Fluid dynamic drag, drag coefficient      61 111
Fluid dynamic drag, fast-moving      61
Fluid dynamic drag, Reynold's number      109Ч110
Fluid dynamic drag, separation point in      108Ч109
Fluid dynamic drag, slow-moving      61
Fluid dynamic drag, turbulent wake      108Ч109
Force(s)      57Ч68
Force(s) on aircraft in flight      121Ч122
Force(s), buoyancy and      62Ч64
Force(s), concepts      57Ч58
Force(s), contact      57
Force(s), defined      65
Force(s), field      57 58Ч59
Force(s), fluid dynamic drag      60Ч61
Force(s), friction      59Ч60
Force(s), impulse      88
Force(s), pressure and      62
Force(s), springs and dampers      64Ч65
Force(s), torque and      65Ч68
Force(s), units and symbol for      4
Force-at-a-distance      57
Friction      59Ч60
Friction drag, on body through fluid      3
Friction, calculation of      59Ч60
Friction, coefficients of, for common surfaces      60
Friction, collisions and      98Ч100
GetScalar, in quaternion operations      304
GetVector, in quaternion operations      304
Golf as collision example      98Ч100
Golf as Magnus effect example      116
Hamilton, William      227
Hook's law      64
Horsepower, in cars      169Ч170
Hovercraft      163Ч167
Hovercraft over water      165Ч167
Hovercraft, 2D rigid body simulation      184Ч204
Hovercraft, aerodynamic drag      163Ч167
Hovercraft, aerodynamic drag, components of      165
Hovercraft, aerodynamic drag, induced      165Ч166
Hovercraft, aerodynamic drag, momentum      166
Hovercraft, aerodynamic drag, viscous      165
Hovercraft, aerodynamic drag, wetted      166Ч167
Hovercraft, concepts      163Ч165
Hovercraft, concepts, aerostatic lift      163Ч165
Hovercraft, concepts, skirts for      164
Hovercraft, linear collision response in      206Ч211
Hovercraft, resistance      165Ч167
Impact of collision      89Ч95 91
Impulse, angular      88
Impulse, collision, angular      96Ч98 221Ч222
Impulse, collision, linear      95Ч96 209Ч210
Impulse, force      88
Impulse, linear      88
Impulse, torque      88
Impulse-momentum principle      88Ч89
Inelastic collisions      90
Inertia tensors      19Ч24
Inertia tensors, angular momentum equation      19Ч20
Inertia tensors, products of inertia      20Ч21
Inertia tensors, sample code      23Ч24
Inertia tensors, symmetry      22
Inertia tensors, transfer of axes      21
Inertia, products of      20Ч21
Instantaneous velocity      27
Instantaneous velocity, calculation for      28Ч29
Inverse, in matrix operations      297Ч298
Kinematic viscosity units and symbol for      4
Kinematics      25Ч56
Kinematics, 2D particle      31Ч33
Kinematics, 3D particle      33Ч43
Kinematics, angular velocity and acceleration      50Ч56
Kinematics, constant acceleration      28Ч30
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