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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Taylor M.E. — Partial Differential Equations. Qualitative studies of linear equations (vol. 2)67, 469
Greiner W., Muller B., Rafelski J. — Quantum electrodynamics of strong fields551
Zinn-Justin J. — Quantum field theory and critical phenomena507
Eisenhart L.P. — An introduction to differential geometry with use of the tensor calculus101, 103, 120—122, 150, 153
Ward R.S., Wells R.O. — Twistor geometry and field theory288
Goldstein H., Poole C., Safko J. — Classical mechanics326, 327
Papapetrou A. — Lectures on general relativity40
Torretti R. — Relativity and Geometry145, 189, 279, 280, 313 note 8, 318 note 24, note 26
Terng Ch. — Critical Point Theory and Submanifold Geometry11
O'Donnel P. — Introduction to 2-Spinors in General Relativity47, 87, 91, 93, 95, 155
Weickert J. — Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields: Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Workshopsee Riemann curvature tensor
Heusler M., Goddard P. — Black Hole Uniqueness Theorems2
Szekeres P. — A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometrysee “Curvature tensor”, “Riemann curvature tensor”
Frolov V.P., Novikov I.D. — Black Hole Physics: Basic Concepts and New Developments53, 623
Poisson E. — A relativists toolkitsee “Curvature tensors, Riemann”
Stephani H. — Relativity: an introduction to special and general relativity138
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C. — Analysis, Manifolds and Physics (vol. 2)240
De Felice F., Clarke C.J.S. — Relativity on curved manifolds104
Hartle J.B. — Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein's General Relativitysee “Curvature”, “Riemann”
Kilmister C.W. — General theory of relativity72, 155, 230
Fulling S. — Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime168—173, 182, 197—198, 208, 214
Hughston L.P., Tod K.P., Bruce J.W. — An Introduction to General Relativity57 f., 84, 89, 99
Visser M. — Lorentzian wormholes. From Einstein to Hawking11, 145, 146, 312, 314, 315, 317, 349
Shore S.N. — The Tapestry of Modern Astrophysics87—88
D'Inverno R. — Introducing Einstein's Relatvity77, 78, 80, 81, 86, 88, 104, 108, 119, 133, 135, 141, 142, 145, 171, 179, 275, 280, 282, 288, 299-301, 329 (see also curvature tensor)
Tsvelik A.M. — Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics76
Volovik G. — Artificial black holes5, 6, 160, 384
Bertlmann R.A. — Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory463—465, 484
Rosenfeld B. — Geometry of Lie Groups16
Hatfield B. — Quantum field theory of point particles and strings556
Woodhouse N.M.J. — Geometric quantization263
Polchinski J. — String theory (volume 1). An introduction to the bosonic string85
Whittaker E. — A history of the theories of aether and electricity (Vol 2. The modern theories)166
Padmanabhan T. — Cosmology and Astrophysics through Problems71
Landau L.D., Lifshitz E.M. — The classical theory of fields279
Bona C., Palenzuela-Luque C. — Elements of Numerical Relativity: From Einstein's Equations to Black Hole Simulations (Lecture Notes in Physics)5
Zakharov V.D. — Gravitational waves in Einstein's theorysee Tensor, Riemann
Riley, Hobson — Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering830
Synge J.L. — Relativity: The general theory15, 16, 419
Tsvelik A.M. — Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics76
Esposito G. — Dirac Operators and Spectral Geometry6
Taylor M.E. — Partial Differential Equations. Nonlinear Equations (vol. 3)487
Schutz B.F. — A first course in general relativity147, 175
Anderson J.L. — Principles of Relativity Physics43, 44, 61
Wald R.M. — General Relativity37, 39—40
Polchinski J. — String theory (volume 2). Superstring theory and beyond96, 113
Held A. (ed.) — General relativity and gravitation. 100 years after the birth of Albert Einstein (volume 2)see "Curvature"
Davies P. — The New Physics33
Schutz B. — Geometrical Methods in Mathematical Physics211, 213 Riemann tensor, number of independent components
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