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Kharazishvili A.B. — Strange functions in real analysis
Кормен Т., Лейзерсон Ч., Ривест Р. — Алгоритмы: построение и анализ81
Rudin W. — Principles of Mathematical Analysis25, 39, 41
Apostol T.M. — Calculus (vol 2)502
Falconer K. — Fractal Geometry. Mathematical Foundations and applications4
Grimaldi R.P. — Discrete and combinatorial mathematics. An introduction310, A-27, A-32, A-33
Falconer K. — Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications5
Kisacanin B. — Mathematical problems and proofs. Combinatorics, Number theory, and Geometry12
Allen R.L., Mills D.W. — Signal analysis. Time, frequency, scale and structure163
Apostol T.M. — Mathematical Analysis39
Baker A. — Algebra and Number Theory55
Peebles P.Z. — Probability, random variables, and random signal principles3
Lee J.M. — Introduction to Topological Manifolds344
Kay S.M. — Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB43, 285
Velleman D.J. — How to Prove It: A Structured Approach315—321
Hrbacek K., Jech T. — Introduction to Set Theory90
Berberian S.K. — Fundamentals of Real Analysis38
Morris S.A. — Topology without tears165
Sipser M. — Introduction to the theory of computation176
Mumford D., Wright D., Series C. — Indra's Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein129
Khuri A.I. — Advanced calculus with applications in statistics7
Royden H.L. — Real Analysis21 (23)
Royden H.L. — Real Analysis21 (23)
Szekeres P. — A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry14
Schroeder M.R. — Schroeder, Self Similarity: Chaos, Fractals, Power Laws16, 161, 242
Kolman B., Busby R.C., Cutler S.C. — Discrete Mathematical Structures17
Kolmogorov A.N., Fomin S.V. — Introductory real analysis10
Munkres J. — Topology45
Ash R.B. — Real Variables with Basic Metric Space Topology7
Lackzovich M. — Conjecture and Proof59
Saxe K. — Beginning functional analysis186
Lewis H.R., Papadimitriou C.H. — Elements of the Theory of Computation21, 28—29
Aliprantis C. — Principles of real analysis9
Gleason A. — Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis143
Lin Y. — General Systems Theory: A Mathematical Approach16
Munkres J.R. — Topology: A First Course46
Hopcroft J.E., Ullman J.D. — Introduction to automata theory, languages, and computation6
Hewitt E., Stromberg K. — Real and abstract analysis: a modern treatment of the theory of functions of a real variable22
Daepp U., Gorkin P. — Reading, writing and proving. Close look at mathematics271
Partee B.H., Meulen A.T., Wall R.E. — Mathematical Methods in Linguistics69
Apostol T.M. — Calculus (Volume 2): Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra with Applications502
Grimaldi R.P., Rothman D.J. — Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction164, 303, A-28, A-29, A-32
Sipser M. — Introduction to the Theory of Computation162
Gill A. — Applied Algebra for the Computer Sciences65
Falconer K. — Fractal geometry: mathematical foundations and applications5
Kolman B., Busby R.C., Ross S. — Discrete Mathematical Structures18
Nienhuys-Cheng S., Wolf R. — Foundations of Inductive Logic Programming168
Grimaldi R.P. — Student Solutions Manual for Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics164, 303, A-28, A-29, A-32
Apostol T. — Mathematical Analysis, Second Edition39
Hrbacek K., Jech T. — Introduction to Set Theory, Third Edition, Revised, and Expanded (Pure and Applied Mathematics (Marcel Dekker))90
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