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Kharazishvili A.B. Ч Strange functions in real analysis
Arveson W. Ч An Invitation to C-Algebras64
Bartle R.G. Ч The Elements of Integration7
Rudin W. Ч Fourier Analysis on Groups265
Hunter J.K., Nachtergaele B. Ч Applied Analysis336
van der Dries L. Ч Tame topology and O-minimal structures1, 16
Rudin W. Ч Principles of Mathematical Analysis309
Apostol T.M. Ч Calculus (vol 2)510
Doob J.L. Ч Stochastic processes600
Falconer K. Ч Fractal Geometry. Mathematical Foundations and applications6
Allen R.L., Mills D.W. Ч Signal analysis. Time, frequency, scale and structure229
Rudin W. Ч Real and Complex Analysis12
de Branges L., Rovnyak J. Ч Square summable power series81
Folland J.B. Ч Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications22
Pugovecki E. Ч Quantum mechanics in hilbert space62
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. Ч Fundamentals of Mathematics, Volume III: Analysis93, 110, 448, 458, 464, 465, 469
Zimand M. Ч Computational Complexity: A Quantitative Perspective15
Bogachev V.I. Ч Measure Theory Vol.16
Halmos P.R. Ч Hilbert Space Problem Book18
Mill J.V. Ч The Infinite-Dimensional Topology of Function Spaces80, 373, 455, 456, 517Ч519, 523, 526, 586, 590, 595
Kyburg H.E., Teng Ch.M. Ч Uncertain Inference190, 207, 208
Balakrishnan N., Nevzorov V.B. Ч A Primer on Statistical Distributions1, 15
Prugovecki E. Ч Quantum Mechanics in Hilbert Space62
Ash C.J., Knight J., Sevenster A. (Ed) Ч Computable Structures and the Hyperarithmetical Hierarchy103
Hensley D. Ч Continued Fractions215
Aikawa H., Essen M. Ч Potential Theory - Selected Topics183
Ruelle D. Ч Thermodynamic Formalism: The Mathematical Structure of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics154
Hrbacek K., Jech T. Ч Introduction to Set Theory194
Falconer K.J. Ч Techniques in Fractal Geometry2
Naber G.L. Ч Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields272
Royden H.L. Ч Real Analysis50 (302)
Baez J.C., Segal I.E., Zhou Z. Ч Introduction to algebraic and constructive quantum field theory259
Ene V. Ч Real Functions - Current Topics8
Reed M., Simon B. Ч Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 4) Analysis of operators$14^1$, $105^1$
Eschrig H. Ч The Fundamentals of Density Functional Theory111
Rudin W. Ч Functional analysis74
Royden H.L. Ч Real Analysis50 (302)
Lang S. Ч Real Analysis246
Nagel R., Derdinger R., Günther P. Ч Ergodic theory in the perspective of functional analysisA/4
Rudin W. Ч Real and complex analysis12
Bratteli O., Robinson D.W. Ч Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics (vol. 1)5, 289, 295, 318, 322, 331, 333, 338, 340, 343, 350, 354, 355, 356, 357, 412, 458, 460, 463
Bogachev V.I. Ч Measure Theory Vol.2I: 6; II: 10
Kannan D. Ч An introduction to stochastic processes5
Kirillov A.A. Ч Elements of the Theory of Representations6
Hu S.-T. Ч Elements of real analysis80
Feller W. Ч Introduction to probability theory and its applications (Volume II)114, 116, 117, 123, 125, 130
Aarts J.M., Nishiura T. Ч Dimension and Extensions (North-Holland Mathematical Library)112
Billingsley P. Ч Probability and Measure20, 3.14, 155, 433
Monk J.D., Bonnet R. Ч Handbook Of Boolean Algebras Vol.31241, 1243
Barwise J. (ed.) Ч Handbook of Mathematical Logic750, 787
Bratteli O., Robinson D.W. Ч Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics (vol. 2)5, 289, 295, 318, 322, 331, 333, 340, 343, 350, 354Ч357, 412, 460, 463, 186, 367, 377, 379, 380
Aczel J., Dhombres J. Ч Functional equations in several variables with applications to mathematics, information theory and to the natural and social sciences128
Kullback S. Ч Information theory and statistics3, 382
Wheeden R.L., Zygmund A. Ч Measure and integral. An introduction to real analysis40, 196
Afraimovich V.S., Hsu S.-B. Ч Lectures on Chaotic Dynamical Systems98
Lackzovich M. Ч Conjecture and Proof97
Auletta G. Ч Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics196, 570
Birknoff Ч Lattice Theory172
Drmota M., Tichy R.F. Ч Sequences, Discrepancies and Applications335
Ya Helemskii A., West A. Ч Banach and locally convex algebras232
Petrov V.V. Ч Limit theorems of probability theory1Ч4, 43
Perrin D., Pin J.-E. Ч Infinite Words: Automata, Semigroups, Logic abd Games141
Bridges D.S. Ч Foundations Of Real And Abstract Analysis113
Rosenblatt M. Ч Random processes69
Williamson J.H. Ч Lebesgue Integration35
Gallavotti G. Ч Statistical Mechanics157
Semadini Z. Ч Banach Spaces of Continuous Functions. Vol. 1306
Beth E.W. Ч The foundations of mathematics: A study in the philosophy of science557, 559ff.
DeGroot M.H. Ч Optimal statistical decisions10
Kuratowski K. Ч Introduction To Set Theory & Topology127
Gelbaum B.R. Ч Problems in Real and Complex Analysis4.1. 40
Kolmogorov A.N., Fomin S.V. Ч Measure, Lebesgue Integrals, and Hilbert Space24
Rößler A. Ч Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations5, 12
Bourgain J. Ч New Classes of Lp-Spaces77
Howes N.R Ч Modern Analysis and Topology231
Kechris A.S., Louveau A. Ч Descriptive Set Theory and the Structure of Sets of Uniqueness104
Naber G.L. Ч Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields272
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. Ч Fundamentals of mathematics. Volume III. Analysis93, 110, 448, 458, 464, 465, 469
Du D.-Z., Ko K.-I. Ч Theory of computational complexity132
Kelley J., Namioka I. Ч Linear Topological Spaces126
Monk J.D. (ed.) Ч Handbook of Boolean Algebras, Vol. 121
Berezanskii Ju. M. Ч Expansions in Eigenfunctions of Selfadjoint Operators (Translations of Mathematical Monographs Vol 17)8
Apostol T.M. Ч Calculus (Volume 2): Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra with Applications510
Morel J.-M., Solimini S. Ч Variational Models for Image Segmentation: with seven image processing experiments (Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications)6.2
Pier J.-P. Ч Mathematical Analysis during the 20th Century47
Treves F. Ч Topological Vector Spaces, Distributions And Kernels549
Vaisala J. Ч Lectures On N-Dimensional Quasiconformal MappingsIX
Breuer H.-P., Petruccione F. Ч The Theory of Open Quantum Systems6
De Barra G Ч Measure theory and integration32, 43, 98, 101, 102, 187, 203, 211, 228
Wallach N.R. Ч Real Reductive Groups II359
Mackey G. Ч Unitary Group Representations in Physics, Probability and Number Theory30
Whyburn G.T. Ч American mathematical society colloquium publications. Volume XXVIII52
Truss J.K. Ч Foundations of Mathematical Analysis269
Billingsley P. Ч Convergence of Probability Measures3, 7
Hrbacek K., Jech T. Ч Introduction to Set Theory, Third Edition, Revised, and Expanded (Pure and Applied Mathematics (Marcel Dekker))194
Truss J. Ч Foundations of mathematical analysis269
J. K. Truss Ч Foundations of mathematical analysis MCet269
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