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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Wiese J., Shems E. — Weird Science: 40 Strange-Acting, Bizarre-Looking, and Barely Believable Activities for Kids112—114
Siegfried T. — A Beautiful Math John Nash, Game Theory, and the Modern Quest for a Code of Nature8
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. — The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.1)52—10 f
Lerner K.L., Lerner B.W. — The gale encyclopedia of science (Vol. 6)1:237—238, 1:241, 4:2568
Fishbane P.M. — Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics1099, 1262
Rowan-Robinson M. — Nine Numbers of the Cosmos79—80
Yulsman T. — Origins. The quest for our cosmic roots70—74
Adair R.K. — The Great Design: Particles, Fields, and Creation236—238
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. — The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.2)I-52-10 f
Martin P.A. — Many-body problems and quantum field theory: an introduction300
Carrol B.W., Ostlie D.A. — An introduction to modern astrophysics136, 308
Huggins E.R. — Physics 200034—16
Shu F.H. — The Physical Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy61, 105—107, 400—402
Raine D.J. — The Isotropic Universe: An Introduction to Cosmology80—82; see “Matter”
Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman — University physics with modern physics1546
Davies P. — The Cosmic Blueprint127
Adams S. — Relativity: An Introduction to Space-Time Physics192
Fritjof Capra — The Tao of physics77
Edward M. Purcell — Electricity and magnetism4
Brown L., Dresden M., Hoddeson L. — Pions to quarks: Particle physics in the 1950ssee "Antiparticle"
Thorne K.S., Hawking S. — Black holes and time warps: Einstein's outrageous legacy173, 173n, 340, 369, 439n, 445
Close F. — The New Cosmic Onion: Quarks and the Nature of the Universe1, 51
Feynman R., Leighton R., Sands M. — Lectures on Physics 2I-52-10 f
Davies P. — The New Physics40, 47, 427
Lilley J.S. — Nuclear physics: principles and applications16, 74, 313
Rees M.J. — Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe47, 83—86
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