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Wolf E.L. — Nanophysics and nanotechnology. An introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience
Carey F.A. — Organic Chemistry434—435
Rettig W. (ed.), Strehmel B., Schrader S. — Applied Fluorescence in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine162
Mukamel S. — Principles of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy512f
Lakowicz J.R. — Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy3, 541, 649
Bates L.F. — Modern Magnetism134, 144
Mukamel S. — Principles of nonlinear spectroscopy512f
Davydov A.S. — Theory of Molecular Excitons5, 41, 79, 110, 133—135, 165
McHardy J., Sawan S.P. — See Inside! Supercritical Fluid Cleaning by Samuel P. Haber: Book Cover * o Table of Contents Supercritical Fluid Cleaning: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications27
Taticchi A., Frinquelli F. — The Diels-Alder Reaction: Selected Practical Methods99, 157, 168, 193, 287
Poole Jr.C.P., Owens F.J. — Introduction to Nanotechnology288, 289
William Henry Bragg — An introduction to crystal analysis108
Wolf E.L. — Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience112
Smyth C.P. — Dielectric behavior and structure: dielectric constant and loss, dipole moment and molecular structure133
Holden A. — Bonds Between Atoms85, 90
Rao C>N> — Ultra-Violet and Visible Spectroscopy: Chemical Applications48, 53, 95, 101, 102, 107
Lipson H., Cochran W. — The Determination of Crystal Structures243, 262, 278
Jork H. (ed.) — Thin-layer chromatography (Vol. 1a)1b 16
Bijvoet J.M., Kolkmeyer N.H., Macgillavry C.H. — X-Ray Analysis of Crystals98, 192, 197
Prigogine I. — Advances in Chemical Physics, Vol. 2102, 153
Martin J Buerger — Crystal Structure Analysis111
Borsenberger P.M., Weiss D.S. — Organic Photoreceptors for Xerography (optical engineering series, 59)5, 45, 175, 234, 674, 675
Farges J. (ed.) — Organic conductors: fundamentals and applications4, 626, 791, 797
Soares C. — Process Engineering Equipment HandbookC-68, P-10 to P-31, P-40 to P-57
Ellern H. — Military and civilian pyrotechnics152, 155, 161
Brown L., Dresden M., Hoddeson L. — Pions to quarks: Particle physics in the 1950s186, 190—191
Ehrenreich H., Spaepen F. — Solid State Physics. Volume 49see also "Conjugated molecules"
Ehrenberg W. — Electric Conduction in Semiconductors and Metals261, 262
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